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					                                                                                                        Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                                                                September / October 2008

                                                                        Grapevine Newsletter...

    Board of Directors         Presidents Message...
                               I hope everyone had a wonderful Summer. For those with kids, school has
President:                     started and life is getting back to normal, whatever that is :). We have an in-
Pat Mirabello                  credible, hardworking board of directors this year and I look so forward to work-
(954) 662-5770                 ing with them and you to make this a fun and rewarding year. We always wel-
                               come your thoughts so please feel free to let us know how we can make this an
Vice President, Departments:   even better club. We have a lot to look forward to so please read on… And don't
Fran Riccardi                  forget to look at our website and especially our calendar at
(954) 675-7147        Mirabello, PWC President
Vice President, Membership:
Cindy Grabelsky
(954) 663-6391                 A Message from Membership...                                   You’re Invited!
                                                                                               To a Garden
Vice President, Fundraising:   I am happy to report that      much fun we have and           Party in   Park-
Mai Meret                      PWC membership in-             what an "INCREDIBLE"
                               creased from 35 to 46          group of ladies we are!
(954) 304-7358
                               members over the past           Membership is NOT limited
Vice President,                year! We recruited 17 new      to Parkland residents only.
                               members and 29 renewals.        We currently have mem-
                                Hopefully we will see the     bers from Parkland, Coral
Denise Gobin                   same trend this year as we     Springs, Coconut Creek and
(954) 553-1089                 kick-off our annual mem-       Boca. I am looking forward
Pam Whitmore                   bership round-up with a        to another year as VP of
                               'Garden Party' Event sched-    Membership and hope that
(954) 232-4037                 uled for September 4th at      you will help me to enlist
                               the Cypresshead Club-          quality members so that        Bring a Friend &
Treasurer:                     house. We hope that you        our club can continue to          Join us on
Mary Frances Heller            will make every effort to      make a difference in our
                               attend the membership          local communities…
                                                                                             September 4, at
(954) 554-6911
                               "Round-Up" and bring a                                       Cypress Head Club-
                                                              Cindy Grabelsky,                    house
Secretary:                     friend or tow along for this   PWC VP Membership
                               special event! Be sure to                                     7501 S. Cypresshead Dr.
Traci Scharf
                               tell your friends just how                                     Parkland, FL 33067

Past President:
Linda Douglas
(561) 866-8442
                               A Message from Fundraising...
                               We have 3 wonderful fund-      Fashion Show and Lunch-       fun, make new friends, and
Juniorette Advisor:            raising events planned for     eon at the Parkland Golf &    make a difference our
Julie Fernandez                this coming year. We start     Country Club - last year's    charities… Mai Meret,
(954) 593-7712                 the Fall with the Parkland     event was such a huge         PWC VP Fundraising
                               Promenade (new and im-         success. And, in the Spring
Historian:                     proved Arts & Crafts in the    we will hold our annual
Candy Hickman                  Country) which will be held    Treasure Sale, the commu-
                               on October 4th at Stone-       nities largest outdoor ga-
(954) 224-9797
                               man Douglas. In February       rage sale. These events
                               we will hold our 2nd annual    bring us together to have
 PAGE 2                                                                                           GRAPEVINE NEWSLETTER...

                             A Message from Our Historian...
                             In 1986, the Parkland             the General Federation of         Club’s bylaws call for our
                             Woman’s Club was founded          Women’s Clubs (GFWC) In-          general member meetings to
                             by Cypress Head neighbors         ternational would best meet       take place on the third
                             and friends, Debby Beck and       the needs of the Club. In         Thursday of each month
                             Charlotte (Brower) DeLeu.         April of 1987, the Club and       (September thru May) and
                             Debby and Charlotte wanted        its 61 charter members were       the management of the Cy-
                             to organize women in their        accepted into the FFWC/           press Head Clubhouse gave
                             community for fellowship          GFWC at the FFWC Conven-          us a permanent place to
                             and service. They realized        tion in Orlando. In our first     hold our monthly meetings.
                             that affiliation with the Flor-   newsletter, President Char-
                                                                                                 Candy Hickman,
                                                                            lotte says,
                                                                            “Already many        PWC Historian
                                                                            hours have been
                                                                            spent in setting
                                                                            worthwhile goals
                                                                            for service to and
                                                                            for the better-
                                                                            ment of Park-
                                                                            land. This com-
                                                                            mitment to com-
                             ida Federation of Women’s         munity involvement will in-
                             Clubs (FFWC), and therefore,      sure our success!” The
 "I am a woman in
  process. I'm just
trying like everybody
  else. I try to take
                             Treasurer’s Report...
every conflict, every
                             Last year financials              future projects. Look-
experience, and learn        have been sent to the             ing forward to seeing
   from it. Life is          CPA for review and                everyone and hope
     never dull."            reporting. Our 08/09              that you each had a
          -- Oprah Winfrey   Budgets are being fi-             relaxing summer. Get
                             nalized for approval.             ready for a very excit-
                             We will be updating our           ing and fun PWC year!
                             accounting software to            Mary Frances Heller,
                             Quickbooks Pro to bet-            PWC Treasurer
                             ter manage our Club's

                             Communications Report...
                             We’re off to a great start for    Board Members and New             at The Boca Green Wise
                             the upcoming year with com-       Members. It was well at-          Publix which will include a
                             munications and with all the      tended and fun was had by         tour and dinner. Lastly, we
                             activities that the Board has     all. In August we had our         will be having a “Sparty” in
                             put together. Continuous          first “Summer Social” @ JB’s      October @ Simply Me Day
                             efforts have been made to         On The Beach. The lunch           Spa” –girls night out. Finally
                             keep the PWC Members and          was excellent and the view        efforts to promote the up-
                             all publicity hands informed      breathtaking. We are cur-         coming…Parkland Prome-
                             of upcoming events, func-         rently looking forward to our     nade “Bigger & Better” on
                             tions, come-togethers, mem-       “Garden Party” Annual Mem-        October 4th at Stoneman
                             bership drives, etc.              bership Drive to be held on       Douglas are on-going!
                             So far this summer, we had        September 4th at the Cy-          Denise Gobin &
                             a “Movie Night” @ Charlotte       press Head Clubhouse. On          Pamela Whitmore
                             DeLue’s home in July for our      September 18th we will have
                                                               our General Meeting off-site      PWC, VP Communications
VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                      PAGE 3

A Message from Parkland Juniorettes...
This past June, three        awards including an        grow ☺ Our first
Board members from           Honor Score Award for      meeting will be a mem-
the Club attended            completing all of our      bership meeting at the
JASM (Juniorette An-         reporting – timely! A      home of Juliette Fer-
nual State Meeting).         high point for our Club    nandez on Monday,
 This annual meeting         was receiv-                       September 8th at
was the first state          ing a TRO-                        7pm. If any
meeting that our girls       PHY for the                       members have
have ever attended. It       Club with                         daughters in
was a wonderful suc-         the greatest                      grades 9-12 that
cess. We met many            increase in                       would like to see
other Clubs from all         membership                        what we are all
over the state; some of      in all of the state of     about, please call our
them with over 200           Florida! Wow! Our          VP in charge of mem-
members. Although            girls were so proud.       bership Cortney
we are a smaller Club,       Thank you PWC for          Hickey 954-803-2785.
we managed to walk           supporting us and          Julie Fernandez,
away with several            helping us continue to     PWC Juniorette Advisor
                                                                                    "I don't think you ever
                                                                                      stop giving. I really
                                                                                    don't. I think it's an on-
Departments Report...                                                               going process. And it's
                                                                                     not just about being
We are looking for and       Among our department             If anyone is           able to write a check.
depending on help            needs are:                 interested please call      It's being able to touch
from all.                    • Arts                              Fran at:              somebody's life."
                             • Public Affairs                954-675-7147                   -- Oprah Winfrey
Some departments are
needing a chair person       • Education                            or
and/or committee team        • Conservation                  E-mail her at:
to support our club is       • International Affairs
anyone willing?              Fran Riccardi,
                             PWC VP Departments

Upcoming Come-Together...
Sept.18 th at 6:30 PM        along the way. After the   have a few fliers at
PWC goes to Publix           tour, those who would      Thursday's meeting to
Green Wise Store,            like to, can buy dinner    pass out ! I am hoping to
located at 21230 Saint       from the extensive se-     get a head count by
Andrews Blvd. Boca           lection of ready to eat    Sept 15th so that Publix
Raton, Fl 33433              foods at the Green Wise    will know how many of
                             Food Court. They have a    us are coming.
                             large seating area and I   Everyone is welcome to
Our ladies will be given a
                             am sure that we will       bring guest with them .
45 minute tour of the
                             enjoy our time together    They can call me at 954
Publix Green Wise Store
                             as we sample some          254-3888 to RSVP By
and they will be sam-
                             wonderful treats! I will   Sept. 15, 2008.
pling all types of goodies
Parkland Woman’s Club, Inc.

5933 W. Hillsboro Boulevard, #101
Parkland, Florida 33067                                    Thank you for taking the time to visit
G.F.W.C. — Parkland Woman’s Club — F.F. W.C. District 13    Parkland Woman's Club online at
Chartered in Parkland, 1987 — FL Federation of Women’s
Clubs 1987

 Calendar of Events...
           The Club President puts forth the following Calendar for our club year which runs
           through May of 2009. Please be advised that dates, times and events may change
           as we proceed through the club year

           Sept 4th                Annual Membership Round-Up @ Cypresshead Clubhouse 7:00pm

           Sept 18th               Social Gathering - Publix Greenwise Tour & Dinner, Boca

           Oct. 4th                 "Parkland Promenade" 9am-4pm MSD High School

           Oct. 16th                General Member Meeting - Cypresshead Clubhouse

           Oct. 17th                Social Gathering - SIMPLY ME DAY SPA 6-9pm (Mai Meret)

           Nov. 20th                General Member Meeting - Cypresshead Clubhouse

           Dec. 18th                General Member Meeting/Holiday Party (Robin Ruth's Home)

           Jan. 15th                General Member Meeting - Cypresshead Clubhouse

           Feb. 19th                General Member Meeting - Cypresshead Clubhouse

           March 19th               General Member Meeting - Cypresshead Clubhouse

           April 16th               General Member Meeting - Cypresshead Clubhouse

           May 21st                 General Member Meeting - Cypresshead Clubhouse

          Other Social Gatherings to be announced!!!