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June 01, 2009

Dear valued customers, business partners and friends,
It is a great pleasure to present to you the sixth edition of the Dürkopp Adler America Newsletter.

The motto of this newsletter is IMB 2009.

As you know this years IMB show took place from April 21 to 24 in Cologne, Germany. In the run-up it
was said that the exhibition will be an indicator for the situation of the sewing industry.

It was a common concern that due to the economic situation the attendance would be much less than in
previous years and that the cost of the show would not be in a reasonable relation to the possible
outcome. The expectations were accordingly.

Reality proved us to be wrong. As a matter of fact the show was an overwhelming success, not only
but especially for Dürkopp Adler. The atmosphere throughout the whole week was extremely

The following pages will give you an impression on the highlights of the show and the Dürkopp Adler
presentation in particular.

For any question on our products, just give us a call at 770 446 8162, ext. 1145 or 1160. We are glad to
provide you with any further information.

Kindest regards

Patrick Weissgerber

Dürkopp Adler America, Inc

Contents of this issue:

1.   Key Note
2.   IMB Impressions
3.   Machine in focus
4.   IMB Innovation Award
5.   Quality matters - Green Line
6.   Behind the scenes - Latest news from Dürkopp Adler
7.   Imprint and disclaimer

Key Note

“IMB 2009 – our expectations have been exceeded considerably”

Interview with Dietrich Eickhoff, manager sales and marketing,
Dürkopp Adler Group.

Mr. Eickhoff, considering the current economic situation, what have
been your expectations for this years IMB show?
“Under the current circumstances our expectations were of course
limited to a certain degree. However we wanted to make sure that this
IMB would be a defining moment for Dürkopp Adler since here the
path into the next economic upturn is defined. We proved our
competence by presenting the most comprehensive line of sewing
machines throughout the show. Our target was to demonstrate our
strength, our reliability and our innovative power for the benefit of our
customers. This was confirmed by the extremely positive feedback of
the visitors of or booth.”
So you can confirm that the whole atmosphere on your booth during the show was completely positive.
“Absolutely. In all conversations with customers we received confirmation that they are positively
surprised by the innovative power of Dürkopp Adler. We had 48 novelties on display. This was unique
compared to our competitors.”

Talking about customers and dealers, have you been surprised by the attendance?
“We expected that the number of attendees from overseas would be declining, but the attendance of
visitors from Europe remained very strong. To me the most important point was the extraordinary quality
of discussions we have had.”

In your discussions, did our customers point out particular items that they were surprised to see?
“Of course according to their particular industry and current need, every customer had a different focus.
The general perception however has been a confirmation of our work during the last years. Dürkopp
Adler has presented itself as the technologically leading and most innovative sewing machine
manufacturer in the world.”

If you summarize IMB 2009, what will your personal resume look like?
“With the number of visitors, the higher-than-average quality of the contacts made, orders booked as well
as the high quantity of qualified inquiries we have exceeded our expectations!.”

Mr. Eickhoff, thank you for the interview.
Impressions—IMB 2009

Machine in Focus:

CNC controlled pattern stitcher

The newly designed CNC machine class 911-210 gives you the
possibility of sewing any two-dimensional pattern on a sewing area of
up to 390mm x 200mm.

As the sewing head is a M-Type 867 it perfectly fits to any production
line in the medium to heavy duty industry. Main parts of the sewing
head are interchangeable with a regular 867 sewing head.

The XY slide system is attached to the sewing head. In combination
with the electronic thread tension, this allows an highly accurate
seam and a perfect stitch formation in all unwinding directions.

In addition the use of the proven extra large hook, with 70% more
bobbin thread capacity compared to a large hook, reduces downtime
due to less bobbin changes.

As a standard, all 911-210 machines are equipped with a thread
nipper for a neat seam beginning.

The optional alternating clamp increases the productivity of the
machine due to the possibility of an overlapping working method.
The clamps are locked automatically.

The Dürkopp Adler 911-210 is the ideal machine for a variety of
applications in the automotive, technical textiles and leather goods
industry as well as for decorative stitching in jeans manufacturing.

Call us at +1 770 446 8162, ext 1145 for more information.

IMB Innovation Award :

Dürkopp Adler Class 204-102 SL Decorative Stitch Machine
                     The moment of truth finally arrived on the evening of April 22, 2009. As part of a
                     festive award ceremony at IMB 2009 - World of Textile Processing, the winners of
                     the second annual IMB Innovation Awards were announced. A five-person jury -
                     consisting of representatives of the international trade press and of globally
                     operating companies in the sector - had to make the difficult choice: from over 30
                     submitted innovations, they had to select the best of the best

                     In the category "Exhibitors," the third place went to Dürkopp Adler AG for its
                     twin-needle post bed machine for decorative seams on three-dimensionally
                     shaped workpieces.

The ability of the Dürkopp Adler Class 204-102 SL to stitch a whole variety of decorative seams with
either single or double needle patterns convinced the jury.

The 204-102 SL provides all the necessary features, such as step
motor driven roller feet even in case of transversal seams,
switchable thread tension, bobbin thread monitor and touch
screen for easy programming to ensure a perfect stitch on different
material, like leather or jeans.

You have the choice of 200 preprogrammed patterns or you can
easily create your own individual style.

By combining different thread sizes, colors and stitch lengths,
your fantasy is almost unlimited.

Ask for more information and call us today at
+1 770 446 8162, ext 1145.

Quality matters:

Environment protection is treated with top priority by Dürkopp Adler. We commit ourselves to analyze
environmental aspects, to reduce environmental pollution and to continually improve the environmental
orientation of our enterprise.

Dürkopp Adler has been involved with environment protection as well as the safeguarding of resources
for a long time already. More than 10 years ago environmental guidelines had been drawn up defining
the responsible use of resources.

Thus, Dürkopp Adler has gone far beyond the legal regulations.

Environment-friendly production
Environmental aspects are considered in the production processes already, e.g. by environment-friendly
procedures, use of environmentally sound raw materials and supplies as well as the permanent
modernization of the machinery.

Here are just a few goals Dürkopp Adler achieved so far:
•      Reduction of the annual energy consumption by 1.35 mio. kW/h
•      Reduction of the annual gas consumption by 1.34 mio. kW/h
•      Sustainable reduction of lead used in mechanical sewing machine parts and material
•      Elimination of hexavalent chrome in all mechanical sewing machine parts
•      Use of state of the art filter systems for the production machines
•      Reduction of packing material and increased use of reusable transport systems

The “green line” label
The “green line” label characterizes a new generation of sewing machines and automats as environment-
friendly and resource-conserving.

It indicates that essential improvements have been made in comparison to the predecessor model or
similar competitive products, e.g. by a high energy efficiency, low noise level or the use of
environmentally sound materials.

Dürkopp Adler sewing machines with the green line label will sustainably contribute to a reduction of the
energy consumption in your plant.

The “Dürkopp Adler green line” preserves our environment and your wallet!

Behind the Scenes :

Dürkopp Adler Application Center
In our Application Center customized special solutions are realized. We have implemented projects in all
sectors of the sewing industry, especially as far as the realization of cost and technological advantages
or the observance of a requested process reliability and quality are concerned, for which existing
standard solutions are not sufficient.

Our aim is to offer you perfect and customized solutions with optimum cost effectiveness and
technology. In our Application Center all functions are combined under one roof. The operational
sequences from the development, construction and manufacturing up to the logistics are perfectly

This is our commitment to you, our customers:

• Turn-key solutions from a single source
• Detailed consulting to determine the
  best and most efficient solution
• Reliable project management
• Cost efficient production due to the
  maximum use of standard components
• Solutions are build to order
• On-site installation with the customer
• Training of maintenance and service
  personnel on-site

Take advantage from more than 140 years of
expertise in industrial sewing. Contact us for
solutions to any challenge you are facing
in today’s production.

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