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									The          Political Science
                Club Newsletter
                                                                                                    10 February 2009
                                                                                                    Volume 1, Issue 1

A New Year Is Here!
And so is your Political Science Club                                                               Inside this issue:

Welcome back everyone and         serving as the executive
Happy New Year, 2009!             President, Jet Heng as                                            Welcome Back          1
                                  executive Vice-President and
Remember with a new year
                                  Alexandra (Ally) Cohen as
comes new opportunities for                                                                         Guest Speaker         1
                                  the executive Treasurer.
you at the Political Science
Club.                             With the board positions
                                                                                                    RISO Fair             2
                                  filled the opportunity to
This year is filled with events
                                  serve still remains as the
such as, our signature movie
                                  Treasurer and Secretary both                                      Movie Night           2
night, guest speaker visits,
                                  are looking for Assistants.
spring RISO Fair and more.
                                  Also there are several
The Political Science Club has    committee           positions
held two meetings this month      (Fundraising & Membership
and their first order of          committees) still available to
business was to elect a new       all members and new                      To find out more
executive Secretary to the        members.                                information about
board, to fill the empty seat.                                        events, our contact info
                                  So don’t be afraid to stop by        is located on the back
Elected unanimously to the
                                  or email the board members              of this newsletter.
position is new member
                                  with your questions. See you
Jonathan Bauer, a fellow
                                  at our next meeting.
Political Science major.
The    remaining     board
members are unchanged with        From the Political Science
Gwendolyn (Gwen) Mathers          Club Board                                                        Special points
                                                                                                    of interest:

                                                                                                       Recruiting New
 Special Guest Speaker Visit                                                                            Members
                                                                                                       Career Night
The Political Science Club is     former US Army soldier in        Ghraib Prison that contains
                                                                                                       Guest Speaker
hosting a special guest           the Military Police corps        many Iraqi prisoners, as
speaker, Aiden Delgato, on        (MP) who served at the Abu       well as his life after the war
March 12th in the University      Ghraib Prison in Iraq.           and military service.               Special Events
                                                                                                        and Fundraisers
Classroom Building (UCB)
                                  This   presentation  will        Remember! This is a free
Room 100 auditorium at
                                  include his experiences          event, open to the public, so
7:30 pm.
                                  while serving in the Iraq        come on by and enjoy!
Mr. Aiden Delgato is a            war, the MP corps, Abu
                                        Spring RISO Fair
                                        Yes, it’s that time of year         Club     will  again   be            Stop by our station February
                                        again when all the Registered       represented at the Spring            11th to learn about the club,
                                        Independent            Student      RISO Fair among several              meet its members and
                                        Organizations (RISOs) at the        other clubs that exist on            partake in the various foods
  “Remember!                            University come together to         campus.                              and games that will be
  Anybody, even non-                    participate in the Spring 2009                                           provided for all to enjoy.
  Political Science                     RISO Fair.                          If you are not a member of
  majors can join the                                                       our club yet, this is a great
                                        The Spring RISO Fair will be
                                                                            opportunity to join and find
  club.”                                held at the Campus Center
                                                                            out the possibilities that
                                        (CC) Plaza, February 11th
                                                                            await    you.     Remember,
                                        from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.
                                                                            anybody, even non-Political
                                        This year the Political Science     Science majors can join.

                                        Upcoming Movie Night

                                        The Political Science Club is       over the film to conclude our        So don’t be afraid to come
                                        carrying on their tradition of      movie night.                         over and join us Thursday,
    Future Events to
                                        hosting      movie     nights,                                           February 26th in University
      Remember                                                              Remember this is another
                                        starting off the semester with                                           Classroom Building (UCB)
                                                                            chance of fellowship with the
      Career Night,                     another film.                                                            Room 112 at 6:30 pm.
                                                                            other    Political    Science
      Hosted by the                     Following the movie there           members to talk story and
     Political Science                  will be a brief discussion          hang out after a busy day.

                                        About US

                                        The Political Science Club is a Registered Independent Student Organization (RISO) located
                                        right here in Hilo, Hawaii. Open to all students, faculty, staff and community (including alumni)
                                        the Political Science Club has been serving the Hilo community for many years.

Our Mailing Address Is:                 Our mission is to further the education of our members, fellow students, and the community
                                        through the organization and participation in politically oriented activities.
Political Science Club, RISO
Office of the Secretary                 Through this we will increase political awareness, engage in community service and provide a
200 W Kawili St
                                        means for students to get involved while making a difference.
Hilo, HI 96720
                                        For more information about the Political Science Club, events, membership, donation giving or
                                        general info contact the Executive Secretary, Jonathan Bauer at bauerjon@hawaii.edu .

¹ The Political Science Club is a Registered Independent Student Organization (RISO)
² Although the RISO has members who are University of Hawai’i students, faculty or staff, the RISO is independent of the University. The RISO is solely
  responsible for all its contracts, debts, acts and omissions.

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