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									                             Words to the WISE
                                    University of Michigan

                             VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2                                        MARCH 2009

                         UC 107: WISE RP Seminar Debuts in Fall 2008
INSIDE THIS              For the first time since it was    research taking place in some       their studies in the STEM
ISSUE:                   formed in the mid-1990s, the       of the science, technology,         fields.
                         WISE RP offered a one-credit       engineering and mathematics         The new MoJo classrooms
                         membership course, UC 107:         fields; introduce students to       offer state-of-the-art
Program Board        2   WISE RP Seminar, in Fall term      the intellectual life at the U of   technology which promotes
Recap                    2008. Like all of the other        M and what it means to              greater mobility and
Liz Boettner             Michigan Learning                  pursue a liberal arts               interaction between faculty
                         Communities which have             education. Guest lecturers          and students and among the
Dealing with         2
                         membership courses                 included faculty from LS&A,         students in the classroom.
                         associated with their              the College of Engineering,         Two Smart Boards in each
Grace Hsia
                         programs, this one-credit          The School of Public Health,        classroom also provide new
U of M Summer        2   course is required for all WISE    and Kinesiology.                    modes of access to
Opportunities            RP first-year students.                                                information as well as
Alex Nguyen                                                 In addition to the guest            enhanced interactions among
                         The class was offered in two       lectures, students also met         students.
Steer Stress Aside   3   sections in order to make the      with a panel of women from
Cassie Pogoda            class size smaller and to allow    medicine, engineering, and          For Fall 2009, the class size
                         for a better learning              social work (all past members       will be even smaller to allow
Winter Formal        3   environment in the new MoJo        of the WISE RP) talk about          for a more discussion-based
2009                     classrooms. The goals of the       their jobs, balancing their         format and better use of the
Alyssa Poma and          class, taught by the WISE RP       personal and professional           classroom technologies and
Alyssa Rolling           director, Chris Bass, are to       lives, and their advice to first-   space.
                         expose students to the             year students embarking on
SAPAC’s Got Your     4                                                                          ~Chris Bass, Director

                                  Dinner and Discussion Recap
Michelle Loubert

                         During the Fall term, the WISE     internships, and balancing one’s Guests Included:
                         RP piloted a new “Dinner and       professional and personal lives. • Liz Stavens, Chemical Engineer
                         Discussion” series, which is       Overall, it was a great success,     with ExxonMobil Chemical Com-
                         aimed at connecting our second     and the WISE RP students             pany & WISE RP Alumna
                         -year student leaders with         enjoyed dining with these        • Jennifer Ogilvie, Assistant Professor
                         scientists and engineers across    fantastic role models.               of Physics and Biophysics
                         campus. Each student                                                    •    Sam Daly, Assistant Professor of
                         attended two dinners with UM       ~Beth Gibney, Associate Director          Mechanical Engineering
                         faculty or WISE RP program                                              •    Malgorzata Sobilo, Oncologist
                         alumni, during which they had                                           •    Traci Morrison, Officer and Project
                         the opportunity to hear about                                                Manager for Flagstar Bank
                         the guests’ professional and                                            •    Adam Matzger, Professor of Chem-
                         educational experiences.                                                     istry and Macromolecular Science
                                                                                                      and Engineering Departments
                         The guests shared words of                                              •    Elyssa Cox, Developer for Microsoft
                         wisdom for achieving success in                                         •    Jennifer Linderman, Professor of
                         their field and offered guidance                                             Chemical Engineering
                         about graduate school,                                                  •    Tia Sutton, Regulatory Engineer
                                                                                                           A few upcoming events to watch for:

                                        Program Board Recap
               PAGE        2
                                                                                                           •    Month of March is Women's His-
                                                                                                                tory Month—Look for a month-long
                                                                                                                event that includes information
                                                                                                                about amazing women in the
                                      If you've missed seeing those       Our goal for the winter               science and engineering fields, a
                                      numerous fliers on the              semester is to out-do the fall.       raffle for some prizes, and a great
                                      bathrooms doors, we thought         We can only be successful if          time celebrating women like us!
                                      we'd fill you in…                   YOU get excited about the       •     Grad Workshop—On March 19th,
                                                                          upcoming events and let us            come learn more about graduate
                                      The fall semester flew by!          know if we're missing an              school options from a panel of
                                                                                                                current U of M grad students.
                                      WISE RP Program Board               event you're dying to see.            Stick around afterwards to mingle
                                      members planned fun events                                                and eat after the panel.
                                      and organized activities for the    **Remember, Program Board •           Massage Night— The first round of
  WISE RP Women spending a            community. With a total of          meetings are Wednesdays               exams have you stressed? Check
  Sunday afternoon decorating         eleven events throughout the        from 5:10-6:10pm in the               out for the upcoming night of
   flower vases with their RAs.       semester, and great                 Classrooms. Anyone is                 massages in March!
                                      participation from first- and       welcome!                  •           End of the Year Banquet—
                                      second-year students, Program       ~Liz Boettner, WISE RP Program        Celebrate the year with friends,
                                      Board events were a huge            Board Member                          food, and good times! Keep your
                                                                                                                eyes open for more details to-
                                      success!                                                                  wards the end of March/early

                                                                      Dealing with Change
                                      At the beginning of the year,       representation on boards and          outlet to support my passion for
                                      the number of clubs and or-         committees in the College.”           writing in the Publicity Committee
                                      ganizations can overwhelm the       UMEC has a variety of social,         working on The All-Nighter, which is
   “Instead, you                      savviest of freshmen. There         service, and community-building       the College of Engineering newslet-
   expose yourself                    are so many choices, each pro-      events that are open to every-        ter. Although I am still a freshman,
                                      viding a wealth of opportunities    one.                                  all of that fervor for writing has
   to intercultural
                                      to grow and meet new people.                                              brought me to my current position
   learning by                                                            UMEC is especially great at pro-      as the Editor-in-Chief.
   participating in                   I chose to get involved in the      ducing leaders. At UMEC, even
   local community                    University of Michigan Engi-        first-year students have the op-      My best advice? Join an organiza-
   projects. Your                     neering Council (UMEC), which       portunity to make profound            tion that you can love so you can
   participation will                 “acts as an umbrella organiza-      changes and input ideas. There        grow as an individual. Contact me
   be considered                      tion for the many societies that    must be the realization that          at hsgracie@umich.edu for more
   an internship,                     make up the College of Engi-        there is no hierarchy or ranking      information about UMEC!
   and therefore,                     neering and provides student        system in college. I found an         ~Grace Hsia, WISE RP first-year student
   you will also get
   paid to be
   overseas.”                                           U of M Summer Opportunities
                                      Are you looking for something       crowding the streets while the event      not need to take any formal
                                      exciting to do this summer?         were taking place.                        classes abroad. Instead, you
                                      Well, there are a lot of fun                                                  expose yourself to intercultural
                                      things that you can do in Ann       If you have a desire to stay in Ann       learning by participating in local
                                      Arbor!                              Arbor without taking classes, you         community projects. Your partici-
                                                                          can also look for undergraduate           pation will be considered an
                                      Last year, I took some classes      research opportunities offered            internship, and therefore, you
                                      during the spring term and          through the Undergraduate Re-             will also get paid to be overseas.
                                      ended up staying here for the       search Opportunities Program
                                      entire summer. I really en-         (UROP) or different departments on        Beside GIEU, there are a num-
                                      joyed the Ann Arbor Summer          campus.                                   ber of other programs on cam-
                                      Festival and the Ann Arbor                                                    pus that you can be part of as
                                      Street Art Fair. There were live    However, if you prefer traveling in       well. Whatever you choose, I I
Sex and the City viewing during the
                                      performances during the festi-      the summer like I do, you may want        hope you have a fun and relax-
   RAs’ safe sex presentation,
                                      val and a variety of unique art     to look into a study abroad pro-          ing summer!
                                      forms displayed along the           gram. This summer, I will be travel-
                                      sidewalks during the art fair. It   ing with a group of students to Viet-     ~Alex Nguyen, WISE RP Peer Mentor
                                      was quite eye-opening to wit-       nam through the Global Intercul-
                                      ness the number of people           tural Experience for Undergradu-
                                                                          ates (GIEU). In this program, you do
VOLUME        2,   ISSUE      2                                                                                             PAGE       3

                                        Steer Stress Aside
No one can avoid stress, right?     going well in your life. Getting it      Don’t forget about your professors,
Stress is something we all deal     down on paper can be helpful to          GSIs, and advisors who are there to
with here at U of M, but that       visualize and reassess.                  assist you. RAs and the APA
doesn’t mean we can’t manage it.                                             (Academic Peer Advisor) are also
                                    Talk it out – Talk to a good friend, a
I am constantly learning new ways                                            great resources!
                                    family member or someone else
to manage my stress with every
new dose of it that each semester   who you can seek out for support.        Don’t forget your hobbies – Draw,
                                                                             play music, craft, play sports or do
brings.                             Go for a walk or go outside of MoJo
                                                                             whatever you enjoy so that you stay
                                    – sometimes removing yourself
The best thing about stress                                                  happy and refreshed for when it
                                    from an environment can give you
management is that it works; you                                             does come time to study.
                                    time to reflect and evaluate                                                       “Goblets of fire,
just have to find what method
works best for you. I continually   situations.                         If you are feeling particularly over-
                                                                        whelmed you can always seek out                 wands, house
develop and take on different     Go to the gym – if you’re active take
techniques that I find to be                                            your RA or visit CAPS (Counseling
                                  a break and do some activity at the
                                                                        and Psychological Services) on the                 banners,
helpful. Here are some            CCRB.
suggestions that you might want                                         third floor of the Union. CAPS also              games, and
                                  Take some personal/spiritual time     has a weekly relaxation time on
to try:
                                  for yourself – semesters can get      Fridays at 12:30pm. I’ve been                   great friends:
Journal – Take some time to write extremely busy, so it’s important to before and it was really useful and
about your life, what’s bugging   budget time to relax, reflect ,and    relaxing – I totally recommend it!              the conclusion
you, stressing you out, what’s    meditate.                             ~Cassie Pogoda, WISE RP Resident Advi-
                                                                             sor                                          of a great

        A Magical Night: Winter Formal 2009
      Goblets of fire, wands, house         The final decorating scheme            and arranged the balloons. The
      banners, games, and great            came together in the last few           amazing house banners were
      friends: the conclusion of a         meetings when decorations               made the weekend before by
      great night. Planning started        where purchased and we                  some very committed members,
      months in advance, when              started to put things together.         and they added a great final
      members of both WISE RP and          Many additional members spent           touch to the room.
      MRC joined together to plan an       a Monday afternoon rolling and
      event that both communities          tying invitations to be put in          We proceeded to make
      would enjoy.                         mailboxes.                              our way back to Mosher-
                                                                                   Jordan and finish
      We first planned a theme reveal      On the day of the dance, a              completing our outfits and
      party that hyped up the              generous few helped transport           hair. Then at 8 o’clock we
      communities about the                balloons from the Union to              all made our way back to
      upcoming dance, and it allowed       Palmer Commons. That night a            Palmer Commons to enjoy
      everyone to take a study break,      few hours before, members of            a great night of fun,      Enjoying good company and
      eat some pizza, and enjoy Harry      the planning committee helped           music, great friends,      making wands at the formal.
      Potter. We met each week to          set up and rearrange tables,            and lasting
      discuss ideas and confirm            hang house banners, and set up          memories.
      details. We also chose               candy trays. Our Harry Potter
      invitations, appetizers, and         vision was realized when we put         ~Alyssa Poma and
      booked a DJ.                         together the mini goblets of fire       Alyssa Rolling, WISE RP
                                                                                   first-year students
             WINTER FORMAL 2009
                                                                            Women in Science and Engineering 
                                                                                   Residence Program 
                                                                                 168 Mosher‐Jordan Hall 
                                                                                    200 Observatory 
                                                                                  Ann Arbor, MI 48109 
                                                                                    Website: http://
                                                                               E‐mail: wise‐rp@umich.edu 

             SAPAC’S Got Your Back!
                                       has survived sexual violence. The        violence, so we know that a signifi-
One of the main premises of the        University of Michigan Sexual            cant number of women in our
Women in Science and Engineer-                                                  community need support. This
ing Residence Program is to pro-       Assault Prevention and Awareness         support can be as simple as lis-
vide a supportive community for        Center (SAPAC) is one of our             tening to someone’s story, walking
young women from a variety of          greatest and most accessible re-         with her to SAPAC or CAPS, and
backgrounds and experiences. We        sources. SAPAC provides services         watching out for each other. It is
are united by the fact that we are     such as: information on all types        time to bring the issue of sexual
seeking careers in science, math,      of sexual violence, counseling for       violence into our discussions and
and engineering. However, there        survivors and their friends and          to educate ourselves in order to
are other things that we have in       loved ones, and volunteer and            collectively bring an end to a form
common: we are women and we            education opportunities.                 of violence that will inevitably in-
face challenges such as sexism                                                  fluence each of our lives.
and sexual violence. That is not to    Sexual violence is not discussed         Visit SAPAC’s website at
say that we have all experienced       very often because it is painful,        www.umich.edu~sapac for more
overt displays of sexism and sex-      complicated, and takes many              information about the services
ual violence; however, it is safe to   shapes. Despite this, it is our          offered there and ways to get in-
assume that we all know someone        responsibility as members of the
who has experienced it in some                                                  volved.
                                       WISE RP community to be pre-
form.                                  pared to support each other
                                                                                ~ Michelle Loubert, WISE RP Resident
                                       through any sexual violence that
Sexual violence includes any sex-      we experience. According to the
ist remark or action, sexual as-       Department of Justice, 1 in 5
sault, stalking, sexual harass-        women are raped during their
ment, and intimate partner vio-        college experience.
lence. It is important that we, as a   (www.ncjrs.gov) This statistic ap-
community, prepare ourselves to        plies specifically to rape and ex-
be supportive allies to anyone who     cludes all other forms of sexual

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