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									B        S         U                  W   O        M        E        N       ’       S                C        L        U            B

                                              Spring Newsletter
Spring 2008	                                                                                                       Volume 23, No 3

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Spring Fling April 7: Hats Off to Spring!
Come honor our retirees at the annual                                                    prize! We’ll enjoy some High Tea-
Spring Fling!                                                                            inspired delicacies, and pay homage to
                                                                                         our illustrious retirees.
The daffodils are beginning to bloom,
the weather is warming up, the days                                                      The Fling this year will be held at the
are getting longer--it must be time for                                                  Alumni Center on Tuesday, April 7, at
our final event of the year, the Spring                                                   7:00 pm. RSVP by March 31 to
Fling! This year our Spring Fling will                                                   Amanda Kavars (tel. 759-4717, email
have a special theme: Hats Off to                                              
Spring! Wear your favorite, funniest,
or most interesting hat to the event,
and you might win a fabulous door

                                                                                              Know any non-traditional students?
The scholarship committee is accepting scholarship applications! If you know any non-traditional students who could benefit
from our program, be sure to direct them to our website ( and the scholarship application. The
deadline is fast approaching (April 24), so spread the good word! In this time of increased need, programs like ours are even
more critical, and we are fortunate to be in a position to support the education of these special students.
                                           B   S   U       W    O    M    E   N      ’   S      C   L   U   B

 FROM      THE     PRESIDENT                           Speaking of e-mails, have you                Courtesy Committee
 Today brings the first day of spring,
                                                       changed your address? If so, let Joan
                                                       McKee and Debbie Lyon know. With
                                                                                                    Caring Corner
 and the daffodils and other bulbs are
                                                       every email we send out about 20+            Let the courtesy committee know about events
 poking out. However, the
                                                       bounce back for some reason.                 in your life--births, marriages, illnesses,
 thermometer says otherwise.
                                                                                                    death--happy or sad we can share each other’s
 Perhaps these first signs signal better
                                                       Are you interested in helping next           joy and pain. Contact Alice Prettyman (tel.
 things to come?
                                                       year’s Program Committee plan our            284-3141, or Sissy Coffin
                                                       three receptions? Do you have a              (tel. 759-7274, ) You
 Our vice-president, Carolann
                                                       great idea for a program or special          can also contact Noelle Allison (tel. 729-4542,
 Mikesell and her program committee
                                                       event? Would you like to be in on the ) to share your news
 member Amanda Kavars have several
                                                       ground floor of another interest              via the newsletter.
 great ideas for us as we celebrate our
                                                       group? If so, contact Carolann to let
 annual Spring Fling on April 7.                                                                    Since the last newsletter, get well cards
                                                       her know as she begins planning this
 Their theme is “Hats off to Spring!”;                                                              have been sent to Kim Caristi, Dee Moser
 and the committee is asking all of us                                                              (following surgery), and Mary Ann
 to dust off our hats and wear one to                                                               Olinger (following surgery).
                                                       I want to take this opportunity to
 the reception. Do you have a favorite
                                                       thank all of you who have answered           Its baby season! Sohee Park, Erin
 straw hat, a “knock-‘em dead” hat, a
                                                       my endless emails and phone calls            Hannon, and Diana Perry are all eagerly
 favorite gardening hat or do you
                                                       looking for answers or suggestions.          expecting additions to their families.
 support your favorite baseball team?
                                                       My specials thanks also to my Board          Megan Tagler and Laurie Newberry
 One of our board members
                                                       for your patience as I tried to fulfill       welcomed babies into their respective
 mentioned she’d just come across an
                                                       my duties as President. It was fun           families in the past few months as well!
 old bridesmaid hat, another said
                                                       meeting new faces and keeping up             Congratulations to all the new and
 she’d been to a party where several
                                                       with familiar ones.                          expectant moms!
 bridal hats & veils made an
 appearance. This could really be a
                                                       My thanks to all of you for
 fun evening! I understand Carolann
                                                       everything this year.
 and Amanda have a few prizes in
 store for some lucky members
 wearing their hats too! Please do
 RSVP by March 31 to Amanda,
 details are in this newsletter, and you
 should have also received an e-mailed                 Marydella Kamper, President

                                      Call for Newcomer Sponsors
Are you friendly, welcoming, outgoing, and fun? You’d be a                    Club and living in Muncie. As a Sponsor, you will attend the
perfect Sponsor for next year’s newcomers!                                    Newcomer’s Reception in the fall and meet your Newcomer.
                                                                              You’ll get to know her at the Reception, invite her to and
Do you remember what it was like when you first moved to                       walk her through the Salad Carry-In, and introduce her to
Muncie? When you first joined BSU Women’s Club? Did                            other Women’s Club members in the interest groups she
you have a hard time finding your way around town, or                          chooses. We hope that, by providing sponsors to the
knowing which interest group would suit you best? Or was                      newcomers, we’ll make the transition into Women’s Club
there someone special that took your hand and led you                         (and for some, into Muncie) more comfortable and fun!
through the process of joining our group?
                                                                              If you are interested in this new outreach program, please
This year the Hospitality Committee would like to try                         contact Jessica Gestwicki (tel 254-1761 email
something new. We’d like to provide each potential                  
newcomer to the BSU Women’s Club with a Sponsor--a
member who will introduce them to other members of the
group, guide them through signing up for interest groups,
and be available to answer questions about the Women’s
                                       B   S    U       W     O   M   E   N   ’   S         C     L     U     B

 Ball State vs Toledo
 The family carry-in before the Ball State vs Toledo game was a
 great success! Here are the highlights.
 Although Ball State lost the game to Toledo, the families
 who attended the carry-in agreed that the event was a
 winner! More than 50 BSU Women’s Club members and
 family braved the snow to gather for a pre-game carry-in
 meal in the Architecture Building Atrium in January.
 Charlie Cardinal put in an appearance, entertaining the
 adults and alarming some of the younger children! After
 enjoying an abundant meal, everyone was able to sit
 together and watch the game. Better luck next year, Cards!                              Yearbook Updates
                                                                                      ~ADDITIONS TO 2008 YEARBOOK ~

Gourmet Bellydancing                                                              *Brown, Patricia R....................... 288-2663
Ladies’ Gourmet had a special treat at their March meeting.                       700 N.Meadow W. Lane, Muncie, IN 47304
In addition to delicious Middle Eastern food at their March
meeting, the Ladies’ Gourmet group also enjoyed a Bellydancing                    Fout, Mollie…….Career Center.. 896-8186
performance and lesson. The Ancient Arts Dance Company                            2008 ............................................... 285-2701
performed three amazing dances for the group, and lectured                        1307 N. Alden Road, Muncie, IN 47304
briefly on the history of Bellydance. A fun time was had by all!         

                                                                                  Marsh, Jenni….Univ. Dev............ 216-1236
                                                                                  2008 (John, Ind. Academy).......... 285-7049
                                                                                  5601 W. Winterhawk Court, Muncie, IN 47304

                                                                                  Roemer, Kathy .............................. 759-8238
                                                                                  2008 (Michael, Relig. & Philosophy)
                                                                                  8412 W. Thorn Tree Road, Muncie, IN 47304

                                                                                  Seymoure, Suzanne…Accounting405-1446
                                                                                  2008................................................ 285-5118
                                                                                  2000 Weir Cook Drive, Yorktown, IN 47396

                                                                                  Kellie Weiss…..English.................216-1298
                                                                                  2008................................................ 285-8530
                                                                                  5319 W. Keller Rd., Apt. 6., Muncie, IN 47304

                                                                                  Tomizawa, Susan.......................... 282-5965
                                                                                  1991 (Sadatoshi, Mod. Lang)
                                                                                  4200 Coventry Drive, Muncie, IN 47304

                                                                                  If your contact information changes, please
                                                                                  contact Joan McKee (tel. 282-9204, email
                                                                         to update our
                                         B   S       U       W   O       M   E       N   ’       S     C   L   U     B

                                                     BSU Women’s Club Membership Form
Please send your 2008-2009 dues with this form to Ellie Maggiotto at 800 S Regal Court, Muncie IN 47304


BSU Information: Member’s Dept. & Campus Phone:

            Spouse’s Name & Dept.

Mailing Address:

           Home Phone

Membership Status: Active:
           Active Emeriti:
                  New Member:


What year did you join Ball State?
       Would you like to be on the Program Committee?

Corrections (if any) to Yearbook contact information:
Annual Dues--Make Check Payable to BSU Women’s Club
           $20.00 Dues

         BSU Women’s Club Scholarship Fund

         Total Enclosed

    BSU Women’s Club
                                                                                                         Volume 23 No. 3--Spring 2009

Marydella Kamper, President
3556 Johnson Circle
Muncie IN 47304

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