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					                                         DLA AVIATION AT RICHMOND
                                       BLANKET PURCHASE AGREEMENT
                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS


                                               PART I- GENERAL


A. Vendors wishing to receive DoD awards must be registered in the DoD Central Vendor Registration (CCR)
   database. Registration may be made via the internet at: Vendors must be registered in
   the DoD CCR database for the life of the BPA.

B. Vendors shall complete electronic annual representations and certifications at in
   addition to the required registration in CCR.

C. Request for quotations and notification of awards will be sent to the Vendor via DIBBS
   ( . All pertinent details relating to the required supplies will be furnished
   when individual calls are placed. Quotes may be submitted via the DIBBS web quote form, batch quoting
   and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Quote submission using EDI/DIBBS is subject to electronic interface
   latency which can result in transmission delays. Vendors must consider transmission delays in the EDI/DIBBS
   system when submitting quotes for consideration, and assume the risk of late transmission/submission. As
   an alternative, the direct entry of quote information into the DIBBS web quote form is a method that
   precludes transmission delays, and will ensure the quote is evaluated.

D. Supplies covered by this Agreement must be identified by National Stock Numbers (NSN). Surplus offers are

E. The Vendor shall furnish said supplies, when ordered, in accordance this Agreement.

F. The Government is obligated only to the extent of authorized calls placed against the Agreement.

G. All reference to the “Contract” throughout this instrument shall be construed to be applicable to this

                                                       1                                          BPA Revision
                                                                                                November 2010
H. Offerors are requested to indicate below or by attachment the name, CAGE Code (Commercial and
   Government Entity), phone number and complete address for each manufacturer, and Federal Supply Class
   (FSC) of the product(s) they can furnish under this Agreement. This list shall be in the order in which the
   letter from the manufacturer can be found. Upon submission of initial application, offerors are required to
   furnish a letter from the manufacturer stating that the offeror is an authorized dealer for that manufacturer.
   Manufacturing Divisions must be identified individually. Federal Supply Classes (FSC) will be required for
   each manufacturer. Incomplete or incorrect data cannot be processed.

     1.   CAGE Codes can be found at

     2. After initial establishment of the BPA, any subsequent request to add additional manufacturers to the
        Agreement must be accompanied by a letter from the manufacturer stating that the vendor is an
        authorized dealer for that manufacturer. The Government reserves the right unilaterally to add or
        delete CAGE Codes. It is the responsibility of each vendor to send updates as they occur. If it is found
        that the offeror is not notifying this agency when he can no longer provide a part for a manufacturer,
        then the Government may suspend or withdraw this Agreement without prior written notice.


     1.    This Agreement will automatically be renewed for additional yearly periods at the beginning of each
          fiscal year of the Government, i.e., 1 October, unless otherwise modified by the Contracting Officer.
          Advancing the fiscal year to the new year within the BPA number shall indicate this renewal. (For
          example, SPM4A7-10-A-5001 would become SPM4A7-11-A-5001). A formal modification to the BPA will
          not be issued to reflect the change. The Request for Quote (RFQ) will have a “Q” in the 9th position.
          (Example: SPM4A7-10-Q-5001).

     2. A review of the Vendors performance, including ABVS and PPIRS scores, will be conducted to determine
        if the Agreement will be renewed.

     3. This Agreement may be withdrawn by either party furnishing written notice at least 30 days prior to the
        desired date of discontinuance. When the Government’s review of performance reveals late delivery,
        overpricing, incorrect packing, or other areas of Vendor noncompliance with the terms of this BPA, the
        Government may suspend or withdraw this Agreement without prior written notice.

J.   Automated calls placed against this BPA will be limited to a dollar threshold of $25,000.

K.   A review of the BPA files will be conducted at least semiannually to ensure BPA provisions and authorized
     procedures are being followed.

L. Any competitively-awarded order, up to $150,000, can be written against the terms and conditions in this
   Agreement regardless of the requirement not being solicited under this Agreement.

                                                         2                                          BPA Revision
                                                                                                  November 2010
                                        PART II- EVALUATION FACTORS

A. Evaluation Factors Effecting all BPA awards.

   1.   Quotes will be sought on a competitive basis.

   2. Quotes may be evaluated prior to the closing date if all solicited vendors have submitted responses.


        a. Prices to the Government shall be as low as or lower than those charged the vendor’s most favored
           customer for comparable quantities under similar terms and conditions, in addition to any discounts
           for prompt payment.

        b. Prices charged by the Vendor for supplies ordered under this Agreement will be net prices reflecting
           any volume or trade discounts and will include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) marking in
           accordance with DFARS clause 252.211-7006, preparation for delivery costs, and all applicable taxes,
           including Federal Excise Tax.

        c. The completion and return of the Vendor’s response will obligate the Vendor to perform at the price
           stated therein subject to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

   4. PRICE WARRANTY- Excluding the reasonable added costs for special handling and packaging of
      government orders, the Vendor warrants that prices shall be as low as those charged the Vendor’s most
      favored customers, including prompt payment discounts.

   5. PRICE REVIEWS- The Government may conduct post-award reviews to assure reasonableness of prices
      for items supplied and for compliance with paragraph 3 above, entitled Price Warranty. Should a review
      indicate the need for justification of the prices charged for a particular item, the Vendor agrees to
      furnish the Government sufficient information to establish the reasonableness of the prices charged.
      Some factors the Government may consider in determining reasonableness of prices will be invoices and
      other actual cost data, catalog or market prices paid comparison to similar items, value analysis, and
      visual analysis. The Vendor must maintain records supporting each transaction under the Agreement
      for a period of three years after completion of each transaction. The Vendor agrees that the Contracting
      Officer or authorized representative may audit such records during the normal working hours within the
      three-year period. Failure to respond to Government inquiries regarding price may result in cancellation
      of the BPA or removal of CAGE codes.

   6. TIE BIDS

        a. If two or more vendors are quoting bid without exception and have the same price, the vendor with
           the best delivery will get the award.

        b. If two or more vendors are quoting bid without exception and have the same price and delivery, the
           vendor who submitted their offer first will get the award (all quotes will be date and time stamped).

   7. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT- All responsible BPA holders may submit a quotation, which if timely received,
      shall be considered by the agency; however, you are urged to submit your quote as soon as possible. In

                                                        3                                         BPA Revision
                                                                                                November 2010
    the event a solicited purchase request escalates to an urgent requirement, the Government reserves the
    right to award prior to the RFQ closing or respond by date. When submitting an electronic offer,
    documents such as Material Safety Data Sheets, hazardous warning labels, etc., when required by
    clauses incorporated in the solicitation, should be submitted via fax to the buyer by the closing date of
    the RFQ. Document should reference the solicitation number, NSN, and PR number.

8. The Vendor’s performance on any BPA contract will affect their ABVS/PPIRS score for non-BPA award

9. DLA Aviation may preclude vendors who repeatedly deliver after the Purchase Order delivery date from
   receiving future BPA awards.

10. Only the item listed in the item description is acceptable. (See Section VII Part Number
    Changes/Obsolete Items/Alternate Offers). See Part III New Inclusions/Exclusions for instructions
    regarding Source Control, Hazardous Material, Shelf Life, Drawings, Specifications, and Critical Items.

11. Buyers will review price, compliance with Part III New Inclusions/ Exclusions and bids with exception.
    This review will finalize the award decision.

                                                    4                                           BPA Revision
                                                                                              November 2010
                                     PART III – NEW INCLUSIONS/EXCLUSIONS

The following requirements may be solicited under this Agreement:

A. Source Control – Acquisition of this part is restricted to source(s) specified on the source control drawing.
   Alternate offers will not be accepted.

B. Hazardous Material – Acquisitions including any material defined as hazardous under the latest version of
   Federal Standard No. 313. Package in accordance with the packaging data on the request for quote.

    1. The clause 52.223-3, Hazardous Material Identification and Material Safety Data, is applicable.

    2. The vendor shall submit to the buyer via fax a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The MSDS must be
       received on the same day that the vendor submits a quote.

C. Configuration Control – Acquisition of this item is restricted to the source or sources cited in the item
   description. The clauses 52.246-9G36, Configuration Control, and 52.217-9002, Conditions for Evaluation
   and Acceptance of Offers for Part Numbered Items or any of its alternates for solicitations for configuration
   controlled items, are applicable.

D. Shelf Life – The clause 52.211.9024, Shelf Life Items Mfg. Restrictions, is applicable.

E. Drawings – Only the drawings identified in the item description are acceptable. When an item description
   states that an unrestricted technical data package is available at DLA AVIATION, Vendors can obtain a copy
   of the drawing from cFolders at:

F. Specifications – These may be military specifications (MIL-SPECS), federal specifications (FED SPECS), or
   commercial specifications such as ANSI and NIOSH specifications. Vendors can obtain specifications via the
   internet at or by contacting DoDSSP.

                      Department of Defense Single Stock Point (DoDSSP)
                      Building 4, Section D
                      700 Robbins Avenue
                      Philadelphia, PA 19111-5094
                      Facsimile: (215) 697-1462
                      Customer Service: (215) 697-2664

    ANSI commercial specifications are copyrighted and can only be obtained through purchase directly from
    them :
                    American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI)
                    11 West 42nd ST 13th Floor
                    New York, NY 10036
                    Phone: (212) 642-4900

G. Critical Items – The clauses 52.211-9052, Notification to Government of Contemplated Production Phase-
   out, and 52.223-7004, Drug Free Work Force, are applicable.

                                                         5                                           BPA Revision
                                                                                                   November 2010
                                       PART IV- ORDERING PROCEDURES

A. Requests for quote (RFQ) issued against this Agreement will be posted to a restricted area of DIBBS. The
   buyer will direct the RFQ to only those CAGEs with relevant Agreements. Only those CAGEs will be able to
   view/download and quote on the RFQ.

B. The vendor must respond back to the RFQ as soon as possible, but in any event as to be received by the
   buyer within (5) calendar days from the date shown as the issue date.

C. Any offer entered and transmitted to the buyer, will be considered valid for sixty days from the closing date
   of the RFQ.

D. In the event the Vendor cannot supply the required item in the specified quantity, the Vendor shall submit a
   “No Bid” response to the buyer along with a brief explanation as to the reason for the “No Bid”. Repeated
   “No Bid” responses without an explanation may result in suspension of the BPA or removal of the
   manufacturer’s CAGE code.

                                   PART V- MAXIMUM DELIVERY LIMITATION

A. The maximum dollar amount of a call under this agreement shall not exceed $25,000, including costs of RFID
   marking in accordance with DFARS clause 252.211-7006, preparation for delivery and all applicable taxes
   (Federal, State and Local). If applicable, PROOF OF EXPORT for an exemption from any Federal Excise Tax
   will not be furnished for items packed for or to be shipped to overseas consignee.

                                                        6                                          BPA Revision
                                                                                                 November 2010

A. Variation in Quantity. The Vendor has the option of invoking FAR clause 52.211-16, entitled Variation in
   Quantity- not to exceed 10% increase or decrease, provided the conditions described within the clause are
   present, except, the Vendor shall not include any variation in quantity if:

   1.    The total price of the call could exceed $25,000.00;

   2.    The RFQ specified “Furnish exact quantity requested” and/or “This requirement is to be furnished in
         one continuous length”;

   3.    The application of the quantity increase/decrease will not result in a while unit. For example, the
         request for quote must specify a minimum of 100 units to invoke a 10% variation, allowing the Vendor
         to furnish either 90 units (10% decreases) or 110 units (10% increase); or

   4.    The requirement is less than 100 units.

B. The Vendor will indicate the variation of quantity in the applicable location. The Government reserves the
   right to award the contract to offerors that provide the quantity requested or to reject the quantity

C. Minimum Order Quantity. Manufacturer’s minimum order quantities are acceptable under this Agreement.
   If the quantity ordered is less than the minimum order quantity stated in the manufacturer’s price list, the
   Vendor may increase the quantity to the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity. However, the Vendor is
   not authorized to make shipment until the Contracting Officer authorizes any quantity increase. Minimum
   order quantity increases are not allowable under the following conditions:

   1.    If the total price of the call will exceed $25,000.00;

   2.    The RFQ specifies “Furnish exact quantity requested” and/or “this requirement is to be furnished in
         one continuous length”; or

D. The Government reserves the right to award the contract to vendor that provides the quantity requested.

                                                          7                                      BPA Revision
                                                                                               November 2010

A.   If the Vendor is aware that the part number cited on the agreement item description has changed, but the
     item has in no way changed in either fit, form or function the Vendor shall annotate on their quote the new
     part number. The Vendor is not authorized to make shipment of any item other than that which is cited on
     the order. All packing lists shall contain the original part number (bracketed) in addition to the new part
     number together with the required information.

B.   Except as authorized in the preceding paragraph, only the part number cited in the item description is to be
     furnished. Alternate parts are not acceptable under this agreement, however, if more than one
     manufacturer’s code and part number is shown in the item description, such additional codes and numbers
     will not be considered alternate parts and any of the parts cited may be supplied. No substitution of any
     other part number is authorized even though “or Equal” is stated in the item description.

C.   If a part has become obsolete and is no longer available, the Vendor shall annotate under vendor message
     on their computer-generated formats, as being unable to supply the item due to obsolescence and return
     electronically. The Vendor must supply a letter from the manufacturer with the name and telephone
     number of a contact with the manufacturing firm for the Government’s verification if the part is deemed

D.   The Vendor must supply a letter from the manufacturer with the name and telephone number of a contact
     with the manufacturing firm for the Government’s verification of any part number change or if the part is
     deemed obsolete. The Vendor must submit the required letter to the appropriate buyer via fax or email.
     Failure to comply with this requirement may result in suspension of the BPA or removal of the
     manufacturer’s CAGE code.

E. Erroneous shipments will be recovered by Vendor and returned at Vendor’s expense.

F. Quotes for alternate items will not be considered for awards under this Agreement. Alternate items may be
   submitted for consideration/acceptance for future procurements. Submit your request for approval, citing
   the Nation Stock Number (NSN) and including technical data as outlined in DLAD Clause 52.217-9002,
   Master Solicitation), to the following address:

                        DLA Aviation DU
                        Competition Advocate SAR Program
                        Defense Supply Center Richmond
                        8000 Jefferson Davis Highway
                        Richmond, VA 23297-5100

                                                       8                                          BPA Revision
                                                                                                November 2010
                                  PART VIII- GENERAL DELIVERY INFORMATION


    1. Vendors shall not deliver supplies until an award notification is received.

    2. An appraisal of the Vendor’s performance will be made during the life of the BPA to determine
       compliance with the foregoing delivery requirements. Failure to deliver in accordance with the
       foregoing requirements will subject the outstanding delinquent calls to be withdrawn, (Reference Part I,
       paragraph H.2.)

    3. A periodic review of the Vendor’s performance on outstanding orders will be made. The following
       action may be taken by the Government:

         a. All orders, which are delinquent, (not having been shipped within the time specified by the
            Vendor), may be withdrawn as stated in paragraph 2, above).

         b. Notwithstanding Part 1, paragraph H.2. where delinquent orders exist, this Agreement may be
            withdrawn by the Government without advance notice; however, orders that are outstanding and
            are not delinquent shall remain in full force and effect and subject to the terms of this Agreement.

    4. The required delivery date shall be expressed as six digits. The first two digits indicate the calendar year;
       the next two indicate the month and the last two indicate the day. If delivery is required by 17 March
       2010, then this would be expressed numerically as 100317.

    5. Partial shipments are not acceptable, unless specifically requested by the Administrative Contracting


    1. Check schedule for SHIP TO address. Military Post Offices (APO, FPO) will not accept UPS/FedEx or
       freight shipments. All shipments must be made via traceable means.

    2. For F.O.B Origin offers, you must indicate: length, width, height, number of pieces, total weight, and
       total cube.

C. CONSOLIDATED SHIPMENTS - Consolidation of multiple calls requiring a “MARK FOR” for one destination is
   acceptable except for shipments to APO/FPO addresses. Material shipments with different “MARK FORs”,
   for either CONUS or overseas destinations, shall not be consolidated. When consolidating shipments, an
   additional copy of the consolidated packing list shall be placed in an envelope attached to the outside of the
   shipping container and marked “CONSOLIDATED SHIPMENT”.

D. UNIT PACK ASSEMBLY - A contract item, which consists of an assembly or a group of components, shall not
   be broken down into separate components. Each part must be furnished as the complete assembly
   specified under the part number, in a single unit package, disassembled only to the extent necessary to
   safeguard parts subject to damage or loss and to accomplish reduction in cube.

                                                         9                                           BPA Revision
                                                                                                   November 2010

      1. When the RFQ specifies inspection and acceptance (I&A) at destination, the quote should reflect the
         same I&A.

      2. An evaluation factor of $250.00 will be added to your quoted price in accordance with DLAD Clause
         52.213-9001, Evaluation Factor For Source Inspection.

      3. For non-Fast Pay, I&A will be at the ultimate destination. Inspection shall be limited to type and
         kind, quantity, condition, operability (if readily determinable) and packaging. For non-fast pay
         orders, DFARS Clause 52.246-7000 is applicable and a Material Inspection and Receiving Report (DD
         Form 250) is required (see DFARS Appendix F).


      If the Government does not accept the Vendor’s offer or if an order is cancelled or withdrawn and the
      Vendor subsequently ships the supplies, such shipments are not authorized and the Government
      assumes no responsibility therefore. In such cases, since an order does not exist, it will be the
      responsibility of the Vendor to contact the addressee for return or other disposition of supplies.

                                                    10                                         BPA Revision
                                                                                             November 2010
                                    PART IX – PREPARATION FOR DELIVERY

A. DLA Aviation clause 52.211-9G73, Packaging and Marking Requirements, applies to all orders issued against
   this Agreement.

B. PACKAGING – Packaging shall be in accordance with the instructions set forth in the “Packaging Data” block
   of the request for quote.

   1. Military:

       a.    MIL-STD-2073, DoD Material Procedures for Development and Application of Packaging
            Requirements and Packaging Requirement Codes, is used for establishing and identifying packaging
            requirements. The phrase “Packaging Data MIL-STD-2073” and all applicable codes along with any
            other special instructions will be indicated in the “Packaging Data” block.

       b. When the phrase “Palletization shall be in accordance with MD00100452 Rev B, dated July 2008”,
          palletization shall be required in accordance with DLA Aviation Clause 52.211-9G22, DLA Aviation
          Palletization Requirement for MIL-STD-2073, MD00100452 Rev B, dated July 2008. Packaging and
          Mark for information will be specified on each call. Note: Palletization is required if the total
          number of containers is being shipped to anyone destination exceeds either 250 pounds (excluding
          pallet) or a volume of 20 Cubic feet.

       c. Vendors can obtain copies of MIL-STD-2073 from the Department of Defense Single Stock Point :

               Building 4, Section D                            Facsimile No. (215) 697-1462
               700 Robbins Avenue                               Telephone No. (215) 697-2664
               Philadelphia, PA 19111-5094                      Internet Address:

   2. Commercial: Shipping containers shall, as a minimum, meet the requirement of the below rules and
      regulations, as applicable to the mode(s) of transportation to be utilized. Local regulations may be
      obtained from the contracting officer.

                   a.   Postal Regulations
                   b.   Department of Transportation Regulations
                   c.   Civil Air Regulations
                   d.   Uniform Freight Classification Rules
                   e.   National Motor Freight Classification Rules
                   f.   American Truckers’ Association Rules
                   g.   Military Air Regulations for dangerous materials
                   h.   United Nations Regulations
                   i.   Other applicable carrier’s rules


       1. Unit Packaging: When the “Packaging Data” block includes an entry of QUP (Quantity Unit Pack),
          that quantity of complete units shall be placed in a single container. When the item as described
          consists of disassembled components/subassemblies, the Vendor must package the
          components/subassemblies into a single, complete unit package. When an item cannot be

                                                       11                                          BPA Revision
                                                                                                 November 2010
           packaged in one unit container, then set markings shall be used in accordance with MIL-STD-129 to
           indicate multiple container units. Under no circumstances will components/subassemblies be
           packaged separately, in quantity (bulk), unless specifically authorized by the Contracting Officer.

      2. Prohibited packaging materials and practices: Notwithstanding any provisions contained elsewhere
         in the contract, referenced documents or specifications, the use of asbestos, loose fill polystyrene,
         excelsior, newspaper, or shredded paper (all types including waxed and computer papers), as
         cushioning or dunnage material is prohibited. When palletization is not specified and the Vendor
         palletizes the load as part of this standard practice, use of glue bonding to secure the load is
         prohibited as specified in MIL-HDBK-774, Department of Defense Handbook “Palletized Unit Loads”.


      1. Packing List: A master packing list is required in accordance with MIL-STD-129 instructions.

                   a. Packaging lists must also include the following instructions:
                     - Name of Vendor
                     - BPA number and call number
                     - “Mark For” (M/F) data shown on the award
                     - Itemized list of supplies furnished including name and NSN of each item
                     - Manufacturer’s code and part number and the P/N cited on the award
                     - Quantity and unit of issue

      2. FOB Point: For all shipments, FOB point shall be destination and all prices shall be inclusive of FOB
         Destination charges. Outer shipping containers shall be marked “Fast Pay” if applicable.

      3. Transportation Instructions: Refer to DLAD clause 52.247-9034, Point of Contact for Transportation

               a. Domestic Shipments: Refer to DLAD Clause 52.247-9035, Shipping Instructions (Domestic)

               b. Export Shipments – Refer to DLAD Clause 52.247-9036, Shipping Instructions (Export)

      4.   Commercial Bill of Lading - Commercial bills of lading or other delivery documents must be
           annotated in the “Description of Articles” space by the Vendor with:

              I.    Transportation Control Number (TCN), Consignor, Consignee, Government Purchase Order
                    and Call Number, Transportation Priority (TP), Proper shipping name (for dangerous or
                    hazardous material), Hazardous Classification (if applicable), United Nations Class (if

             II.    Abbreviations in conjunction with hazardous material must NOT be used.

            III.    The total quantity by weight, volume, or as otherwise appropriate must also be shown.

      5. Special Shipment Requirements - Since many special shipments are of an urgent nature, it is
         essential the vendor response be received at DLA Aviation as soon as possible but not later than 5
         (five) calendar days from the date shown as issue date.

                                                      12                                           BPA Revision
                                                                                                 November 2010
                                               PART X – INVOICING

A.    Invoices shall be submitted as soon as possible after delivery not less than monthly or upon expiration of
     this Agreement, whichever occurs first. Invoices shall be submitted to:

                DFAS Payment Office
                DFAS- JAQBAB (SL4701-EBS)
                PO Box 369031
                Columbus, OH 43236-9031

B. Invoices shall be submitted in accordance with DFARS Clause 252.232-7003, Electronic Submission of
   Payment Requests (January 2004). Requires claims for payment under a Department of Defense (DoD)
   contract to be submitted in electronic form. Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) has been identified as the only
   acceptable electronic system for submitting requests for payment (invoices and receiving reports) under
   DoD contracts. Vendors may obtain additional information about WAWWF from the website

C. Notwithstanding Clause 52.232-25 entitled Prompt Payment, an itemized invoice must be submitted in for
   the transactions shipped during each billing period (each calendar month). The invoice must clearly indicate
   the Blanket Purchase Agreement Number and the following data for EACH transaction:

                Call or Transportation Number                 Unit of Issue and Quantity
                Date and Mode of Shipment                     Net Unit Price and Extension
                Manufacturer’s Codes and Part                 Number Shipped
                Total amount of invoice                       Additional authorized charges

D. Unit prices shall include applicable transportation costs. Charges for Special Packaging and RFID marking,
   although included in the unit price, will also be indicated separately on the invoice. The Vendor shall
   support the transportation charges in accordance with FAR 47.303-17.

E. Notwithstanding Clause 52.232-8, entitled Discounts for Prompt Payment, the period of time discounts will
   begin on final day of billing period (at the end of each calendar month) or on date of receipt of invoices for
   all Calls shipped during billing period, whichever is later. Prompt payment discount terms stated in this
   agreement will be applicable to all Calls placed hereunder.

F. Invoicing documents must show the specific SPM4A contract number (to include the call number) as cited
   on each award.

                                                         13                                          BPA Revision
                                                                                                   November 2010
                                     PART XI – CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION

A. Shipping instructions are addressed in DLAD Clause 52.247-9034, Point of Contact for Transportation
   Instructions (July 2008).

B. Contact point for questions should be the local administrator in block 6 of the face of the delivery

C. After the BPA call has been awarded, DLA Aviation will not make price changes or quantity changes that
   change price.

D. DLA Aviation reserves the right to require monetary consideration for all modifications due to Vendor delay.



________________________________ _______                 ______________________________ _______
Signature of person authorized to sign Date              Signature of Contracting Officer Date

________________________________                         ______________________________
Name and Title of Signer                                       Name of Contracting Officer

Name of Contractor

                                                        14                                          BPA Revision
                                                                                                  November 2010

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