April 2009                                                        VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2

                            PEC / Premier Safety Management, 233 General Patton Avenue, Mandeville, LA 70471

                                                    PEC 1ST DAY OF SPRING
                                                     2009 CRAWFISH BOIL!

 April Showers Bring
May Flowers! From all
    of us at PEC
 Happy Spring Time!                           Beautiful Weather            Employee Friendship           Best Tasting Crawfish

      Please Note PEC
       Will Be Closed                                         SAFELAND USA
      May 25, 2009 For
       Memorial Day
                                                             BREAKING NEWS!
                                           At the last meeting of the SafeLandUSA the advisory board made the
                                           decision to start sending out operator letters in June to their contractors.
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                         Some operators will require their contractors to have the SafeLand USA
PEC 1st Day of Spring                      endorsement others may accept it as they would any safety orientation. For
2009 Crawfish Boil                         those operators requiring participation the operators are looking at a
SafeLand USA
                                           deadline of January, 2010 for contractors to have their employees in the
                                  1        database.
Breaking News!
TSTC & PEC Partnership            2        The good news is if you have been teaching the PEC Basic or Core
                                           Compliance program since January, 2005 your employees will be
Kiddle XL Fire Extinguishers               grandfathered in to the SafeLandUSA database. The only thing you may
                                           have to do is order a new PEC ID card with the SafeLandUSA logo on it.
Track Any Training You Want!      3
                                           If you haven’t met this new operator requirement PEC can help you get into
Need Quality Employees?           3        compliance. For companies without an internal trainer we have many
CAP Participant Customer                   locations throughout the United States that teach our programs. By
                                  4        attending one of these locations and taking the class you can receive your
                                           ID card and be placed in the database. If you have a trainer/s on staff PEC
PEC Would like to Welcome                  has a train the trainer program they can attend to give them
New Operator Members
                                           the tools to instruct an acceptable SafeLand USA program.
Participant On CDT—
Another CAP Benefit!
                                  5        For more information about SafeLandUSA please contact
                                           our office at 800-892-8179 and ask for Karen. You can also
Training Programs and                      visit the website at (
       CONTRACTOR ASSISTANCE PROGRAM                                                                       Page 2

                      TSTC & PEC PARTNERSHIP

Beginning in the spring of 2009, TSTC (Total Systems Technologies Corporation) will provide training for
industry certifications within the energy and general industries. The program is designed for personnel who
work in oil and gas fields, refineries or chemical processing facilities, as well as those who work in
maintenance and safety in general industry.

Training will be provided in multiple locations within Texas and the United States. Locations include Waco,
Marshall, Harlingen, Sweetwater, Breckenridge, Palacios, Richmond/Rosenberg, Abilene, Pearland,
Brownwood, Weatherford, and Cleburne.

Training facilities outside of Texas will be determined by the location of companies requesting service. All
courses can be customized to your specific industry needs and can be taught on site at your facility. Training
is not limited to just the United States; TSTC is global in its training efforts.

TSTC is working in partnership with the Petroleum Education Council (PEC) to address skill gaps, create a
bank of qualified workers to fulfill the needs of the industry or expand your employees’ technical skills. All
TSTC’s industry certifications are recognized and approved by PEC.

PEC is Louisiana-based training and consultant company committed to providing its customers with high-
quality training and consulting services suited to their specific needs — and in compliance with regulatory
standards. The organization has a customer base of nearly 5,000 companies in Texas and more than 11,000
throughout the United States.

Together, TSTC and PEC can provide your employees the technical training they will need to contribute to
your organization’s welfare and success. For additional details, visit:

TSTC would like the opportunity to visit with you and show you what we could do for your company. Contact
Jerry Atlas to schedule a visit at (800) 792-8784, ext.3023 or (254) 867-3023 or e-mail

The Coast Guard Headquarters Lifesaving and Fire Safety Division,CG-5214 is forwarding the following recall
information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recall involves about 167,000
portable "Kidde XL Fire Extinguishers" made by Walter Kidde Portable Equipment, Inc. WASHINGTON, D.C.
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced
a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products
immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Hazard: The pressurized cylinders in the recalled fire extinguishers could lose pressure and fail to operate. In
the event of a fire, this failure could put a consumer and property at risk. Incidents/Injuries: None reported.
Remedy: Consumers should immediately inspect the pressure gauge. If it points to the red zone, contact
Kidde to receive a free replacement extinguisher. If the gauge is not in the red zone, but you have questions
about an extinguisher within the listed model numbers, please contact Kidde for additional information.

For additional information please access this website:
Page 3                                                                                  VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2

The PEC Advanced Training Tracker system is a comprehensive
training database that not only records the training your employees                             ADVANCED TT
                                                                         EMPLOYEE LEVEL
have gone through but also allows you to see when training is
needed. All of this information is made available to you through              1 – 100               $ 350
reports with only a few clicks of the mouse.
                                                                             101 – 150              $ 450
Training Lookup — As a CAP benefit, you are able to use Training
                                                                             151 – 250              $ 550
Tracker look up and verify the PEC training history of potential
employees as well as for existing or former employees.                       251– 500               $ 850

Advanced Training Tracker Tools — As a CAP Participant you                   501 – 1000            $ 1,300
can also purchase an Advanced Training Tracker Tools subscription           1001 – 1500            $ 1,650
which allows you to use all features. You can now use Advanced                 > 1500           Call for Quote
Training Tracker to track not only your employee’s PEC training
records but also any and all training, including in-house custom training courses. Click here to learn more...

                   NEED QUALITY EMPLOYEES?

Don’t forget that PEC/Premier graduates quality, trained workers on a weekly basis from our OPPS program.
The Oil Patch Preparation System (OPPS) is a 9-day, onshore & offshore, oilfield skills and safety training
program that takes place aboard the Mr. Charlie Rig in Morgan City, Louisiana. When students graduate
from an OPPS class they have been drug tested, cleared to work, outfitted with PPE, have a resume in-hand,
enrolled in the TWIC application process, and have been trained in: PEC Core Compliance, First Aid/CPR/
BBP, Water Survival w/METS, Hazwoper (24 hr), Confined Space/Fall Rescue, Rigging, plus much more.

The best part is that PEC/Premier CAP Subscribers can hire employees directly out of our OPPS graduate
pool for ABSOLUTELY NO COST. Based on current economic concerns why not take the cost burden of pre
-employment screening and training off of your budget.

To find out more you can:
    View the Job Seekers Report at
    Email us at
    Call Jim Lina at 985-872-3658
                                                                               Employee Safety Is
    Schedule an interview day at the Mr. Charlie Rig                             No Accident!
Page 4                                                                                       VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2

The Year is Moving Along,
Hopefully as a CAP participation and PEC have helped you identify the
strengths and weaknesses of your Safety Program by using your SSQ
REPORT CARD as well as your other EVALUATION BENEFITS. Now,
the next step is to advance your strengths and improve those

To do this, your participation in CAP provides you with just the right tools.
Click on the Contractor Assistance Program button to display the full list of CAP benefits

We anticipate that you may want to utilize the following benefits:                               FIRST!
1. Training Tracker

This allows you to quickly verify the PEC & SafeGulf training that your employees have gone through.
Just login to your SSQ and click the “Logout & Transfer to Training Tracker” button then the “Employer’s
Locate Trainee Tool” button.

Confirm New Hire’s Training This feature will let you research a new or potential employee’s existing PEC &
SafeGulf training, again just follow the above steps. It is designed for the purpose of saving you money. You
could cut down on the cost of safety training almost instantly.

2. Train the Trainer

This is one of your most powerful benefits. We have already put together several Safety Programs. We’ve
done the hard part. Send one of your employees to become certified in PEC Basic, PEC Core Compliance &
SafeGulf training, as well as the upcoming SafeLand courses.
Train in-house and on-site. Doing this saves time and other logistical resources that limit HSE training.

Your CAP Participation benefits give you the opportunities to save money in the long run; money and
resources that you can use to help GROW your company instead of just maintaining it.

We, at the CAP Participation Customer Service Department, understand the value of your time and
resources, and hope that we can help you make the most of them.

We put the tools in your hands to take control of your company’s future.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be contacting
you throughout this CAP Participation year to address new ideas, highlight upgrades to Participant benefits,
and to encourage you to fully use all PEC has to offer. We look forward to working with your company and to
building a safer work environment.

         PEC / Premier Safety Management, 233 General Patton Avenue, Mandeville, LA 70471
   CONTRACTOR ASSISTANCE PROGRAM                                                                    Page 5


                             Delta Petroleum Corporation
                                     Denver, CO

Delta Petroleum Company was started in 1946 in Metairie, Louisiana, and has grown to become one
of the largest independent lubricant manufacturers in North America. By the mid 70’s, they had ex-
panded their services to handling both lubricants and chemicals. In 1984 they built another plant in
Denver, Colorado to service the lubricant and chemical business in the Midwest. By 1989, their busi-
ness on the gulf coast had expanded so much that they had to acquire another plant in St Rose, Lou-
isiana, where they are now headquartered. As business continued to grow, they established other
sites in Bayonne, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas.

                                        Houston, TX

ConocoPhillips traces its beginnings to 1875, when Conoco founder Isaac E. Blake envisioned an
idea to make kerosene available and affordable to townspeople in Ogden, Utah. Thirty years later,
the foundation for Phillips Petroleum Company began when brothers Frank and L.E. Phillips hit the
first of 81 wells without a dry hole. Nearly a century later, the two companies combined their
strengths to form what is now the third-largest energy company in the United States. The Conoco-
Phillips merger, completed on Aug. 30, 2002, paved the path for the company’s current and future


The Contractor Development Team (CDT) was created to provide you, the contractor, an
equal opportunity to have input on decisions that may impact your business. As a CAP
participant, your company will automatically be a member of the CDT. This provides avenue
to voice your suggestions and concerns to the operators. This can easily lead to meaningful
changes that affect not only your company, but the entire industry.

                  Watch for the next CDT Meeting Announcement!
Page 6                                                                         VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2

Listed below are the training programs that PEC offers. Being a PEC Subscriber and member of the CAP
Program allows you to receive discounts on all of these training programs. Take a Look!
TTT = Train The Trainer Instructor Course

                   TRAINING COURSE:                 MEMBER       NON-MEMBER          COURSE LENGTH
                                                     PRICE          PRICE
PEC OPPS                                             $ 1,340         $ 1,540              8 DAYS

PEC CORE COMPLIANCE                                   $ 470           $ 570           3 DAYS (24 Hrs)
PEC BASIC / SAFEGULF                                  $ 125           $ 200           1 DAY (8-10 Hrs)
PEC CORE REFRESHER                                    $ 150           $ 175            1 DAY (8 Hrs)
CONFINED SPACE RESCUER / SUPERVISOR                   $ 250           $ 400           2 DAYS (16 Hrs)
RIGGING (API RP 2D 5th ed.)                           $ 150           $ 200            1 DAY (8 Hrs)
H2S                                                   $ 150           $ 200            1 DAY (8 Hrs)
HAZWOPER OPERATIONS LEVEL                             $ 150           $ 175            1 DAY (8 Hrs)
HAZWOPER / HAZMAT TECHNICIAN                          $ 250           $ 400           2 DAYS (16 Hrs)
HAZMAT TECHNICIAN (HAZWOPER 40) TTT                   $ 400           $ 550           2 DAYS (16 Hrs)
SERVESAFE                                             $ 150           $ 200            1 DAY (8 Hrs)
WATER SURVIVAL (HUET) with SWETS                      $ 150           $ 200            1 DAY (8 Hrs)
WATER SURVIVAL w/ HUET w/ METS                        $ 200           $ 250          1 DAY (10-12 Hrs)
MEDIC 1        AID / CPR BB PATH                      $ 100           $ 150            1 DAY (8 Hrs)
MEDIC 1        AID / CPR BB PATH TTT                  $ 595           $ 695           1 DAY (8-10 Hrs)
MEDIC 1ST AID / CPR BB PATH TTT REFRESHER             $ 210           $ 285            1 DAY (8 Hrs)
PEC CORE / SAFEGULF TTT (Core & Admin)               $ 1,765    Must Be Subscriber        4 DAYS
PEC BASIC / SAFEGULF TTT (Basic & Admin)              $ 875     Must Be Subscriber        2 DAYS
PEC INSTRUCTOR UPDATE                                 $ 375     Must Be Subscriber     1 DAY (8 Hrs)

                             Safety Training Makes Good Safety!


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