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                          Guidance Newsletter
                                                  for Seniors
                           (Information compiled by Guidance and College & Career)

    Created by Lindsey Cooper                                                               November/December 2008
                                                                2008-2009 COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES
LOOKING AHEAD                                                                                Updated 11/4/08
          NOVEMBER 2008                                         Bouch, Robin             University of South Florida
•    Deadline for December SAT —November 5                      Chapman, Rachel          University of Central Florida
•    SAT I & II – November 1                                    Cobb, Brittany           University of South Florida
•    Check to see if your college/university requires                                    University of North Florida
                                                                Crisostomo, Xiomelie     University of Central Florida
     SAT II Subject tests                                                                Florida State University
            DECEMBER 2008                                       Denny, Megan
                                                                Dillard, Andrew
                                                                                         Trevecca Nazarene University
                                                                                         Auburn University
•    Complete your Bright Futures Application                   Grist, Lindsey           Southeast University
     online at www.floridastudentfinancialaid.org               Hester, Emily            University of South Florida
•    SAT I & II – December 6                                    Hinchman, Melissa        Columbia College
•    ACT – December 13 (Boone)                                  Hodges, Harrison         The Citadel
•    Deadline for Jan. SAT — December 26                        Klinakis, Alexa          Florida Atlantic University
                                                                                         Florida Golf Coast
•    Check to see if your college/university needs you to       Holysz, Kristin          University of South Florida
     have a CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE                                                    Concordia University – Chicago
•    Complete the FAFSA if attending summer school in           Matos, Ariana            University of Central Florida
     2009                                                       Peacy, Megan             University of Tampa
•    Senior Breakfast – December 3, 2008                        Randow, Kyle             University of South Florida
•    Honors Breakfast- December 4, 2008 Senior Café             Ridore, Sharanah         University of Central Florida
                                                                Sempier, Christopher     University of Central Florida
•    Winter Break – December 22- Jan. 2                         Simmons, Lavelle         Florida State University
              JANUARY 2009                                      Smallwood, Magnolia      University of Findlay
•    Encourage your parents to complete their 2008              Tyrlik, Michael          University of Central Florida
                                                                Ulpino, Gabriel          Int’l Academy of Design & Technology
     income tax as soon as possible. This informa-
                                                                Whitted, Rachel          Florida Atlantic Univeristy
     tion is needed for the FASFA                                                        University of Central Florida
•    Submit your FASFA form for fall term 2009.                 Wilson, Jeanette         University of South Florida
•    SAT I & II – January 24 (Boone)                                                     University of Central Florida
•    Visit www.collegeboard.com for information about                                    Florida Atlantic Univeristy
           Financial aid
•    Deadline for February ACT —January 6
                                                                  MARK YOUR CALENDER…
•    Research and apply for scholarships. Check out the           GRADUATION         Monday May 29, 2009
     Guidance Newsletter for upcoming scholarships
                                                                                  Night School Registration
•    Deadline for March SAT— February 10
                                                                                     November 3,4, & 5
•    Attend Financial Aid Night – January 29th at 6:30 in
                                                                                     December 1, 2, & 4
     the auditorium
                                                                                     January 5, 6, & 8
                                                                                  Registration is 4:30 – 5:30
     Get your scholarship OPPORTUNITIES                                           Classes are on Mon., Tues., & Thurs.
     HANDBOOK online or a hardcopy from
                                                                                     4:45 – 6:45
               College and Career
                                                            1                     There are no GED classes offered
                                              How Do I Get It?
                                               Three Sources
#I                                            # II                                      # III
     Colleges/Universities                      Scholarships Private Sources                   Financial Aid

Each school offers students money             This money comes from businesses,         Money from Federal and State govern-
based on their eligibility – usually merit-   foundations, individuals and organiza-    ments:
                                                                                        GRANTS –do not have to be paid
based. Deadlines are early in the year.       tions. Examples are:
                                                                                        back. They are Federal (family must file
The following is an example: $20,000           • Coca Cola                              FAFSA ), State, and Institutional.
UNF Academic Scholarship                       • McDonalds                              Federal Grants are Pell and Federal
    • Guaranteed to all National Merit         • Best Buy                               Supplemental Educational Opportuni-
        Finalists, National Achievement        • House of Blues                         ties GRANT (FSEOG). These funds go
                                                                                        to the neediest students as determined
        Finalists, or National Hispanic        • Central Florida Marine
                                                                                        by FAFSA. State grants for private
        Scholars.                              • Corps Foundation                       schools are typically the Florida Student
    • Includes priority registration &         • Retired Teachers Association           Assistance Grant (based on residency)
        use of a laptop throughout the         • The Coite & Mildred Hill Scholar-      and Florida Residency Access Grant
        duration of the scholarship.              ship                                  (FRAG) (based on need). Bright
                                                                                        Futures is an example of money offered
    • No Essay Required!                       • Daughters of the American Revolu-
                                                                                        by Florida. Institutional Grants vary
    • Offered on a rolling basis                  tion                                  from college to college. They tend to be
    • Award = $5,000/year for up to           There are thousands of these scholar-     need-based, which means that the
        8 semesters                           ships.                                    results of the FAFSA are required in
Some schools automatically consider a         Visit College and Career to learn more.   order to take a determination about the
                                                                                        amount of the award.
student for these Scholarships when you
                                                                                        Loans – these must be paid back.
apply. Other Schools have a separate            Some Online Resources                   There are Federally guaranteed loans
application and due date. Be sure you           •www.fastweb.com                        which are typically offered at lowest
check at the schools where you are              •www.actstudent.org                     interest rates than private student loans.
                                                •www.facts.org                          Federal loans do have more rigid
sending applications.
                                                •www.collegeanswer.com                  guidelines about the use of the money.
                                                •www.finaid.com                         Examples are: Federal Stafford Loan
                                                •www.FindTuition.com                    and Federal Perkins Loan Programs.
                                                •www.Scholarships.com                   These loan programs are broken into
                                                •www.FastAID.com                        Subsidized and Unsubsidized.
 INVESTIGATE                                    •www.collegescholarships.com            Work-Study – your school guarantees
                                                •www.AllScholar.com                     you a job on campus. They pay the
 ALL SOURCES!                                   •www.nextstudent.com                    money directly to you. The cafeteria,
                                                                                        library, and helping professors are
                                                                                        common jobs.
                                        INFORMATION ABOUT FAFSA
                                         “Free Application for Federal Student Aid”
                                               Available after January 1, 2009
                                                  Collect the documents needed to
Get a PIN, a personal identification                                                                Complete the Application for Federal
                                                  apply, including income tax returns
number. A PIN lets you apply, “sign”                                                                Student Aid (FAFSA) between
                                                  and W-2 forms (and other records of
you online FAFSA, make corrections                                                                  January 1, 2008 and July 2, 2009 (no
                                                  income). A full list of what you need
to your application information and                                                                 exceptions to either date!). BUT,
                                                  is at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Tax return
more-all online. Go to                                                                              apply as soon as possible after Jan. 1
                                                  not completed at the time you apply?
www.pin.ed.gov                                                                                      to meet school and state aid dead-
                                                  Estimate the tax information, apply,
                                                                                                    lines (see note at bottom of page).
                                                  and correct information later.
                                                                                                    Apply online (the faster and easier
                                                                                                    way) by going to www.fafsa.ed.gov

                                                Review your Student Aid Report- the
                                                result of your FAFSA application. If
                                                necessary, make changes or corrections
                                                and resubmit your SAR reprocessing.
                                                Your complete, correct, SAR will contain
                                                your Expected Family contribution (EFC) -
                                                the number used to determine your
                                                federal student aid eligibility
                                                                                                  All Students: contact the financial aid
                                                                                                  office if you have any questions about
                                                                                                  the aid being offered.
If you are selected for verification,            Whether you’re selected for verifica-            First time applicants: Review award
your school’s financial aid officer              tion or not, make sure the financial aid         letters from schools to compare amounts
will ask you to submit tax returns               officer at the school has the informa-           and types of aid being offered. Decide
and other documents, as appropri-                tion needed to determine your                    which school to attend based on a
ate. Be sure to meet the school’s                eligibility.                                     combination of (a) how well the school
deadline, or you will not be able to                                                              suits your needs and (b) its affordability
get federal student aid.                                                                          after all.

                                                                                             Helpful Financial Aid Hints
                                                                                •   Ask the school to send you a school catalog and
FAFSA must be filled out                                                            financial aid information or visit the school’s
                                                                                    website. Read the information carefully to find
each year you are in school!                                                        out about cost of attendance and other important
                                                                                •   Contact the school’s financial aid administrator if
                                                                                    you have financial aid questions that are left
      KEEP THESE HANDY                                                              unanswered by the catalog. There is no charge
                                                                                    for the financial aid office services.
      Websites and phone numbers                                                •   Complete all paperwork carefully. Read and
                                                                                    follow all instructions.
      www.edpubs.org                                                            •   Know the school’s deadline dates and meet them.
      www.FSAPubs.org                                                               Answer any letters or mail you receive, immedi-
      www.fafsa.ed.gov                                                              ately, otherwise, you might miss a deadline.
      www.pin.ed.gov                                                            •   Keep copies of everything- forms you use to
      www.studentaid.ed.gov                                                         apply for financial aid, and any communications
                                                                                    you receive or send that are related to your aid
      Federal Student Aid Information                                               application.
      Center 1-800-433-3243                                                     •   Reapply each year for financial aid as long as you
                                                                                    need it.
          Booklets and information on FAFSA                                 The SAR and Why It’s Important
        are readily available in College & Career
Dependency Status                                                           Your Student Aid Report* (SAR) shows all the information you gave on
For the 2008-09 academic year, * you’re an independent student              your FAFSA. Your SAR will usually contain your Expected Family
IF at least one of the following applies to you:                            Contribution* (EFC), the number used in determining your eligibility for
                                                                            federal student aid. Your EFC will appear on the upper right-hand portion
                                                                            of a paper SAR and at or near the top of an electronic SAR. You might not
   • You were born before Jan. 1., 1984
                                                                            get an EFC if they need more information from you to process your data.
   • You are or will be enrolled in a master’s or will be enrolled in
     a master’s or doctoral degree program (beyond a bachelors              After you apply for federal student financial aid you’ll receive your
     degree) at the beginning of the 2008-09 academic year*                 FAFSA results in your SAR:
   • You’re married on the day you apply (even if you are                     • You will receive your SAR by E-mail 3-5 days after your FAFSA has
     separated but not divorced).                                               been processed, if you provided an e-mail address when you applied.
   • You have dependents (other than your children or spouse)                   This e-mail will contain a secure link so you can access your SAR
     who live with you and who receive ore than half their                      online. If you have a “junk” folder or “spam” folder in your e-mail
     support from you at the time you apply and through June 30,                files, check it. The e-mail from the government might be delivered
                                                                                there instead of your inbox. We encourage you to add our e-mail
                                                                                address, FederalStudentAidFAFSA@cpsemail.ed.gov, to your e-mail
   • Both your parents are deceased, or you are (or were until age              address book to avoid delivery problems.
     18) a ward or dependent of the court.                                    • You will receive a paper SAR by mail in 7-10 days after your FAFSA
   • You are currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed                 has been processed, if you do not provide an e-mail address when you
     Forces. (A “veteran” includes students who attended a U.S.                 apply. Whether you apply online or by paper, your data will
     service academy and were released under a condition other                  automatically be sent electronically to the schools you listed on your
     than dishonorable.                                                         FAFSA.
If none of these criteria apply to you, you’re a dependent student
                                                                            What do I do with my SAR?
When you apply for aid, the U.S. Department of Education will               Review it carefully to make sure it’s correct and complete.
verify your information with these federal agencies:                        If it is, and contains you’re EFC, contact the school(s) you’re interested in
                                                                                   attending. The school(s) you’ve selected to receive your SAR will use
 • Social Security Administration (verifies Social Security
                                                                                   this information to determine if you’re eligible for federal-and possibly
     Numbers and US citizenship status).                                           nonfederal-student financial aid funds.
 • Selective Service System (verifies Selective Service registra-
     tion status, if applicable).                                           If you need to make corrections to your SAR:
 • Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service (BCIS)                        • You can make them online on using your PIN, by going to
     formerly Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS)                      www.fafsa.gov and selecting “make Corrections to a Processed
     (verifies eligible no citizen status, if applicable).                       FAFSA.”
 • U.S. Department of Justice (verifies that an applicant has not              • Your school might be able to make them for you electronically (check
     been denied federal student aid by the courts as the result of              with your school).
                                                                               • Or, if you received a paper SAR, make any necessary corrections on
     a drug-related conviction).
                                                                                 that SAR and mail it to the address on the form for processing .
 • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (verifies veteran status,
     if applicable).                                                        You can make a few changes to your SAR by calling the Federal Student Aid
                                                                                Information Center at 1-800-4-FD-AID (1-800-433-3243). You must
Financial Aid Tips from the experts at Findtution.com                           have the Data Release Number (DRN) located on the SAR available.
  1.   Start early-begin early in the year, since funding is often
       limited.                                                             Here’s what you can change over the phone:
  2.   Get help from the pros –meet with your guidance counselor             • Your mailing or e-mail address.
       or other advisors.
  3.   Consider all sources- school aid, federal loans, private               • The names of schools that you want to receive your FAFSA informa-
       scholarship, and more.                                                   tion.
  4.   File a FAFSA (www.fafsa.ed.gov) early- even if you think
       you don’t qualify.                                                     • Your answer to question 31 (concerning a drug conviction).
  5.   Pay attention to deadlines- applicants must be made on
                                                                            For all the other changes, you must correct your SAR using one of the
                                                                            first three options above.
  6.   Know your EFC- your Expected Family Contribution is the
       key to your financial aid strategy.
                                                                            Once my SAR is accurate and complete, how do I find out if I’m eligible
  7.   Explore Loans- through they require repayment, loans are             for federal student financial aid and how much I’ll receive?
       another viable source of tuition money.
  8.   Apply!- the most common error is to assume you’re not                Contact the financial aid office at the school(s) you’re interested in attending.
       qualified for scholarships and grants.                               If you’re eligible for federal student financial aid, each school will send you an
  9.   Avoid scholarship scams- never pay money up front to get             award letter.* The award letter tells you the types of financial aid they will
       a scholarship.                                                       offer and how much you will receive. This combination of aid is your financial
 10.   Don’t give up- there are scholarships for every passion,             aid package.* Review each award letter* very carefully and compare how
       skill, and interest.                                                 much aid you can receive at each school. Once you accept a school’s award
To find out more, go to www.findtuition.com!                            4   letter*, sign it and return it to the school for processing.
                 Financial aid checklist for
              students and parents/guardians
Use this sheet as a personal record and as a reminder of the steps to take to obtain financial aid. Check off each step as you
complete it.


    •    If you are in doubt as to whether or not to apply for aid, apply!
    •    Obtain a social security number if you do not have one.
    •    Do not wait for college acceptance letters before filing for aid. File in January or February – the earlier the better. You
         do not need to have completed your tax returns prior to filling out the FAFSA or the PROFILE. A estimate of income
         is adequate. You cannot file the FAFSA until after January 1, but complete it before February 1 if at all possible.
    •    Fill the FAFSA out online. Get worksheets to fill out prior to filling the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Filing online is
         much faster than by mail, and the Web site has prompts that help you avoid making mistakes. You will need a PIN, or
         electronic password, before completing the form – available at www.pin.ed.gov. Get your PIN well in advance of your
         deadline because it must be assigned and e-mailed back to you before you can begin.
    •    If you are applying to colleges that require PROFILE, try to file that form in late November early December – as soon
         as you know the colleges to which you plan to apply. If you are applying under an Early Decision plan, complete your
         PROFILE in October or early November.
    •    Income tax forms should be filed as soon as possible (preferably in January) in order to provide accurate data on
         financial aid forms. Some colleges have early February deadlines.
    •    Inform each college about your interest in applying for aid. Make a list of the financial aid priority dates and deadlines
         at the colleges to which you are applying. Ask each college if it requires supplemental forms, and obtain them as
    •    Apply for federal and state funds by answering the appropriate questions of the FAFSA.
    •    Check for scholarships for which you might be eligible:
    •    each college/postsecondary institution (your best score)
    •    those posted in the counseling office
    •    local and state scholarships
    •    Begin your Stafford student loan application by checking appropriate boxes on the FAFSA.


    •    In all written communications to financial aid offices, put your name and social security number on every page.
    •    Keep your financial aid worksheets. Always make photocopies for your records.
    •    If you have questions about an item, do not guess. See your counselor or an accountant, or speak with the college
         financial aid officer directly.
    •    Do not leave blank spaces on the forms. Use zeros instead.
    •    Proofread! And again, make copies of everything.


    •    If you properly complete the FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) that will give you your eligibility
         index for federal and state aid.
    •    If there are errors or incorrect information in the SAR, you can make corrections online.
    •    Financial aid offers are sent by colleges either with, or shortly after you receive, a letter of acceptance. You will be
         asked to sign an acceptance of the amount received, and the money will be sent to the college/postsecondary institu-
    •    Ask your counselor for assistance if you have general questions. Specific questions should be directed to the college
         financial aid officers.
What if I need help filling out my FAFSA application?               Be informed
  • Help text is available and accessible for                       2 x 2 Program
    every question on the FAFSA if you apply
    online using FASFA on the web at                                Students who graduate from a Florida public Community
                                                                    College with an Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.), or A.S.
    www.Fafsa.ed.gov. You can also get free                         degree, are guaranteed admission to one of the eleven state
    live help online at this web site.                              universities in Florida. It may not necessarily be the one of
  • Free help is also available online at                           your choosing but you are guaranteed admission to one of
    www.studentaid.ed.gov/completefafsa                             these eleven universities. You do not have to apply. This
                                                                    does not guarantee admission to limited access programs.
  • Contact the Federal Student Aid informa-
    tion Center 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-                         Direct connect to UCF
    3243) for assistance with any questions
    you have on either the paper electronic                         If you receive an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or an Associate in
                                                                    Science (A.S.) Degree from Valencia, Lake Sumter,
    FAFSA.                                                          Brevard, Central Florida Community College, or Seminole
  • Contact your college financial aid office.                      Community Colleges, you will receive:
                                                                      a) Guaranteed admission to a bachelor’s degree program
                                                                         at UCF
                                                                      b) Increased opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree
  Remember, you can get all the help you                                 on one of these community college campuses
 need for FREE with FAFSA. NEVER pay                                  c) Preferential admission to selective bachelor degree
  anyone for assistance in completing the                                programs at UCE.
          online or paper FAFSA.                                    You do have to apply to UCF.

                                                                    VERY IMPORTANT TO DO: Visit the schools of your
                                                                    interest, talk with admission officers, AND BE CLEAR in
   Remember: Men 18 or older must register
                                                                    your understanding of your plan and the way it matches or
   for the Selective Service to receive Federal                     doesn’t match with the schools of your choice.
   Financial Aid. You can register online or get                                SENIOR YEAR ACCEDEMIC WORK
   a paper copy from the nearest post office.                                            IS VERY IMPORTANT
   Visit online at www.sss.gov.                                        Acceptances to colleges/universities are based on your
                                                                       academic work grades 9-11. Your academic performance in
                                                                       your 12th grade is equally important. The First acceptance
                                                                       letter you receive makes it clear that it is only tentative.
                                                                       Colleges rescind acceptances if a student falls below their
                                                                       acceptance level of work. A final transcript has to be sent
                                                                       to the institution you will attend.
 Dual Enrollment Information                                           They check you 12th grade performance and then you get
                                                                       your final acceptance.
         Did you know…?                                                SOOOOOOO get your anti-seniorities vaccine now!

 “Dual enrollment course grades are recorded to the post secondary transcript, including withdrawal codes, which become part
 of the student’s permanent college record.” “If the student withdraws after the college “drop-add” deadline, the post second-
 ary transcript will indicate a “W” or “F” code for the course(s) depending on the date of withdrawal during the term.”
 Notice to students wanting to drop a dual enrollment class…
 (From Valencia Community College 08-09 College Catalog, pg. 73)
 “Before you withdraw from a course, you should be aware that course withdrawals:
         May affect your financial aid status
         May affect your transfer grade point average
         May result in your having to pay the full cost of instruction fee to retake the course
         May affect your anticipated graduation date
         May result in your being denied access to limited access programs.
         May affect your immigration status if you are attending Valencia on a nonimmigrant visa
         Will increase the cost of your education
         May affect eligibility for honors program
                                                                                                        program that can last from one to five
                                                                                                        years and result in an industry
                                                                                                        qualification. Apprentices are paid but
                                                                                                        at a lower rate than fully qualified
                                                                                                        workers in that field. Careers that use
                                                                                                        the apprenticeship method include
                                                                                                        dental laboratory technician, me-
                                                                                                        chanic, heavy equipment operator,
                                                                                                        carpenter, welder, cabinetmaker, and
      Reading           Nature             Computers                                       Math
                                                                      Money                             electrician.
                                                                                                     3. Military training—The military trains
                                                                                                        people in 140 occupations and many
                                                Sports                                                  of the skills learned in these occupa-
                                                                      Helping People
                                                                                                        tions can be used in civilian jobs.
                                                                                       Building &
                                                                                         Fixing      4. Certificate Programs—Many com-
                      Music & Arts
       Science                                                                                          munity colleges, technical schools,
                                                                                                        and private career schools offer six-
                                                                                                        month to one-year programs that lead
                                                                                                        to certification in a specialized field.
                                                                                                        Careers that might require a certifi-
                                                                                                        cate training program include parale-
• Who comes to tow your car out of                     WHY A POST-HIGH SCHOOL PLAN?                     gal, computer equipment repair, floral
    that ditch you have just skidded into?                                                              design and medical assistant.
• Who drives children to and from                      Statistics about education and careers
    school each day?                                   in the U.S. reveal why it’s important to         CAREER AND TECHNICAL
                                                        have a plan for life after high school:              EDUCATION
•   Who types the office correspondence
    and records and files copies so you                • 48 of the fastest growing jobs in the
    can find them?                                                                                          Mid Florida Tech (MFT)
                                                         U.S. require some type of education               2900 West Oak Ridge Road
•   Who prepares and serves food at                      beyond high school.
    your favorite restaurant?                                                                                Orlando, Florida 32809
                                                       • People who don’t have post-high                         407.855.5880
•   Who finds the broken connection                      school training are three times more                  www.mft.ocps.net
    caused by an ice storm and restores                  likely to be unemployed than those
    you electrical power?                                who do.                                              Orlando Tech (OT)
•   Who repairs the furnace? Hot water                 • People who have some training after                301 West Amelia Street
    heater? Washer and dryer?                            high school make more money and                    Orlando, Florida 32801
•   Who cares for children while their                   have better opportunities for career                    407.246.7060
    parents are at work?                                 advancement than those who have                   www.orlandotech.ocps.net
•   Who cares for the elderly and other                  only a high school diploma.
    who live in assisted living centers and            • Freshmen who don’t have a career                    Westside Tech (WT)
    nursing homes?                                       goal or academic major when they                    955 East Story Road
•   Who removes the garbage from your                    enter college are more likely to drop            Winter Garden, Florida 34787
    curb?                                                out.                                                    407.905.2000
• Who helps you find a pair of jeans that              • If you have a solid plan before                    www.westside.ocps.net
    fit and then rings up your purchase?                 graduation, your chances for success
                                                         in post-secondary education in-                   Winter Park Tech (WPT)
                                                         creases.                                           901 W. Webster Avenue
All of these “who’s” are people who work
in jobs that require a year or less of                                                                     Winter Park, Florida 32789
                                                       OPTIONS FOR POST-HIGH SCHOOL
training and preparation, jobs that often                                                                        407.622.2900
                                                       (GENERALLY WITHOUT COLLEGE)
are not considered great jobs, or even                                                                        www.wpt.ocps.net
good jobs. That’s an unfortunate miscon-
                                                       1. On-the-job-training — Examples
ception because these jobs are of great                   include flight attendant, bank teller or
                                                                                                                  Avalon Tech
value to millions of employees’ lives and                 emergency dispatcher.
                                                                                                            2201 S. Crown Hill Blvd.
careers. They are of great importance to               2. Apprenticeship training —You work
                                                                                                               Orlando, FL 32828
employers and our society would come to                   with experienced employees and
a standstill without them.
                                                          complete classroom training in a
                                                 SCHOLARSHIP BULLETIN BOARD
                                                       School Year 2008-09
                                                        Updated 11/17/ 08

                   Applications and additional information are available in the College & Career Center

 • Need based and demonstrated leadership skills                            • Must be a senior
 • African American, American Indian/Alaska native, Asian Pacific           • Demonstrate ambition and self-drive
    Islander American or Hispanic American                                  • Be recommended by an unrelated adult who can attest to your
 • A citizen/legal permanent resident or national of the U.S.                 achievement
 • 3.3 GPA                                                                  • AWARD: varies up to $25,000
 • AWARD: Renewable funding up to five years in any discipline              • DEADLINE: December 15, 2008
    at the undergraduate level
 • DEADLINE: Online January 12, 2009 at 11:59 or paper applica-            FLORIDAA& M UNIVERSITY
    tion postmarked on or before January 12, 2009                           • African-American Women
                                                                            • Must plan to go into Computer Science
AMERICA’S FIRST FREEDOMAWARD                                                • Visit www.famu.edu and google African-American in Computer
 • For 9th – 12th grade students                                              Science
 • Essay of 750 to 1,250 words                                              • Email jblack@cis.famu.edu
 • Must have a sponsoring Social Studies or English teacher                 • AWARD: $4,000 to $10,00
 • AWARD: $3,000, $1,500, and $750
 • DEADLINE: Online – November 24, 2008, Paper Copy – Novem-               FLORIDA NURSERY, GROWERS & LANDSCAPE ASSOCIATION
   ber 29, 2008                                                             • Must major in Environmental Horticulture, Landscaping, Land-
 • Visit www.firstfreedom.org. Information is also available in               scape Architecture, Turf Management, or a relate field
   College & Career                                                         • Must have been accepted to a Florida university or junior college
                                                                            • Minimum 2.75
EMORY UNIVERSITY – EMORY SCHOLARS PROGRAM                                   • AWARD: Varies
 • See your counselor as there is a nomination process                      • DEADLINE: June 30, 2009

NAVY’S ROTC SCHOLASHIP                                                     2009 ABBOTT & FENNER SCHOLARSHIP
 • Offers a student a college education plus the opportunity to             • Open to high school Juniors & Seniors
   become an officer in the United States Navy                              • No specific major or planned major is required
 • Must be in the top %10 of your class or have ACT score of – 22/          • Essay
   English, 21/Math or SAT score of 530/English, 520/Math                   • AWARD: $1,000
 • Visit website www.nrotc.navy.mil                                         • DEADLINE: June 20, 2009
 • AWARD: $180,000
 • Email delores.cox@navy.mil or matthew.krivda@navy.mil                   ARTS FOR LIFE: SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                            • Graduating senior
RON BROWN SCHOLAR PROGRAM                                                   • Recognized for outstanding achievement in the arts
 • African-American seniors                                                 • 500 word essay
 • Must excel academically, show exceptional leadership potential           • Resume
   and make an impact on your community through service to                  • Work samples
   others.                                                                  • AWARD: (25) $1,000
 • Must provide SAT or ACT score and 2 letters of recommenda-               • DEADLINE: February 2, 2009
   tion, and essay
 • AWARD: $10,000 annually for four years                                  ORLANDO MAGIC – UCF MINORITY SCHOLARSHIP
 • DEADLINE: November 1st or January 9th                                    • Can only be used at UCF
                                                                            • Must be a minority high school senior
JOHN F. KENNEDY PROFILE IN COURAGE ESSAY CONTEST                            • Must demonstrate financial need
 • Students 9-12                                                            • Minimum 1010 SAT or 21 ACT score
 • Essay                                                                    • Weighted cumulative GPA or at least 3.0
 • Visit www.jfklibrary.org                                                 • 2 letter of recommendation
 • AWARD: 1st place - $5,000, 2nd place - $1,000, 5 finalists - $500        • 500 work essay
 • DEADLINE: January 10, 2009                                               • AWARD: (2) $10,000
                                                                            • DEADLINE: Due into Ms. Jackson by February 6, 2009 or before

 • Can be used at any 4-year school in Florida                               PERFORMING OR FILM) SCHOLARSHIP
 • For seniors only                                                           • For students who have followed a Fine Arts curriculum in high
 • Minimum GPA of 3.0                                                           school and plan to attend a Fine Arts program at an accredited
 • Provide information about your extracurricular school activities             Art Institution, College, University, or Community College and
   and honors                                                                   major in the Arts.
 • Minimum 1010 SAT or 21 ACT                                                 • Essay, transcript, and two letters of reference are required
 • 2 letters of recommendation                                                • Must currently and for the past two years resided in Florida
 • Essay                                                                      • Minimum GPA of 3.0
 • AWARD: $10,000                                                             • AWARD: $1,000
 • DEADLINE: Due to Ms. Jackson by February 6, 2009 or before                 • DEADLILNE: February 1, 2009

 • Must be a high school senior                                               • Housing program to FSU, UF, Florida A & M, and Florida Gulf
 • Offerend for full-time study at an accredited two or four year               Coast (women only)
    institution                                                               • Minimum GPA 3.0
 • Get an application at their offices or online at www.metropcs.com/         • Must show financial need
    scholarship                                                               • Must have copy of official acceptance letter
 • Minimum GPA 3.0                                                            • Essay
 • Must send a transcript                                                     • AWARD: Do not pay rent but are responsible for their fair share
 • They are looking for students who have demonstated exceptional               of the basic household expenses such as food and utilities,
    involvement in volunteerism and community service, in addition              approximately $950 per semester.
    to academics                                                              • DEADLINE: March 1, 2009. They do fill up fast so apply as
 • AWARD: $1,000 non-renewable                                                  soon as you get your acceptance letter
 • DEADLINE: December 15, 2008
                                                                             ENTREPRENEURIAL SCHOLARSHIP
FLORIDA PTA/PTSA ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP                                           • Graduating senior who will be attending a four-year college or
 • Must be a current Florida resident and have been so for two                  university
   years                                                                      • Must have owned and operated a business for at least one year
 • Must be a senior                                                             (non-profits are acceptable)
 • Must be a member of your school’s PTA/PTSA                                 • Must have had at least one paid employee (not including
 • Minimum GPA of 3.0                                                           yourself or partner)
 • Must provide a transcript                                                  • Must have sales revenue (unless non-profit)
 • Essay                                                                      • Submit an online application at www.mckelveyfoundation.org
 • 2 letters of recommendation                                                • AWARD: Up to $10,000 per year to attend any four-year college
 • Signed copy of parent/guardian’s Income Tax Return for the                   in the U.S.
   current or previous year                                                   • DEADLINE: January 25, 2009
 • AWARD: $1,000, renewable for 4 years
 • DEADLINE: February 1, 2009                                                KFC COLONEL’S SCHOLARS PROGRAM
                                                                              • Must be graduating senior
FLORIDA PTAVOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL SCHOLARSHIP                                   • Minimum GPA of 2.75
AWARD                                                                         • Must attend a 2- or 4-year accredited, public state funded college
 • Current and past resident of Florida for two years                           or university within your state of legal residency
 • Must be a senior                                                           • Must be on track to complete a complete a bachelor’s degree
 • Must be a member of your school’s PTA/PTSA                                   program
 • Must be enrolling as a full-time undergraduate student in a                • Online application at www.kfcscholars.org, available December 1,
   VOCATIONAL/ TECHNICAL INSTITUTION within the state of                        2008-February 10, 2009
   Florida                                                                    • AWARD: up to $5,000 per year
 • Essay, transcript, and 2 letters of reference are required                 • DEADLINE: February 10, 200
 • AWARD: $1,000
 • DEADLINE: February 1, 2009                                                THE J. OLLIE EDMUNDS DISTINGUISHED SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                              • Merit based scholarship to Stetson University
FLORIDA PTA/PTSA COMMUNITY/JUNIOR COLLEGE                                     • GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
SCHOLARSHIP                                                                   • Rank in the top 5% of the senior class
 • Same requirements as the other PTA/PTSA scholarships                       • ACT of 30 or combined SAT score of 1350 ( Critical Reasoning
 • It differs from the others in that this is exclusively for students          and Math)
   enrolling in a community or junior college within the state of             • AWARD: full undergraduate tuition, fees, on-campus housing,
   Florida                                                                      meals and books for four years
 • AWARD: $1,000                                                              • DEADLINE: January 23, 2009. They strongly encourage
 • DEADLINE: February 1, 2009                                                   nominations well in advance of the deadline. Must be to Ms.
                                                                                Jackson by Jan. 6, 2009

COLA SCHOLARSHIP                                                         VALENCIA
 • Must be a senior                                                       • Must attend classes at Valencia June 23, 2009 to August 4,
 • Minimum GPA of 3.0                                                        2009
 • Resume                                                                 • If selected into the program you will receive a scholarship for
 • 3 letters of recommendation                                               in-state tuition and up to $150 for books
 • Essay                                                                  • Students who have been in CROP, Dual Enrollment, Tech prep
 • AWARD: (10) $5,000                                                        or Upward Bound are given special consideration.
 • DEADLINE: January 15, 2009                                             • If you successfully complete the Bridges to Success Summer
                                                                             Program, you will be eligible for renewable full-tuition scholar-
MY FUTURE IN COTTON SCHOLARSHIP                                              ship for the rest of your Valencia studies. This will be coordi-
 • Must be a high school senior                                              nated with other financial aid. You must complete the FAFSA
 • Minimum GPA 2.80                                                          for each year.
 • Must have the intent to engage in a course of study related to         • Must submit applications before March 3, 2009
   agriculture or agribusiness                                            • All information available in College & Career
 • Essay of 500 words or less
 • AWARD: (9) $1,000                                                     2 + 2 MINORITY SCHOLARSHIP
 • DEADLINE: December 7, 2008                                              • Must attend Valencia for 2 years
                                                                           • Must have an unweighted GPA of 3.0
TOYOTA SCHOLARSHIP – Only one nominee per school – See                     • Must submit a completed Two Plus Two Scholarship applica-
Ms. Jackson – Application available in College & Career. Paper                tion
work must into Ms. Jackson by Nov. 17th.                                   • 2 letters of recommendation
                                                                           • Complete and submit your FAFSA
ORANGE COUNTY RETIRED EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION                                • AWARD: Pays for college tuition at Valencia for two years and
 • Cash gift                                                                  then two more years at any of the 11 prestigious southeastern
 • Must go into the teaching profession                                       institutions participating in the program
 • Ms. Jackson must review scholarship application with the
   student                                                               ARTHUR “PAPPY” KENNEDY SCHOLARSHIP
 • SAT minimum of 1000, and ACT of 22                                     • Must be college-bound and African-American
 • Need-based                                                             • Minimum GPA of 2.3
 • AWARD: $500                                                            • Church Involvement
 • DEADLINE: January 15, 2009                                             • Strong volunteer/charitable service record
                                                                          • Participation in school leadership activities and/or extra-
MAYOR RICHARD T. CROTTY VALENCIA-UCF TWO                                    curricular programs
PLUS TWO SCHOLARSHIP                                                      • 250 word essay
 • Must earn an Associate’s degree from Valencia and a                    • AWARD: $1200 and must be present on January 19, 2009 to
   Bachelor’s degree from UCF                                               receive award
 • Minimum GPA of 3.0 and maintain 3.0 in college                         • DEADLINE: 5:00 pm Friday, December 12, 2008
 • Must demonstrate commitment to school and community
   service                                                               FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS SCHOLARSHIP/
 • There can be only one nominee from each Orange County high            ESSAY CONTEST
   school                                                                 • 500 word essay “How Does A Realtor Professional Benefit the
 • AWARD: $2,000 to Valencia and $2,000 to UCF                              Community?”
 • DEADLINE: Your material is due to Ms. Jackson on February              • You are competing first on the regional level and then the state
   9, 2009                                                                  level
                                                                          • Must be a high school senior who resides in the state of
                                                                          • Can attend any college, university, or technical school any
                                                                          • If your parent is a licensed real estate practitioner you are not
                                                                            eligible for this
                                                                          • AWARD: $1,000 on the regional level and $5,000 on the state
                                                                          • DEADLINE: February 9, 2009