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					My Sister’s Place, Inc.
Services to Empower Survivors of Domestic Violence
                                                                                             Fall 2008 Volume 8, Issue 1

Sanctuary Plus: Expansion and Renovation at My Sister’s Place

                                                                                    vided staff and community mem-
                                          this pressing public health issue, My
                                                                                    bers with a glimpse of the benefits
                                          Sister’s Place is expanding the num-
                                          ber of shelter beds available in the      the expanded shelter will offer for
                                          District. Our expanded and reno-          our community’s most vulnerable
                                          vated shelter facility will feature 45    members. The new facility will
                                          beds exclusively for battered women       feature 15 bedrooms for 45 bat-
                                          and their children, an increase of over   tered women and their children,
                                          200 percent. Additionally, the 9,000
                                                                                    private counseling spaces, a new
                                          square foot facility will provide vic-
                                          tims of domestic violence with            playground, and expanded com-
          For 29 years, My Sister’s
Place has provided sanctuary to bat-      enlarged common areas and a library       mon areas. Honored guests Coun-
tered women and their children via        and resource room.                        cilmember Kwame R. Brown and
our 22-bed emergency shelter and                    On Thursday, October 23,        Robert Torray shared their inspira-
residential supportive services. Yet      2008 supporters of My Sister’s Place      tional commitment to ensuring
each year in the District of Columbia,    joined the Board of Directors and         sanctuary is available for families
the incidence of domestic violence        staff to celebrate the groundbreaking     in need. We were overjoyed to
increases and an estimated 548 fami-
                                          of our expanded and renovated emer-       share our successes on this critical
lies find no refuge from violence due
to lack of safe shelter.                  gency shelter. The elegant evening        initiative with so many wonderful
          In light of the ever increas-   was held at Georgetown’s historic         friends.
ing number of indigent, homeless          Halcyon House and featured live-
battered women and their children         action artwork from AM Radio. A
and the significant danger posed by       virtual tour of the new facility pro-

Former Resident Imparts Message of Resiliency
          In March 2008, My Sister’s
Place hosted former resident, Irene
Mabry Moses at the emergency
shelter. Ms. Moses delivered a mo-
tivational speech to residents, and
imparted her own story of resil-
                                                                                     Inside This Issue
iency, strength, and hope. Twenty-                                                   Northern Exposure Actress and DC       2
two years ago, Ms. Moses found                                                       Police Chief Visit My Sister’s Place

sanctuary from domestic violence at                                                  Washington Mystics and Verizon         2
                                                                                     Wireless Support My Sister’s Place
our shelter. Ms. Moses is now the
founder of Faith Realty, LLC, a                                                      Help the Homeless Benefits My Sis-     3
                                                                                     ter’s Place
published author and an advocate
for fair housing. Her story high-                                                    MSP Named One of DC’s Best Chari-      3
lights the life-changing nature of our
collective work to improve the qual-                                                 Telemundo “Helpline” Reaches One       3
ity of life for battered women and
their children here in the District of                                               MSP and Partners Successfully Advo-    3
                                                                                     cate for Safe Housing Funds
                      My Sister’s Place, Inc.
                      Services to Empower Survivors of Domestic Violence                                                    Page 2

                      Northern Exposure Actress and DC Police Chief Visit MSP
                                                                           This spring, My Sis-      violence and raise funds for our
                                                                 ter’s Place hosted Northern Ex-     programs and services. Senator
                                                                 posure actress Janine Turner and    Kay Granger (R-TX), Congress-
                                                                 DC Police Chief Cathy L.            woman Ellen Tauscher (D-CA),
                                                                 Lanier at the emergency shelter.    and DC Police Chief Cathy L.
                                                                 Ms. Turner’s visit to My Sister’s   Lanier were honored at this
                                                                 Place was part of her nationwide    benefit for My Sister’s Place
                                                                 book tour for her recent publica-   and the Boys and Girls Clubs of
                                                                 tion, Holding Her Head              America on June 10, 2008.
                                                                 High: 12 Single Mothers Who                   Ms. Turner said of the
 “We have many                                                   Championed Their Children and       evening, “I am thrilled at the
                                                                 Changed History. Inspired by        outpouring of support as we
                                                                 our services for battered women     raise funds for important organi-
  strong women                                                   and children and the persever-      zations like My Sister's Place
                                                                 ance of our emergency shelter       and Boys & Girls Clubs of
                                                                 residents, Ms. Turner organized     America,”        said      Janine
bringing their col-                                              a special event entitled “Holding   Turner. “We have many strong
                                                                 Her Head High: A Celebration        women bringing their collective
                       Northern Exposure Actress Janine Turner   of Motherhood” to create addi-      resources together resulting in a
lective resources                                                tional awareness of domestic        message of empowerment.”

together resulting    Washington Mystics Join Verizon Wireless to Recycle Cell Phones For My Sister’s Place
                               As a star forward for             shelter, My Sister’s Place, for     children.”
 in a message of      the Washington Mystics,                    a maximum contribution of                    Since 2001, Verizon
                      Nakia Sanford is a spirited                $5,000.                             Wireless has collected more
empowerment.” -       competitor. But if you really                        Citing statistics that    than 4.5 million no-longer-
                      want to fire her up, talk to her           showed D.C.’s Metropolitan          used wireless phones and ac-
                      about the number of women                  Police Department received          cessories and provided nearly
 Janine Turner        and children in the D.C. area              nearly     13,000 domestic-         $5 million in cash donations
                      who are living in abusive                  violence related calls between      to local domestic violence
                      homes.       The 32-year-old               January – June 2007, Sanford        agencies nationwide. In addi-
                      Georgia native, who started a              encouraged fans to support          tion, HopeLine has donated
                      mentoring program for area                 the HopeLine collection.            more than 60,000 wireless
                      youth, is passionate about                 “There’s an epidemic of             phones and 180 million min-
                      keeping families safe in her               abuse in our city,” Sanford         utes of wireless service to
                      adopted hometown of Wash-                  said. “Most of us have an old       agencies across the country
                      ington,                    D.C.            cell phone lying around the         for use with clients. For more
                               For that reason, the              house. There’s nothing easier       information about Verizon
                      Washington Mystics have                    than donating a phone. We           Wireless and the HopeLine
                      joined forces with Verizon                 know we can count on our            program, visit
                      Wireless to collect no-longer-             fans to support this important               www.verizonwireles
                      used wireless phones for the               cause.”                   
                      company's HopeLine® phone                            Nichelle Mitchem,
                      recycling program.         Each            executive director of My Sis-
                      wireless phone or charger                  ter’s Place, said: “We’re espe-
                      brought to the Verizon Center              cially excited about this won-
                      on Friday, July 18 -- when the             derful partnership. Support
                      Mystics play the Detroit                   like this enables our organiza-
                      Shock -- will result in a $5               tion to continue to offer inno-
                      HopeLine contribution to the               vative programs and critical
                      D.C.-based domestic violence               services to area women and
Page 3                                                                       Fall 2008 Volume 8, Issue 1

 Help the Homeless Mini-Walk Benefits My Sister’s Place                                                        My Sister’s Place, Inc.
                                     Fannie Mae Foundation’s big          pants chanted “help, help, help       Board of Directors
                                     Help the Homeless fundraising        the homeless” as they walked
                                     event . Together, MSP and Pea-       single file around the entire         Lauren Vaughan, Chair
                                     body School staff coordinated        park. All proceeds raised at this
                                     and participated in the mini-        event benefited the women and                Katy Button
                                     walk. MSP Case Managers              children of My Sister’s Place.         Bill and Melinda Gates
                                     Heather Sauer and Laura Cov-                                                      Foundation
                                     ington gave a safety talk to al-
                                     most 100 children, several                                                 Sherlonda Goode-Jones
          My Sister’s Place, Inc.    teachers and the school’s princi-
 partnered with Peabody Ele-         ple. Several MSP staff also par-
 mentary School for the annual       ticipated in the mini-walk that
 2008 Mini-Walk that took place      took place in the park across the                                              Karen Hill, Esq.
 on November 7, as part of the       street from the school. Partici-                                              Exelon Corporation

                                                                                                                 Michelle Kisloff, Esq.
Named One of DC’s Best Charities     Telemundo “Helpline” Reaches One Million                                   Hogan and Hartson, LLP

                                               In honor of Domestic        a variety of barriers, Latina             JoAnn Taylor
                                     Violence Awareness Month,             victims of domestic violence         US Department of Home-
                                     My Sister’s Place partnered           have a difficult time accessing           land Security
                                     with Telemundo’s “Helpline”           needed services.
                                     series. Last year, My Sister’s        Telemundo’s annual “Helpline”          Nichelle A. Mitchem
          My Sister's Place is       Place participated in a live          presentation during Domestic            My Sister’s Place
                                     broadcoast with Telemundo to          Violence Awareness Month
proud to be part of the Cata-                                                                                         Ex Officio
                                     provide information on the            reduces many Latina women’s
logue for Philanthropy:
                                     dynamics of domestic violence         barriers to accessing assistance
Greater Washington. Chosen           and resources to over one mil-        for family violence by provid-
from a field of some 200 ap-         lion Spanish speaking viewers.        ing information in Spanish and
plicants, we survived a rigor-       A study of Latina immigrants          referring battered women to
ous vetting process and were         living in DC found that the rate      culturally sensitive agencies
selected, according to Cata-         of domestic violence against          such as My Sister’s Place. The
logue President, Barbara Har-        Latina immigrants married to          series and will reach an esti-
man, as "one of the best small       United States citizens or lawful      mated one million Spanish
charities in the Washington,         permanent residents was sev-          speaking viewers.
DC region."                          enty-seven (77) percent. Due to

MSP and Partners Successfully Advocate for Safe Housing Funds                                                   My Sister’s Place is a not
                                                                                                               for profit organization that
                                     of    domestic violence.             for battered women and their         depends on contributions to
                                               Our collaborative ef-      children. We must continue to be     fulfill its mission of provid-
                                     forts worked. $1.25 million was      vigilant and as we have demon-        ing sanctuary to battered
                                     restored toward domestic vio-        strated, with our collaborative       women and their children.
                                     lence safe housing and Council-      allies and partners, we can really    Your gifts are deeply ap-
                                     member Mendelson moved an            make an impact. We must also                preciated by all.
                                     amendment in the amount of           think about the future of domes-
                                     $200,000 which did pass as a         tic violence service funding and      United Way/CFC # 8449
          On Monday, November        friendly amendment contingent        ensuring that services are funded.
10, staff from My Sister’s Place     upon a couple of things. This
joined the DC Coalition Against      means that we almost completely
Domestic Violence, the District      restored the $1.5 million in local
Alliance for Safe Housing, and       funding appropriation that we
other service providers to advo-     passed in the FY09 budget which
cate for the reinstatement of $1.5   funds approximately 250 shelter
million in funding for the crea-     beds
tion of safe housing for victims
My Sister’s Place, Inc. (MSP) is an inter-
active community committed to eradicat-
 ing domestic violence. Since 1979, My
 Sister’s Place has provided safe, emer-
   gency shelter, transitional housing,
 counseling, holistic case management,
  education and advocacy for battered
 women and their children. As the Dis-
  trict of Columbia’s oldest and largest
 provider of services exclusively for our
community’s most vulnerable members,
  My Sister’s Place has become synony-
 mous with empowering women to take
         control of their own lives.

        P.O. Box 29596
      Washington, DC 20017
      Phone: (202) 529-5261
       Fax: (202) 529-5984
     Hotline: (202) 529-5991

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