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					                                     Minutes of PTA Meeting

                                    11th January 2010 – 7.00pm


Kristy Ryan             KR
Chris Drewry            CD
Tina Mulvany            TM
Emily Fossey            EF
Suzy Stephens           SS
Gary Barwell            GB
Karen Gillott           KG
Sally Beaumont          SB
Tina Ibell              TI
Marsha Brook            MB
Lyndsey Hall            LH
Paul Rich               PR
Lisa Golby              LG
Lisa Arnell-Spencer     L.A.S
Martha Brierley         MBR

Jane Walker, Joe Mitchell, Tina Ibell, Vilia Frammingham

Minutes of the last meeting
No minutes of the last meeting were available.

Matters Arising
Update of Accounts
Balance in the bank as correct on 16th November 2009 - £3930.11

Feedback from Xmas Fair
It was felt that the Xmas fair should be expanded around the school, the consensus of
opinion was that the choir could not be heard and seen properly due to the cramped
conditions within the hall.
KR suggested that the marquee could be used to help with the problem of space.
GB suggested that the choir sing to open the fair.
TM reported that the takings from the external stall holders were disappointing and
in some cases nothing was received – the ‘Hog roast’ suppliers told TM that they did
not break even and could therefore not donate.
It was felt by all that a deposit should be paid if stall holders wish to exhibit.
GB suggested that a flat rate could be charged to all external companies.
LH commented that receipt of monies from stall holders has always been a problem.
SB commented on the lack of time there was before the raffle draw to write on all
SS suggested selling tickets in school the week prior to the fair and then just having
the draw at the fair.
KG commented the mulled wine needs advertising more, MBR suggested having this
as the first stall.
TM commented the ingredients for the mulled wine were expensive and the money
wasn’t made back as there was only £20 taken.
MBR suggested purchasing ‘ready-made’ mulled wine and serving this, she will get         MBR
prices for next year.
GB suggested that the entrance to see Santa could be more obvious and
LG commented it was worth doing the ‘nearly-new’ stall as this was popular.
EF commented that the cups made by the children were popular. KR and LH
suggested that children could be given and option to buy their own cups back before
they go on public sale.
LG suggested that as well as the cups, the children could make pictures which could
be mounted in frames and sold.
TM suggested this may be something that could be done for Mothers Day.
Recipe Book
CD confirmed that the books are in her office.
GB and MBR commented that the book needs to be put onto the website                      MBR
KR commented that the book needs to be advertised on the Newsletter – available
for £2.50

Update on building blocks for class 1
MBR nothing to report
Consensus of opinion is that they are very expensive
EF volunteered to speak to Lesley McCluskey to see if she can find any that are          EF
Carried over to next meeting
Update on SD cards/batteries
Yvette has been looking into this.
GB confirmed 8-10 cards are needed, this means 1 per class
TM & KG are going to look for prices in office supply stores etc                          TM & KG
Paul Rich volunteered to source a price from his office suppliers                         PR
Agree figures for Class funds
KG asked what needs to be left in the ‘pot’ for the PTA and what will this be used for.
CD commented that it seemed unusual that the PTA fund the crossing patrol for
Cathy Haines, KR confirmed that the parish council are involved in the organisation of
this. CD agreed to look into this and bring to the next meeting.
KG suggested £500 for each class to have available to spend.                              CD
GB requested £200 for playground games to be used by all the children
CD suggested that she would like to train up the year 6’s to become playground
leaders and manage the game. The plan would be to get the School Council involved
to fund raise, and for this money to be used to purchase i.e. the playground games.
GB commented that new games are needed for indoor/wet play.
EF suggested that each individual class and the children within that are asked what
they would like to spend their class allowance on.
CD asked if the PTA has a Pro-forma where by staff can submit a request for money
for their class. L.A.S asked for a template of a request form to be created. CD           CD
confirmed she would look into this.
GB commented that resources need to be looked at with regards to funding.
LH commented that the past years’ focus was on funding the lighting and PA system
for the hall.
GB commented that the wildlife garden needs updating.
LH suggested that the locals within the village could assist with the above.
It was suggested that the Netball kit for the school needs funding.

The following decisions were made:
£100 would be given to each class
£200 would be given to purchase the Playground games.

Set dates for future events
TM commented that events need to planned and advertised early to take pressure off
nearer the time.
Quiz Night - Friday 19th March 2010 – 7.30pm
LG commented that Mark is available to do the questions but he will need assistance
on the night to work the computer and screen. CD & GB agreed to assist.
It was decided that we would ask participants to provide their own drinks.
Food would be available.
CD commented that PTA members who are serving or handling the food need to have
a food hygiene certificate. CD and SS already have this. SS to email the online link to   SS
CD. Once decided this is appropriate SS will email out to PTA members who can
decide whether or not to complete it. SS confirmed it is priced at around £30 per
person. There were lots of volunteers to complete this.
Tickets will be charged at £6.00 per person (to include food)
It was agreed that Jackets, Chilli, Curry, beans, cheese would be served.
LH – Curry
MBR – Curry
LG – Chilli

KR & LH commented that from experience people should be asked to pre-order their
food, and tables should be numbered to help when serving.

Barn dance – date to be confirmed
L.A.S to check availability of the barn                                                L.A.S
SS to check availability of the ceilidh once date has been confirmed                   SS

Summer Fair – 27th June 2010
GB suggested that the time of the fair is moved to the afternoon - 2pm start-5pm
GB suggested that there is a timetable of events to keep people there longer.
LH suggested the children could perform in a ‘talent show’.
CD suggested that the yr 6 children run the events.
GB to source a PA system.                                                              GB
LG asked whether we wanted to use Mr Merlin for the inflatables. A decision was not
made on this as KR reported there have been problems in the past with delayed
payments from him. GB knows of an alternative and will enquire.                        GB
GB suggested looking into purchasing games to be used at such events, LH suggested
maybe borrowing them from other schools.
CD is to find out if stocks can be used.                                               CD
Food will be a BBQ
TM suggested that children buy tokens to be used for the games as they did at the
Halloween party. This was agreed.

Other events
KR commented that something should be done for the year 6’s when they are
finishing, for them to remember Lambley by.
GB suggested year books.

School Disco
KR & LH confirmed this had been done in the past as a way of giving something back
to the children.
GB suggested this is opened up to parents, TM suggested that tickets are sold, and
there is a paying bar. This could be a fund raiser.

KR commented that there is nothing specifically for the children. A Beetle Drive and
Bingo was suggested.

Christmas Ball
SS suggested this could be introduced to the parents at Lambley and held at a
hotel/function room. Tickets would be sold for the event and a 3 course meal would
be served with entertainment.
SS confirmed this is a good fundraising event.

Date of next meeting
Thursday 25th February 2010-venue & time to be confirmed

Meeting closed at 8.30pm

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