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					                                                        Tech Tip Newsletter
       June 2009                                                                                                 Volume 4, Issue 4

                                  ActSmart ARCA, Your Best Business Insurance Policy
Inside this issue:
                             Are you still suffering with the day to day drudgery and uncertainty of an antiquated tape backup
                             system? Perhaps you’re still backing up your critical business data to portable USB drives. Do you
Free Radio            2      always remember to swap out the tapes or drives on a daily basis and take them home with you to
Advertising                  adequately safeguard your business?

4 Hidden Dangers to   2      Don’t you think it’s time to spend more time building your business instead of worrying if your daily
                             backup system is working and your critical business data is safe, sound and restorable?
Your Network
                             I have THE perfect solution! Introducing ACTSmart’s Intelligent IT ARCA. ARCA stands for “Advanced
New England           3      Recovery and Continuity Appliance” – a totally hands off solution that brings simplicity, speed and
                             uncompromised reliability to an often painful task – data backup.
Business Expo
                             About 4 years ago we “hitched our wagons” with Zenith InfoTech. Zenith one of the premier provid-
Henri Papineau Joins 3       ers of the software and hardware technology we use to proactively monitor, manage, maintain and
Support Team                 generally keep all of our Intelligent IT clients computers and servers up and running with minimal
                             down time. Over the past few years we’ve been providing business owners throughout New England
                             with our Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) system. Our BDR’s are a world class hard-
George Whitcher       3      ware and software solution that instantly removes all the uncertainty and risks associated with using
Elected to B&G Club          a manual, hands on, tape backup system.
                             Now we have another solution for those business clients that either have their own in-house IT per-
                             son or simply the business owner that likes to tinker and take care of these IT type things them-
Testimonial Winner    4      selves. Our ARCA solution is EXTREMELY cost effective and provides the same simplicity, speed and
                             uncompromising reliability as our Managed BDR solution.
Announcing: Pam’s     4
                             Take a minute and read a little more about our ARCA below and then visit our newest website
                    to get all the information, view some demo’s of the ARCA in action
                             and even use our online tool to help determine which ARCA device is right for your business.
 Are YOU still using         When you’re ready to safeguard your business
Internet Explorer 6?         and your critical business data, or if you simply
                             want to discuss how this solution will fit your
It’s time to take the next   business, give me a call.
step and upgrade to IE8.
For the past several         How Does ARCA Work?
weeks we’ve been han-
dling many emergency         For file and database recovery, the ACTSmart
calls for computers that     ARCA brings simplicity, speed and reliability to
either can’t log into win-
                             an often painful task. By taking 15 minute
dows (you try and the
system just logs you         snapshots of each server, the ARCA eliminates
right back out) or if you    the time-wasting tasks of tape recovery with
do get into windows you      the added protection against corrupted open
get a pop-up message         files or databases that our “block level” repli-
saying your system is        cation provides.
infected—please click
here to remove the virus.    After the initial full backup, all future backups are incremental. Backups taken by the ARCA are
                             taken at the block level. This is below the file and folder level, and is more efficient. An incremental
Don’t do it—it’s a scam      chain is created and only the changes are backed up, reducing backup windows.
unfortunately you’re
already infected. This       Application Recovery
infection is caused by an
exploit developed for IE6    Backup and restore SQL, SharePoint, and AD databases without additional agents. Just connect to
which has been fixed in      one of your point-in-time snapshots, find your database and transaction log files, and restore using
IE8. Install IE8 NOW!        drag and drop functionality. The ARCA also allows for easy document recovery of SharePoint files
                             through windows file explorer. Visit for all the information on ARCA.
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  Free Radio                      Tech Tip Newsletter

  Advertising!                   4 Hidden Dangers Electricity Poses To Your Computer Network... And One
Have we helped you or            Simple, Inexpensive Solution That Will Prevent Them From Doing Damage
gotten you out of a jam,
been there when no
one else could solve the                                           Is your computer plugged in? Do you use a power strip
problem, gone above                                                with a surge protector? If so, you are a heartbeat away
and beyond the call of                                             from disaster and don’t even realize it. The same electric-
                                                                   ity you depend on to run your computer and network is
If so, why not tell the                                            also trying to destroy your data.
world in one of our 95.9
WATD radio ads. We’re                                               Believe it or not, electricity is one of the biggest threats
looking for new voices -                                           to your computer network and the data it contains. Here
all you have to do is                                              are four computer power problems you must know about
plug your business,                                                and how to prevent them.
describe your problem
and how we fixed it.             1.) Transients – Commonly known as surges and
It’s 70% you, 30% us.            spikes, these are caused by lightning storms, wind,
                                 squirrels shorting out power lines, auto accidents, etc.
Call Pam at 781-834-             Several times each week these spikes can travel up
9208 Ext 202 and tell            the power cord into your computer damaging every-
her your story. We’ll
pick 2 businesses each           thing from power supplies to motherboards. Conven-
month to share the               tional wisdom says use a power strip with a surge pro-
WATD spotlight with us.          tector and you are safe. As usual, conventional wis-
We’ll even put the ads           dom is dead wrong. After several months, these surge protectors become useless having
up on our websites!
                                 been zapped by the surges they were designed to protect against.
You can email
                                 2.) Blackouts – Whether momentary or prolonged, the sudden loss of power can corrupt
if you’d prefer.                 your PC to the point of not being able to start up again when the lights come back on.

We’re looking forward            3.) Sags – This is when the power drops below normal. Have you ever seen the fluores-
to hearing YOU on the            cent lights flicker for a moment? Then you have witnessed sag. Sags are more common
radio!                           than surges and are caused when equipment like air conditioners, blow dryers, water
This contest is open to all      heaters, laser printers, copy machines and other electrical equipment are turned on or
ACTSmart, Inc clients. Subject
to availability and to change    come out of sleep mode. A typical small office will experience 30 or more sags each day.
without notice.
                                 Sags cause many of the weird and unexplained problems computer users complain about
                                 every day.
                                 4.) Noise – Ever been watching TV and seen fuzzy pictures and/or white lines or dots
  We’re always                   when you turn on a blender or vacuum cleaner? This is the result of electrical noise. While
  here for you!                  a fuzzy TV picture is an annoyance, this electrical noise causes many computer problems
                                 including loss of data.
Have an emergency and
 need to reach us after
                                  So how do you protect yourself from electrical problems? The most simple and inexpen-
normal business hours?
                                 sive solution to all four of these hazards is a battery backup. The battery backup (also
  Technical Support:
                                 known as a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply) senses when there are problems with
 Devin—339-793-3754              the power and automatically switches to the battery protecting you from computer dam-
 Henri—339-793-3755              age and data loss.
     Web Design
                                 Choosing the correct battery backup for your computer or server can be tricky. Having one
George—339-793-3756              with a battery too small is the same as having none at all. For most desktop computers, a
                                 battery backup with a 500VA or larger rating should be sufficient to keep you going
   Emergencies Only              through momentary power problems. Protecting your server requires detailed knowledge
                                 of the server functions and power consumption in order to pick the right battery backup
for normal support and
 web design questions            solution. If you want help in determining the right protection for your specific network, give
  call 781-834-9208              us a call: 781-834-9208. We’ll be glad to help!
  Volume 4, Issue 4                                                                                          Page 3

New England Business Expo
                                           On Tuesday, May 19th we closed the office and took the whole team to
                                           the New England Business Expo at the Boston Convention Center to
                                           take courses and walk the sales floor (George’s favorite part).

                                           Among the courses we took:”Manage Your Time by Managing Your
                                           Tasks,” “Marketing With Corporate Blogs,” “Building Your Website as a
                                           Sales Powerhouse,” “Leveraging Technology for Customer Satisfaction
                                           and Business Growth,” “Building Your Website as a Sales Powerhouse,”
                                           and The Laws of Attraction: Increasing Web Traffic and Sales.”

                                           After the courses, we all went to the Cheesecake Factory in Braintree
                                           and each took turns talking about what we got from the courses and
                                           how it could help us to help our clients. We all look forward to our next
                                           annual “education day!”

Henri Papineau Joins our ACTSmart Support Team
We are excited to announce our newest team member Henri Papineau. Henri
(pronounced On-Ree) brings many years of experience to our technical sup-
port team including 7 years of computer support experience in many diverse
areas, including but not limited to telephone, online, remote and onsite sup-
port, operating systems, word processing, presentation software, windows
networking and peripheral setup.

His work experience has had him in many different customer support posi-
tions. Henri’s two help desk positions have taught him excellent telephone
troubleshooting skills. His end user computer replacement experience with
Stop & Shop has taught him fantastic attention to detail when resolving a
user’s issue. His retail experience has reinforced his customer service skills
and taught Henri how to effectively balance his workload through the course
of a day.

Henri, his wife Bonnie and their daughter Carlie live on the Cape. Henri
says “I’m an avid bicyclist and a motorcycle enthusiast. My wife and I like to
work on our house (although we’re really not that good at it).”

Please join us in welcoming Henri; we are all very happy to have him aboard!

Mr. George Whitcher Elected to Boys & Girls Club Corporation
                                          On Thursday, May 21st George was voted into the Corporation of the Boys &
                                          Girls Club of Marshfield at their Annual Meeting.
                                          George has been volunteering his time as photographer of recent events in-
                                          cluding the Boys & Girls Club 5th Annual Gala in April and at the Chamber Of
                                          Commerce Citizens of the Year Dinner at the Winslow House where Beth &
                                          Jack Griffin were honored for their outstanding work in the community includ-
                                          ing their generous support of the Boys & Girls Club, Grad Nite Live, Community
                                          Christmas and many other local charities.
                                            As a member of the Corporation, George will join many other local business
 George at the 5th Annual Boys & Girls Club people and also be an ambassador for the Club. He will also continue to volun-
              Gala, April 2009              teer for this worthy organization.
                                                                 This Months Testimonial Winner is…
         American Computer                                                     Not Simply Beads, Plymouth MA.
                                                                          “Recently, we suffered a complete fail-
      769 Plain Street                                                    ure of our Point Of Sale computer
      Unit L                                                              which runs our whole business. Even
      Marshfield, MA 02050                                   though they don’t usually work on Point Of Sale
                                                             computers, ACTSmart, Inc knew that we were out
      Phone: 781-834-9208                                    of business and desperately needed their help.
      Fax: 781-834-0146
                                                             David arrived right away and worked well past nor-
                                                             mal business hours to rescue us, staying until we
                                                             were up and able to function on a loaner computer
                                                             he brought with him. His professional and caring
                                                             service made what could have been a complete dis-                              aster for us—OK.

                                                             He even cared enough to check in on us the next
                                                             day to be sure that everything was working well.
                                                             ACTSmart surpassed any other computer services
                                                             we have ever had. They provided wonderful service
                                                             and I would recommend them to anyone!”

              Do you have a story to tell? Go to and you could win a great prize for your submission also.

In February, Pam started a free, weekly marketing email                   We are now proud to announce her new website
called “Monday’s Marketing Minute” which has gotten             , chock full of additional
terrific responses from her web clients and other business                information and support for all of us who are working
people looking for help marketing their businesses in a re-               harder to market our businesses.
                                                                          Along with back issues of her newsletter, Pam’s “Resources”
Articles have included information on:                                    pages have links to websites with more information about e
                                                                          -zines, marketing websites, search engine optimization sites
•   Search Engine Optimization                                            and marketing books. “More Information …” will have addi-
                                                                          tional information to support her newsletter articles and
•   Social Networking,
                                                                          “Networking” provides more information on how to network
•   Constant Contact                                                      to improve your business.

•   White Paper Reports                                                   The "Specialists” pages are for those of you who want to
                                                                          take your marketing to the next level. They include:
•   The Power of Testimonials                                             Steve Dubin, a Public Relations specialist
                                                                          Roland Lacey, Search Engine Guru
•   Tracking Your Business Tracking Plan
                                                                          Joe Costantino, a business consultant
•   The Benefit of Printed Newsletters                                    with more resources to come!

                                                                          Check it out! Sign up for her newsletter and work smarter!
•   And Much, Much More!