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									                                                                                                     INSIDE "the City"
                                                                                               More November Election —
                                                                                                  Furtick Annexation                      2
                                                                                                     Bond Issue                           3
                                                                                               November is American Diabetes Month 4
                                                                                               Flu Clinics                                5
                                                                                               Library Grant Helps Childcare Providers 5
                                                                                               Library News                               5
 “to better                                                                                    Senior Center Wellness Program             5
                                                                                               Fall Leaf Collection Program               6
 inform the community                                                                          Halloween in Corvallis                     7
 about the City’s services,                                                                    Halloween Safety Tips                      7
                                                                                               Project in Progress                        7
 programs, activities and
                                                                                               City Calendar                              8
 opportunities for participation”                                    Vol. 13 • No. 10

 November Election
      n November 7, 2000, Corvallis citizens will have the opportunity to vote for their City

O     Council representative for the 2001-2002 term of office. The ballot also includes a bond
      issue related to open space and an annexation proposal. Information on City candidates was
      taken from Councilors nomination packets. Information on the ballot measures have been
reviewed bby the City Attorney to assure the content is nuetral.

 City Council Candidates
Nineteen people picked up Councilor nomination packets for the two-year term of office; twelve turned in
completed packets, including three incumbents. Nomination signatures were verified and candidates’ names were placed on the
November ballot. The following information was obtained from the Non-partisan Nomination Form filed by each candidate.

Ward 1 -                                        Jurisprudence from Golden Gate                       from the University of Hartford in
                                                University in San Francisco.                         Connecticut.
• George Grosch has served as the
  Ward 1 Councilor since 1999. He is
  employed by the Benton County
                                            Ward 3 -                                           Ward 5 -
                                            • No one filed in this ward and the                • Rob Gandara is a manufacturing
  Health Department in Information
  and Referral. He serves on the City’s       seat will be filled based upon who                 strategist with Hewlett-Packard. He
  Budget Commission, Administrative           receives a majority of write-in votes.             has a Bachelor’s from Massaschutes
  Services Committee, Housing and                                                                Institute of Technology and a
  Community Develop-ment
                                            Ward 4 -                                             Master’s from Georgia Institute of
  Commission, CIP Commission,               • Charles C. Tomlinson has been the                  Technology.
  Stormwater Planning Committee,              Ward 4 Councilor since 1999. He is
  and Willamette Criminal Justice             the business manager for Harrison                • Jerry Larson is a school bus driver
  Council. He has a Bachelor’s from           House Bed and Breakfast. He serves                 and desktop publisher. He attended
  the State University of New York.           on the City’s Budget Commission,                   OSU.
                                              Urban Services Committee, Library                • Janet L. E. Ranzoni is self-employed.
Ward 2 -                                      Board, Library 2010 Trust Fund                     She has a Bachelor's from OSU in
• William Cohnstaedt has been a               Advisory Board, and the Open Space                 Apparel and Textile Design.
  Corvallis attorney since 1979. He           Advisory Commission. He is the liai-
  served on the City Council and              son to Associated Students of Oregon
  Budget Commission in 1989 and               State University, Corvallis
  1990. He has a Bachelor’s from the          Neighborhood Housing Services, and
  University of Wisconsin, a Master’s         Economic Development Partnership.
  from Oakland University in                  He has a Bachelor’s from Alma                                          See "More Candidates"
  Michigan, and a Doctor of                   College in Michigan and a Master’s                                       Continued on page 4

October 2000                         Visit the City of Corvallis Website at www.ci.corvallis.or.us                                        1
    Furtick Annexation
       he proposed annexation is              Over 70% of the site contains wetlands      to encourage designs compatible with

T      referred to as the Furtick
       Annexation. Under the City’s
       Charter, annexation requests must
be approved by the voters for the terri-
tory to become part of the City.
                                              designated as open space. The annexa-
                                              tion request included drawings to illus-
                                              trate how the site could potentially be
                                              developed with a single row of residen-
                                              tial lots. The wetlands would remain as
                                                                                          the wetlands, preserve the significant
                                                                                          vegetation and maintain water quality.
                                                                                          The property is located in the 100-year
                                                                                          floodplain. All future development will
                                                                                          be required to meet special construction
    This 3.9 acre annexation is located       open space with buildable areas con-        requirements related to flood protection
within the Urban Growth Boundary and          fined to a narrow strip of uplands adja-    and to provide street improvements to
consists of vacant land and the               cent to Brooklane Drive. Any new            accommodate increased traffic impacts.
Brooklane Drive public right-of-way           development proposals will require              The City Council has found that
generally located on the east side of         public hearing review to assure compli-     placement of the annexation request on
Brooklane Drive, south of Chintimini          ance with the Comprehensive Plan poli-      the ballot is consistent with the policies
Avenue and north of SW Kalapuya               cies and Land Development Code.             of the Comprehensive Plan and other
Circle.                                           The most significant impacts of even-   City and State policies and standards.
    The City’s Comprehensive Plan cur-        tual development include potential              Full copies of this project’s staff
rently designates the site as a combina-      impacts upon the wetlands, floodplain,      reports, public comments, and Planning
tion of Open Space - Conservation and         increased population and increased traf-    Commission and City Council hearing
Low Density Residential (2-6 dwelling         fic. The buildable portion of the site is   minutes are available at the Corvallis
units per acre). If annexed, the site         limited to 0.69 acre of Low Density         Benton County Public Library (645 NW
would be zoned with 2.61 acres as             Residential land. The proposed Planned      Monroe Avenue) and at the Community
PD/AG-OS (Agriculture - Open Space            Development overlay zoning designa-         Development Department, Planning
with a Planned Development overlay),          tions will require Planning Commission      Division at City Hall (501 SW Madison
and 1.3 acres as PD/RS-6 (Low Density         approval of any development proposals       Avenue).
Residential with a Planned
Development overlay). Approximately
0.6 acre of the PD/RS-6 land is public
                                                                Proposed Furtick Annexation
    The proposed annexation area is con-
tiguous to the City limits on the east and
southwest. Nearby development
includes single-family homes and the
Oaklawn Memorial Cemetery. To the
east and southeast are vacant lands adja-
cent to the Marys River which includes
the St. Marys River Nature Preserve.
    The eventual need to annex and
develop this land was identified in 1980
when the City’s Comprehensive Plan
and Urban Growth Boundary were orig-
inally established. City ordinance speci-
fies that developers are responsible for
on-site and off-site costs associated with
street and utility improvements needed
for land development projects. City
water and sewer facilities are located
within Brooklane Drive. The City has
adopted the Brooklane Drive Corridor
Study, providing a design for street
improvements including bicycle and
pedestrian facilities connecting to
Brooklane Park Estates.
    The City’s Comprehensive Plan per-
mits open space uses and a range of 1 to
5 residential dwelling units for this site.

2                                                                                                                     October 2000
 Bond Issue
        he City has referred the fol-
                                                       Proposed Open Space Parcels

T       lowing question to the vot-
        ers: Shall the City issue
        $7,900,000 in General
Obligation bonds to acquire land
for natural areas, habitat protec-
tion, and recreational opportuni-
    The following is the full text of
the explanatory statement regard-                                                            4
ing the measure as prepared by
the City of Corvallis. The same                                        5
statement will appear in an insert
in the Voter's Pamphlet due to an
omission in the original Voter's
    Measure 02-94 allows City of
Corvallis to purchase five proper-
ties, totaling approximately 450
acres for open space. Purpose of
                                                                                                        1     Caldwell

acquisition to preserve, enhance                                                                        2     Frager
and protect stream areas, wet-
lands, oak savannahs, and pro-
                                                                                                        3     Herbert

vide passive recreation                                                                                 4     Owens Farm
opportunities. Properties selected
using criteria established by the
                                                                                                        5     Timberhill

citizen-based Open Space
Advisory Commission. Properties
to be kept in open space for per-                               1
                                                                                                              Proposed Open
petuity. Descriptions of parcels                                                                              Space Parcels
follow:                                                 3
                                                                                                              City Parks
Caldwell (33 acres):                                                                                          Major Streets
• Property is a stream side area
  and flood plain.                                                                                            City Limits
• Property runs adjacent to the                                                                               Urban Growth
  Marys River and wetlands that                                                                               Boundary
  contain flood plains ideal for
  wildlife habitat.
• Property provides opportuni-
  ties for passive and education-
  al recreation including
  birdwatching and plant identi-
  fication.                                 ties, and approximately one mile of        Owens Farm (113 acres):
                                            Marys River and Muddy Creek
Frager (35 acres):                          frontage.
                                                                                       • Portions of the property are flood
• The majority of the property contains                                                  plains of Jackson and Frazier Creeks.
                                          • Confluence of the Marys River and            Property contains wetlands, offering
  native oak woodlands and mixed
                                            Muddy Creek converge on property             a refuge for bird and aquatic wildlife.
  conifer forest.
                                            offering a diversity of wildlife habitat   • Approximately 18% of site is oak
• Property can support trails for pas-
                                            and plant communities.                       groves.
  sive recreation and wildlife viewing.
                                          • Views to the surrounding country-
Herbert (221 acres):                        side, the Marys River, Marys Peak,
• Property is farmland with native oak      and Dimple Hill.                                             See "More Bond Issue"
  groves, a diversity of plant communi-                                                                   Continued on page 4

October 2000                                                                                                                  3
    More Candidates • Continued from page 1

Ward 6 -                                       from Linn-Benton Community                   currently serves on the Civic
                                               College.                                     Beautification Commission,
• Tom Jensen is a substitute teacher.        • Karyle Butcher is the Director of the        Committee for Citizen Involvement,
  He has a Bachelor’s from                          OSU Valley Library. She served          Parks and Recreation Advisory
  OSU and a Master’s from                               on the City’s Planning              Board; and is the Council liaison to
  Willamette University.                                  Commission for six years          the Chamber of Commerce Board of
• Stewart Wershow is                                        as well as the School           Directors and the OSU Traffic
  a records manage-             Remember                     Board Budget                   Committee. She is also on the
  ment consultant. He
  served on the City
                                to Vote on                   Committee. She has a
                                                             Bachelor’s from the
                                                                                            Governor’s Drug and Violent Crime
                                                                                            Advisory Board. Betty has a
  Council and Budget            November                     University of                  Bachelor’s from Madison College in
  Commission in 1989                                        California, Berkeley, and       Harrisonburg, VA, and a Master’s
  and 1990, the Martin             7th!                   Masters' from OSU and             from OSU.
  Luther King, Jr.                                      University of Southern
  Commission from 1993 to                            California.                         Ward 9 -
  1999, and the Board of Property                                                        • Hal Brauner is a retired public
  Tax Appeals in 1999-2000. He has a        Ward 8 -                                       administrator from the 509J School
  Bachelor’s from the University of         • Betty Griffiths has been the Ward 8          District. He is currently a part-time
  Oregon.                                     Councilor since 1993. She is a pro-          business manager for Linn/Benton/
                                              gram manager in the Linn County              Lincoln ESD. He has a Bachelor’s
Ward 7 -                                      Department of Health Services. She           from the University of Oregon.
• John G. Booker, Jr. is a part-time area     has served on the City’s Budget
  title researcher with South Plains          Commission and Administrative
  Mortgage LLC and cashier at Burger          Services Committee since 1993. She
  King. He has Associate’s degrees

                                             More Bond Issue • Continued from page 3
    November is
                                            • Gateway views to the surrounding             tat and serves as shared corridors for
    American                                  countryside and City.                        both humans and wildlife.
                                            • Property contains 1870s farmhouse and      • Property can support trail system,
    Diabetes Month!                           barn with historical value. Farm opera-      according to Council adopted Parks
                                              tion offers cultural and educational         and Trail Master Plan.
             uring American Diabetes

                                              value, representing the community’s
             month, Good Samaritan                                                          For Caldwell, Frager, and Timberhill
                                              agricultural heritage. The wetlands
             Hospital is offering FREE                                                   properties, road improvements will be
                                              and flood plains offer educational
             glucose screenings at the                                                   extended to properties to provide exist-
                                              opportunities for study of ecosystems,
    Senior Center on Tuesday,                                                            ing access and future connections, if
                                              and passive recreation areas.
    November 14, from 7 to 10 am. A                                                      required. Additional infrastructure
                                            • Property to be purchased working with
    four-hour fast before the test is                                                    improvements for all properties will be
                                              the Greenbelt Land Trust and Good
    desired but not required.                                                            addressed in the future, as needed. Cost
                                              Samaritan Hospital with the City pur-
       Also plan to attend a Diabetes                                                    to manage properties in their natural
                                              chasing the historic buildings, farmland
    Support Group meeting for those                                                      state is estimated at $75 per acre.
                                              and portions of the oak groves.
    over the age of 55 with Diabetes and                                                    Estimated tax rate is 25¢ per $1,000 of
    their friends and family at the         Timberhill (47 acres):                       assessed value; a $37.50 tax increase for
    Senior Center on November 18 at 10      • Property is predominately prairie          a $150,000 home. Projected total cost of
    am. This group meets the third            grassland with areas of White Oak          20 year bonds, including interest, is
    Monday of every month. Call 766-          trees. Contains madrones, and prairie      $14,000,000. Measure projected to pro-
    6959 to get on the mailing list.          grasslands interspersed with oak tree      duce $700,000 annually to pay bonds.
                                              groves, known as oak savannahs.            Tax cost for this measure is an estimate
                                              Terrain offers vistas.                     only based on the best information
                                            • Property has interconnected oak            available from the County Assessor at
                                              groves that offers ideal wildlife habi-    the time of estimate.

4                                                                                                                    October 2000
Corvallis Fire Department
1999-2000 Annual Report                                                                                       fire@ci.corvallis.or.us

Serving the City of Corvallis, OSU, Corvallis Rural Fire protection District, and Linn Benton Co. Ambulance Service Areas

 Advances in Technology at the Fire Department
Portable Computers in
Emergency Vehicles
    The Corvallis Fire Department has
invested in a laptop computer system
for its fire engines and ambulances.
These new laptops provide access to
computer mapping and topography, as                                                                     A sampling of the capabilities
well as hazardous materials information                                                                 of the new laptop computer
previously unavailable to the crews                                                                     system.
responding to emergency incidents.
    The computer mapping system uti-
lizes the City’s Geographic Information       vides aerial photographs of
System (GIS) maps and a software view-        the entire city integrated
er called Gizmo. Using this system, the       with the map, which are
firefighter can enter an address and          invaluable in combating
instantly be shown a map of the               wildland, grass, and for-
address, the outline of any structures on     est/urban-interface fires.
the property, and the closest fire            Water and sewer systems
hydrants. In addition, the system pro-        are also displayed.
                                                     Additional software
                                                     is available that pro-
                                                     vides detailed topo-
                                                     graphic maps for most of Western       Toughbooks, which include 6 GB hard
                                                     Oregon; this information is critical   drives, 128 MB of RAM and touch-
                                                     for mutual aid responses during        screens for rapid data access and entry.
                                                     fire season.                           They also include expansion capabilities
                                                         The computer also contains the     that allow them to be tied into future
                                                     full National Institute for            wireless information and response net-
                                                     Occupational Safety and Health         works, thus providing more data,
                                                     (NIOSH) hazardous materials            reduced radio traffic, and, in the future,
                                                     database, allowing responding          automatic vehicle locators (AVL). These
                                                     crews to identify the chemical         laptops are designed for rugged field
                                                     properties, health hazards, and        use, with magnesium cases and gel-
                                                     protective gear appropriate for        mounted hard drives. Each laptop cost
                                                     almost every chemical used in lab-     $2,300 through a government purchas-
                                                     oratories and industry. Without        ing plan.
                                                     the computers, this data would
                                                     require a small library of books.
                                                         The laptops used on the
                                                     engines and ambulances are
 Fire Department Personnel check the new laptop      Panasonic CF-37 333 mhz
 for further information.                                                                                        Continued on page 3

October 2000                                                                                      Fire Department's Annual Report — 1
 About Your Fire                             Chief’s Message
                                                   he past year has seen many            rates are a “value added” to the worth
 Number of Stations:

 A new station will be built near
                                       5    T      changes and developments at the
                                                   Corvallis Fire Department. We
                                                   have replaced a retiring key man-
                                            agement staff member; made many tech-
                                            nological advancements in terms of
                                                                                         of an efficient and responsive Fire
                                                                                         Department. We hope to maintain our
                                                                                         currently favorable rate though keeping
                                                                                         pace with a growing community is a
 Walnut Park                                information management and medical               We have refined our working rela-
                                            treatment; sent nine personnel to classes    tionship with surrounding fire depart-
 Fire Service Area:                         at the National Fire Academy in              ments for cooperative support in the
                                            Emmitsburg, Maryland (with housing           event of a major incident, and we have
 City of Corvallis:          15 sq. miles
                                            and transportation costs paid by the         completed a five-year Master Plan.
 Rural Fire District:        30 sq. miles   National Fire Administration); and               I am proud to transmit this annual
                                            worked with the Corvallis Rural Fire         report and am pleased with the strides
 Property Value Protected:
                                            Protection District to bring a new station   that your Fire Department has made
                        $3,363,391,915      in the Lewisburg area on line. This was a    toward providing you the best possible
 Ambulance Service Area:                    particularly interesting project for us;     service for the cost. I hope you find this
                       765 sq. miles        though we have always been a combina-        report informative. For more informa-
                                            tion career/volunteer department, this       tion, you may visit our website at
 Number of Personnel:                       station is staffed almost entirely with      http://www.
                                            volunteers. Thus, a completely new regi-     ci.corvallis.or.us/fire/index.html, or con-
 Paid:                                60    men of recruitment and training was          tact us for a station tour. And, as always,
                                            needed to prepare the firefighters who       we thank you for your support.
 Volunteer:                           46
                                            are assigned there.
                                                                                         Sincerely yours,
                                                We are also preparing for our evalua-
 Number of Apparatus:
                                            tion by the Insurance Services Office
 Ambulances              4 (+ 1 reserve)    (ISO), which will have occurred by the
                                            time you read this message. This evalua-     Doug VanPelt, Fire Chief
 Quad Engine/Aerial                    1    tion occurs on a ten-year basis and          City of Corvallis & Corvallis Rural Fire
 Fire Engines            4 (+ 1 reserve)    establishes the rates paid by property       Protection District
                                            owners for fire insurance. Low insurance
 Tankers                               3

 Ladder Truck                          1

 Brush Truck                           3
                                             Meet the New Assistant Fire Chief
 Hazardous Material Van                1             ince April 15 of this year, Dan       Western Oregon University and an A.S.

 1999-2000 Budget:
 Emergency Operations:

 Transport Ambulance:

                                            S        Campbell has been second in
                                                     command at the Fire Department.
                                                     Dan was chosen from a field of
                                            28 applicants from around the nation to
                                            fill the vacancy creat-
                                                                                           degree in Fire Science from Chemeketa
                                                                                           Community College. Additionally, he
                                                                                           serves on the Board of Directors for the
                                                                                           Oregon Fire Marshal’s Association and
                                                                                                              the International
                                            ed by Claire Keith’s                                              Association of Arson
 Fire Prevention Services:      $691,720
                                            retirement. Prior to                                              Investigators.
 Management/Training/                       assuming this role, he                                                     Assistant
 Strategic Planning           $1,013,880    spent five years as the                                           Chief Campbell’s
                                            Assistant Chief/Fire                                              blend of education
 Special Projects:*            $447,530*
                                            Marshal for Polk                                                  and experience, along
                                            County Fire District                                              with his common-
 TOTAL BUDGET:                $6,065,470
                                            #1. Before serving in                                             sense approach to
                                            Polk County, Dan was                                              code enforcement and
 * Staff car replacement, brush truck
                                            a Firefighter and a                                               his pleasant
 refurbishment, purchase of computer
                                            Lieutenant here in                                                demeanor, will serve
 server, rewrite of Strategic Master Plan
                                            Corvallis.                                                        the citizens and the
 and Citywide Emergency Oprations
                                                Dan Holds a B.S.                                              city well.
 Plan, fire and EMS equipment for new
                                            degree in Fire Services            New Assistant Fire Chief
 fire station.                                                                      Dan Campbell
                                            Administration from

2 — Fire Department's Annual Report                                                                                   October 2000
 Advances in Technology at the Fire Department
Continued from page 1

                                                                       lized by any          Other Medical
                                                                       member of the
                                                                       department (there
                                                                                             Equipment, Instruments,
                                                                       are currently three   and Medications
                                                                       levels of                 NIBP monitoring provides automatic
                                                                       Emergency             monitoring of a patient’s blood pressure
                                                                       Medical               at timed intervals determined by the
                                                                       Technician: Basic,    paramedic, and allows him or her to
                                                                       Intermediate, and     obtain blood pressures in the noisy envi-
                                                                       Paramedic),           ronment of an ambulance transport.
                                                                       require little        With some of today’s advanced emer-
                                                                       maintenance, and      gency medications, constant monitoring
                                                                       have a five-year      of a patient’s blood pressure is a critical
                                                                       battery life. These   diagnostic tool.
                                                                       defrbrillators were       ETCO2 monitoring is used to deter-
                                                                       obtained at no        mine a patient’s exhaled levels of carbon
                                                                       cost to the           dioxide, which is critical in determining
                                                                       Department. In        the effectiveness of advanced airway
                An ambulance crew cares for a patient                  addition to the       procedures and offers an extremely sen-
                                                                       advanced cardiac      sitive measurement tool for evaluating a
Software                                       monitors on each ambulance, every fire        critically-ill patient's circulatory and res-
                                               engine has defibrillation capability with     piratory systems.
    The Department has also taken
                                               these new devices. The ambulance’s                In July, the Corvallis Fire Department
advantage of the capabilities of the
                                               advanced cardiac monitors (LifePak 12)        completed its annual paramedic proto-
Microsoft Powerpoint program in sever-
                                               have been upgraded to include non-inva-       col update. These updates included the
al ways. Staff have produced various
                                               sive blood pressure (NIBP) monitoring         new medication Amiodarone, used in
firefighting and emergency medical
                                               and end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2)          cardiac arrest patients to assist in defib-
training videos in house in the form of
                                               monitoring. This adds to their other fea-     rillation, and the addition of the medica-
self-running PowerPoint programs that
                                               tures such as 12-lead monitoring, manual      tion Alcaine for eye injuries.
incorporate video and advanced graph-
                                               and automatic defibrillation, synchro-            Your Fire Department will continue
ics. Any firefighter can access the com-
                                               nized cardioversion, pulse oximetry, and      to seek innovation and and incorporate
puter network and carry out refresher
                                               external transcutaneous pacemakers.           advancements in technology in order to
training on some of the advanced skills
                                                                                             serve you better.
they are required to perform. Instead of
just reviewing text or still pictures, fire-
fighter/paramedics can view the skill
being performed on a video that they                                           "Their professionalism, knowledge,
can call up anytime. Examples of some
of the programs available to them
                                                                                 and courtesy were a credit to
include needle thoracostomy, endotra-                                             the fire service. The City of
cheal intubation, aircraft firefighting,
and advanced rope rescue skills. While
                                                                                 Corvallis is fortunate to have
these programs do not replace necessary                                          these dedicated individuals."
hands-on training, they are a valuable
supplement to the constant training nec-
essary to maintain skill proficiency.             "I really appreciated your patience,
Defibrillators                                         kindness, and compassion!
    In June, the Fire Department traded in               You are all great, and I
three older model cardiac monitors for                   will never forget what
six lightweight, automatic external defib-
rillators. These defibrillators can be uti-
                                                            you did for me."

October 2000                                                                                       Fire Department's Annual Report — 3
 1999-2000 in Brief                            Learn to Save a Life . . . At Home!
                                                      o you want to learn
    Emergency Operations
  Shift Commanders Randy Brodehl,
  Andrew Louden, Jack McCann

  Fire Operations
                                              D       CPR but don’t have
                                                      time to attend a CPR
                                                      course? Have you
                                              taken the course and want to
                                              practice the skills you learned?
                                              The Corvallis Fire Department
                                              and the Corvallis-Benton
  Fire Responses:                    169      County Public Library have
  Non-Fire Responses:              1,288      teamed up to bring the CPR
  Avg Response Time:         5.9 minutes      Home Learning System to
  RURAL FIRE DISTRICT:                        Corvallis and Benton County.
                                              This learning system can be
  Fire Responses:                     43
  Non-Fire Responses:                384      checked out from the library
  Avg Response Time:         8.0 minutes      and taken home with you!
                                                                                            vide these life-saving skills in the event
                                              Use your library card to check out the
  TOTAL RESPONSES:                    1,884                                                 of an emergency. Recent studies con-
                                              CPR Home Learning System just like you
                                                                                            ducted at the Children’s Hospital in
  Fire                       212       11%    would any other library material (call
                                                                                            Boston and the Harvard Graduate School
  Overpressure/Rupture       21         1%    766-6926 for information about library
                                                                                            of Education compared CPR skills,
  Rescue                     584      32%     hours and locations). The system lets
  Hazardous Condition        148        8%                                                  immediately after training, in people
                                              your whole family learn CPR and chok-
  Public Service             152        8%                                                  exposed to a video self-instruction pro-
                                              ing first-aid skills in your own home, at
  Mistaken Alarm             292      15%                                                   gram or a traditional CPR program.
                                              your own pace, and at your convenience.
  False Call                 441      23%                                                   Interestingly, they found that traditional
                                              By combining realistic practice man-
  Mutual Aid Calls           23       1.4%                                                  CPR instruction was less effective
                                              nequins (adult and infant) with interac-
  Other                      11       0.6%                                                  than a video self-instruction program
                                              tive video instruction, you can learn CPR
                                                                                            (Annals of Emergency Medicine, January
                                              in accordance with American Heart
  Emergency Medical                           Association guidelines.
                                                                                               This video course provides easy, step-
  Services Division                              Completion of this video course will
                                                                                            by-step instructions, and you can take as
  Michael Kinkade, Captain/EMS Officer        not get you the traditional American
                                                                                            much or as little time as you need to
                                              Heart Association or American Red Cross
  Calls for aid:                      2,483                                                 practice and master these life-saving
                                              CPR course completion card, but it will
  Patient Contacts:                   2,365                                                 skills. Check it out!
                                              give you the necessary training to pro-

  Training Division
  Richard Ragsdale,
  Captain/Training Officer
  1999-2000 Training Summary Hours
  EMS                               3,264
  Prevention                          904
  Hazardous materials               1,798
  Fire & Rescue                    13,801
  Management                        2,862
  TOTAL DEPARTMENT                 22,629

  Fire Prevention Division
  Dan Campbell,
  Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal
  Prevention Services       City Rural
  Fire Safety Inspections  1458     17
  Fire Hazards Found       4,216    45
  Prevention Presentations   174     4
  People Attending         8,447 1,635
                                                  Children learn how to report emergencies to 9-1-1 at a Fire Department open house.

4 — Fire Department's Annual Report                                                                                       October 2000
 Major Accomplishments
• Developed fire “preplans” for “target          this report).                               • Recruited and trained Volunteer
  hazard” buildings in the response dis-      • Equipped all first-line fire apparatus         Interns to staff the Locke-Lewisburg
  trict, including buildings owned by           with defibrillator units (please see arti-     Station (the new station in the Rural
  Corvallis School District 509J and            cle in this report).                           Fire Protection District).
  Oregon State University. Preplans are                                                      • Entered into an agreement to provide
                                              • Finished a complete update of the
  overviews of major buildings and are                                                         fire suppression and basic hazardous
                                                Department’s Strategic Master Plan.
  very helpful for fire crews combating                                                        materials training to Evanite Fiber
  fires or addressing fire-related issues     • Finished a complete update of the city-
  within a structure. Typically in graph-       wide Emergency Operations Plan.
                                                                                             • Received a Life Safety Achievement
  ic form with explanatory text, preplans     • Equipped all existing fire stations with
                                                                                               Award for the fourth consecutive year
  provide basic information about a             emergency generators.
                                                                                               from "Operation Life Safety," a pro-
  building such as the number of stories,     • Implemented self-contained breathing           gram sponsored by the International
  type of construction, required fire           apparatus (SCBA) “fit testing” proce-          Association of Fire Chiefs to recognize
  flow, locations of electrical connections     dure.                                          communities that experienced a zero
  and panels, location of the fire depart-
                                              • Purchase and placed in service new             fire fatalities during the calendar year.
  ment connection (to fire sprinkler sys-
                                                hydraulic rescue equipment.                    This is the eleventh year Corvallis had
  tems), and the locations of standpipes.
                                              • Placed order for a new ambulance.              had no fire fatalities, but the City has
• Equipped all first-line emergency                                                            only participated in Operation Life
  apparatus with laptop computers and         • Finalized three-year contract with fire-
                                                                                               Safety in the past four years.
  mapping software (please see article in       fighters’ union.

                                                     General Stats
           Fire per 1,000                         Average Dollar Loss                           Average Dollar Loss
             Population                       5000
                                                       per Fire                              35     per Capita

   7                                                                                         30




                                              3000                                           20








   0                                             0                                            0
        National City    Rural   West                  National     City     Rural                 National City      Rural    West

 Farwell to Claire Keith
       his last year, Assistant Chief/Fire    She became recognized throughout the           attention to

T      Marshal Claire Keith retired from
       the Corvallis Fire Department.
       Claire’s talent and hard work as
the steward of Fire Prevention and cus-
tomer service for the Fire Department
                                              state as an authority on the Fire Code
                                              and, in 1994, was appointed by
                                              Governor Barbara Roberts to the
                                              Building Codes Structural Advisory
                                              Board, a position she held for over five
                                                                                             the needs of
                                                                                             people who
                                                                                             have suf-
                                                                                             fered the
                                                                                             effects of
was recognized throughout the commu-          years. She served on many other task           fire in their
nity.                                         forces, boards, and committees, and            homes. We
                                                                                                               Retiring Assistant Chief/
   Claire began her fire service career as    dealt with many difficult issues with          have literal-
                                                                                                               Fire Marshal Claire Keith
a dispatcher and later attained the posi-     skill and aplomb. There is no doubt that       ly scores of
tion of Fire Inspector. She set about a       Corvallis was made safer as a result of        letters of appreciation regarding her
path of education and certification           her efforts. Perhaps one of her most           work.
which continued throughout her career.        remarkable attributes was her sensitive            We wish her the very best.

October 2000                                                                                       Fire Department's Annual Report — 5
 Fire Safety in Fraternities and Sororities
        uring this past school year, dead-     to reside in a communal living environ-            Every year the Department’s Fire

D       ly fires occurred at a college dor-
        mitory at Seton Hall College in
        New Jersey, killing three and
injuring 62. In March, three lost their
lives at the Tau Kappa Epsilon fire at
                                               ment, some unique challenges arise.
                                               When they reside in a building that is 60
                                               or more years old, fire safety risks can
                                               be great.
                                                   Unfortunately, fire is not a stranger to
                                                                                              Prevention Bureau conducts a fire safety
                                                                                              seminar for the leaders of each house
                                                                                              and the resident advisors. During this
                                                                                              seminar, leaders receive instruction
                                                                                              about ways to prevent fires, conduct
Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania.         Greek housing at OSU. Almost every             effective fire drills, prepare for the annu-
And at the Kappa Sigma fraternity in           year, at least one house experiences a         al fire safety inspection, as well as the
Decatur, Illinois, one student lost his life   fire of significant magnitude to summon        conditions that they could expect in the
during an early morning blaze in June.         the Fire Department. Fortunately, injury       event of a serious fire.
None of these facilities was equipped          and death have thus far been averted —             Another objective of the training is to
with automatic fire sprinklers. New            but not without a few close calls.             encourage the leaders to motivate their
Jersey has recently passed legislation                                                          housemates to adopt fire-safe behav-
requiring all college dorms to be sprin-                                                        iors. The Fire Department also pro-
kled within four years. The State of                                                            vides each house manager with a
New Jersey will provide low-interest                                                            house fire safety manual to assist in
loans to assist colleges with the new law.                                                      carrying out fire safety duties.
Comparable ordinances have been                                                                   The key element of the overall fire-
passed in other jurisdictions throughout                                                        prevention program is the annual fire
the country, often driven by fire fatali-                                                       safety inspection. This inspection is
ties. Similar discussions have been                                                             typically performed between late
occurring in Oregon on state and local                                                          October and mid-December. A Fire
                                                                                                Prevention Officer and at least one
                                                                                                representative from the house, typical-
                                                                                                ly the house manager, perform a
                                                             In September, 1993, the          through and complete inspection of the
                                                             department responded to a        entire building. The inspection is docu-
                                                             fire at the Delta Upsilon        mented and discussed, and a follow-up
                                                             house. The fire caused           date is set. The Department will contin-
                                                             extensive damage to the          ue to return to each house until all of the
                                                             third floor, costing $228,000    deficiencies have been corrected. The
                                                             to repair. Thankfully, all of    fire protection features of each house
                                                             the residents escaped            vary. Less than half of the currently
                                                             unharmed.                        occupied houses are fully sprinkled, and
                                                                    In August, 1998, a fire   only a few have a complete fire/smoke
                                                             broke out at the Chi Phi fra-    detection and notification system. Most
                                                             ternity in a ground-floor        houses are equipped with a manual fire
levels, including Corvallis.                   study room that was being used as a            alarm system, and smoke detectors are
   With OSU’s enrollment increasing            sleeping area during the summer.               typically found only in the sleeping
each year, it is anticipated that a pro-       Damage was limited to the area of ori-         porches. With one or two exceptions,
portionate number of those new stu-            gin. Fortunately, the resident of that         each house’s fire alarm system is inter-
dents will live in fraternities and            room was asleep in an upstairs lounge          connected to a central alarm company.
sororities.                                    at the time of the fire.
   Fraternities and Sororities provide             It is with these events in mind the
affordable housing and a unique sense          Corvallis Fire Department continues its
of comradery among residents. While            concerted effort to assist the Greek
this form of student housing provides          community with fire prevention.
many positive opportunities for local              One of the Fire Department’s goals
students, it also presents a number of         is to train and equip each house lead-
safety challenges to the student resi-         ership team with the tools and training
dents, the university, the house alumni        to ensure that their housemates know
boards, and the Fire Department.               how to prevent a fire in their respec-
   When as many as 40 to 50 students           tive houses and how to survive a fire
from all over the country come together        should one occur.

6 — Fire Department's Annual Report                                                                                        October 2000
                                                                                                      "I want you
   Fire Department personnel                                                                       to know that those
believe that an essential compo-
nent in the survival of residents
                                                                                                  young men were the
in a fraternity or sorority includes                                                              most courteous and
the installation of life-saving                                                                   caring persons, and
equipment such as automatic fire
sprinklers and complete fire                                                                    they defused a stressful
detection systems. The Fire                                                                      situation with humor.
Department’s goal is to have
every house equipped with these
                                                                                                 I cannot tell you how
systems.                                                                                       impressed I am with them
                                                                                                and how fortunate I feel
smoke detection
and fire sprinkler-                                                   all houses to con-
                                                                                                   Corvallis is to have
systems function                                                      sider this proactive             them at our
24 hours a day,                                                       and responsible
even when stu-                                                        approach.
dents are asleep or                                                          Recently,
gone during the                                                       efforts by the
holidays or over                                                      University’s Office
the summer.                                                           of Greek Life, the
   Efforts are
underway to
                                                                      Presidents Office,              "Your blend of
                                                                      and the Corvallis
orchestrate a cooperative endeavor             Fire Department have been undertaken              professional teamwork
between insurance companies, financial         to enhance fire safety in Greek housing,           and handling of the
institutions, sprinkler and fire alarm         including increased involvement of the
contractors, and others to assist local        house alumni and corporation boards.
                                                                                               important 'life details,' in
fraternities and sororities to arrange         One important issue under discussion            harmony with a personal,
sprinkler and fire alarm installations in      by this group is how to prevent fire and
a cost-effective manner. In the last few
                                                                                                compassionate approach
                                               life safety issues that were previously
years, at least three Greek houses at          corrected by the fraternity or sorority             is something we'll
OSU have managed to add fire sprin-
klers and/or fire alarm systems as part
                                               from emerging again. This seems to be a               value the rest of
                                               concern not only at OSU but at other
of an overall remodeling project. The          campus communities throughout the                        our lives."
Corvallis Fire Department encourages           country.

                            Major Incidents During FY 99-2000
 City (there were no major incidents in the district)
 2500 Block NW Grant                        Residential                 $25,000              Children playing with heat source
 900 Block NW Hobart                        Residential                 $25,000              Heat source too close to combustibles
 1500 Block SE Goodnight                    Public Restrooms            $26,000              Children playing with matches
 3100 Block NW Greenbriar                   Residential                 $26,500              Misuse of heat
 4100 Block SW Research Way                 Commercial                  $45,000              Electrical failure
 2100 Block NW 25th                         Residential                 $45,120              Electrical short circuit
 2500 Block SW Coho                         Residential                 $50,000              Appliance failure
 3600 Block SW Country Club                 Residential                 $105,000             Combustibles too close to heat source
 2800 Block NW Royal Oaks                   Residential                 $185,000             Inadequate control of open fire

October 2000                                                                                        Fire Department's Annual Report — 7
Fire Department Personnel
   use training pratices like
    this to hone their skills.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Be sure to
                                                                                                                                                                                      test your
                                                                                                                                                                                  smoke detectors
                                                                                                                                                                                    each month!

                  Fire Responses                                                         Non-Fire Responses                                                                    Ambulance Calls for Aid
                                City                         Rural                                                   City                                  Rural
    200                                                                                1500                                                                                    3000









    100                                                                                                                                                                        1500





      0                                                                                      0                                                                                    0
              1996-97           1997-98            1998-99 1999-2000                              1996-97             1997-98            1998-99             1999-2000                1996-97    1997-98    1998-99    1999-2000

    Fire Safety Inspections                                                          Fire Prevention Presentation                                                                      Patient Contacts
                             # Inspections                                                                          # Presentations
    8000                                                                             20000                                                                                     3000
                             # Hazards Found                                                                        # Attendees




    6000                                                                             15000


    4000                                                                             10000                                                                                     1500




    2000                                                                              5000



          0                                                                              0                                                                                        0
               1996-97            1997-98          1998-99          1999-2000                    1996-97             1997-98            1998-99             1999-2000                 1996-97    1997-98    1998-99     1999-2000

8 — Fire Department's Annual Report                                                                                                                                                                                    October 2000
 Library Grant                                                                             Library News
 Helps Childcare Providers                                                                          ongratulations to Jenna Moser!

      ach year public libraries in Oregon
      are awarded Ready to Read
      Grants. This money is appropriat-
      ed by the state legislature and is
                                             able for youth six months to eight years
                                             of age. Books, videos, cassette tapes,
                                             compact discs (CDs), magazines, and
                                             craft projects are included in the kits.
                                                                                           C        She was the Young Adult
                                                                                                    Summer Reading grand prize
                                                                                                    winner. Jenna won a comput-
                                                                                           er, printer and a year of free Internet
                                                                                           access. Young adults who submitted
disbursed to libraries by the Oregon         There is also information on child devel-
                                                                                           reviews of the
State Library. The amount each library       opment for the home childcare provider.
                                                                                           books they read
receives is calcu-                                                  Library staff deliv-
                                                                                           during the sum-
lated on a per                                                       er the kits and       mer were eligible
capita/square                                                        provide help on       for the prize.
mileage formula.                                                     how to use the        • During the
    Last fall, as                                                    material with the         month of
part of the Ready                                                    children. The pro-        August, there
to Read Grant                                                         gram has proved          were 117,795
for 1999-2000,                                                        wildly successful.       items checked
the Corvallis-                                                             As part of          out from the
Benton County Public                                          the Ready to Read Grant          main Library.
Library put together                                          for 2000-2001, the               That's 9% more than August last
C.A.R.E. Kits (Children Are Reading          Library is expanding this service to              year. What a busy summer!
Everywhere) for home childcare               home childcare providers in Corvallis.        • The new bookmobile is scheduled
providers in the Alsea Community             Dana Campbell, Youth Services                     to be on the road sometime this
Library service area. The request for        Librarian, will be heading up the                 fall. Go to the Library’s Web site,
this service came to the Library from        C.A.R.E. Kits program. With the help of           http://www.ci.corvallis.or.us/libra
home childcare providers who found it        Library staff, she will be developing             ry/extension/newbkm.html, to see
difficult to get to the Alsea Library and    additional kits, delivering them, and             pictures of the vehicle as it is being
care for children at the same time.          working with childcare providers. If              readied for service to library
                                                                                               patrons throughout Corvallis and
Youth and Extension Services staff iden-     you have questions about C.A.R.E. Kits,
                                                                                               Benton County.
tified materials and developed 25 the-       please call Dana Campbell at 766-6784
matic kits to circulate among childcare      or Curtis Kiefer, Youth Services
providers. Kits contain materials suit-      Manager, at 766-6962.
                                                                                           Flu Clinics
 Senior Center Wellness Program                                                                        Location:
    oin us for one or all of the following     this fun-filled hour and learn about         Senior Center • 2601 NW Tyler Ave.

J   programs at the Senior Center, 2601
    NW Tyler. Call 766-6959 to preregis-
    ter for these free programs or for
more information.
• November 1, 2-3:30 pm
                                               the 100 great things about getting
                                               older. Sponsored by Secure Horizons
                                               Health Improvement Plan.
                                             • November 20, 1:30-3 pm
                                               Escalating Health Care Costs...What
                                                                                                  Nov. 7, Nov. 15 & Dec. 7

                                                                                                            2-5 pm
  Eating Your Way to Good Health -             Can We Do About It? - The medical
  Learn how you can develop an eat-            community and consumer advocates                            Cost:
  ing plan that meets changing                         share information about the         $10 Flu, $12 Tetanus, $20 Pneumonia
  nutritional needs as you                              cause of escalating health          Call Benton County Health Depart.
  age. Speaker - Jeanette                                  care costs and their ideas        at 766-6835 for more information.
  Todd, Registered                                          on solutions. Following
  Dietician and Certified                                    the speakers, there will be
  Diabetes Educator.
  Sponsored by Good
                                                             time for your questions
                                                               and comments.
                                                                                           CD Move
  Samaritan Hospital.                                           Refreshments will be        The Planning Divison is moving to
• November 14, 2 pm                                             served. Sponsored by        a modular building at City Hall
  100 Great Things About                                       Mid-Valley Health Care       parking lot beginning Oct 23. Call
  Getting Older - Come to                             Advocates.                            766-6908 for more information.

October 2000                                                                                                                        5
    Fall Leaf Collection Program
       he Fall Leaf Collection Program        containers for these items at all times.        To report service problems or for

T      will begin Monday, November 6,
       2000, and is scheduled to end on
       Friday, January 5, 2001.
   During the leaf collection program,
Corvallis Disposal will pick up leaf piles
                                                 Here are some suggestions to assure
                                              success of this year’s program:
                                              • Rake leaves into the street the
                                                 evening before pick-up.
                                                                                          additional information regarding street
                                                                                          sweeping, call Public Works at 766-6916
                                                                                          or visit our web site at www.ci.corval-
                                                                                          To report service problems or for addi-
                                              • Avoid raking leaves into curbside
that are placed in the street at least 14       bike lanes. Use your yard debris cart.    tional information regarding leaf pick-
inches away from the curb. This space                                                     up, call Corvallis Disposal at 754-0444.
                                              • Make sure leaves do not block catch
allows rain water to runoff along the
                                                basins or storm drains.
curb line nd not get trapped behind leaf
piles. For most of the City, leaf collec-     • Avoid parking vehicles near leaf piles,
tion will occur on the same day as              as the equipment will not be able to
garbage pick-up.                                collect leaves blocked by vehicles.
   This year there will be a
change for some residents in
that leaf collection will occur on           Monday
a day other than garbage collec-
tion day. Corvallis Disposal
will be notifying these cus-                 Wednesday
tomers directly. To find out                 Thursday
which day leaves are collected
and your street is swept, locate             Friday
your area on the map. Leaf                   Monday
pick-up will occur on the day
indicated. Street sweeping will              OSU (not part
                                             of this program)
start that afternoon and finish
the next day if necessary.
   Residents living on streets
with curbside bike lanes are
encouraged to use yard debris
containers for leaf disposal.
This will help to minimize leaf
piles in the bike lanes, which
are hazardous to bicyclists.
Yard debris containers are
available from Corvallis
Disposal and are picked up
every other week on the same
day as your garbage collection.
   Please keep all yard debris
carts, garbage cans and recy-
cling bins out of the street at
all times. These containers can
be a hazard to bicycles and
vehicles, block drainage and
prevent street sweepers from
cleaning the street.
   The Fall Leaf Collection
Program is the only time leaves
may be deposited in the street.
At no time may grass, limbs, or
other debris be deposited in the
street. Please use yard debris

6                                                                                                                    October 2000
 Projects in Progress
      kate Park- Progress has con-                                                                             and celebrate the dream

S      tinued throughout the summer                                                                            of Martin Luther King,
       on the new outdoor skate park                                                                           Jr. The MLK event will
       located under the bypass                                                                                include an art and essay
bridges on the south end of down-                                                                              contest in the schools, a
town. The park is over 13,000 square                                                                           Citizen’s MLK Award,
feet in size with a variety of chal-                                                                           an evening event with
lenging courses geared to “street                                                                              thought-provoking pre-
style” skating fun for beginning and                                                                           sentations, a reception,
intermediate levels. Watch for a                                                                               and more! For more
complete story about the park in the                                                                           information, call
near future.                                                                                                   Adrienne Graham, 766-
                                                                                                               6772 or send an e-mail
CAD- Would you like to join a com-
                                                                                                               to adrienne.graham
munity effort to recognize, appreci-
ate and celebrate the cultural
diversity inherent in the populations                                                                          Crystal Lake
of the Corvallis area and Benton                                                                               Irrigation Project- A
County? The Community Alliance                       The new skate park is nearing completion                grand fusion of cooper-
for Diversity (CAD) has recently                                                                             ation from the weather
reorganized, and membership is now           would like more information, call James       and excellent progress by the contractor
open to include individuals, businesses      Morales at 766-6832 or Adrienne               have given the Parks and Recreation
and organizations who support the mis-       Graham at 766-6772.                           Department a good chance to have turf
sion of the organization. A coordinator                                                    growing at the Crystal Lake sports com-
                                             Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
will be hired this fall to work with the                                                   plex. The automated turf irrigation sys-
                                             2001- Mark your calendars for January
membership to provide activities and                                                       tem was installed, covering
                                             8, 2001! The MLK Commission is cur-
resources to the community. If you                                                         approximately 41 acres, and all the main
                                             rently planning activities to remember
                                                                                           and lateral lines and wire are in place.
                                                                                           Having the entire enterprise in the flood
                                                                                           plain has required all aspects except the
 Halloween In Corvallis                                                                    lines to be mobile. Regular mowing is
                                                                                           targeted to begin in the spring. Please
      he All City Halloween party will       ties. The party is sponsored by the

                                                                                           call Parks and Recreation at 766-6918 for
      be held from 4-6 pm on October         Corvallis Parks and Recreation
                                                                                           more information.
      31 in the Library parking garage!      Department and the Corvallis-Benton
      The party is FREE and is open to       County Library. Downtown trick or             Riverfront Park- Corvallis
children ages 2-10 and their parents.        treating will be on Tuesday, October 31st     Commemorative Riverfront Park is on its
Volunteers from all over the community       in downtown Corvallis at specially            way to becoming a reality! Advertise-
come together to present this safe, fun      marked businesses. Put on                     ments for contract bids went out
and festive Halloween celebration.           your costume and                              at the end of September, and bidding will
Geared for younger children, this party      join us for a great                           close on October 31. The City plans to
features simple games of skill and activi-   Halloween.                                    select a contractor for the park by mid-
                                                                                           November. If the project continues as
                                                                                           scheduled, you can look forward to enjoy-
 Halloween Safety Tips                                                                     ing the new Riverfront Park by fall 2002!

• Trick or Treat before dark.                  is light in
• Obey all traffic signs and signals.          color.
• Choose a costume that makes it easy
  to see and to be seen.
                                             • Use
• Use makeup instead of a face mask            tape on the                                            he OSU football game times
  to maximize the ability to see. If you
  must wear a mask, remove it when
  crossing the street.
• If you go out at night, carry a flash-
  light and be certain that the costume
                                               costume to
                                               be easily seen by
                                               people driving cars.
                                             • Wait until you get home to sort,
                                               check and eat your treats.
                                                                                                T     published in last month’s edi-
                                                                                                      tion of “the City” were in error.
                                                                                                      We apologize for any confu-
                                                                                                sion this may have caused!

October 2000                                                                                                                              7
                                                       The City                                                              PRSRT STD
      Resource Directory                               P.O. Box 1083                                                       U.S. POSTAGE
                                                       Corvallis, OR 97339-1083                                                 PAID
             www.ci.corvallis.or.us                                                                                      CORVALLIS, OR 97330
                                                                                                                            Permit No. 23
              2000 City Council
    Helen Berg, Mayor                 766-6985                                                                   *****ECRWSS**Car-rt-Sort
    Ward 1, George Grosch             766-6491
    Ward 2, Patrick Peters            766-6492
    Ward 3, Tony Howell               766-6493
                                                                                          POSTAL CUSTOMER
    Ward 4, Charles Tomlinson         766-6494
    Ward 5, Mike Beilstein            766-6495
    Ward 6, Walt Schmidt
    Ward 7, Tom Wogaman
                                                                                     City Calendar
    Ward 8, Betty Griffiths           766-6498
    Ward 9, Ed Barlow-Pieterick       766-6499          Oct. 31           4th Annual Boo Ball, 1:30 pm, ages 55+, Senior Center.**
                 City Manager                           Oct. 31           All City Halloween Party, 4-6 pm, Library Parking Garage.
    Jon Nelson                        766-6901          Nov. 1            Ward 3 (Tony Howell) Meeting, 7 pm, Lincoln School Library,
                                                                          110 SE Alexander.
                                                        Nov. 1,8,15,22,29 Infant Storytime, 3-18 mos, 10 am, Library.
    General Information               766-6900
    Airport Information               766-6916
                                                        Nov. 2            Ward 4 (Charlie Tomlinson) Meeting, 7:30 pm, Harding School
    Ambulance Billing                 766-6996                            Library, 510 NW 31st.
    Animal Control                    766-6924          Nov. 2-30         Kinderkinetics, Thursdays, $27, Avery House.*
    Assessment & Liens                766-6954          Nov. 2,9,16,30    Toddler Storytime, 18-36 mos, 10 am, Library.
    Building/Zoning                   766-6929
                                                        Nov. 3,17         Preschool Storytime, 3-5 yrs, 10 am, Library.
    Burning Advisory                  766-6971
    Cable Television Inquiries        924-8454          Nov. 4,11         Go Climb the Wall, adult & ages 5+, 10 am-noon, $22 per person, OSU
    Chemical Applications             766-6742                            Indoor Climbing Center.*
    City Council Cablecast            766-6702          Nov. 6,13,20,27 Bedtime Storytime, 7 pm, Library.
    City Recorder                     766-6963          Nov. 6-Dec. 11    Basketball Dance, 2:45-4 pm, ages 10+, $18, Garfield School.*
    Community Development             766-6981
                                                        Nov. 6-Dec. 11    Noon Time Stretching for Fun, 12:15-1 pm, $36, Majestic Theater.*
    Dog Licenses                      766-6831
    Engineering                       766-6941          Nov. 6,20         City Council Meetings, noon and 7 pm, Fire Station, 400 NW
    FAX City Hall                     766-6936                            Harrison.
    Finance                           766-6990          Nov. 7            Election Day!
    Fire/Ambulance                    766-6961          Nov. 7            Brown Bag lecture, Osteoporosis Prevention, Detection & Treatment,
    Housing                           766-6944
                                                                          speaker Christine Snow, PhD, 12:10-1 pm, Library.
    24-Hour City Hall                 757-City
    24-Hour Jobline                   766-6955          Nov. 7,14         Tie Dye Magic, 7-8:30 pm, adults & ages 8+, $28, Highland View
    Library                           766-6926                            Middle School.*
    Municipal Court                   766-6948          Nov. 9            Special No School Day programs for school age children, 1:30 pm,
    Neighborhood Liasion              766-6772                            Animals in Music; 3:30 pm, Animals in Stories. Library.
    Parks & Recreation                766-6918
                                                        Nov. 9            Sylvia’s Dinner Theater Senior Center Trip, 4 pm-12 am, $52 (dinner
    Planning                          766-6908
                                                                          included), 55+.**
    Police                            766-6924
    Public Works                      766-6916          Nov. 10 & 11      City Offices and Library Closed. Veteran’s Day.
    Senior Center                     766-6959          Nov. 11           Beans and Grains, 10 am-2 pm, $25, Avery House.*
    Transit Information               766-6998          Nov. 14           Brown Bag lecture, Chiropractic & Other Integrated Medical Techniques
    Transportation/Streets            766-6916                            for Healthy Bodies, speaker Usha Honeyman, DC, 12:10-1 pm, Library.
    TTY City Hall                     766-6477
    Utility Billing                   766-6949          Nov. 14           Diabetes Screening, 7-10 am, Senior Center.
    Utilities Emergencies             766-6913          Nov. 18           Create Chocolate Coffee Truffles, 1-4 pm, $40, Avery House.*
    Water Utilities                   766-6916          Nov. 19           Ward 5 (Mike Beilstein) Meeting, 2 pm, Senior Center, 2601 NW Tyler.
    Weed Abatement                    766-6973          Nov. 20           Blood Pressure Clinic, 9 am-Noon, 55+, Free.**
                                                        Nov. 21           Brown Bag lecture, Stress Management: Deep Relaxation, speaker Tina
           Emergency 9-1-1                                                Stalberg Taylor, RN, MS, 12:10-1 pm, Library.
                                                        Nov. 23,24        City Offices and Library Closed. Thanksgiving Holiday.
"the City"                                              Nov. 24           Singing Christmas Tree Senior Center Trip, 11:15 am-9 pm, $34, 55+.**
                                                        Nov. 28           Brown Bag lecture, Maternal Health: from Prepregnancy through
"the City" is published monthly by the City of
                                                                          Postpartum Health, speaker Chris Hafner-Eaton, PhD, 12:10-1 pm,
Corvallis and distributed to all Corvallis
residents. Copies are available at all City                               Library.
buildings. Questions and input regarding "the                                  * Preregister at Parks and Recreation, 766-6918
City" should be directed to the City Manager’s                                   ** Preregister at the Senior Center, 766-6959
Office, PO Box 1083, Corvallis, OR 97339-1083.

8                                                Visit the City of Corvallis Website at www.ci.corvallis.or.us                   October 2000

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