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              5810 S. WILLIAMSON BLVD., PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA, 32128-6702 - TELE (386) 761-7217

 August - September 2009              Post 3282 Commander’s Comments
                                                         Comrades and friends Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3282 things could
                                                         of Post 3282,There are have been a lot worse, and that she was proud to
                                                         many things to report, say that she was a member of our Post. The Gov-
                                                         because so much has ernor thanked me, and shook my hand repeatedly
                                                         happened in the past expressing his great thanks to the Veterans of our
                                                         month or so. We have Post, and remarked that to have as many as 25 or
                                                         had a State Conven- 30 members to do what they did was an out-
                                                         tion, Schools of In- standing show of love for our City, and our State.
                                                         struction, and devas- Senator Evelyn Lynn and the Governor asked me
                               tating tornado’s destroy many of our members’ to sit with them during the briefing, and continu-
      TABLE OF CONTENTS        homes. Although I was teaching at the Depart- ally expressed their thanks. My response to them
                               ment School of Instruction in Ocala, I was was….That is what our Post, and the Veterans of
                               notified by Sr. Vice Commander John Lick- Foreign Wars do. We are a family who help fami-
Post Commander             1
                               fold, and House Committee Chairman Jason lies, and we were pleased and proud to do it.
Senior Vice Commander     2    Davis immediately as it took place. John in Over the past 7 years I have been blessed with
                               my absence has always stepped up to be Com- excellent help from your elected and appointed
Junior Vice Commander     2    mander, and I am lucky and proud to have past and present Post Officers, and members who
Post Surgeon              2    him. If a problem ever arises, he is always have helped me attain enough knowledge to give
                               there for the Post. My heart told me to return me the confidence to be your Commander for
Ladies Aux. President     3    home, but was assured that all was under con- another year. I would like to again extend a spe-
Photos                    3    trol. Our members who were the first respon- cial thank you to Jim Dearborn, Al Burley, and
                               dents to the disaster included, Jason Davis, Al   Bill Skrobe. I am involved and have become
Post Canteen Manager      4    and Evelyn Burley, Gary and Linda                         more dedicated than ever to take our Post
Men’s Aux. President      4    Fitzpatrick, and others. They                                into another successful year. Respect-
                                                                       Tell someone
                               helped put tarps in place, re-                                   fully, I ask once again for your
Cmdr’s Comments cont.     5    moved broken glass and torn             you care. See             confidence in the upcoming year.
                               aluminum from entrance ways             how on page 10            Many of you have given me great
Cmdr’s Comments cont.     6
                               trying to make it a little safer for                             inspiration and have always been
In Memoriam               7    the home owners to enter their                                  there with help for the tasks we have
                               homes. They stayed until darkness only to                   had to accomplish in our endeavors.
History POW/MIA Flag      7    return the next day. Twenty of our members,         I would like to applaud Quartermaster Art Lily-
Aug.—Sept. Calendars      8    Ladies Auxiliary and Men’s Auxiliary came to ander, Sr. Vice John Lickfold, Jr. Vice Roy
                               help with tools, food and water. Our new Hodgins, and Adjutant/Asst. Quartermaster Frank
Editor’s Comments         9    Chefs made sandwiches, and provided other Wagner. Our new Chaplin is Past Dist. 19 and
Dates to Remember         9    food for victims, and for our members. I was Post Commander James Dearborn, and new Ser-
                               able to get there Saturday, coming directly vice Officer Dave Van Dommlon, and Surgeon Al
Advertising Rates         10   from Ocala. Addie and I arrived at Tom and Staples. Our new House Committee is now
                               Betty Cercelli’s home as John Lickfold, and chaired by Jason Davis. Mike Wright, who may
Commemorative Bricks      11
                               Mike Wright were finishing up covering the be the hardest working guy I know, has been ap-
Advertisers               12   roof of Tom and Betty’s house.                    pointed and accepted the position of Building,
                                 The next day, as many of you may have seen Maintenance and Grounds, and could use your
Booster Club Members      13   on TV, I greeted Governor Crist, and Senator help. The new Bingo Chairman is Paul Summer,
Change of Address Form    14   Lynn. State Representatives were also there. and still is in need of some help. He has done a
                               Our Post member Dorothy Hukill along with fine job, and has helped with many other jobs.
                               others stated to the media, that if it wasn’t for
                               the brave and heroic first responders of the                   Continued on Page 5
August—September 2009 Post 3282 Newsletter                                                                                        Page 2
                      Post 3282 Sr. Vice Commander’s Comments
                          Membership,           are only a few members behind the 2nd          was a great success. Much information
                          Membership,           and about 200 members behind the 1st.          was gained by your attending Officers, to
                          Membership            With a TEAM effort, we can make Post           help make this year a great one. Of note,
                          As we begin the       3282 number ONE in the state of Flor-          both the Ladies Auxiliary and the Men’s
                          new year ( July       ida.!!! There are many qualified Veterans      Auxiliary excelled this past year. Each
                          2009 - June           in our community, we simply need to re-        received numerous awards as a reflection
                          2010 ), all current   cruit them, and have them become part of       of their hard work. Great Job Auxiliaries!!!
                          members should        our team. If every member could recruit            In ending, I must take the time to thank
act as recruiters for our great organization.   one member, we could be the largest Post       Jim and Ruth Leachman, for their tireless
Membership is the one key factor to con-        in the Nation. If you have any questions       dedication of keeping the District 19 Hos-
tinued success of the Veterans of Foreign       concerning a potential members’ eligibil-      pitality Room running. They are the true
Wars. New members are desperately               ity, or need an application form, please       meaning of the word
needed to keep the ranks full, as we lose       see me. Also, effective July 1, 2009 the       VOLUNTEER! Thank you very much!!!!
our beloved comrades due to time. Cur-          annual membership dues increased from          “Rangers Lead the Way”
rently we are the 3rd largest Post ( in         $30.00 to $35.00.
membership ), in the state of Florida. We            The Department convention in June         John Lickfold

                    Post 3282 Jr. Vice Commander’s Comments
                         M e mb e r s     &     I hope all Dads had a well-deserved great      invite new, eligible members into our
                         Friends of Post        day.                                           group.
                         3282. H e r e             We recently attended the VFW State             Our 4th of July celebration was a lot of
                         we are again, at       Convention in Orlando on June 18-21.           fun. We would like to thank and con-
                         the beginning of       It was a very interesting experience and a     gratulate Jason Davis on his expert auc-
                         another      fiscal    lot of information was learned, which          tioneering.      It was a new fundraising
                         year for our           hopefully can be utilized in bettering our     event and fun for all.
                         Post. Over the         Post and informing our members of the             On a more serious note, the 4th of July,
past year we gained invaluable learning         benefits of belonging to this great organi-    the day we celebrate our
experiences to better the future of our         zation.                                        independence, is a great day to remember
Post Home.         The camaraderie and             I would like to encourage all our cur-      all the sacrifices made by our veterans and
friendships are stronger than ever as we        rent members to always be on the look-         all those who preceded us in securing the
move forward.                                   out for new members. Membership is             freedoms we all enjoy.       Let us always
   I would like to give a “big thank you”       the lifeblood of our Post. If every mem-       remember “freedom isn’t free.” Let’s all
to all the volunteers that have made our        ber made it a goal to bring in a least three   work together for the good of our Post &
recent monthly “Burger Night” a huge            new members a year, it would make a            the VFW, so that our returning troops
hit.                                            huge difference in the goals we could          have a welcoming oasis to enjoy when
   I would also like to extend a belated        accomplish for our fellow veterans and         they return home.
“Happy Father’s Day” to all the fathers
in our organization.
                                                our local community. Our Post has a lot
                                                to offer and we should all be proud to         “   Roy” Hodgins

                                          Post 3282 Surgeon’s Notes
                         I’d like to take       times, giving blood cost nothing except a      contact me for answers to your questions.
                         this opportunity       few minutes of your time, but it is cer-       I can also help you plan for these services
                         to thank Fred          tainly rewarding. We have saved count-         before they are needed or at time of need.
                         Hering for the         less lives through our donations in the        I have been a Family Services Counselor
                         outstanding job        past and this year we hope to save even        with Lohman Funeral Homes and can help
                         he performed as        more. Please watch for our upcoming            you with any type of service from crema-
                         our Post Surgeon.      blood drive dates and encourage your           tions to mausoleums. My wife and I have
                         I’ll strive to con-    friends and family to participate. This is     cemetery spaces in the Veterans Section in
tinue this good work although filling his       one thing we can do in our lives that can      Daytona Memorial Park (we hope we
shoes won’t be easy.                            really make a difference.                      don’t have to use them for quite a while).
  I am in the process of putting together a     If any members or friends have questions       Feel free to contact me for a copy of the
blood drive with the Central Florida            about funerals, burials, cremations, ser-
Blood Bank In these financially difficult       vices or cemeteries please feel free to               Continued on Page 4
August—September 2009 Post 3282 Newsletter                                                                                                Page 3
                 Post 3282 Ladies Auxiliary President’s Comments
                      It is with great honor,    special award for the 2008 - 2009 year. Sister    will serve, Membership applications are avail-
                      pride and privilege that   Alice Machowski was chosen by the Depart-         able at the Canteen, or ask any Officer, they
                      I am able to report back   ment of Florida Ladies Auxiliary as the Out-      will gladly assist you.
                      to you (Ladies Auxil-      standing Community Service Volunteer of the           The Ladies Auxiliary would like to wel-
                      iary, Mens Auxiliary       Year!!!!                                          come Oskar, Bill and the new kitchen staff to
                      and General Member-            There is only one of these awards each        Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3282.
                      ship of Veterans of        year and it includes volunteers from every            Last, but not least; I want to thank each and
Foreign Wars Post 3282) that the State of        VFW in the State of Florida. Congratulations      every member of the Ladies Auxiliary for mak-
Florida Department Convention was one of         Alice, you most assuredly deserve this honor-     ing my year as your President of one of the
the 2008 - 2009 highlights for our Post. The     able award. Be sure YOU let Alice know how        best years ever! I never had to pull one tooth or
Department of Florida recognized our organi-     proud the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post           break any legs to get our mission accomplished
zation and rewarded us with Awards, Cita-        3282 is of her!                                   (ha, ha). You willingly and unselfishly gave
tions, Certificates, Trophies, Medallions,           We are on a roll VFW 3282! With mo-           when needed, were receptive and respectful. I
Plaques and Shirts. The commitment, dedica-      mentum, great attitudes, initiative and ingenu-   look forward to sharing the hard work, laugh-
tion and loyalty to VFW Post 3282 showed         ity; I am positive that in 2009 - 2010 we will    ter, tears and conversation in 2009 -2010 that
it’s true colors of “Red, White and Blue” at     surpass the goals we had set for 2008 - 2009.     makes us the BEST Ladies Auxiliary in the
this years convention. I would like to thank     The Ladies Auxiliary is excited and ready to      State of Florida.
all the Delegates, Alternates and Volunteers     get started. Look for us to try some new              Stop by the Post often, you never know who
that ensured the District 19 Hospitality Room    things, repeat some old things and be ever        you might run into. Sign up for the Booster
ran smoothly and was most definitely the         vigilant when it comes to taking care of our      Club, and remember to wear your Red Shirts
“happening” place to be when not in a meet-      Veterans; past, present and future.               on Fridays.
ing. A very special “thank you” goes out the         Tell your family, friends, neighbors,         The Ladies Auxiliary has pledged $500.00
Jim and Ruth Leachman for the above and          strangers, anyone you can about what they are     towards the purchase of a defibrillator. The
beyond hours you put in at the Hospitality       missing if they are not a member of this          Men’s Auxiliary is collecting donations to
Room. Great Job!!                                GREAT organization. The more members we           purchase a defibrillator for the Post.
    One of our VFW 3282 Ladies Auxiliary         have in our ranks will enable us to do more       Sincerely Respectful;
members received an extraordinarily              for all ranks who have served, is serving or
                                                                                                   Pam Lickfold

Commander Carroll receiving an American                Pam Lickfold Outstanding Presi-               June 14th Flag Day Ceremony at
      Flag from David Kolmel .                                  dents Award                                     Post 3282

Renard Gigoire receiving an award for                  Nat. Cmdr Glen Gardner &                    Nat. Jr Vice Cmdr John Hamilton, Pam
      Outstanding Leadership.                          Post Cmdr Gene Carroll                       Lickfold & Nat. Cmdr Glen Gardner
August—September 2009 Post 3282 Newsletter                                                                                Page 4
          Post 3282 Canteen Chairman’s                                                        Surgeon Notes
                       The canteen staff ment and company of your fellow               ( Continued from Page 2 )
                       congratulates the comrades and friends. Thursday’s have         Lohmans Emergency Planning Guide.
                       slate of officers re- proven to be a great addition with “Big   I look forward to serving this great Post
                       cently elected to A** Burgers” for just $3.50 from 5-8          and it’s members, both as Surgeon and as a
                       oversee and contrib- pm and “Gino” playing great music.         member of our fine Honor Guard for years
                       ute to the further There will be events listed in the can-      to come, starting with the biggest blood
                       success of your Post teen bulletin board for all to enjoy in    drive ever and to be followed up by an
                       Home. New faces the coming month(s). Stop in, have a            AARP Drivers Safety Program for Seniors
                       and ideas will cer- drink, enjoy a conversation with your       shortly thereafter.
tainly be a helpful addition in                     friends, have a meal, watch a      Thanks for your support.
                                    Happy Hour
the ventures of the upcoming
year. The summer months upon           Monday
                                                    ball game or a NASCAR Race,
                                                    most of all support your Post,
                                                                                       Allan M. Staples
us, it’s always time to be a little Wednesday recruit a new member, share an
more creative to encourage              Friday      idea for an event. Remember           Emery L. Bennett Veterans
your continued support. Our                         the Canteen has Happy Hour            Nursing Home Luncheon at
                                         4 pm
current entertainment, in con-                      prices every Mon-Wed-Fri
                                          To                                           VFW Post 3282 Monday August
junction with our meal nights,                      from 4-6 pm. Fifty cents off
encourages all of us to support          6 pm       already the best prices in town     17th 12:00 pm All Welcome to
the Post. The canteen menu has                      for a drink. See you there.         come visit our disabled veter-
been a great success offering a variety of For the Canteen Staff                       ans. Join them for lunch. Show
light foods while enjoying the entertain-
                                             Frank Wagner                               your support and appreciation.

                 Post 3282 Mens Auxiliary President’s Comments
                         Although we are    tional position of Aide de Camp by our NEED more volunteers for: bingo, draw-
                        in those dog days   National Commander Glen M. Gardner. ings, raffles, and Big Burger nights to
                        of summer with      Congratulations to all of you for repre- name a few. It is all of ours Post. We
                        our    snowbirds    senting our Post so well! A special thank need a great many more members to step
                        gone, our Auxil-    you from everyone at the Post to Jim and up and accept what I am naming “The
                        iary continues to   Ruth Leachman who single handedly Post Challenge”, simply put, don’t be one
                        be busy. In June,   manned the District Hospitality Room at of our members who sit in the canteen and
                        a number of us in   the Convention. The lunch put on by          talks about what needs to be done but,
                        conjunction with    the Post for the Fourth of July was a        rather, become a member who gets out
Post and Ladies Auxiliary members and       success and I would like to thank            of their chair and does it!
the Eagles attended a Daytona Cubs          John & Pam Lickfold, Jim and Ruth                The Men’s Auxiliary has embarked
baseball game and picnic. A good time       Leachman, Art Lilyander and Al The on a fund raising campaign to purchase
was had by all. A nice job of setting it    Burley who worked with Carol and I           an AED better known as a defibrillator
all up was done by Bobby Tedeschi,          on the lunch. It was one hot day!      Good for the post. Every year thousands of
thanks Bob.       Additionally in June,        Also in June, our new secretary           people die of Heart Attacks. It has
Renard Gregiore and Jim Leachman rep-       Richard Roy and I attended the all       Of  been shown that Defibrillators help
resented us at the State VFW Convention     day Officers Instructional School in         save lives. It is a voice command unit
in Orlando. Post 3282 did extremely         Ocala to become fully trained in the         that is used when a person has an at-
well at the Convention. A big congratu-     duties of our respective positions. I The tack and takes action before rescue
lations to the Ladies who brought home a    am also happy to report that our             units can arrive. The cost of the unit is
total of 9 awards. Their President, Pam     Auxiliary voted to make four Post” approximately $2,000.00. To kick off
Lickfold, was presented an award for        $250.00 donations to the community           the campaign the Men’s Aux. and the
Outstanding Auxiliary President of the      at our June meeting: Volusia Honor Air, Ladies Aux. have pledged $500.00 each.
Year runner up. We received the Mens        314th Infantry Regiment Reunion, Spruce      Bob Tedeschi is in charge of the pro-
Auxiliary 1st Place-Youth Activities Pro-   Creek Jazz band and The House Next ject and if you have any questions or
grams and our own Renard Gregiore           Door. Thanks also are in order to Jim would like to donate please contact Bob at
received the Mens Auxiliary Outstanding     Leachman and Roland Gagnon for all (386) 316-0305. Remember the life a
Member of the Year which was pre-           their work with Big Burger nights and defibrillator saves could be yours.
sented to him by the Department of Flor-
ida Past Commanders Club. Our Post
                                               We have a number of regular ongoing
                                                                                        Stephen Sally
Commander was appointed to the na-          activities at the Post that we always
August—September 2009 Post 3282 Newsletter                                                                                   Page 5
Continued from Page 1 Cmdr’s Comments        years since receiving its charter, the men   If you don’t take that one night out of the
We are still addressing issues with          have proven to also be one of our best       month to come to the meetings and find
Charles Wayne Properties. Our Post           fundraising and involved entities, receiv-   out what is going on…then don’t ask what
Officers and I are addressing these issues   ing the Outstanding Men’s State Auxil-       is happening with Post business in the
more strongly than ever because too          iary Award. As a local business man.         Canteen. By the way….remember it is a
much time has gone by for us to continue     our new incoming Men’s Aux. President,       Canteen, not a BAR. In creating a budget
in the same manner. We have been in          Steve Salley will continue with his fine     for our Post we should be able to donate
contact with our attorney, and I have        group of men. He and I have had great        to our many causes. As many of you
firmly instructed the developer on           brainstorming sessions, and he has come      know, I have said that in order for us to
7/25/09. He has assured me that they do      up with new and refreshing ideas for all     make our Post work, we need business-
not want to enter litigation with we Vet-    of us to gain more momentum for this         men to take the time and energy to look
erans, and that all repairs and improve-     upcoming year. My work in the past with      into, and apply their knowledge of busi-
ments we were to have had done, will be      Pam Lickfold as our Ladies President,        ness. Art, is one of those people, and has
done. We will see…..If not…. they will       tells me….. I KNOW there is no way to        taken on a great responsibility again.
incur our wrath.                             go but UP!!! Although we have always         However…Frank Wagner has 30 years as
   We have had donations, and member-        had the best Ladies Aux. Pam has the         both an executive with the Keebler Com-
ship help far beyond what I thought was      finest Officers and members that I can       pany, and as a Supervisor for a local prop-
possible. The unselfish hard work from       remember. I am proud and excited about       erty development company. They both
many of you have made our Post a great       what is sure to be a banner year for our     have my confidence, and Frank will have
place to be.                                 Post.                                        more time to spend in this job because
   The snowbirds are gone for now, but         A special thanks goes out to Jim and       unfortunately Art has a full time executive
we are doing well because of your sup-       Ruth Leachman, who when the Hospital-        position with AT&T. We will also ask for
port. When they return, that will make       ity Room was dropped in my lap as the        your continued patience. Our dedication
things even more profitable for us. A        Sr. Vice of the District….not only           is to get our affairs in order for you …
dream has become a reality, and we must      helped, they took over. They helped          OUR MEMBERS.
continue to keep up the good work.           organize, buy what was needed, and set         I have also asked Frank Wagner to step
I would like to take this opportunity to     up the room. Also Jr. Vice Roy Hodgins,      aside as Canteen Chairman. Although he
thank our Ladies Auxiliary for helping       and Mike Wright stepped in with their        will be greatly missed in this position, and
our Post with events, and donations          trucks to haul over ice and everything       it will be exceptionally difficult to find
which have made terrific contributions,      else we needed. They were also there         someone as dedicated to that job, I felt
both monetarily, and in keeping up the       every day with the Leachmans and             more strongly about our finances, and also
spirit of our organization. Our Men’s        Men’s and Ladies Aux. to help. Dist. 19      appointed him to Banquet Chairman. He
Auxiliary has done the same, thanks to       and our Auxiliaries have my thanks and       will be responsible for anything to do with
Past President Ren Gregoire. Both Aux-       appreciation.                                the renting, leasing, and operation of the
iliaries have proven themselves. This was      As your Commander again this year,         Banquet Facility. We need to rent that
rewarded to both by the Dept. of Florida     one of my first duties will be to work       room. We will now make available power
with numerous Outstanding Achieve-           with Art, and Frank to adjust whatever is    point presentation, and small company
ment Awards given to them at this years      necessary to refine and reduce our cost      conventions to be held in that room.
State Convention. They are the finest        expenditures. We now have a feel for         Frank and I have made contact with
most hard working Officers and mem-          what our average bills should cost us.       smaller hotels to rent that room for their
bers in not only Florida, but I would ar-    We will work on this and advise all          conventions, and meetings.
gue, Nationally. Although only two           members at our Membership meetings.                   Continued on Page 6
August—September 2009 Post 3282 Newsletter                                                                                   Page 6
  Continued from Page 5 Cmdr’s Comments        have a use for the room, please see          think it’s the best in the Dept. of Flor-
There will be many facets of the inner         Frank, or Carol Plitt our Canteen Man-       ida, and probably the entire Veterans of
workings of the Post that I will ask for       ager, so we can help you plan that func-     Foreign Wars. When you see him at the
you, the members, to help with. First and      tion. We will also need a committee for      Post tell him, and express any com-
foremost, if you have the expertise in any     events.                                      ments you may have.
areas of business, please come to our             As I have explained, the new Post           Your help is also asked in recruiting
membership meetings, where I again will        Officers and I will need your help. If       new members. As the Dept. of Florida
ask for VOLUNTEERS for all our com-            we work together as a team, we can           Membership Chairman with Mike
mittees. It’s a tough job to do without        make it profitable for the Post. My of-      White and with the help of Sr. Vice
ever getting a pat on the back, but our Post   fice door will always be open to you,        John Lickfold…we could be number
is worth it.                                   and you may feel free to ask any ques-       one this year. It will be tough but let’s
  Our kitchen is also an area of interest.     tions of me…although I may not have          give it a try. Let’s welcome home our
Joe Rosa is now the Kitchen Chairman,          the answer, I will try my best to get that   young warriors, and open our arms to
and along with Jason Davis, and John           answer for you.                              them. Some of us unfortunately did not
Lickfold, I know they will work very hard         As some of you may know, I have           have that welcome home we needed.
to help us make our dinners, and break-        other responsibilities now. I am the         Anyone that you can think of that quali-
fasts, work. They are taking on this job,      new Dept. of Florida Membership              fies…Let’s bring them home to our
because they know they can make it suc-        Chairman, and along with Mike White          Post.
cessful. We have had problems in the           we will be encouraging all of you to           As you all know, The Veterans of For-
past, but with the addition of Chef Osker      sign up new members. Also I am the           eign Wars is the only organization of its
and Chef Bill (Grumpy) the additional          National Aide De Camp, and got to do a       kind. We fought the battles, we bled the
menu and added time has been excellent.        little of that job as we were visited by     blood, we fought for this Country that we
                                                                                            hold so dear to us so that others my speak
If you don’t come to the Post for lunch,       Glen Gardner who is the Commander in
                                                                                            their minds and protest if they must. We
dinner, Canteen menu, or their famous          Chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.       fought for the rights all Americans have
breakfast brunch…you’ll miss a great           I will let you know that a visit by the      today. They owe us those rights, even
meal. Without the help of others, we will      Chief almost never happens. It was a         though they may not know it.
suffer….SO I respectfully, ask you to          great honor for him to have dinner and         In closing I say…. Together we stood
please stand up on meeting night, and          beverages with us. Past State Com-           side by side, shoulder to shoulder, and
when I ask for your help, and you accept,      manders John Hamilton, who will be           we were CLOSER than brothers and
we can then make our new Post the envy         Commander in Chief in a couple of            sisters in combat. It’s time for us to
of the State.                                  years we believe, along with National J      remember that, and when we look at
  Our Banquet Room is arguably the most        Mike White, and Dept. of Florida             each other again, remember that com-
beautiful and functional room in Volusia       Asst.Adj./Quartermaster Joe Gault, and       radeship we had. Put away our individ-
County. Let’s keep it rented. This room        Executive Ken and Terri Money from           ual differences, and let’s all do it
can be utilized for any number of func-        Daytona International Speedway, and          TOGETHER!!!!
tions. Weddings, showers, birthdays, and       life member and Vice Pres. of Ocean
even for Monte Carlo nights, conventions,      Waters Plaza Resorts Mr. and Mrs. Ste-       For the good of Post 3282
and business meetings for other organiza-      ven Nally.                                   and in Comradeship
tions. Although we may have special               Huge CUDOS to Past District 19, and
events for our use of the room, it is a dia-   twice 3282 Post Commander Al Bur-
mond in the rough for any outside func-        ley…This guy is putting out a great          Gene P. Carroll
tion. If you, a friend, or family members      Newsletter publication, and Roster. I

                                     After all, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.
August—September 2009 Post 3282 Newsletter                                                                                   Page 7

                  2008 - IN MEMORIAM - 2009
Frank Barber, Harold A. Bennett, Henry B. Bennett, Robert H. Bequeath, Angelo J. Biondi,, Walter L. Burley,
Fred A. Burnet, Robert A. Byrne, Edmond R. Cavalli, John L. Chiacchiarini, Emanuel P. Cutillo, Walter J. Czarny,
Robert L. Davis, Edward J. Degnan, Jess L. Eagle, Jerry Edwards, Roy H. Fortney, Harold J. Goldfarb,
Albin Gonda, Joseph W. Hanover, Robert O. Harrington, Bernard S. Hopkiins, John R. Johnson,
Richard T. Kristoff, Guido R. Kumetz, Anthony J. La Rock, Louis F. Leonard, Bernard J. Leuck,
Cesare J. Mangiapane, Hector G. Marcil, Richard Martinez, Joseph W. Mc Sharry, Robert Messenger,
Charles D. Miller, Charles R. Mills, Francis T. Moran, Vincent J. Mullen, Howard G. Mullins, Ronald P. Murphy,
Edgar R. Noel, Pat P. Ortiz, William R. Parker, Clyde R. Ramsey, Bobby L. Rogers, Robert T. Sadler,
John E. Sippel, James E. Snodgrass, William H. Strudwick, Robert E. Switzer, Fred J. Verticelli,
Edward W. Vitullo, Edwin C. Wade, Ray Whatley, Franklin G. White, Leonard J. Zajd, Frank J. Zaro

In 1971, Mrs. Michael Hoff, an MIA wife and member of the           fullest possible accounting has been achieved for U.S. person-
National League of Families, recognized the need for a symbol       nel still missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.
of our POW/MIAs. Prompted by an article in the Jacksonville,
Florida, TIMES-UNION, Mrs. Hoff contacted Norman                    On August 10, 1990, the 101st Congress passed U.S. Public
Rivkees, Vice President of Annin & Company which had made           Law 101-355, which recognized the League’s POW/MIA flag
a banner for the newest member of the United Nations, the Peo-      and designated it “as the symbol of our Nation’s concern and
ple’s Republic of China (PRC), as a part of their policy to pro-    commitment to resolving as fully as possible the fates of Ameri-
                                         vide flags to all          cans still prisoner, missing and unaccounted for in Southeast
                                         United        Nations      Asia, thus ending the uncertainty for their families and the Na-
                                         m e m b e r s              tion”.
                                         states.    Mrs. Hoff
                                         found Mr. Rivkees          The importance of the League’s POW/MIA flag lies in its con-
                                         very sympathetic to        tinued visibility, a constant reminder of the plight of America’s
                                         the POW/MIA issue,         POW/MIAs. Other than "Old Glory", the League’s POW/MIA
                                         and he and an Annin        flag is the only flag ever to fly over the White House, having
                                         advertising agency         been displayed in this place of honor on National POW/MIA
                                         employee, designed         Recognition Day since 1982.
                                         a flag to represent
                                         our        missing         Passage by the 105th Congress of Section 1082 of the 1998
                                         men.         Following     Defense Authorization Act required that the League’s POW/
                                         League approval, the       MIA flag fly six days each year: Armed Forces Day, Memorial
                                         flags were manufac-        Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, National POW/MIA Recog-
                                         tured for distribution.    nition Day and Veterans Day. It must be displayed at the White
                                                                    House, the U.S. Capitol, the Departments of State, Defense and
                                           On March 9, 1989,        Veterans Affairs, the headquarters of the Selective Service Sys-
                                           an official League       tem, major military installations as designated by the Secretary
                                           flag that flew over      of the Defense, all Federal cemeteries and all offices of the U.S.
the White House on National POW/MIA Recognition Day 1988            Postal Service. In addition to the specific dates stipulated, the
was installed in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda as a result of legisla-   Department of Veterans Affairs voluntarily displays our POW/
tion passed overwhelmingly during the 100th Congress. In a          MIA flag 24/7, and the National Vietnam Veterans, Korean
demonstration of bipartisan Congressional support, the leader-      War Veterans and World War II Memorials were all recently
ship of both Houses hosted the installation ceremony.               required by Congress to display the POW/MIA flag daily, as do
                                                                    many State Capitols and other locations across the country.
The League’s POW/MIA flag is the only flag ever displayed in
the U.S. Capitol Rotunda where it will stand as a powerful sym-     Article courtesy of: National League of Families of American
bol of national commitment to America’s POW/MIAs until the          Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia.
August—September 2009 Post 3282 Newsletter                                                                                                      Page Page 8
                                 Sun          Mon                  Tue               Wed                 Thu               Fri                    Sat
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    Eddie Uzzle or Good Times                                        Music by “Gino”                 Music by Mike Leone                    Steak or Prime Rib

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Breakfast 8:00 am — 12:00 Noon

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Breakfast 8:00 am — 12:00 Noon

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                                  Parents     Meeting                                 Check the           POW?MIA           Birthday           Steak or Prime
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                         Thank you for your support and your       August 1st - Dist 19 School of
                         comments concerning the newsletter.                         Instruction at Post 3282
                         Several members suggested that we         August 4th - US Coast Guard Birthday
                         publish both calendars for the period                       (Est. 1790)
                         covered in the newsletter. So, we lis-    August 15th —- Aug 20th - National
                         tened, as you probably noticed both                          Convention Phoenix
                         August and September calendars are        August 17th      - Emery Bennett
                         on page 6. The primary thought to                            Lunch at Post 3282
                         remember is that the calendars are sub-   September 2nd - VJ Day
                         ject to change. An up-to-date calendar    September 5th - Dist 19 Meeting at
is always available in the canteen. Just ask your friendly bar-                       VFW Post 1590
tender for one.                                                    September 7th - Labor Day
  We have started a new service in the newsletter. Anyone can      September 11th - Patriot Day
purchase a $20.00 one-time business card size ad in the news-      September 13th - Grandparents Day
letter. Be creative! Wish your someone special a “Happy            September 17th - VFW Ladies Auxiliary
Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” or to a serviceman serving                           Birthday (Est. 1914)
overseas a “We wish your Safe Return” or “We miss you”.            September 17th - National POW/MIA
You are only limited by your imagination. I will assist anyone                        Recognition Day
in the design of your personal announcement.                       September 18th - US Air Force
  Please send your letters, comments and ideas to Post 3282                           Birthday (Est. 1947)
Attn: Newsletter Editor.                                           September 27th - Gold Star Mother’s Day
Al Burley                                                          September 29th - VFW Birthday Est. 1899

                                                                          Campbell’s Soup Labels
                                                                        Just a reminder the Post continues to
                                                                        ask members to save and turn in your
                                                                         Campbell’s soup labels. The labels
                                                                         are sent to the Veterans of Foreign
                                                                          Wars National Home for Children.
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   Advertising Rates for Newsletter Bulletin
              Are you looking for a unique and different way to wish someone
              you love “A Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations”? Do it with
              a business card size ad in our newsletter for only $20.00. We will
              special design each and every ad with your feelings in mind.

         Business Card Size is
          $20.00 an issue or
          $120.00 for 1 Year
                                                         This Size is
                                                      $37.50 an issue or
VFW Post 3282 is a Bi-Monthly Pub-                    $225.00 for 1 Year
  lication and reaches approx. 2000
     VFW members & Auxiliary.
        Please call Al Burley @
 (386) 760-4577 for any questions or
    assistance in the design of your

      Half Page Size is
     $50.00 an issue or
     $300.00 for 1 Year
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     $75.00 an issue or
     $450.00 for 1 year
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                          VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST 3282
                          COMMEMORATIVE GOLD BRICK CLUB
Yes, I would like to purchase a commemorative brick to be permanently displayed at VFW Post 3282.

SUGGESTED PRICE $ 100.00 for 30 characters

Etched areas including name and image are in black.
30 characters per brick, 4 lines maximum ——————————–—-————————————                               $100.00
Additional letters $2.50 each Number of additional Characters _________ @ $2.50 per Character = $_______
For an additional $17.50 each you can have an Emblem of your branch of service. ———————-= $_______
(Please view the bottom of this page for your service insignia & circle the insignia.)
Total price for commemorative brick ______________________________________________________ $________

Please make your check out to VFW Post 3282 for the total amount. Prepayment is required

* Be sure to write in EXACTLY what you would like to appear in the boxes below.
* The engravers may use their discretion in the placement of lettering and emblems .

1. First line. Please print in uppercase.

2. Second line. Please print in uppercase.

3. Third line. Please print in uppercase.

4. Fourth line. Please print in uppercase.

Your name ______________________________________________________________

Your daytime phone number with area code. ___________________________________

Please refer all questions to Commander Gino Carroll at (386) 761-7217

Company Logos can be engraved on the bricks with Company’s, approval.
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        TOO HOT TO COOK ?
          OUR NEW MENU.

  VFW POST 3282
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For a minimum of $10.00 your name will appear for an entire year in the newsletter inform-
ing everyone that you are actively supporting the VFW Post 3282 Newsletter. Please don’t
delay. Do it today. Send in your $10.00 donation and let’s fill up this page with the names of
our Newsletter supporters. Do your share. Thank You! Please make your checks payable
to: VFW Post 3282 Booster Club. See Pam Lickfold or Al Burley for further details.

  DEC.08 - JANUARY 2009                   June - July 2009                 OCT. - NOVEMBER 2008
George & Eleanor Burke             Al & Evelyn Burley                  Mickey Bishko
Fred & Barbara Burnet              John & Pam Lickfold                 Tom & Betty Circelli
Paul & Delores Harmon              Stanley & Marie Gary                Will & Shirley Hoare
John & Pam Lickfold                Raymond Ackerman                    John & Pam Lickfold
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Jim Dearborn                       Tom & Betty Circelli                       APRIL - MAY 2009
George B. Dexter                   Jim Snodgrass                       John Allen
John & Pam Lickfold                                                    John & Pam Lickfold
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Joe & Sharon Williams              Doris Deneweth                      John Sandberg
                                   John & Pam Lickfold                 Cdr Bruce W. Brown USN (Ret)
                                   Dave & Murial Van Dommelen          Charlie & Mary Rago
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    New Boosters                   Wesley W. Schmuldt                  Mr. & Mrs. John Heaphy
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VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS                                                                            Nonprofit Organization
John E. Mealy Memorial Post 3282                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE
5819 South Williamson Blvd
                                                                                                     Daytona Beach, FL
Port Orange, FL 32128-6702                                                                             Permit No. 331

Tele: (386) 761-7217 Fax: (386) 761-2787
Post Email:

              CHANGE OF SERVICE
Name _________________________________
Membership Nr. ________________________
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Tele ______________
E-mail Address ___________________________

( ) Check if you require the newsletter to be
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( ) Yes, I would like to become a Newsletter
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                                          OFFICERS / STAFF 2009—2010
                 POST                                                                            M.O.C. OFFICERS
  Commander: Gene P. Carroll                         LADIES AUXILIARY               Seam Squirrel: Earl Ziebarth
  Sr. Vice Cmdr: John L. Lickfold            President: Pam Lickfold                Blanket Bum: James Dearborn
  Jr. Vice Cmdr: John “Roy” Hodgins Sr.      Sr. Vice Pres: Jane Lilyander          Hide Gimlet: Gene P Carroll
  Quartermaster: Arthur R. Lilyander         Jr. Vice Pres: Linda Wright            CCDB: Elmer J. Hawkins
  Adjutant: Frank J. Wagner                  Secretary: Nancy Wisk                  Shyster: Fredrick Hering
  Chaplain: James Dearborn                   Treasurer: C’Lee VanDommelen           Sky Pilot: George Burke
  Surgeon: Allan M. Staples                  Chaplain: Ruth Valore Heaphy           Keeper of Lousy Records: Holger Rust
  Service Officer : Dave Van Dommelen        Patriotic Instructor : Evelyn Burley   Pill Pusher : Alan Ayoubee
  Judge Advocate : Kenneth C. Gardner        Conductress : Pat Kurtzweil            Tight Wad 1 yr : David Brown
  Trustee, 1 yr : William J. Skrobe          Guard: Addie Carroll                   Tight Wad 2 yr : Albert T. Burley
  Trustee, 2 yr: Albert T. Burley            Trustee, 1 yr : Ruth Leachman          Tight Wad 3yr : William Skrobe
  Trustee, 3 yr: George E. Benedict          Trustee, 2 yr: Carol Plitt             Hungry Cootie : Elmer J. Hawkins
  Membership: John L. Lickfold               Trustee, 3 yr: Alice Bailey            Booster Chairman : Albert T. Burley
  Honor Guard Capt: Elmer J. Hawkins         Historian: Laura Sloan                           M.O.C.A. OFFICERS
  Newsletter Editor: Albert T. Burley            MEN’S AUXILIARY                    President : Chris Murphy
                                             President: Stephen R. Sally            Sr. Vice Pres : Jane Brink
    HOUSE COMMITTEE                          Sr. Vice Pres: Barry J. Canton         Jr. Vice Pres: Elle Burke
      Jason P. Davis ( Chairman )            Jr. Vice Pres: Kevin M. Francis        Secretary: Hazel Masse
      Frank J. Wagner                        Secretary: Richard A. Roy              Treasurer: Marie Martine
      James M. Wright                        Treasurer: Robert Tedesch              Chaplain: Pat Coffman
      Jose A. Rosa Jr.                       Chaplain: Roland A. Gagnon             Conductress : Sharon Williams
      Paul Summers                           Trustee, 1 yr: James R. Fiddler        Guard : Grace Storms
      Victor A. Plitt                        Trustee, 2 yr: Renard M. Gregoire      Trustee, 1 yr: Helen Jelm
      Walter P. Peznar                       Trustee, 3 yr James C. Leachman        Trustee, 2 yr: Hazel Masse
                                             Guard: Jay Cox                         Trustee, 3 yr Phyllis Mantia

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