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					                                         Piece by Piece Classes – Fall 2010

                                                           Basic Techniques

Beginning Quiltmaking
Instructor: Cherie Swanson         Fee: $50                                      Tuesdays9/28 10/5 and 10/12 10:00-1:00
This class is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in learning to make quilts. Over the course of three class
meetings you will learn to rotary cut, accurately machine piece a simple design, add borders, layer the batting and
fabric, bind the quilt and consider options for quilting. It doesn’t matter what type of quilts you prefer – from traditional
to contemporary designs – the basics are the same. Learn the skills to take your quiltmaking in any direction you
Beginning Machine Quilting
Instructor: Kelly Duke           Fee: $40                                                 Sundays 10/3 and 10/10 12:00-3:00
So you have a quilt top or two finished – now what do you do? Learn to quilt them yourself using your own home
machine. This two part course will cover the basics from basting and marking your quilt to straight line and free-motion
quilting. Don’t be scared - with a little practice you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of turning your quilt tops into finished
Machine Quilting – Level 2
Instructor: Kelly Duke            Fee: $25                                                        Friday 11/19 1:00-4:00
This class is for anyone who is comfortable with basic machine quilting and starting to think about the next step. In this
class we’ll take a look at the designs of several experienced machine quilters to get an idea of what your interests are as
well as what the possibilities are and then you’ll practice these more advanced designs.
Beginning Hand Appliqué
Instructor: Sheila Steers       Fee: $20                                                      Sunday11/28 12:00-3:00
Hand appliqué is relaxing and rewarding. Appliqué projects can be elegantly simple or complex with detail. In this class
you learn the needle turn method of appliqué and practice on small designs while in class. You’ll leave ready to start on
a project of your own and discover the satisfaction of appliqué.

                                          Quilts – Wall Hangings - Table Runners

Curvy Square in Square Quilt
Instructor: Becky Fetrow          Fee: $30                                                         Saturday 11/6 10:00-4:00
In this class you will learn to make irregularly pieced blocks that are based on a basic log cabin block. You can piece them
with straight seams or curvy – your choice, we’ll practice both. We’ll go over how the class sample was planned and
constructed so that you can either make the quilt as it is displayed or design your own version. This is for quilters who
are confident with their sewing skills.
Fire Escape Quilt
Instructor: Cherie Swanson        Fee: $30                                                          Friday11/5 10:00-4:00
Pattern Required: Fire Escape by Atkinson Designs $8.99
Atkinson Patterns do it again – another innovative pattern! Five one yard cuts zigzag up and down this lovely lap size
quilt. Need it bigger? The pattern includes instructions for other sizes too. This is a great beginner quilt with its simple
blocks and large strips and if you need something in a hurry – this top comes together quickly.
Five Inch Square Quilts
Instructor: Kelly Duke            Fee: $20                                                    Thursday 12/2 10:00-1:00
So you have a bundle or two of 5 inch squares (aka charm packs) - but what do you do with them? In this class you will
learn to construct 3 different block patterns and a coaster. You can use your coordinated charm packs or make these
scrappy with your stash fabrics.

    62 W. 13th • Eugene, OR 97401 • PH: 541-743-0266 • • Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm, Sun 12-4:00pm
House Party
Instructor: Tonye Belinda Phillips     Fee: $35                                               Saturday10/2 10:00-4:00
Welcome to the party! Design your own house or use one of Tonye’s patterns. Make it wild and wacky! Tonye will
demonstrate her simplified needle-turn hand appliqué technique in class. Study Tonye’s crazy choice of fabrics and get
ready to cut-loose!
Japanese Jigsaw Quilt
Instructor: Cherie Swanson        Fee: $30                                                        Tuesday 12/7 10:00-4:00
Pattern Required: Japanese Jigsaw Quilt by Broohshier Design Studio $9.49
Are you interested in something a little different -something not so “boxy”? Using a template you make the large and
interesting shaped blocks for this quilt. The Japanese Jigsaw quilt looks complex but is actually easy to piece. This quilt
is also fat-quarter and scrap friendly. While not required to make the quilt, the Japanese Jigsaw template ($9.99) is
recommended – it will make it easier!
Lone Pine Table Runner or Wall Hanging
Instructor: Cherie Swanson        Fee: $20                                                           Friday 10/8 10:00-2:00
Pattern and Tool Required: Lone Pine Quilt by Quilt Queen Designs (8.99) and X-Blocks Template ($13.99)
Need a little holiday pizzazz? This table runner or wall hanging is made with an X-Block. An X-Block is a handy dandy
rotary cutting tool that helps you transform strips or easy to piece blocks into spectacular quilts that look complex but
are surprisingly quick and easy. There are quite a few patterns and a book available to use with this tool, so you have
many options for future projects with just one tool. The simple tree shape in this quilt makes a striking table runner. Use
holiday fabrics, or not – it works either way.
Memory Quilt
Instructor: Michelle Kenney       Fee: $30                                                             Sunday 9/26 12:00-4:00
Is there an event or a special memory that you would like to remember in a unique way? Maybe… a vacation, a special
person in your life, a wedding or anniversary, a student’s or athlete’s accomplishments, or…? Michelle’s quilt that is on
display celebrates her trip to France and it is just lovely. In this class she will teach you how to incorporate photos (that
have been transferred to fabric) and special keepsakes into a small wall-hanging that presents a beautiful memory of an
event. Come prepared to have some fun with this and cut loose with the “stuff” you want to add to your memory.
Modern Freestyle Log Cabin Quilt
Instructor: Kelly Duke            Fee: $20                                                              Saturday 12/4 10:00-1:00
In this class you will learn to construct a block that is essentially a log cabin block but it is difficult to recognize it as such.
The angles are mixed, the width of strips varies, the number of strips on each side can be different – it is a little crazy
BUT really appealing and fun to make.
Outside the Box Quilt
Instructor: Sheila Steers          Fee: $20                                                          Friday 12/3 10:00-2:00
Book Required for Class: The Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr - $21.99
This quilt is a play on the traditional checkerboard quilt block. Each block appears to have a frame overlapping a square
giving it a modern, graphic quality. The pattern is simple to follow, and the large pieces make it a snap even for a bed
sized quilt – a good pattern for a beginner.
Pinwheel Puzzle Quilt
Instructor: Tracy Hickey           Fee: $30                                                          Tuesday 10/19 10:00-4:00
Book Required: Fun with One Block Quilts by Cheryl Malkowski $19.95
In this class you’ll learn how to achieve perfect triangle points every time to make a cheery throw size quilt. This ‘one
block’ quilt uses the versatile Y block in 7 different colorations. You’ll learn the 1-2-3’s of color placement, stitching and
Clip & Flip pressing so every block plays nice with its neighbors. There are different size options for the blocks so that
with the same effort you can create a throw or bed sized quilt – or even a table runner. Since every quilt in this book is
made from the same simple block, you’ll be ready to go for any other quilt in this book next.

    62 W. 13th • Eugene, OR 97401 • PH: 541-743-0266 • • Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm, Sun 12-4:00pm
                                                 Other Fun Stuff and Gift Ideas
Animal Potholders
Instructor: Tracy Hickey        Fee: $20                                                        Saturday 11/13 10:00-2:00
Pattern Required: Kitchen Kritters or Fish Heads by Vanilla House Designs $9.99 ea
These potholders are so much fun you may not want to use them – but go ahead, they can take it. Have fun making one
of these goofy, insulated oven mitts for you or the kids in your life. They will make you will smile every time you pull
something out of the oven. The same techniques and materials are used to construct all of the animals in both patterns.
We’ll aim to complete one mitt in class.
Artist Trading Cards
Instructor: Kelly Duke            Fee: $15                                                        Thursday 9/23 10:00-12:00
Artist trading cards are small works of art about the size of a baseball card (2.5” x 3.5”) that are traded among artisans
and crafters. They have been made from every conceivable material: wood, paint, metal, ceramics, collage, etc. Of
course, we make ours from fabric! In this class you will learn how to construct a card and we’ll explore embellishment
options. You’ll have a lot of fun making and trading cards with your fabric loving friends.
Cash & Carry
Instructor: Becky Fetrow           Fee: $15                                                        Monday 10/18 10:00-1:00
Pattern Required: Cash & Carry by Atkinson Designs $8.49
Carry your cash, cards, and coins or a pair of glasses in an easy zipper pouch. Make one to keep and one to give away.
This project is easy and after following the easy instructions in this pattern you’ll agree that zippers are no big deal!
Christmas Tree Skirt
Instructor: Cherie Swanson   Fee: $30                                                                            Saturday 10/30 10:00-4:00
Pattern Required: Tannenbaum Tree Skirt by Aardvark Quilts $8.99)
Traditional red and green? Classy white and blue? Sparkly gold and silver? Funky pink and aqua? Whatever
your favorite holiday color combination is – this skirt would compliment any tree. You will learn to make a
tree skirt that will be a part of your holiday tradition for many years to come.
Fabric Bowls
Instructor: Kelly Duke         Fee: $20                                                                           Tuesday 11/9 10:00-1:00
Pattern Required: Bowlies by Karla Alexander $9.99
“Bowlies” are three dimensional, reversible bowls that are as unique as they are functional. Enjoy crating a
masterpiece using your favorite leftover scraps of fabric… or use this as a good excuse to get those beautiful
new fabrics you have had your eye on. You can make this bowl in several different sizes.
Folding Tote
Instructor: Tracy Hickey        Fee: $20                                                      Sunday 11/21 12:00-4:00
Pattern Required: New Leaf Folding Tote by Heather Bailey $12.49
Crate your own stylish shopping bags for your purse or car. These handy reusable bags fold down to wallet-size for easy
storage. The pattern includes instructions for additional items such as a coupon holder and an embellished storage sash
for the bundle of bags you’ll want to make. A fun one that would also make great gifts!
Holiday Napkins
Instructor: Sheila Steers        Fee: $15                                                     Thursday 10/21 10:00-1:00
Napkins that fold into the shape of a tree? Yes! Cutting and sewing two fabrics together just so will enable you to fold
this napkin into a tree shape. Your holiday dinner guests will be impressed.

    62 W. 13th • Eugene, OR 97401 • PH: 541-743-0266 • • Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm, Sun 12-4:00pm
Lunch Bag & Napkin
Instructor: Tracy Hickey        Fee: $20                                                         Monday 10/25 10:00-2:00
Pattern Required: Lunch Box by Possibilities $9.49
This reusable lunch bag and napkin is both pretty and practical as it is lined with PUL, a waterproof fabric that can be
machine washed and dried over and over again. The pattern includes smaller snack bags that can be used in place of all
those disposable plastic bags. The lunch bag conveniently collapses to be stored inside a kid’s backpack after use or it
can be made in a more structured insulated version. This is a great eco-friendly project for yourself or gift for family and
Not Your Grandmother’s Footstool
Instructor: Sheila Snyder       Fee: $45       Sundays 10/24 & 11/7 12-3:00 OR Saturdays 11/27 & 12/11 10:00-1:00
Some may see it as a Turban Footstool, others may conjure up visions of Little Miss Muffet’s Tuffet – whatever it is
to you, you have to admit is a fabulously charming. In this two part class you will learn to foundation piece wedges
of fabric together to be made into the upholstery for a footstool. You can use scraps or coordinate your fabrics to
give your footstool a particular personality. This project is best suited for a confident beginner or intermediate
sewer. A kit for the base and foam will be available for purchase and instruction will be given on putting your stool
together once the cover is sewn. You might choose to purchase bun feet, or get creative with something original.
We are offering this class twice this fall.
Pillow Cases
Instructor: Cherie Swanson      Fee: $15                                                      Saturday 11/20 10:00-12:30
Custom pillow cases? You’ll learn an easy way to make pillowcases that have no exposed seams. Make them whimsical,
pretty or sophisticated. Doesn’t matter - they will be special as there will be no other pillowcase in the world like them.
Have some fun with this easy and quick project.
Simple Backpack
Instructor: Kelly Duke           Fee: $20                                                    Friday 11/12 10:00-12:00
Use two of your favorite fabrics to make this simple backpack. There are no grommets to install so it is super simple to
make. This is a good option for when you need to carry some essentials but want to keep your hands free. It’s also
compact enough to stow in your suitcase or car for those “emergency” shopping trips.
Tahoe Tote
Instructor: Becky Fetrow            Fee: $20                                                       Monday 11/15 10:00-2:00
Pattern Required: Tahoe Tote by Pink Sand Beach- $9.29
This is still one of the favorite patterns around the shop. It is smartly tailored, well-constructed and very functional. It
is a great all purpose bag for whatever you tote around– books, sewing supplies, knitting projects – whatever. The front
is pieced from 3 fabrics in an interesting a-symmetrical design. It can take on many different personalities, depending on
the fabrics you choose to use.


Abstract Landscape Design
Jean Wells                                                                              Monday 9/13 and Tuesday 9/14
Fee: $130 includes lunch both days                                                                           10:00-4:00
Book required for workshop: Intuitive Color & Design by Jean Wells (27.95)
In this 2 day design exploration workshop forms from nature will be your inspiration. Exercises are planned to build your
confidence in piecing, color, value and design skills. Document your experience in a journal like formatted and create a
one of a kind quilt in this workshop.

    62 W. 13th • Eugene, OR 97401 • PH: 541-743-0266 • • Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm, Sun 12-4:00pm
New Directions
Leader: Kelly Duke              Fee: $45 (for all 3 sessions)         Wednesdays 9/22, 10/27 and 11/24 10:00-12:00
Book Required: Intuitive Color & Design by Jean Wells (27.95)
Do you want to explore a new direction with your quilting? Stray away from the traditional block? Would you like the
company and support of a like-minded group as you begin to explore? Using the techniques in Jean Well’s book this
group will discover new cutting and piecing methods that will get you thinking beyond the block. During each session,
we’ll work through some of the exercises in the book that help you to look at color and quilt design with fresh eyes.
This workshop will be structured as a series of group study and work sessions rather than follow a traditional
instructional format. Meetings are scheduled on Wednesday mornings so you can stay and sew as long as you want
during drop-in sewing time on Wednesday afternoons.
Liberated! A Collaboration Series
Instructor: Lisa Wilson           Fee: $35                                          Saturdays 10/9 and 10/23 11:00-2:00
Would you like to liberate your quilting designs? Want to try something new and fast-paced? In these two sessions we
will focus on color, pattern and shape as you learn to put together blocks without a pattern. There will be in-class
exercises to facilitate the process and “homework” to do between the two sessions. Be prepared for laughter, surprises
and a focus on fun! You just might surprise yourself. At the end of the 2nd class you will have set yourself free to explore
new freeform designs and completed some examples to take home to inspire future collaborative events with your
friends or quilt group.

                                                      All Things Baby Series!
This inspirational 4-part series can be taken in whole or not – you choose which classes you want to attend and which
items you will make in class.
Hats and Booties
 Instructor: Lillian Shoupe         Fee: $20                                                        Sunday 9/19 12:00-3:00
Patterns required for class: The Hat Shoppe ($13.99) or Five Easy Booties (8.99) both by Sew Baby
Little one’s heads and feet need to be kept warm so why not make the baby in your life something special to do the job.
In this class you will learn the ins and outs of creating many different styles of these adorable and practical baby items.
Go ahead – have some fun with the fabrics available for these baby essentials.
Burp Cloths, Bibs and Diaper Covers
 Instructor: Lillian Shoupe         Fee: $20                                                   Sunday 10/17 12:00-3:00
Pattern Required: Diaper Covers by Sew Baby ($9.99)
Let’s face it – babies are messy! Families with babies can never have too many burp cloths and bibs. In class you can
select one of the patterns available and whip up some of your own. (Hint - these make excellent baby shower gifts!) Or
maybe you would rather focus on the other messy side of life with a baby and learn to make diaper covers. With the
durable waterproof fabric (PUL) available and the print of your choice, your baby’s bottom will be as cute fully clothed as
it is in the buff – well almost as cute, anyway.
Receiving Blankets
Instructor: Lillian Shoupe        Fee: $20                                                    Sunday 11/14 12:00-3:00
Plain, hooded or with embellishment – add some fun to a functional essential; the receiving blanket. Wrap up your little
one in a reversible one-of-a-kind blanket. Add some ribbon or rick-rack loops around the perimeter and viola – you have
a “binkie blanket”. This is a super easy project, so beginners don’t be shy – give it a try.
Baby Clothes
 Instructor: Lillian Shoupe        Fee: $20                                                   Sunday 12/12 12:00-3:00
Pattern required: Cute as a Button Baby Jacket ($8.99) or Britches and Bloomers ($8.50) both by Jackie Clark
We’ve covered keeping your baby tidy and warm – now let’s have some real fun and make adorable clothes. In this class
choose between making pants or a jacket. It’s a tough choice – they are both so darn cute! Give yourself plenty of time
to pick fabrics for these cuties – there are a lot of great options.

    62 W. 13th • Eugene, OR 97401 • PH: 541-743-0266 • • Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm, Sun 12-4:00pm
                                                  On-Going at Piece by Piece…
 Instructor: Kelly Duke           Fee: $15                                           Wednesday 9/15 or 11/17 10:00-12:00
Many of us have accumulated quite a stash of fabrics and wonder how we can make better use of what we have.
In each class Kelly will introduce a different pattern and demonstrate how you can turn your stash into treasure. The
class will be offered in the morning and you are welcome to stay after the class and sew into the afternoon during which
time Kelly will be available to answer questions. You can sign up for one or all of the classes; they are not sequential so
feel free to jump in anytime. It’s bound to be a fun (and productive) way to spend a Wednesday. This class is for
confident beginners and beyond.
Kaffe Club
This group is for people who share an interest in Kaffe Fasset fabrics and designs. This is an informally meeting group
that develops their own agenda as they go – but centers around the “Kaffe” style of quilting. The group meets every 3rd
Friday - the dates for fall are 9/17, 10/15. 11/19 and12/17. New people are welcome to join in anytime - so drop by and
see what this creative group of quilters is up to.
Drop-In Sewing
Tired of sewing alone in your space at home? Feeling a little shut in? The classroom is available every Wednesday from
12:00-5:00 for drop-in sewing. Bring a project and/or a friend and spend the afternoon sewing here! If you need even
more time for sewing, check with us in advance about whether the classroom is also available in the morning on
Wednesdays. If we don’t have a class scheduled in the morning, you can come early.
Donation Quilt day
Instructor: Kelly Duke             no fee                                 Wed 9/29 or Sat 10/16 or Tues 11/30 10:00-4:00
Join us to make quilts for teens in foster care. In the spring we’ll be donating the quilts to the Looking Glass
Independent Living Program (ILP) which provides training and support for kids in foster care who are either in the
process of “aging out” of foster care into independent living situations or are likely to be in that process in the next few
year. Kids in foster care usually have very few possessions to take with them as they start their new lives on their own.
We can make quilts for young adults who are moving from foster care into their own first apartments, and/or we can
donate quilts to be used as incentives during the ILP Spring Break Camp week. This camp is for 14-17 year olds in foster
care and focuses on independent living skills such as money management. At the end of the week, the kids get to use
what they have earned at an auction. In the past, the donated quilts were valued items and kids were eager to spend
their earnings on a quilt of their own. Again, these quilts stay with the youngster as his/her own possession and will go
with that youngster to whatever living situation is next. The fall and winter donation days will be geared towards
completing as many twin size quilts as we can for these youngsters. We plan to have this organized so that you can just
show up and we’ll have something for you to work on. It would be great if you can bring fabric to use in these donation
quilts and we will supply some too. Hope you can join us!

Please note that we have discontinued the New at Noon series. We have a blog (
where new products to the store are featured and soon we will have various tutorials posted too.
                                                 Piece by Piece Class Information

           Registration is on a first-come basis and requires full payment to secure your spot. You can register
           in person or over the phone. If a class is full, we’ll keep a waiting list in case there are cancellations.
           If you have questions about whether a class is right for you or not, the teacher for the class will be
           happy to answer your questions.
           If we cancel a class due to low enrollment, we will do so 5-7 days in advance and give a full refund.
           If you need to cancel a class, refunds will be given only if you give at least 7 days notice.
           For each class you enroll in you will receive a gift certificate for one 10% off shopping day
           redeemable within 30 days.
           For everyone’s comfort, the classroom is a fragrance free zone.

    62 W. 13th • Eugene, OR 97401 • PH: 541-743-0266 • • Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-5:30pm, Sun 12-4:00pm

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