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									                           Philadelphia/Delaware Sections
                                AIHA June Newsletter

                  “Ethics and Legal Issues
                  For The IH Professional”
                   Half-Day Joint Meeting
                            Friday, June 26th
AIHA supports quality professional standards and practices, and expects mem-
bers to meet such standards. In support of these important purposes, the Phila-
delphia and Delaware Sections promote ethical professional practices, and
strongly encourages local members to understand ethical responsibilities. As a
matter of professional competence and public confidence, members are ex-
pected to conduct themselves consistent with applicable ethics standards, in-
cluding those of the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH).

In our current economy, attention to proper ethics and awareness of legal issues
are even more important. Although not a new conflict, the IH professional is
forced to balance corporate financial pressure, personnel and schedules with
the proper scientific rigor required for the protection of workers. We encourage
all members of the Delaware and Philadelphia Local Sections to attend this im-
portant meeting, to ensure that we maintain the high level of integrity that is as-
sociated with AIHA and ABIH.

This meeting will be a joint meeting of the Philadelphia Section and the Dela-
ware Section AIHA, and will take place on Friday, June 26th at the West Chester
University Business Technology Center in West Chester, PA.

Speakers will include Aaron Chen (DuPont): “Ethics in the SHE Arena”; Ron
Taylor (Venable LLP): “Workplace Safety and Industrial Hygiene: Understanding
PLE’s (Possible Legal Exposures) ”; and Neil Feldscher (NY City Dep’t. of Envi-
ronmental Protection): “Knowing When To Say No: Legal and Ethical Issues”.

This meeting is co-sponsored by the West Chester University Environmental Health Program
           Delaware/Philadelphia Sections AIHA
                          Friday, June 26th Joint Meeting
                        “Ethics and Legal Issues
                        For The IH Professional”
 8:00 am – 8:30 am               Registration/Networking/Continental Breakfast

 8:30 am – 8:45 am               Introductions/Announcements

 8:45 am – 9:30 am               “Ethics In The SHE Arena” (Aaron Chen)

 9:30 am – 9:45 am               Break/Networking Opportunity

 9:45 am – 10:45 am              “Workplace Safety and Industrial Hygiene: Understanding
                                  PLE ‘s (Possible Legal Exposures)” (Ronald W. Taylor)

10:45 am – 11:00 am              Break/Networking Opportunity

11:00 am – 11:45 am              “Knowing When to Say No: Legal & Ethical Issues”
                                 (Neil Feldscher)

11:45 am – 12:00 pm              Wrap-Up/Q&A

      12:00 pm                   Lunch

Price (includes continental breakfast, breaks and lunch): $50
(A discounted price ($30) is available for Philadelphia/Delaware Local Section members who
are currently unemployed. Please mention this when pre-registering for the meeting)

All payments to be made at the door (cash or check only, checks payable to
“Philadelphia Section AIHA”)

Due to the anticipated popularity of this meeting, and limited meeting
space, pre-registration for this meeting is MANDATORY. Registration
will end, without notice, when all available spaces have been filled.

To register, please send an email, with your name and company affiliation)
to register@philaaiha.com. Please also indicate whether you are a member of
the Philadelphia or Delaware Local Section

       The deadline for pre-registration is Friday, June 19th
                         ABIH CM points have been applied for
                                                                 West Chester University
                                                               Business Technology Center
                                                                             1160 McDermott Drive
                                                                            West Chester, PA 19380

For more information, visit http://www.btcwcu.org/directions/index.htm

From the South (I-95):
 Follow I-95 North to the Route 202, West Chester exit
 Follow 202 North through Delaware into Pennsylvania to-
     wards West Chester
   Just before West Chester, bear right onto 202 North
     (Holiday Inn on right)
   Follow 202 North to Boot Rd exit, turn right
   Turn right at first light onto Greenhill Rd
   Turn left at second light onto McDermott Drive; go past
     green West Chester University sign on your right
   Turn right into parking lot, #1160 is on your right.

From the North (I-95):
 Follow I-95 South past Phila International Airport to 322
     West exit, West Chester
   Take Route 322 West to Route 1, turn left at light
   Follow Route 1 to 202 North; make right at light
   Continue straight on 202 North until just before West Chester
   Bear right onto ramp for 202 North (Holiday Inn on right); Route 202 N becomes a limited access highway
   Follow to Boot Rd exit, make right at top of ramp
   Turn right at first light on Greenhill Rd
   Turn left at second light onto McDermott Drive and go past green West Chester University sign on your right
   Turn right into parking lot, #1160 is on your right.

From the South (Route 202):
 Follow 202 North to Boot Rd exit, turn Right at top of ramp
 Follow to first light, Greenhill Rd, make Right
 Make left at second light onto McDermott Drive; go past green West Chester University sign on your right
 Turn right into parking lot, #1160 is on your right.

From the North (Route 202):
 Follow 202 South to Boot Rd exit; turn left at the top of the exit ramp
 Cross over 202 and turn right at light onto Greenhill Road
 Make left at second light onto McDermott Drive; go past green West Chester University sign on your right
 Turn right into parking lot, #1160 is on your right.
Aaron Chen, MPH, CIH (DuPont)

Aaron Chen, MPH, CIH is the Senior Industrial Hygiene Con-
sultant for the DuPont Facilities Services and Real Estate
business sites of the Delaware Valley. Prior to working for
FSRE he worked as the Global Product Stewardship Leader/
Senior Industrial Hygienist for the DuPont Clean and Disinfect
businesses for six years and prior to that was the senior IH at
DuPont Jackson Labs. He is a certified industrial hygienist
with a masters degree in public health from Tulane University.

Aaron presently is a member of AIHA, ASSE, The Health Physics Society and is
a diplomate of ABIH. He currently serves on the AIHA Practice Standards and
Guidelines and Stewardship and Sustainability Technical Committees, and is a
member of the Joint Industrial Hygiene Ethics Education Committee. Aaron has
written articles on industrial hygiene ethics and product stewardship in industrial
hygiene and safety monthly magazines. He has been jointly teaching a one-day
PDC at the AIHCE in 2007, 2008 and 2009 on Product Stewardship. He has
been working for DuPont for nearly 22 years.

“Ethics in the SHE Arena”

Ethics in the last several years has come to the forefront of many situations. The
recent issues related to the banking crisis and the steep resulting recession have
resulted in many stakeholders wanting to understand who is monitoring and
watching the ethical and moral compass.

The presentation/discussion today will focus on understanding where are our
boundaries in SHE. How do we recognize those boundaries and when do we
cross over. Many times in SHE we operate in gray areas where ethical bounda-
ries are not well defined. We need to understand how best to better define our
operating limits and ask questions and seek advice when confronted with these
ethical dilemmas.
Ronald W. Taylor (Venable LLP)

Ronald Taylor, a Partner with Venable LLP and co-chair of the
firm’s Labor and Employment Practice Group, advises and de-
fends employers on a wide variety of labor and employment
law matters. Mr. Taylor has more than 25 years of experience
representing employers in occupational safety and health mat-
ters and has defended clients against citations issued by the
Occupational Safety & Health Administration and virtually
every state plan counterpart in over 40 jurisdictions.

Mr. Taylor has long been active in the American Bar Association’s Occupational
Safety & Health Law Committee and was the management co-chair from 1998 to
2001. Mr. Taylor has taught a required graduate level course on Occupational
Safety & Health Law at the John Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public
Health, and has been selected, based on client and peer reviews, as one of Amer-
ica’s leading employment lawyers by Chambers & Partners, a respected English
firm. He was noted particularly for his experience in OSHA matters. Ron has also
been repeatedly selected as one of the best lawyers in Maryland by Woodward
and White and as a Maryland Superlawyer in the area of labor and employment
law. He is a fellow of the prestigious College of Labor and Employment Lawyers.

“Workplace Safety and Industrial Hygiene: Understanding PLE’s
(Possible Legal Exposures)”

Employers have a non-delegable duty to provide a reasonably safe workplace.
This duty underlies workers’ compensation laws and is reflected in the obligations
imposed by occupational safety and health laws.

Mr. Taylor will discuss the role of industrial hygienists in protecting workers and
achieving regulatory compliance, as well as the consequences, including the po-
tential for personal liability, of failing to adhere to recognized or required
standards of conduct.
Neil Feldscher (New York City Department of
Environmental Protection)

Neil Feldscher is the chief EH&S officer for the Bureau of En-
gineering Design and Construction of the New York City De-
partment of Environmental Protection, and has more than 20
years of experience in the environmental, health & safety
fields. In addition to being a CIH and CSP, Mr. Feldscher is a
licensed attorney who has served as an expert witness on
industrial hygiene and safety matters and presented expert witnesses on numer-
ous topics.

Mr. Feldscher is the chair of the Law Committee of the AIHA and teaches
classes for the AIHA and other organizations on environmental rules and regula-
tions, providing expert witness testimony, and legal issues concerning industrial

“Knowing When to Say No: Legal & Ethical Issues”

Industrial hygienists are often asked to serve as expert witnesses to provide ex-
pert testimony for subjects outside the purview of a lay persons knowledge. In
addition to the ethics rules associated with one’s certifications, the rules of evi-
dence provide a means and methods to determine a person’s expertise in a
specific subject matter.

Mr. Feldscher will discuss these rules and provide case law examples of Certi-
fied Industrial Hygienists and Certified Safety Professionals serving as expert
witnesses. The discussion will also include the potential implications to a per-
son’s certification(s) along with legal implications of practicing outside one’s area
of expertise.
                 2009 Northeast Regional
                    Industrial Hygiene
                     Conference and
“The Business of EHS: A New Team Dynamic”
                   Friday, December 4th, 2009
            Hyatt Regency Hotel (New Brunswick, NJ)

     Please hold the date for the 2009 Northeast Regional Industrial
      Hygiene Conference and Exposition. This annual conference,
   bringing together EH&S professionals from the mid-Atlantic region,
      will be sponsored by the Philadelphia Section AIHA this year.

      Our line-up of presentations and speakers is nearly complete;
  information on the conference will be emailed out during the Summer.

    We are still looking for sponsors for the event, as well as vendors
    for our Expo area. For more information on sponsor and vendor
     opportunities, please send an email to NEIHC@philaaiha.com.

We are also looking for Local Section members who would like to help out
 with the planning of this event. To learn more, please send an email to

     Thanks to our Conference Sponsor, 1Source Safety and Health
     New Ethics Requirement
        For CIHs/CAIHs
      (from the ABIH May 2009 Newsletter)

Beginning in 2010, new applicants and CIHs/CAIHs due to recertify will be re-
quired to document that they have completed at least two hours of coursework in
ethics. The coursework can be provided via classroom or distance learning.

For applicants, this will count as part of the current IH coursework requirement.


   If you are due to report for the 2005-2009 (Worksheet due February 1, 2010)
     CM cycle, the new ethics requirement does not apply to you for this cycle.

   If you are due to report for the 2006-2010 (Worksheet due February 1, 2011)
     CM cycle or subsequent cycles, the requirement does apply.

The ethics requirement (2 hours/5 year cycle) will count as part of your minimum
of 10 CM points in IH rubrics in Category 4 - Attendance at Educational Pro-

Appropriate ethics subjects could include: Integrity/professional conduct; Confi-
dentiality of sensitive information (HIPAA privacy rule, human subject protection
during research projects, employee medical records, etc.); Conflict of interest; In-
tellectual property rights/plagiarism (who has rights to data/information and who
takes credit for publishing); etc.

There are numerous sources for ethics coursework that are either developed or
are being developed: AIHA Local Sections, ACGIH & AIHA Telewebs (in conjunc-
tion with the Joint IH Ethics Education Committee), other professional societies,
and even your own employer's ethics classes may apply. Course sponsors or
individual CIH’s can submit a Request for CM Points to ABIH.

Examples of Ethics courses which have been approved can be found in the ABIH
CM Course Database. [Choose Subject of Interest > Ethics Only].
  The Philadelphia Section AIHA has started a LinkedIn group (American Industrial
  Hygiene Association, Philadelphia Local Section). LinkedIn is an interconnected
  network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170
  industries and 200 countries. You can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with
  qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals.
  The Philadelphia Section AIHA’s LinkedIn group will be used to share informa-
  tion, facilitate networking, and to receive and post employment opportunities in
  the Philadelphia metropolitan area.
  To join the Local Section’s LinkedIn group, please click on the following link:

       Nanotechnology Survey
If you have about 7 minutes, please consider participating
in a survey about nanotechnology and occupational
health practices in the Mid-Atlantic region. This survey is
for a Master of Public Health student project at West
Chester University.
To participate in the survey, please click here.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Maura Crossen-Luba
(MPH student) via email at mc651745@wcupa.edu, or Dr. Maura Sheehan, CIH
(WCU professor) at msheehan@wcupa.edu.
Thank you in advance for your participation.

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