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					A. David Braun (Arizona Bar # 004786)
P O Box 7372
Phoenix AZ 85011-7372
  phone: 602-254-3934
  fax: 801-365-6736

George M. Sterling, Jr. (Arizona Bar # 003105)
818 East Osborn Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85014-5218
  phone 602-277-1123
  fax 602-287-8767

Edward Still (D.C. Bar # 438985)
Title Bldg., Suite 710
300 Richard Arrington Blvd. N.
Birmingham AL 35203-3352
       phone: 205-322-1100
       fax: 877-264-5513

Attorneys for Congressional Plaintiffs


REDISTRICTING, an unincorporated
association; et al.,
                                                 Case No. CV2002-004380
                                                 Case No. CV2002-004882
                                                 (Assigned to Hon. Kenneth
                                                 L. Fields)
                                                 Motion of Arvizu et al. for
                                                 leave to file Statement of
COMMISSION, a state agency; et al.,


This document relates to Congressional case
         The Congressional plaintiffs hereby request that the Court enter

the accompanying form of order allowing the filing out of time of the

statement of facts. For grounds the plaintiffs show as follows:

         1. The plaintiffs filed a motion for summary judgment on 15

May 2003 and included a statement of facts within the motion’s points

and authorities and attached the supporting documents to the motion.

         2. The statement of facts should have been filed as a separate


         3. The Congressional plaintiffs have now prepared a separate

document containing the statement of facts.

         4. No party will be prejudiced by this filing, since all facts in

the Statement of Facts were previously provided in the motion for

summary judgment or in the statement of facts of another party.

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED this 19th day of May 2003, by,

                                          /s/ A. David Braun
OF COUNSEL:                               A. David Braun
Paul Bender
College of Law                            Edward Still
Arizona State University
P.O. Box 877906                           George M. Sterling, Jr.
Tempe AZ 85287-7906
  phone 480-965-2556
  fax 602-252-6202
                                          Attorneys for Congressional Plaintiffs
                          CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE

         I hereby certify that on 19th May 2003,

             ♦    the original of the foregoing was filed with the
                  Clerk of Court, Maricopa County Superior
                  Court, Central Court Building, 201 West
                  Jefferson Street, Phoenix AZ 85003-2243

             ♦    a copy of the foregoing was delivered to Hon.
                  Kenneth L. Fields, Maricopa County Superior
                  Court, 914 East Court Building, 101 West
                  Jefferson Street, Phoenix AZ by hand delivery
                  or by email to

             ♦    a copy of the foregoing delivered by facsimile,
                  email, and/or first class mail to the following:

Judith Dworkin                           Neil Vincent Wake
Marvin S. Cohen                          Linda D. Skon
SACKS TIERNEY PA                         3030 N. Third Street, Suite 1220
7047 E. Greenway Parkway, Suite 150      Phoenix, Arizona 85012-3050
Scottsdale, Arizona 85254-8109       
      Judith.Dworkin@sackstierney.c            Fax: 602-241-9862
      Fax: 480-624-5637                  Michael A. Carvin
                                         JONES, DAY, REAVIS & POGUE
Dana L. Bobroff                          51 Louisiana Avenue, N.W.
Assistant Attorney General               Washington, D.C. 20001
The Navajo Nation, Dept. of Justice 
P. O. Drawer 2010
Window Rock, Arizona 86515               Attorneys for Arizonans for Fair and                   Legal Redistricting et al.

Attorneys for the Navajo Nation
Daniel R. Ortega, Jr.      Joseph A. Kanefield
Gary A. Husk               Office of the Attorney General
ORTEGA & ASSOCIATES        1275 W. Washington
411 N. Central Avenue      Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2997
Phoenix, Arizona 85004            Fax: 602-542-8308
     Fax: 602-495-1738
                           Jessica Funkhouser
Attorneys for Hopi Tribe   Special Counsel
                           Attorney General's Office
                           1275 W. Washington
                           Phoenix, Arizona 85007
                                 Fax: 602-542-8308

                           Attorneys for Arizona Secretary of
Lisa T. Hauser                          Paul F. Eckstein
Gammage & Burnham                       Michael S. Mandell
Two North Central Avenue                Michael G. Nichols
Eighteenth Floor                        BROWN & BAIN, P.A.
Phoenix AZ 85004                        2901 North Central Avenue
      phone: 602-256-4462               Post Office Box 400
      fax: 602-256-4475                 Phoenix, Arizona 85001-0400             
Jose de Jesus Rivera                
Haralson Miller Pitt Feldman &                Fax: 602-351-8516
McAnally PLC
3003 North Central, Suite 1400          Richard A. Halloran
Phoenix AZ 85012                        Joshua Grabel
      phone: 602-604-2151               LEWIS AND ROCA, LLP
      fax: 602-604-2124                 40 North Central Avenue               Phoenix, Arizona 85004-5529
Marguerite Leoni                    
Nielsen Merksamer Parrinello Mueller          Fax: 602-734-3893
& Naylor LLP
591 Redwood Hwy., Building 4000         Aaron Kizer
Mill Valley CA 94941                    Law Offices of Aaron Kizer, PLC
      phone: 415-389-6800               411 North Central Avenue
      fax: 415-388-6874                 Suite 520               Phoenix, Arizona 85004-2133
Attorneys for the Arizona Independent         Fax: 602-253-6073
Redistricting Commission
                                        Attorneys for Plaintiffs AMC et al.

John R. Moffitt                         Ivan Legler
Prescott Legal Department               Town Of Prescott Valley
Post Office Box 2059                    7501 E. Civic Circle
Prescott, Arizona 86302-2059            Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
      Fax: 928-776-6325                       Fax: 928-777-1325

Attorney for City of Prescott           Attorney for Town of Prescott Valley
David J. Cantelme                    Thomas Saenz
Ernest Calderón                      Steve Reyes
Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, P.L.C.   Mexican American Legal Defense &
The Collier Center, 11th Floor       Educational Fund
201 East Washington Street           6344 South Spring St., 11th Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85004-2385          Los Angeles, Ca 90014              
      Fax: 602-253-3255
                                     Richard M. Martinez
Joseph R. Bertoldo                   3131 E. Second Street
City of Flagstaff                    Tucson, Arizona 85716
211 West Aspen Avenue            
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001             m
       Fax: 928-213-3023             Nina Perales
                                     Mexican American Legal Defense &
Attorneys for City of Flagstaff      Educational Fund
                                     140 E. Houston Street
                                     Suite 300
                                     San Antonio, TX 78205

                                     Attorneys for Defendant Intervenors
                                     Jaime Abeytia et al.

Robert A. Taylor                     Maureen George
City of Kingman                      City Attorney
310 North 4th Street                 Lake Havasu City
Kingman, Arizona 86401               2330 McCulloch Boulevard        Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403
                                            Fax: 928-854-3580
Attorney for City of Kingman                ctyatty@ci.lake-havasu-

                                     Attorney for Lake Havasu City

William J. Ekstrom, Jr.              Steve M. Titla
Mohave County Attorney               Titla & Parsi
Post Office Box 7000                 P. O. Box 1143
Kingman, Arizona 86402-7000          Globe, Arizona 85002
                                            Fax: 928-425-9048
Attorneys for Mohave County
                                     Attorneys for the San Carlos Apache
Daisy Flores                          Criss Candelaria
Mark Gunning                          Nancy Dean
Gila County Attorney’s Office         Brad Carlyon
1400 E. Ash                           P. O. Box 637
Globe, Arizona 85501                  St. Johns, Arizona 85936             
Attorneys for Gila County         
                                            Fax: 928-337-2427

                                      Attorneys for Apache County
Derek Rapier                          Kenneth Angle
Greenlee County Attorney              Graham County Attorney
P.O. Box 1717                         800 West Main Street
Clifton, Arizona 85533-1717           Safford, Arizona 85546-2823  

Attorneys for Greenlee County         Attorneys for Graham County

Ronald M. Lehman                      Mark W. Drutz
Gabroy, Rollman & Bosse, P.C.         Grant K. McGregor
3507 N. Campbell Avenue, Ste 111      William B. Carroll
Tucson, AZ 85719                      MUSGROVE, DRUTZ & KACK, P.C.           1135 Iron Springs Road
                                      Prescott, Arizona 86301
Attorneys for Santa Cruz County   
                                            Fax: 928-445-5980

                                      Attorneys for Town of Chino Valley

                                   BY __/s/ A. David Braun___________

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