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        Anchorage AEYC Newsletter
A newsletter for Anchorage AEYC Members and Early Childhood Professionals working with children birth to age 8.

                     President’s Perspective                                                   Anchorage Association for
                                                                                               the Education of Young
                   Summer is finally here. I      If you or your center have a request for     Children
                   think we all have been         training or you know someone who would be    Anchorage AEYC Newsletter
                   eagerly awaiting the           interested in presenting a workshop you
                                                                                               May 2009
                   sights and smells of the       can contact Anchorage AEYC at 696-5884
                   season. As I shared in         or email me at angie.lantz@bp.com.           Anchorage AEYC mission is
                   the March newsletter, I                                                           to lead families,
would like to see Anchorage AEYC become a         In order for us to effectively meet the          professionals, policy
stronger membership organization. My vision       needs of the membership, we need to hear      makers, and members of
is for AAEYC to sponsor regular opportuni-        your voice. Please contact us with your      our communities to promote
ties for members to gain information and          comments, suggestions or requests. An-        a vision of all young chil-
                                                                                               dren living and learning in a
knowledge through workshops. The board of         chorage AEYC will do everything we can to
                                                                                               diverse & supportive world.
directors is working diligently on providing      meet the needs of our membership.
variety of classes. As a benefit to members,                                                      Anchorage AEYC is a
                                                                                                membership organization
we will be offering these trainings at re-
                                                  Have a great summer!                              affiliated with the
duced rate.
                                                                                               National Association for the
One of the first classes will be a First Aid      Angie Lantz                                  Education of Young Children
and CPR class on June 6, 2009. See informa-       Anchorage AEYC Board President
tion on page 3. The next scheduled training
                                                                                               Inside this issue:
will be October 29th, 2009 with Melissa
Pickle. She will do a class on Flexible, Fear-                                                 Alaska AEYC News            2
ful or Feisty: Temperaments of Young Chil-                                                     CPR/1st Aid Class           3
dren.                                                                                          UAA Grads                   4
                                                                                               Charity Walk                4
    Five New Members Elected to Anchorage AEYC Board                                           Public Policy Update        5
                                                                                               Scholarships                5
The Anchorage AEYC Board of Directors would like to congratulate the five newly elected
                                                                                               Getting Outside             6
members to the 2009-10 Board of Directors. These new members bring a variety of exper-
                                                                                               NAEYC Radio                 6
tise to the board. These five members were elected to the board by Anchorage AEYC
                                                                                               E-Scrip Program             7
members. Their terms begin June 1, 2009.
                                                                                               Committees                  7
         President                Treasurer               Member at Large                      WOYC                        8
         Angie Lantz              Anthony Raas            Historian                            2010 AAEYC Confer-          9
                                                          Mary Gibson                          NAEYC Accreditation         10
                                                                            Melanie Gibbs-     Calendar                    10
               Member at Large                Member at Large               Williams who was
                                              Scholarship Chair                                Respiratory Flyer           11
               Jessie Goodwin                                               appointed to the
                                              Ute Raas                      board as a         Misc. Opportunities         12
                                                                            Member at Large.
                                                                                               Board of Directors          13
                                                        Alaska AEYC News
                             Affiliate Conferences          Dates                             For additional info contact
                             Fairbanks AEYC                 TBA                               www.faeyc.org
                             Anchorage AEYC                 February 4-6, 2010                www.anchorageaeyc.org
                             AEYC-Southeast                 TBA                               www.aeyc-sea.org

                                          Bolling (Prince of Wales Island);         leaders is a priority in the AK AEYC
                                          2009 President Emeritus, Chris            Strategic Plan. In addition to highly
                                          Jurenka (Anchorage); 2009-11              committed new Board leadership for
                                          Member-at-Large, Candace Winkler          2010, AK AEYC is proud to announce
                                          (Anchorage); and 2009-11 Vice             that Alaska was selected as one of
                                          President Professional Development,       three national recipients to conduct
                                          Veronica Plumb (Fairbanks).               Play Symposiums in conjunction with
                                          Board members not pictured: 2009-         the NAEYC Play Policy and Interest
                                          10 Affiliate Relations Representa-        Forum. Watch for more information
                                          tive, Margaret Bauer (Statewide);         in the Fall on how you can participate.
                                          2009-10 Fairbanks Affiliate Repre-        Another project supported by our
                                          sentative, Katrina Nuneman; 2009          National Affiliate Relations office
                                          Anchorage Affiliate Representative        will help Alaska establish and
                                          Angie Lantz; 2009 Member-at-Large         strengthen student chapters – a
                                          Thomas Brock (Aniak); and 2009            great source for new leaders. Fi-
Alaska AEYC convened in Anchorage on      Member-at-Large Sharon Vaska              nally, Alaska shines yet again in the
May 14th for its semi-annual face-to-     (Bethel).                                 recent announcement that Rixa Ever-
face Board meeting. The business                                                    shed, President-Elect of FAEYC re-
meeting was highlighted by the cele-                                                ceived a coveted scholarship to at-
bration of out-going Board Members        AK AEYC will be appointing a rural        tend the Western States Leadership
and Officers, and welcoming newly         representative for a vacant Member-       Network (WSLN/NAEYC) Confer-
elected Board Members who partici-        at-Large seat. Please contact incom-      ence, hosted by California AEYC in
pated in Board Orientation. Incoming      ing President Gara Bridwell at            June. Congratulations, Rixa!
members also joined the Board in Part     bscbq@acsalaska.net to propose
II of the ‘Will to Govern Well Seminar’   suggestions for that vacancy.
                                                                                    2009 has been a truly exciting year
sponsored by national Affiliate Rela-
                                                                                    for early childhood initiatives in
tions in early May.                       Chris Jurenka was honored for her         state and national policy. I have ap-
                                          ten years of outstanding service to       preciated the opportunity to work
Pictured left to right:                   Alaska AEYC. She will remain avail-       with dedicated professionals at the
                                          able in the capacity of ‘Organization     national, statewide and local levels. I
2009 President, Cindy Harrington
                                          Historian!’ The achievements of the       learned a lot. My sincere thanks to
(Kodiak), 2010 President Emeritus;
                                          AK AEYC Public Policy Committee           the AEYC membership for this past
2009-10 Treasurer, Troy Bowler
                                          were also noted with appreciation.        year, and for your tireless efforts on
(Anchorage); 2010 Secretary, Ann
                                          The committee thrived under the           behalf of Alaska’s children and fami-
Applebee (Bethel); 2010-11 Vice Presi-
                                          volunteer leadership of Carol Pren-       lies.
dent Public Policy/Anchorage Affiliate
                                          tice, and Joy Lyon who stepped in to
Representative 2009-10, Melissa
                                          fill the Chair position for this year’s
Pickle (Anchorage); 2009 President                                                  Cindy Harrington
                                          very active Alaska Legislative Ses-
Elect, Gara Bridwell (Fairbanks), 2010-
                                          sion. Thank you to the entire Public      President, Alaska AEYC
11 President; 2009 AEYC-SEA Affili-
                                          Policy Committee, and to affiliate
ate Representative, Kathleen Rhea
                                          members who spoke out for children.
(Juneau); 2010 Member-at-Large
(appointed) Deb Bruneau (Anchorage);
2010-11 Member-at-Large, Brynn            Identifying and mentoring emerging

Page 2                                                                                         Anchorage AEYC Newsletter
     Anchorage AEYC Offering Infant/Child/Adult CPR and Basic
             First Aid (Medic Pediatric First Aid) Class

                          Infant/Child/Adult CPR and Basic First Aid (Medic Pediatric First Aid)
                        When:        Saturday, June 6, 2009
                        Time:        9:00 a.m.-12:00
                        Where: Hillcrest Children’s Center, 900 Hollywood Drive, Anchorage
                        Cost:         $35 for Anchorage AEYC Members
                                      $75 for non-Anchorage AEYC Members
                        Limited space available—Register by May 29th

                        This class will train adults how to apply techniques for the possible life
                        threatening situations including but not limited to: Assessing the victim;
                        Clearing a blocked airway; Rescue breathing; One-rescuer CPR; Control of
                        bleeding; Managing Shock; Intro to illness and injury; warning signs of possi-
                        ble life threatening conditions; Mechanism of injury (head, neck, back).

                                                               Please print clearly. Groups may register by listing
                                                               each individuals name on one piece of paper as long as
                                                               mailing address, contact information and membership
                                                               status is included.
                                                               □ Member NAEYC Member #: ________ □ Non-Member


Program/Agency:                                                Infant/Child/Adult CPR and
                                                               Basic First Aid                  $ _______________
                                                                 Members $35 Nonmembers $75

City, State, Zip:
                                                               Total:                           $ _______________


                                                                 Make checks payable to: Anchorage AEYC
1.   Mail this form with check or money order no later than      Return form to: Anchorage AEYC
     May 29th to: Anchorage AEYC, c/o C&C Services, PO
                                                                                  c/o C&C Services
     Box 771884, Eagle River, Alaska 99577.
                                                                                  PO Box 771884
2.   Registration deadline May 29th, 2009.
3.   Refund/Cancellation Policies—no refunds or credits will                      Eagle River, Alaska 99577
     be given if you register and do not attend. If you can-
     cel within 3 business days of the class we may apply
     your payment to future Anchorage AEYC workshops.             Registration Deadline: May 29, 2009
4.   NAEYC Memberships—Visit
     www.naeyc.org/membership to join online.
5.   Cancellation of class: Class may be cancelled for low
     enrollment; typically less than 6 participants.
           University of Alaska Anchorage Confers Twenty Two
                Early Childhood Degrees and Certificates
The class of 2009 was the largest class ever graduated from UAA, numbering more than
2,100 strong. The graduates were celebrated with the usual songs, speeches, and cannons
of streamers and confetti.

This year's early childhood graduates include: AAS degree: Laura H. Coon, Jean Johnson,
Jaad D. McElroy cum laude, Nikki M. Poe, Ashley E. Pomeranz, Kyla M. Senecal, Ashley A.
Tomlinson, Juana I. Vargas Aguilar, April S. Wynne, Tamiko L. Wiles. Early Childhood Cer-
tificate: Maureen Jackson BAEC degree: Angela E. Estrada, Leane L. Ganser, Kazuko A.            Jaad McElroy and
McMullen cum laude, Codruta D. Morgan cum laude, Caroline M. Noel cum laude Ginger K.              Cecilia Hone,
Omstead, Nicole M. Perry, Jenna K. Redlinger, Lacy L. Ruchmond, Krystin L. Wilburn. Post-    two of the University of
Baccalaureate Certificate: Farrah E. Ashcraft.                                              Alaska Anchorage AAS in
                                                                                            Early Childhood graduates
We celebrate their accomplishments, and look forward to their contributions in the lives       on a warm and sunny
of children and families, and to the increasing professionalism of our field.                    graduation day,
                                                                                                   May 3, 2009,
                                                                                              at the Sullivan Arena.

                                     Anchorage AEYC Participates in the
                                     2009 Visitor Industry Charity Walk

Team Anchorage AEYC participated in       wrapped dates stuffed with gruyere      seum, a case of red bull and even the
the Alaska Visitor Industry Charity       cheese from Anchorage Marriott          grand prize of 2 Alaska airline tick-
Walk, Friday, May 1, 2009 at the De-      Downtown; McGinleys Shepard’s pie       ets to anywhere they fly.
na’ina Civic & Convention Center. We      from McGinleys; breaded chicken
had 16 team members with Ute Raas as      drumette’s from the Anchorage Con-
                                                                                  This event was great fun and one of
our team leader.                          vention Center, corn chowder and
                                                                                  the easiest fundraisers we can par-
                                          corn fritters from the City Diner;
                                                                                  ticipate in! At this time we do not
                                          Authentic Sheraton Specialty Chili
The Visitor Industry Charity Walk                                                 know the exact amount of funds this
                                          from the Sheraton Anchorage and
celebrates commitment to the commu-                                               event raised for Anchorage AEYC.
                                          tons of desserts inside the Dena’ina
nity through a fun, festive community                                             Our team raised $590 which we will
                                          Civic & Convention Center. In other
event that raises money for non-profit                                            receive minus some minor cost plus a
                                          words it definitely was a “graze to
agencies throughout the state of                                                  portion of whatever is earned and
                                          raise” event!
Alaska. Since the first walk in 2000,                                             divided up from the last minute reg-
over one million dollars have been dis-                                           istrations. Look in the September
tributed to Alaskan charities.            Once we returned to the Dena’ina        Anchorage AEYC newsletter for fur-
                                          Center there were activities for the    ther information!
                                          young, desserts in abundance, music
All Charity walkers enjoyed the great
                                          and tons of fun prizes.
weather and food from nine local spon-
sors. We sampled barbeque meatballs
from the Hilton Hotel, cold melon and     Our team fared well on the door
tomato soup from the Millennium; hot-     prizes! Team members won movie
dogs, bbq beans and lemonade from         tickets, tickets to Seward Sea Life
the Captain Cook; Kobe Beef chili from    Center, 1 year membership to the
the Westmark Anchorage Hotel; Bacon       Imaginarium and the Anchorage Mu-

Page 4                                                                                       Anchorage AEYC Newsletter
      Update from the Anchorage AEYC Public Policy Committee
Greetings! This most recent Alaska         Even though the legislative session        Invite a legislator to become a
legislative session has been an exciting   has ended, it is vital we continue to          board member: If your pro-
one for those of us in the field of        convey our messages to our legisla-            gram has either an Advisory
early childhood education. Thank you       tors about the importance of the               Board or a Board of Directors,
to all of you who took the time to         work we do with young children and             having a legislator participate
write, e-mail, call or meet with your      families. The following are some               is an excellent way in which to
legislators regarding the issues that      ideas for maintaining contact with             gain his or her support. In
are important to you. All of these con-    legislators:                                   addition, they can be a great
tacts with legislators along with those                                                   resource in helping determine
who testified at legislative hearings                                                     legislative strategies.
                                             Schedule a meeting with your
did make a significant difference in
                                                legislators when they are
the lives of children and families in
                                                their home district: This is a        Thank your legislator: If your
Alaska. At this time, we are looking at
                                                great way to develop a rela-             legislator voted to support
increases for Head Start, Best Begin-
                                                tionship with your legislators.          legislation you care about,
nings, and Infant Learning Programs as
                                                Also, meetings scheduled when            please contact them to thank
well as $2 million for a Pilot Pre-
                                                the legislature is not in session        them for their support.
Kindergarten Program. In addition,
                                                are often times less hectic
our state will receive stimulus funds
                                                than those during the session.
from the American Recovery and Rein-                                                Remember, your voice does make a
                                                To schedule a meeting, call the
vestment Act.                                                                       difference! NAEYC has created an
                                                legislator’s local office which
                                                                                    advocacy toolkit for members. For
                                                can be found at http://
                                                                                    more ideas on how you can advocate,
Although we have made significant               w3.legis.state.ak.us/.
                                                                                    please go to
gains, we know we need to do more in
our state. Denali KidCare eligibility
                                             Invite your legislator to your         asp or contact Melissa Pickle,
rates remain at 175% of poverty level
                                                 program: This will allow him       Anchorage AEYC Public Policy
meaning many children and pregnant
                                                 or her to observe firsthand        Chair/Alaska AEYC Vice President of
mothers in our state continue to be
                                                 how young children and their       Public Policy at mpickle@gci.net.
uninsured. Child Care Reimbursement
                                                 families benefit from the ser-
Rates also remained the same with no
                                                 vices you provide. Have hand-
change in the eligibility requirements.
                                                 outs ready that explain your
Alaska also still does not fund a Qual-
                                                 services and take lots of pic-
ity Rating and Improvement System or
                                                 tures of the event. Be sure to
home visitation programs such as Par-
                                                 send pictures and a thank you
ents as Teachers.
                                                 note following the event. This
                                                 can also be great publicity for
                                                 the legislator.

                   2009-2010 Anchorage AEYC Scholarships
Anchorage AEYC is committed to im-       award for any Anchorage AEYC mem-          Childhood (BAEC), or the Post-
proving the quality of programs for all ber who is working towards a                Baccalaureate Certificate in Early
young children and their families. In     degree or certificate, in Early Child-    Childhood (PreK-3rd grade Teacher
their efforts to support professional-    hood, in the State of Alaska. De-         Certification).
ism in the field of early education, the  grees or certificates include CDA,        Applications are available August 1st
Scholarship Committee is pleased to       undergraduate certificate, Associate      on the Anchorage AEYC website:
offer scholarship opportunities at this   of Applied Science in Early Childhood     www.anchorageaeyc.org. Submission
time. The Anchorage AEYC Early            (AAS), Bachelor of Arts in Early          deadline is September 15, 2009.
Childhood Education Scholarship is an

Anchorage AEYC Newsletter                                                                                          Page 5
                    Home Visitor’s Corner: Getting Outside!
                                          Next, the staff give each child a pre
                                          -made “map” which consist of a paper
                                          with stickers or pictures of various
                                          local animals on it. The children are
                                          then asked to explore the park and
                                          to find the animals on the map. Prior
                                          to the event, the staff placed
                                          matching pictures or stickers of the
Another long winter is coming to an       animals on the map through out the        Please be creative! Even if you don’t
end. The days are getting longer, the     park for the children to find. After-     have a park or a farm in your commu-
snow is melting, and soon flowers will    wards, all of the children and fami-      nity, you can still get outside. Go for
be popping up to add color to our world   lies gather for a picnic. The event is    a “theme” walk. For example, go for
once again. Spring is has officially      hugely popular and a lot of fun!          a listening walk in which you encour-
arrived! I hope your programs will                                                  age the child to identify the differ-
take advantage of the changing            In Hoonah, families recently had the      ent sounds he or she hears such as
weather and get your children and         opportunity to learn about the har-       animals, airplanes, vehicles, etc. You
families outside. Here are a few ideas    vesting of herring eggs. Children,        can also go on a color walk by encour-
from programs across the state doing      families and Parents as Teachers          aging the child to point out every-
just that:                                staff gathered to watch the fishing       thing that is blue or green, etc.
                                          boats bring in the herring eggs. Her-     There are many different variations
Jan Thoemke from Homer’s Birth Two        ring eggs are harvested by placing        on theme walks, so have fun and get
Three program recently held a play-       various tree branches, such as hem-       outside to enjoy the long days of sun
group meeting at a local farm. Families   lock, in the water before herring         before they are gone!
drove to the farm and they were able      spawn. After several days, the
to observe the various animals, etc. on   branches become full of herring
the farm. It was a huge success.          eggs. The branches are then pulled
                                          out and the eggs are then cleaned
Melissa Hanis from the Ketchikan Safe     for eating. The staff took pictures
Schools/Safe Students Parents as          of the event. Children and families
Teachers program suggests hosting a       were given the opportunity to clean
“Little Explorers” event. For the past    the eggs and to eat them. The pic-
two years in Ketchikan, their program     tures were then put together in or-
has conducted a playgroup at a local      der to create a book. This was a
park. First, the children make            great learning opportunity not just   Submitted by:
“binoculars” by taping two empty toilet   for the children, but also for the      Melissa Pickle
paper rolls together and decorating       parents and staff unfamiliar with the
them with various materials.              harvesting process.

NAEYC and Body, Mind and Child have       Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld's fifty years in educa-
                                                                                                Encouraging Creativity
partnered to bring you NAEYC Radio.                    tion have taken her to 46 states,
                                                                                                in Children Pica and
                                                       Puerto Rico, and Canada. She is an
Rae Pica and Mark Ginsberg host the                                                             Ginsberg with Mimi
                                                       in-demand conference speaker, as
program that will focus on a differ-                                                            Brodsky Chenfeld
                                                       well as a part-time instructor at
ent topic each month. Body, Mind
                                                       Otterbein College in Westerfield,
and Child was developed by early
                                                       OH. She is the author of several
childhood professionals to bring the                                                         www.naeyc.org/about/radio
                                                       books that are widely used in early
best and latest insights and knowl-       childhood education, including Teaching by
edge directly to parents.                 Heart and Celebrating Young Children and Their
                                                                                               Anchorage AEYC Newsletter
Page 6
            Anchorage AEYC Participating in eScrip Program
Anchorage AEYC is now enrolled in the How does eScrip work?                   • Every month the enrolled organi-
eScrip Program. eScrip is a fundrais- • Supporters register any or all of        zations receive all merchant con-
ing program that allows participating    their existing grocery loyalty,         tributions made on behalf of all
merchants to contribute a percentage     debit and credit cards for use in       participants. A summarized report
of your grocery loyalty cards, credit    the program.                            listing supporters, merchants, and
card and a debit/ATM card purchases                                              contributions amounts are avail-
                                       • Participating national, regional and
to the school or organization of your                                            able online.
                                         local merchants will make contri-
choice. The eScrip program brings an
                                         butions to Anchorage AEYC, based
unprecedented ease of use and many
                                         on purchases made by supporters,      To sign up or see a list of merchants
other advantages to fundraising pro-
                                         who use their registered grocery      and their contribution level visit:
grams — it’s the best vehicle for sim-
                                         loyalty, debit and credit cares.      www.escrip.com.
ple, year-round fundraising.
                                       • By using these registered cards at
                                         participating merchants, support-
To sign up and help Anchorage AEYC       ers generate donations based on a
raise funds visit: www.escrip.com. Our   percentage of purchases as deter-
group name is Anchorage AEYC and our     mined by each merchant or service
group ID is: 500022006.                  provider.

                                   Anchorage AEYC Needs YOU!
The success of Anchorage AEYC is            Finance Committee                          Professional Development Committee
directly related to the volunteers who      This committee oversees the financial      This committee works with the mem-
serve on the board and on committees        operation of the organization and en-      bership committee to develop, imple-
that support the mission of the organi-     gages in future financial planning. Con-   ment and coordinate programs that
zation. If you are interested in serving    tact Anthony Raas at                       provide members with opportunities for
on one of these committees please con-      acraas@aol.com or 552-8304.                information, education and training in
tact the chairperson associated with                                                   the areas of education and care of
                                            Historian Committee                        young children, families, operation of
it. We look forward to hearing from
                                            This committee keeps a written and         the association, leadership opportuni-
                                            pictorial record of the associations       ties and the profession.
                                            activities. Contact Mary Gibson at         Contact Angie Lantz at an-
Accreditation Committee
                                            mgibson@ruralcap.com or 279-2511           gie.lantz@bp.com
This committee focus is to generate en-
                                            extension 7323.
thusiasm and awareness of national ac-
                                                                                       Scholarship Committee
creditation for early care & education
                                            Membership Committee                       This committee focus is to select cri-
programs and to identify means of sup-
                                            This committee plans and organizes         teria for scholarships that the asso-
porting programs entering into accredita-
                                            membership activities and recruits and     ciation may give. Contact Ute Raas at
tion process.
                                            inform s new and current members.          ugraas@aol.com
Contact Chelley Correa, Chair at
correa@alaska.net or 552-6473.              Contact Christina Eubanks at hill-
                                            crest@gci.net or 272-9924.                 Week of the Young Child
                                                                                       This task force plans and implements
Conference Committee
                                            Public Policy                              activities for Week of the Young Child.
This committee plans and implements the
                                            This committee coordinates advocacy        Contact Lyndsay Wheeles at ice-
annual early childhood conference. Con-
                                            and outreach activities on behalf of the   bugsk8s@hotmail.com or
tact Anna Castillo at 261-3075 or
                                            Anchorage AEYC membership. Contact         646-4649.
anna.castillo@providence.org .
                                            Melissa Pickle, 865-7345 or

Anchorage AEYC Newsletter                                                                                                Page 7
                                                The Week of the Young Child is held each year
                                                to honor young children and thank teachers and
                                                   all those who make a difference in young
                                                                children’s lives.

                                                Many programs throughout the state offered activities to celebrate the
                                                WOYC including a Creative Activities Fair, April 11th, hosted by the
                                                University of Alaska Anchorage Early Childhood Program and Anchorage
                                                Parks & Recreation; a Family Fair hosted by Anchorage AEYC and
Troy Bowler, President Emeritus and Mary        Anchorage City Church; and a Children’s Fair in Kodiak both on April
Gibson, Historian at the Anchorage AEYC         18th. If your program/home celebrated with an activity we’d love to
booth during the Creative Activities Fair,      share photos/information with our membership. Email information to us
April 11, 2009 at Spenard Rec Center.           at MissC5488@aol.com and we’ll include in our next newsletter and on our
                                                website! Mark your calendar now for Week of the Young Child 2010—
Photos from WOYC Family Fair, April 18th     in April

Anchorage AEYC Newsletter                                                                                             Page 8
                                                        The Anchorage Association for the
                                                             Education of Young Children
          Michael Brandwein
                                                      “Changing Alaska One Child At A Time”
            Guest Speaker
                                                              Early Childhood Conference
                                                                     February 4-6, 2010
                                                      Hilton Anchorage Hotel, Anchorage, AK

                                                                       Guest Speakers:
                                                                       Michael Brandwein

                                                                            Theo Bayou

                                            Join us for Alaska’s largest early childhood conference! Connect with
              Theo Bayou                    other early care and education professionals from across the State of
            Guest Speaker                   Alaska to learn new strategies, hear about the latest research, try out a
                                            few practical techniques, and discover new tools and resources to help
                                            face any challenge. Choose from over 100 workshops and seminars, and
Call for Presenters: Anchorage AEYC         explore the Exhibit area. Guest speakers are: Michael Brandwein and
is seeking qualified presenters for the     Theo Bayou. Renew your commitment and passion for working with young
29th Annual Conference. We would            children while connecting with peers, colleagues and friends. The 2010
like to invite you to participate in this   Conference has a tremendous variety of subjects to offer both seasoned
conference and submit a workshop pro-       professionals and future educators.
posal for consideration. The selection
of proposals is based on the informa-
tion you provide and considered in          Conference registration packet available November. Visit
terms of the criteria listed on the Call    www.anchorageaeyc.org for more information or contact Cecilia or
for Presenters document. Deadline for       Christie, C&C Services, Conference Coordinators at (907) 696-5884 or
proposals is October 16, 2009.              MissC5488@aol.com

If you are interested in submitting a
1.   Download the proposal off the
     Anchorage AEYC website:
                                            Presented by: Anchorage AEYC
2.   Email MissC5488@aol.com to
     request a proposal.

                                                              Visit us at: www.anchorageaeyc.org
We look forward to hearing from you!
 Page 9
                                                For additional conference information as it becomes available.
      NAEYC Accreditation                                                 Free Brochures
Anchorage AEYC congratulates the Alaskan programs           The American Academy of Pediatrics is offering free
 who achieved NAEYC Accreditation this month. We            brochures and information on the following:
are very proud of your achievement, and very grateful
 for your support of NAEYC Accreditation, the mark          Brochures on Safe Sleep available at:
          of quality in NAEYC Accreditation.

                The Learning Center
               Director: Patty Rich                         Managing Infectious Diseases on Child Care and Schools:
                                                            A Quick Reference Guide, 2nd Ed:
                 1650 Cowles Street
               Fairbanks, AK 99701

                                  2008-09 Calendar of Events
  Infant/Child/Adult CPR and Basic             CPR/Medic First Aid                        Anchorage AEYC
First Aid (Medic Pediatric First Aid)        October 29, 6:00-9:00 p.m.          invites you to advertise in our quar-
       Saturday, June 6, 2009                    BP Energy Center                terly     e-newsletter and/or annual
           9:00 a.m.—12:00                                                      Conference Program. It’s a great way
       www.anchorageaeyc.org                  Registration information          to honor a staff member or advertise
     907-696-5884 for more info                available in September           for new staff. The Anchorage AEYC
                                                                                  e-newsletter is emailed out to over
 Anchorage AEYC Board Working               NAEYC Annual Conference               500 early childhood professionals.
            Retreat                            November 18-21, 2009
    Thursday, September 3, 2009                   Washington, DC
             9:00-4:00                                                               Advertisement in quarterly
            Place: TBA                  Housing & Registration Open July 1st!              E-newsletter
                                                   www.naeyc.org                 Issue: __ June __ September
                                                                                         __ December __ March 2010
   Anchorage AEYC Conference            Anchorage AEYC Annual Conference
       Committee Meeting                         February 4-6, 2010
  Thursday, September 17, 2009                    Anchorage, Alaska              Newsletter Rates per issue:
             12:30-1:30                        www.anchorageaeyc.org             Full Page 8.5 x 11         $ 200
Ms. Lare’ Library, Child Care Connec-   Registration available mid September.
                                                                                 Half Page 8.5 x 5.5        $ 100
   Call: 696-5884 for more info.                                                 Quarter Page 4.25 x 5.5    $ 50

    Flexible, Fearful or Feisty:            NAEYC Annual Conference
  Temperaments of Young Children               November 13-17, 2010              For more info e-mail Cecilia or
    Presented by Melissa Pickle                    Anaheim, CA                   Christie, C&C Services at
        October 29th, 2009                                                       MissC5488@aol.com or
           6:00-8:30 p.m.                          www.naeyc.org                 call (907) 696-5884
          BP Energy Center

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                                                        The NAEYC Spring 2009 Resources Catalog is
                                                        available for viewing on the NAEYC.org website.
                                                        Visit the NAEYC home page and click on the image
                                                        of the catalog to view a PDF version. If you would
                                                        like to request a copy of the catalog contact
                                                        NAEYC at 800-424-2460.

                                                        Coming Soon! A new interactive Resources Catalog
                                                        will be available with the launch of the new NAEYC
                                                        website, look for it in the coming weeks!

      Website for Flu Info.                                      Beyond the Journal
                                                                                Exactly what is
 May 4, 2009
                                                                              Beyond the Journal?
                                                                         A selection of Young Children
    The Alaska Department of Health and Social                            articles, columns and Web
  Services has established a special website to alert                              resources.
  the public about the pandemic flu situation in the
                state. The link is here:
                                                           Everything in Beyond the Journal is online and
                                                             free to all at www.journal.naeyc.org/btj.

  The Department of Education and Early Develop-
   ment briefed education officials this afternoon            Looking for past Young Children articles
  during a teleconference on the situation and an-         online? Visit the Beyond the Journal Archive
  swered questions from school officials. Commis-          to see a selection of articles from past issues
   sioner Larry LeDoux said he would schedule an-                              of both
 other teleconference next week. In the meantime,            Young Children and Beyond the Journal at
 the website listed above will include daily updates        www.journal.naeyc.org/btj/archive/asp
 on the situation in Alaska. There have been no con-
     firmed cases of the pandemic flu in Alaska.
                                                            All Beyond the Journal resources are free
                                                                   to download, copy and share.

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 President                                       Accreditation                                      Ute Raas—272-0133
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     tbowler@tanainachildren.org                       hillcrest@gci.net                        Family Child Care Association
 Secretary                                       Public Policy                                     Debbie Gray—afcca@alaskafcca.org
   Anna Castillo—261-3075                            Melissa Pickle—865-7345                    Child Care Connection
     Anna.castillo@providence.org                       mpickle@gci.net                            Stefanie O’Brien—563-2992
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