Magnolia Elementary School June 2009 Principal's Newsletter

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					                                Magnolia Elementary School
                              June 2009 Principal’s Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians: On behalf of the staff at Magnolia, we thank you for a wonderful
year. We have included many ideas in this newsletter to continue your child’s learning during the
summer. As much as our students look forward to having time off during the summer, they can
quickly become bored and say, “There is nothing to do…” If this happens, I encourage you to take
your child to a local library or museum. Also, take advantage of the many online opportunities that
are available to Magnolia students (see below). In this newsletter, we have included information for
the new school year. Thank you for your support--it is a pleasure to be your child’s principal! Have a
fun and relaxing summer!               Mrs. Joyce Harshman, Principal

Beginning of School: We look forward to seeing your children on the first day of classes on
Monday, August 24, 2009! Please have your children arrive at school each day by 7:35 am. Our flag
ceremony begins at 7:40 am, and classes begin at 7:45 am. Our Back-to-School Night is 5:30 -
7:00 pm, Thursday, August 27, 2009.

Change in Early Release Day: The early release days for Magnolia will not be on Wednesdays
during the 2009-2010 school year.
           Our early release days for the 2009-1010 school year will be on THURSDAYS.
                 Thursday, August 27, is our first early release day at 12:50.

Summer Reading: According to research during the summer months
    Children who don’t read during the summer lose some of their reading skills.
    Children who continue to read during the summer gain skills.
As you plan for daily reading that is fun, we know you will plan for the free time to relax and play
that children need. Keep lots of reading material around the house. Listen to books on tape in the
car or together at home. Encourage your child to write letters or postcards to friends they will not see
over the summer.

Accelerated Reader: As you encourage your children to read during the summer, remember they
can still take Accelerated Reader quizzes online during the summer. The link to Accelerated
Reader is

Other Excellent Websites:           

Study Island: Study Island is a lot of fun and is accessible to students during the summer at
home or anywhere with an Internet connection. We also will be using this program at school next
year. Students will be able to take quizzes on grade level standards in reading and math! Give it a
try and watch your child continue to gain academic skills during the summer! To access the program
over the summer: go to any internet connection and input Enter the User ID:
first initial.last name@magnoliafalcon and the password is: falcon. For example: User ID:
j.doe@magnoliafalcon; password: falcon. After students log in the first time, they will be
prompted to change the password, and they should use their student id (lunch) number as the new
password. Any student that attains “blue ribbons” for making it through all the lessons during the
summer will receive a special award in September. The program is set to review standards from
your child’s grade during the 2008-2009 school year. When students return to school in August,
they will move on to their new grade level of standards.

GATE News: The district’s GATE office is conducting GATE testing at the district office on
August 4, 2009, at 8:00 AM. If you have any questions you may contact Mrs. Kim Coons at 788-
7135 x 80315. Take advantage of the summer months to further enrich your child’s learning.
Southern California has various attractions and museums that are free and/or educational. Take
advantage of the museums, libraries and the California Science center.

Summer Hours: The office will remain open through Tuesday, June 30th. Office hours will be
8:00-12:00. The school will be closed from June 30th-August 14 and will re-open on Monday,
August 17 at which time office hours will be 7:30 a.m.—4:00 p.m. We will continue these hours
throughout the school year. The Centralized Registration Center, located at 5700 Arlington Avenue,
will be open daily from 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Their phone number is (951)788-7274. Our library
media center will be open until June 12. It will be open again when school opens.

Class Assignments for 2009-2010: Next year’s class lists will be posted inside the front gate
on Friday, August 21 from 11:00 am-4:00 pm. We request that you do not go beyond the area
where class lists are posted as teachers will be in meetings as well as preparing for the first week
of school. Teachers have worked closely together to balance classes to ensure a challenging and
productive school year for your children. Requests for class changes will not be considered until
after the first four weeks of school.

K-6 School Hours and Lunch Periods for the 2009-10 School Year

 Morning supervision for students begins at 7:25 am        Lunch Schedule and Prices
 M, T, Th, F School Hours 7:45 am – 2:05 pm                  AM Kindergarten        10:00 am—10:30 am
  First –Sixth Grades 7:45 am - 2:05 pm                      PM Kindergarten        10:30 am—11:00 pm
  AM Kindergarten      7:45 am -11:50 am                     1st and 2nd grades: 11:00 am—11:45 am
  PM Kindergarten     10:00 am – 2:05 pm                     3rd and 4th grades: 11:30 am—12: 15 pm
 Wednesday School Hours 7:45 am—12:50 pm                     5th and 6th grades: 12:00 am—12:45 pm
  AM Kindergarten      7:45 am -10:35 am                     The price of lunch will be $2.50; milk
  PM Kindergarten     10:00 am – 12:50 pm                    will be $.50; juice $.75.

Communications on Thursday: To make home-school communication more manageable for
parents, we send most of our communications home on Thursday. Check your child’s backpack each
Thursday for information from school. There will be other days when timely information needs to
be sent home, but for the most part we will send school communications home on Thursdays!