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NEWSLETTER – May 2009 by TroyWozniak


									                                                AMA Club #1275
                        NEWSLETTER – May 2009
                           Next meeting - Friday June 5, 2009
                                     Redbud County Library 7:00 PM
             Clearlake Modelers on the Web at

 In This Issue:                                                   CLM MEETING
   CLM Minutes                                                      May 1, 2009
   President’s Flap                                            Redbud Library, Clearlake
   The Safety Minute

                                      The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. by president, Jay Carey. The
                                      minutes of the April meeting were read and approved. Jack Tatum gave the
                                      treasurer’s report.
 For club dues and other
 club business use:
 P.O. BOX 1693                        Full Size Glider Contest at Crazy Creek the weekends of May 16 and May
 CLEARLAKE, CA 95422                  24. Clearlake Modelers originally scheduled to fly May 30th may change to
                                      May 23rd or May 24th. Duane Sanders will resolve this with the owner. No
                                      other flying or activities will occur while Clearlake Modelers are flying.
                                      Their web site is

 If you do not have e-mail please     OLD BUSINESS
 use this address for newsletter
 correspondence:                      Veterans Fun Fly. Jay has rescinded this year’s invitation with Matt at the
                                      Veteran’s Home in Yountville. Matt said they are disappointed but are
 CLEARLAKE MODELERS                   looking forward to an event next year.
 1814 SCHOOL ST.
 CALISTOGA, CA 94515                  Relocation. We can use the owners burn permit and use a burn barrel to burn
                                      some debris if we’d like. Jack Tatum voiced concern because of the high fire
 Notice – E-mail versions of the      danger. It was decided that any debris will be taken away to the dump. Jay
 newsletter frequently include        asked that in late May to early June our staging area for temporary storage be
 extra content not included in the    made ready.
 USPO mailed version.
                                      RC Country Swap Meet. Rick Munroe had a good trip. Good choices, good
                                      bargains, but some junk.

                                      NO NEW BUSINESS
                                      ( continued on page 3)

  Jay Carey

   Paul Biehler                                                 President’s Flap
                               Beckstoffer has advised us that they have received their permitting for the pond
 SECRETARY                     construction.
   Dee Tatum
                               They have advised us that they intend to start moving big, yellow “Tonka” toys in           on July 1, 2009. WOW!
   Jack (Jet) Tatum            We have agreed to provide them a clear site by that date. We have 4 weekends to
                               clear ourselves out.           I’ll have a better list of items to do and a schedule at the meeting this Friday. I’ve
                               staked out a storage area near the turn at the old puddle to locate trailer, shed,
   Don Wicks, Safety Officer   barn, potties, tables, posts and the shelter. Doug Bradford has seen it and knows
                               what I had in mind. He’ll try to clear it this week so that we can start moving             structures. More at the meeting.
   Fred Constantine
   Scott Drew
                               Jack T. and I will schedule the potty emptying and relocation, along the            deconstruction and storage of the shelter for the week of June 22.
   Rick Munroe           This will need all the help, flat trailers and chains we can muster.
   Tom Overton                 See you at the field.          Jay
                               May 31, 2009
   Chris Prescott
                                                            at Crazy Creek, 5/23/09
                                                                                                 CLM had a good
 NEWSLETTER EDITOR                                                                               showing at Crazy
  Fred Constantine                                                                               Creek on Saturday
                                                                                                 the 23rd.
                                                                                                 Sandee and Fred
 FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS                                                                              planned an aerotow
   Paul Biehler                                                                                  with Sandee's                                                                               Hangar 9 Pawnee
   Scott Drew                                                                                    and Fred's ArtHobby                                                                              Boar 2M. The
   Gino Ferrario                                                                                 models were not                                                                           successful.
   Tom Overton                                                                            This picture shows
   Jon Radley                                                                                    how the big boys do                                                                       it.
   Jack Tatum

                                                 (continued from page 1)


· Dick Benjamin showed off his full sized Drake 2 Float Plane. Lee Beery showed off his Drake 2 Jr., a smaller
· Duane Sanders showed a Fuzzle slope gilder that he plans to tow with his Pawnee.
· Darrell Cook showed off a plane of his own design, complete with a bomb drop mechanism that drops a
  couple of small gliders.
· Tom Overton suggested running a separate receiver pack on expensive planes using lipo’s. If the battery fails,
  you can still retain control of the plane.
· Andy Bandy showed us a Thunder AC-6 Battery Charger.
· Safety Tip. Scott Drew reported that Lipo’s are a great technology, but don’t charge them unattended. They
  can overheat and possibly explode.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32 pm.
                                                                  Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                  Dee Tatum, Secretary

                                             THE SAFETY MINUTE – MAY

I almost crashed into someone at the field today! I’ll bet that opener caught your attention. It sure
caught mine when I read it on a thread on RC Universe.

The scenario was a flier announced he was landing and as he was about to flare he realized there
were people on the field. He was able to miss them and no one was hurt. Has this ever happened to
you? If not, can you imagine what would go through your mind? What about the adrenalin/panic
rush? It seems there was an announcement about being on the field but the pilot never heard it. I
can see that happening; concentrating on what you are doing, the warning not very loud, distracting
noises… the list could be long. What about a solution?

The best suggestion I read was when certain critical announcements are made the other people
involved or on the flight line repeats the announcement. This way everyone can be sure everyone
has heard it. Imagine if you announce you are going onto the field and then you don’t actually enter
until everyone responds. Then you are sure the other pilots are aware of your intentions. Another
critical announcement would be “Dead stick” and I’m sure there may be others.

We’re fortunate we are a small club and it is easy to see what others are doing. However, we are a
growing club and we are getting more members present at the field. We need to constantly think
about safety and try to prevent problems before they occur; just some food for thought and maybe
fodder for discussion Friday night.

‘Till next month,


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