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					Sino Clean Energy Inc.

                         Investor Presentation
                                April 2011
Safe Harbor Statement

 Statements in this presentation may be "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of federal securities
 laws. The matters discussed herein that are forward-looking statements are based on current management
 expectations that involve risks and uncertainties that may result in such expectations not being realized. Forward-
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 condition to be materially different from the expectations of future results, performance or financial condition
 expressed or implied in any forward-looking statements. Such risks include, but are not limited to, competition in
 the coal industry, declines in demand for the Company’s products, rising raw materials costs, changes to
 management or key personnel, risks associated with conducting business in China, the Company’s ability to
 expand into markets outside of China and other risks detailed in the Company’s filings with the Securities and
 Exchange Commission. Actual outcomes and results may differ materially from what is expressed or forecasted in
 such forward-looking statements due to numerous potential risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements
 made during this presentation speak only as of the date on which they are made, and we do not undertake any
 obligation to update any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this

 Additional information regarding the risks faced by the Company may be found in its filings from time to time
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Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                              2
Company Profile

   Leading producer of Coal Water Slurry Fuel (“CWSF”),                                                                      (in $MM)

    offering heating and energy solutions for residential,
    commercial and industrial uses in China1
          Largest third-party CWSF producer in China

          Current installed capacity of 1,150,000 metric tons

          with 6 production lines
   Develop, produce, and distribute CWSF, which is a
    liquefied form of coal that burns more efficiently and
    cleaner than traditional briquette coal
        An economic alternative to oil and natural gas
                                                                                                                                            3

        (scarce and expensive resources in China)                                                                                        2

        Significantly cleaner than briquette coal

   Mainly focus on two categories of customers
                  Residential/commercial: steam for heating
                  Industrial: steam for heating /production

1. Source: Frost & Sullivan
2. Adjusted Net Income (Non-GAAP): net income have been adjusted for expense related to escrow shares, cost of private
placement, change in fair value of derivative liabilities, extinguishment of derivative liability and amortization of notes
3. 2011E data per Company guidance

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                                       3
Financial Summary

   Financial Summary (as of 4/7/2011)
       Market Price:                          $4.41                                        Common stock outstanding:                                          15.9MM shares
       Market Cap:1                           $70 MM                                       Total diluted shares:                                              17.8MM shares
                                                                                           P/E Multiple:                                                      3.0x (LTM Pre-money)
  Record Financial Performance For FY 2010
              FY2010 revenues increased 131% to $106.3 million; adjusted net income increased 154.7% to $27.9 million,
               with adjusted EPS of $1.46
              FY2010 gross margins increased 230 bps year-over-year to 39.4%
              Generated $26.2 million in operating cash flow for full year 2010

               US$MM, except per share data)                                  FY 2010               FY 2009               FY2008                FY2007                   2007-2010 CAGR

               Revenue                                                        $106.3                $46.0                 $14.3                 $2.8                     236.1%
               Revenue Growth                                                 131.1%                222.8%                408.5%                NA
               Gross Profit                                                   $41.8                 $17.1                 $5.0                  $1.0                     247.1%
               Gross Profit Margin                                            39.4%                 37.1%                 35.0%                 36.3%
               Non –GAAP Adjusted Net Income2                                 $27.9                 $10.9                 $3.7                  $1.0                     203.3%
               Non –GAAP Net Income Margin                                    26.2%                 23.7%                 25.9%                 36.3%
               Non –GAAP Diluted EPS                                          $1.46                 $0.57                 $0.36                 $0.12                    130.0%

1. Market Capitalization is calculated using common stock outstanding multiplied by the market price
2. Adjusted Net Income (Non-GAAP): net income have been adjusted for expense related to escrow shares, cost of private placement, change in fair value of derivative liabilities, extinguishment of derivative
 liability and amortization of notes discount

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                                                                                                       4
Company History
                                                                                                       Increased production
                                                                                                        capacity to 650,000
                                                                                                       metric tons (Shenyang
                                                                                                           – line 3 and 4)
                                                                                       capacity to
                                                                                     350,000 metric                            2010.01
                                                                                   tons (Tongchuan –
                                                             Boiler referral              line 2)
                                Obtained public               signed with                                        2009.10
                                listing through             Haizhong Boiler
                                                                                                                                           Listed on NASDAQ
                                reverse merger                                                         2009.07
   Started CWSF                                                                      2009.02                               Increased production
   research and
                                                                                                                            capacity to 850,000
     planning                                                             2008.09                                         metric tons (Tongchuan
                                                                                                                                  – line 5)
                                 2006.12                                                                            Joint development
                   2006.04                                                                                        agreement signed with
   2004.04                                                                                                            Haizhong Boiler
                                            Started producing              Raised $1.3
                                               CWSF, annual                  million                 Raised $11.6
                  Started building              capacity of              through a PIPE            million through a
                  CWSF operation              100,000 metric               transaction             PIPE transaction
                                            tons (Tongchuan –
                                                  line 1)

                      Sino Clean is Well Positioned for Future Growth
Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                                                        5
Key Investment Highlights
  Large and fast growing CWSF market in China
  China is the no. 1 coal consumption country in the world
  CWSF, a “clean coal” solution, offers both cost savings and environmental benefits to the end users

   and is feasible for large scale adoption
  Strong government support (legislation and incentives) on both national and local levels

  Dominant CWSF producer already in full scale commercial production
  Largest third-party CWSF producer in China with first mover advantages
  Stable and growing customer base brings visibility on long-term growth prospects
  Long-term framework agreements in place with customers
  100% customer retention rate since commercial operation began

  Long-term strategic agreements with key industry partners
  Strategic partnership with Haizhong Boiler, the largest CWSF boiler manufacturer in China
  Experienced management team with extensive CWSF expertise
  Key management team members have an average of 6 years of experience in the CWSF industry
  Strong financial track record
    Revenues increased at CAGR of 236% and non-GAAP net income increased at CAGR of 203% from
     2007 to 2010

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                               6
 China’s Heavy Reliance on Coal

• Coal is the most widely used energy source in China
                      Significant: China is the largest coal consumption country in the world, total coal consumption in
                       China was 3 billion tons in 20091
                      Established: In 2010, coal accounted for 67% of overall energy consumption in China2
                      Abundant: Coal represents around 94% of China’s fossil fuel reserves2, while oil represents 5.4%
                       and natural gas only 0.6%

                        China’s Energy Consumption by Type1                           Proven Fossil Fuel Resource Reserves (2008)

                          Coal   Other

   Billion tce




                         72.2%     75.8%   76.2%      74.6%   67.8%   68.9%   66.7%
                         1980      1985    1990       1995    2000    2005    2010E

  1. Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China
  2. Source: Frost and Sullivan

 Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                             7
   China’s Urgent Need to Switch to “Clean Coal”
          Increasing pollution from traditional coal usage – a
                                                                                               Total Sulfur Dioxide Emissions by Country
           terrible hidden price for the fast growing economy                                                  1980-2000
                   China currently ranks first in terms of SO2 emissions
                   Chinese coal resource is featured by high ash (23.0
                    percent) and high sulfur content (2.0 percent)
                   It is estimated that 85.0 percent of CO2, 80.0 percent of
                    SO2, 67.0 percent nitrogen oxide and 80.0 percent of soot
                    emissions are caused by coal burning in China1

          China budgeted US$12 billion in 2010 for energy
           conservation and pollution reduction2
          Government subsidy of $30 to $38 for every ton
           saved by upgrading traditional coal boilers to clean
           coal boilers and fining those who do not comply3
                                                                       Lack of oil & natural
           Abundant, cheap                                                                              National focus on
                                                                         gas supply and
            and dirty coal                                      +       other alternative      =            clean coal
               supply                                                                                     technologies
1. Source: Frost & Sullivan
2. Report on China's central, local budgets (2010)
3. Policy on Top 10 Energy Reservation Projects made by NDRC in 2007

  Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                            8
   Why CWSF?

                  CWSF is a liquefied form of coal that burns more efficiently and cleaner than
                traditional briquette coal and an economic alternative to diesel oil and natural gas

      CWSF is a significantly cheaper                           Fuel Cost, Performance and Emission Comparison
       source of energy than other major                            Economic Cost                                           Burn-off Rate
       traditional fossil fuels                                                                 200%                           98%          99%           99%

          50% cheaper than diesel oil                                            147%

          32% cheaper than natural gas               100%           105%

          5% cheaper than coal briquette

                                                      CWSF       Briquette Coal Natural Gas   Diesel Oil   Briquette Coal     CWSF        Diesel Oil   Natural Gas
      CWSF is cleaner and more efficient
                                                            SO2 Emission Index                                       N0x Emission Index
       than briquette coal                                                                       7.28                                                      2.78

          80% lower sulfur emissions

          33% higher burn off rate

          21% higher thermal efficiency                             1.48
                                                        0                                                        0             0.03
          38% more energy generated
                                                   Natural Gas      CWSF         Diesel Oil    Briquette      CWSF          Natural Gas   Diesel Oil     Briquette
                                                                                                  Coal                                                      Coal

Source: Frost & Sullivan                          Note: Emission index is emission/energy generated

   Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                                                     9
 CWSF is one of the few energy sources that is available at low costs and with
  ample supply
      Much cheaper than diesel oil and natural gas
      Significantly less pollution than coal-briquette and diesel oil

      Abundant and stable coal supply

                                              Coal                                     Other clean
                               CWSF        Briquette
                                                         Diesel Oil      Natural Gas

    Low Economic Cost

         High Efficiency

         Low Emission

         Stable supply


Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                           10
   CWSF: Strong Government Support – National Level
              CWSF is listed in each national Five-Year Plan since 1981
              Strong government incentive to promote CWSF for energy conservation and
               emission reduction campaign
              CWSF industry in China is still at an early stage

      Development          1981 - 1985    CWSF successfully developed by Bayi Coal Mine
                           1986 – 1990    CWSF fuel started its trial use in key national projects and plants

      Promotion            1991 – 1995    CWSF listed in the Current Catalogue of Key Industries, Products and
                                          Technologies to be Encouraged
                           1996 – 2000    9th Five-Year Plan: Research scope set out + demonstrative 220 t/h CWSF
                                          furnace built to replace oil burning boiler in power plants
                           2001 - 2005    10th Five Year Plan: Released stand-alone report “2010 Outline for
                                          Development of CWSF in China”

      Wider                2006 - today   Central government policies filtering down to local governments, driving
      applications                        increased support for CWSF

Source: Frost & Sullivan

   Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                            11
   CWSF: Strong Government Support – Local Level

                                   Sample Policies Carried out by Local Government for Promoting CWSF 1
     Goal                                                                          Promote application of CWSF and other new clean energy
                                                                                    sources to save energy and reduce emissions
     Upgrading Existing Boilers                                                    Convert all existing coal-briquette boilers to CWSF boilers or
     (Government Mandate)                                                           other clean energy sources
     Installing New Boilers                                                        All new boilers must use CWSF or other clean energy sources
     (Government Mandate)                                                           to meet emission request or will be shut down
     CWSF Centralized Heating Stations                                             Build centralized heating project using CWSF in planned
                                                                                    areas/industrial parks and pull down existing boilers in that
     Subsidies for Promoting CWSF                                                  Newly-built CWSF boilers: 10-15% of the total investment
                                                                                   Upgrading coal boilers to CWSF boilers: 20-30% of the total
                                                                                   Upgrading diesel boilers to CWSF boilers: $15,000 to $30,000
                                                                                   Centralized heat supply using CWSF: $22,500 to $75,000
                                                                                    subsidy depending on the output scale

1. Include policies carried out in cities including Dongguan (Guangdong), Nanning (Guangxi), Nanchang (Jiangxi), Xiamen (Fujian), Hangzhou (Zhejiang), Huaihua (Hunan), Xi’an (Shaanxi), Tongchuan

  Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                                                                                             12
CWSF: Strong Growth Outlook

   The growing overall demand for CWSF in China provides great opportunities and large
                           growth potential for CWSF suppliers
 CWSF market key growth drivers                                                                      CWSF Demand in China, 2006-2014E2
              CWSF is the only clean energy in China available at low                                70
               costs and with ample supply
                                                                                                                           Power Generation Plants                           59.9
              Stricter government policies on pollution                                              60                   Industrial Customers
              Energy prices have been growing for the past few years                                                      Residential Heating
               and the trend is expected to continue                                                  50

                                                                            Demand (million tonnes)
              Supply shortage of diesel oil and natural gas in China                                                                                        41.3

 Strong CWSF growth outlook                                                                                2006-2014 CAGR: 29.0%                    33.8

              CWSF is used in 700 industrial furnaces and in                                         30                                     27.3

               hundreds of industrial kilns1                                                                                         21.3
              600,000 traditional fossil fuel boilers currently installed                            20                     15.9
               in China, with approximately 100,000 requiring
               replacement or major repairs each year2                                                     7.8
              Market demand for CWSF in China in 2008 was
               15.9 million metric tons or less than 1% of total coal






















  1. Source: Frost & Sullivan
  2. Source: Beijing Zhongjing Zongheng Information and Consulting Center

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                                                                          13
 Dominant Market Position

 Fast development of CWSF’s commercial application
               Historically, CWSF was only produced in-house by large state-owned manufacturers of
                coal/electricity for internal consumption
               Commercial supply refers to CWSF suppliers producing CWSF and selling to an external CWSF
                customer rather than for internal use
               The commercial supply of CWSF starts to grow with the increasing demand of CWSF in
                residential, commercial and industrial use
               Regional: Critical to establish production capacity within 200 km of the customer base

 We are the largest-third party producer of CWSF                          Market Share of Leading commercial
                                                                              Suppliers of CWSF in China 1
  in China                                                                     (by Sales Volume 1H2010)
               We accounted for 15.9% of total domestic commercial
                CWSF supply in 1H2010
               Dominant CWSF supplier in existing markets and first
                mover advantage
               Approximately 40 to 50 commercial suppliers of CWSF in
                China, most have volume of less than 100,000 metric tons
               No foreign competitors with a material presence in China

 1. Source: Frost & Sullivan

 Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                         14
Integrated Business Model

          Supply                   Processing                       End User

                                Sino Clean Energy Inc.

                             Large scale capacity and
 Stable and abundant                                         Direct sales to
                              fully automated production
  supply of washed coal                                        residential, commercial
  (through long-term                                           and industrial
  supply contracts)          Able to produce a wide           customers
                              range of CWSF particle sizes
 Our suppliers guarantee                                     Long term framework
  to satisfy the maximum     Recognized as one of the         agreements in place
  volume demand of our        best CWSF products in
                                                              Strategic partnerships &
  production lines            China
                                                               sales channels
                             Top notch quality control

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                              15
Substantial Production Capacity
  Substantial installed production capacity
               Currently five production lines with installed capacity of 1,150,000 metric tons
               Plan to increase capacity to 1.85 million metric tons by the first half of 2011
               Most immediate geographic expansion will focus on Guangxi Province and Guangdong
                     Production Lines                                                                                 Locations

Production Line        tons/yr)      Method      Start date     Location   Xi’an, Shaanxi                                                          Operating facility

In-place                                                                   Head Office                                                             Planned facility


Line 1                     100,000   Grinder     July 2007     Tongchuan
Line 2                     250,000   Atomizer   March 2009     Tongchuan
Line 3                     150,000   Grinder    October 2009   Shenyang                                                                           Shenyang facility
                                                                                                                                  Current Capacity = 300,000 metric tons
Line 4                     150,000   Grinder    October 2009   Shenyang                                                               (expansion to 500,000 metric tons)

Line 5                     200,000   Grinder    January 2010   Tongchuan
Line 6                     300,000   Grinder    January 2011   Guangdong
                                                                                                                                  Tongchuan facility
Sub-total             1,150,000                                                                                                   Current Capacity = 550,000
                                                                                                                                              metric tons

Future development Plans
Line 7                     500,000   Grinder        N/A         Nanning                                                                      Guangdong facility
                                                                             Nanning facility                                              Current Capacity =300,000
                                                                             (2011 development)                                                          metric tons
Line 8                     200,000   Grinder        N/A        Shenyang      Planned Capacity = 500,000 metric tons

Grand total           1,850,000

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                                                                  16
Established Customer Base
  Diverse customer base representing multiple industries
         43 direct customers as of December 31, 2010
         Residential/commercial = steam for heating
         Industrial = steam for heating + production processes

  Long-term framework agreements in place with most customers
         Dominant CWSF producer in both of our present markets: Shannxi and Liaoning provinces
         100% customer retention rate since commercial operation
         Long-term framework agreements in place with approximately 90% of our customers
         Stable end-markets with predictable utility-like cash flows

                                                                      2009 Sales by Application
                                                                  2010 Sales Breakdown by Application
      Industrial Processes       Residential/commercial Heating

                                                                          commercial     Industrial

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                17
Strategic Partnerships

   Haizhong Industry Inc. (“Haizhong Boiler”)
                   The largest CWSF boiler manufacturer in China, with an estimated 78% market share1
                   We are the exclusive distributor in Shaanxi province and have sold 51 boilers to-date
                   Exclusive nationwide strategic partnership to provide one-stop shop for CWSF users

                          Strategic Partnership                                                  CWSF Users

                                                             Leading CWSF Boiler
                                                                   Supplier        Province  Potential Addressable Market Size
                                                                                                           (metric tons/annum)¹
                                                                                   Shaanxi                             5,000,000
                                                                                   Liaoning                            6,000,000
                                                                                   Guangxi                             9,000,000
                                                                                   Guangdong                          61,000,000
                                                           Leading CWSF supplier

1. Source: Beijing Zhongjing Zhongheng Information and Consulting Center

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                                       18
Growth Strategy

                               Continue to bring new production capacity on-line in existing
  Pursue organic growth in      markets (e.g. Tongchuan and Shenyang)
      existing markets         Continue to grow customer base - grew from 30 customers as of
                                March 31, 2010 to 43 as of December 31, 2010

     Leverage strategic        Haizhong Boiler is China’s largest CWSF boiler manufacturer
 partnership with Haizhong     Exclusive sales agency agreement in Shaanxi
           Boiler              Exclusive nationwide strategic partnership agreement

                               Focus on the environment + extensive coal reserves = attractive
     Capitalize on strong       opportunity for CWSF
   government support for
                               CWSF has been listed as a key scientific and technological project in
                                each of China’s Five-Year Plans

  Grow through expansion       Nanning, Guangxi province – developing 500,000 metric tons
  and acquisitions in other
                               Potential future acquisitions
     regional markets

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                              19
Experienced Management Team

          Name           Age                                    Experience

                                Founded SCEI in 2002
      Baowen Ren                Over 7 years experience in CWSF research, development and sales
    Chairman & CEO              Member of China CWSF Research Center, China Association of Environmental
                                 Protection Industry, and China Association of Low- Carbon Economy

                                  Former CFO of China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc (NYSE: KUN)
       Wendy Fu                   Former VP-Finance of Shengdatech (Nasdaq: SDTH)
         CFO                      Former corporate controller of Wal-Mart China
                                  Former senior consultant at Deloitte & Touche USA

                                10 years experience in plant operations and management
       Peng Zhou                Former GM of Shaanxi Pengyuan Technology Co., Ltd.
          COO                   Former VP of Hanzhong Ruisen Real Estate Company

                                Began research in CWSF in December 2004, focusing on papermaking, black
                                 liquor, CWSF, sewage sludge and high efficiency desulfurization CWSF
     Xueping Wang
                         47      dispersants
         CTO                    Former VP, Deputy GM and Chief Engineer of Xi'an Plastic Production Company
                                 from 1987 to 1999

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                      20
                         Financial Summary

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                       21
Financial Overview

              Proven Financial Track Record
                   Robust top-line and bottom-line growth
                   Strong and consistent margin and profitability

              Strong Balance Sheet
                   Solid financial position with sufficient financing flexibility
                   Excellent working capital management

              Significant Growth Prospects
                   All sales are done through long-term sales contracts with end-
                    users that have highly visible ongoing long-term needs
                   Consistent margins and cash flow to support capacity expansion

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                               22
Proven Financial Track Record
                        Strong Revenue Growth                CWSF COGS Breakdown (2010)
         USD million

                                        1           (1)

                       Robust Gross Profit Growth                       Adjusted Net Income2
          USD million                                     USD million

1. 2011E data per Company guidance
2. Adjusted net income (Non-GAAP)

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                         23
Income Statement

                          Income Statement                          Highlights
    (USD million)                        12 Months Ended
                                Dec 31, 2010    Dec 31, 2009
    Revenue                     $106.3          $46.0           Rapid growth in
                                                                 revenue and profit
    Cost of goods sold          64.4            28.9
    Gross profit                41.8            17.1            Effective cost
    Gross margin                39.4%           37.1%
    Selling expenses            4.6             1.1             Consistent margins
                                                                 and attractive
    G&A expenses                2.6             1.8              profitability
    Income from operations      34.7            14.2
    Operating Margin            32.6%           30.8%
    Adjusted Net Income         27.9            10.9
    Adjusted Net Margin         26.2%           23.7%

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                24
Strong Balance Sheet

                                 Balance Statement                                   Highlights
    (USD million)
                                                 Dec 31, 2010   Dec 31, 2009
     Cash and cash equivalents                         $52.1          $18.3     Maintained
     Accounts receivable, net                            3.9            3.7      consistent financial
     Inventory                                           1.3            0.9      flexibility to
     Prepaid inventories                                10.2            5.5      capitalize on
   Total current assets                                 77.8           28.8      attractive market
     Property, plant and equipment, net                 13.6           12.6      opportunities
   Total assets                                       $103.4          $44.6     Low financial
                                                                                 gearing with
   Liabilities & Shareholders' Equity                                            virtually no debt
     Accounts payable and accrued expenses              $1.6           $2.7
     Taxes payable and other payables                     3.3           1.6     Low receivables and
    Derivative liabilities                              14.6           16.8      no bad debt
   Total Current Liabilities                            19.5           21.1
   Total Liabilities                                    19.7           51.1
   Total Stockholders’ Equity                           83.7           -6.5
   Total Liabilities & Equity                         $103.4          $44.6

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                                  25
Companies in the Clean Technology Industry


 Source: Capital IQ and company reports as of November 26, 2010
 Note: 1. 2010E data per Company guidance

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                26
Key Investment Highlights

  Large and fast growing CWSF market in China

  Dominant CWSF producer already in full scale commercial production

  Stable and growing customer base brings visibility on long-term growth

  Long-term strategic agreements with key industry partners

  Experienced management team with extensive CWSF expertise

  Strong financial track record

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                      27
Production Process

     Method 1: Traditional ‘Grinder’ Process         Method 2: Advanced ‘Atomizer’ Process

 •   High Concentration Preparation with Mixed   •   Supersonic Fluid Dynamics Atomizer process
     Grinding process                                (SFDA)
      1. Coal pulverization                             Similar to the ‘Grinder’ process, but the
      2. Coal / water mixing                             SFDA process uses a series of ultrasonic
      3. Quality control                                 chambers to break coal briquettes down
                                                         into smaller particle form
      4. CWSF Delivery
                                                 •   Produces coal microns as fine as 20 to 30
 •   Produces coal microns as fine as 50 to 80       microns
                                                 •   Consumes 10% less electricity

 •   SCEI does regular quality control, checking for condensate, viscosity, evaporation
     rate, energy content, particle size, sulfur content and ash content
 •   All production lines are typically run at night to conserve electricity

Sino Clean Energy Inc.                                                                          29