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                                 Yoga Stations of the Cross in the News

     Spring Recap           2
     Advancement            3
                                 A special event at the Catholic Student     the 14 Stations that mimicked that mo-
     Save the Date! 3
                                 Center at Washington University (CSC)       ment in Jesus’ walk toward death.
     Memorial Gifts 4            made the headlines in the May 7 edition of
                                 the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.                “My hope is that [students] walked away
     Honorary Gifts 4
                                                                             with a better understanding of Jesus
     Legacy Gift            4    The article, entitled, "Stretching Physi- Christ’s suffering in their own skin,” Fr.
                                 cal and Spiritual Muscles," featured the Gary said.
  SUMMER                         Yoga Stations of the Cross hosted by the
                                                                             The event was so popular that other
                                 CSC during Holy Week.
 AC T I V I T I E S                                                          churches in the area have expressed inter-
                                 Students and young adults utilized yoga     est in participating. A company even ap-
Sunday Mass: 11 am               positions, religious imagery, and music to proached Fr. Gary about making a video of
                                 reflect on the Stations of the Cross in the the poses so people can try it at home.
     Jazz in the Gardens
                                 CSC commons. Over 40 people partici-
    Missouri Botanical Gardens                                               Special thanks to Carrie Culver and Rachel
                                 pated in this event.
•      Wed, June 24, 5:30                                                    Phillips for planning and coordinating the
                                 The motivation behind the event stemmed Yoga Stations.
The Future of Christianity
                                 from the observation at the CSC that par-
       DVD and Discussion
                                 ticipation in the Stations of the
•      Tues, July 7, 7:00        Cross had averaged 3 or 4 stu-
                                 dents in recent years.
       Summer Potluck
•      Mon, July 13, 5:30        “[I’m] concerned that young peo-
                                 ple don't see God in suffering,”
DONATE TODAY                     the article noted Fr. Gary saying.

                                 “Yoga is about being present,” he
                                 went on to explain. “There’s pain
                                 in the body to hold the pose. It’s
                                 amazingly visceral.”

                                 Participants were asked to hold a
                                 different Yoga pose for each of
                                  Spring Recap
           PAGE       2

                              In its 60th anniversary year, the      •       The CSC went green
                              CSC has been alive with students               by converting from
                              and activities over the spring se-             paper bowls to wash-
                              mester. A quick tour of the high-              able, reusable bowls
                              lights of the students, staff, and             for Mass and soup, as
                              community is below.                            well as metal spoons.
                                                                     •       Speaking of soup, 20
                              •    Special thanks to the two                 different permanent
Gabe Murphy and                    wonderful interns who                     community members
Rachel Lyons, 2008-                joined the CSC staff for the              have volunteered         The spring service trip team in Galveston.
2009 CSC interns,                  2008-2009 school year.                    their time and culinary
are moving on.                     Gabe Murphy will attend                   skills to make soups
                                   the Wash U PT program in                  and desserts for the CSC’s     • On April 23, over 100 people
                                   the fall and will remain a                bi-weekly mass and soup            attended the Under the
                                   resident of the CSC, and                  program. Interested in             Tuscan Moon event at Oliva
                                   Rachel Lyons will be mov-                 joining this ministry? Con-        on the Hill. Special thanks to
                                   ing to Syracuse, New York                 tact Jamey at 314-935-9191 x       St. Louis Catering for spon-
                                   to join the Jesuit Volunteer              221.                               soring the event.
  A recent survey of               Corps.
                                                                     •       There is a new emergency
                              •    Catholic Student Union,                   response center in the
     112,232 college               an independent governing                  basement of the CSC—we
                                   board of Catholic under-                  pray for the best but are
 students found that               grads, hosted many success-               prepared for the worst.
                                   ful events, including a BBQ in
    75% of them are                                                  •       14 students spent their
                                   the fall, a day of service, and
                                   the Swanky Shindig dance,                 spring break serving those
     trying to “make                                                         stricken by Hurricane Katrina
                              •    Wash U’s Chancellor                       in Galveston, Texas.
      their lives more             Wrighton received the first                                               •   Internationally renowned
                                                                     •       The CSC website has been
                                                                                                                 Ignation Scholar Fr. Paul
                                   annual national Catholic
          connective,              Campus Ministry Asso-                     re-designed by community            Coutinho’s day of reflection
                                   ciation (CCMA) Exem-                      member Erik Buschardt.              on how we reclaim our iden-
     integrative, and                                                        Check it out!
                                   plary Administrator                                                           tity in the divine was well
 spiritual.” —UCLA                 Award to thunderous ap-           •       Nearly 20 people joined Sr.         attended by CSC students and
                                   plause in front of 500+ stu-              Linda, campus minister, every       community in April.
                                   dents at the 9pm mass on                  month to discuss the book       •   Campus minister Troy
                                   March 29.                                 Quest for the Living God.           Woytek led a 7-person grad-
                                                                         •      Another CSC student has          student/young-adult ser-
                                                                             entered the seminary, brin-         vice trip in mid-May to serve
 Chancellor                                                                  ing the total number of CSC         the impoverished in New
  Wrighton                                                                   men who have entered the            Orleans.
receives his                                                                 seminary to 19 in 19 years.     •   The CSC’s gas grill is on its
    CCMA                                                                 •     5 Fellowship of Catholic          last legs. If you have a func-
   award at                                                                  University Students                 tioning gas grill you could
      Mass                                                                   (FOCUS) missionaries                donate to the CSC for the
                                                                             served Wash U this year. For        numerous barbecues hosted
                                                                             more info, go to                    on the patio throughout the
                                                                                   year, please contact Jamey at
                                                                                                                 314-935-9191 x221.

               WASH       U   CATHOLIC
IGNITING         FAITH       ON    CAMPUS                                                                              PAGE         3

Advancement Update
              Matching Easter Collection                                           Show Your Support Through
                                                                                     Washington University

 On Easter weekend, four generous families joined together         Did you know that donations can be made through Washing-
  to match every contribution—and beyond—to the offer-             ton University for the benefit of the Catholic Student Center?
 tory. The community rose to the occasion and gave an as-
   tounding $54,401! The matching families responded by             Alumni and parents have the opportunity to show their sup-
 bringing the total Easter collection up to $134,000! Thank         port for both institutions by making their donations payable
     you all for your generous support of this ministry.              to Washington University for the benefit of the Catholic
                                                                                     Student Center Gift Fund.
 If you are interested in inspiring others by being a matching
     donor in the future, please contact Linda Domeyer at
                     314-935-9191 x 202.

“I’ve had an incredibly Catholic experience at Wash U these

past two years even though it is a secular university. I’ve

experienced a sense of service that I never expected.”

—Austin Wesevich ‘11

       October 10, 2009 Newman Gala: Save the Date!
          CONTRIBUTIONS                            SPONSORSHIPS                                REUNION
        Gala Auction Donations Needed            New! All sponsorships ≥$600           Join the CSC Alumni Group on
                                                 receive a room at the Ritz for        Facebook to stay tuned in to Gala-
                Bottles of Wine
                                                     the night of the Gala!              related reunion-weekend event
              Frequent Flyer Miles
                                               $250 Special Sponsor
             Professional Services
                                               $600 Perfect Evening Sponsor (2 tix)
                 Sports Tickets                                                         Raffle ticket prices dropped to
                                               $1100 Entourage Sponsor (4 tix)          $50! Contact Jamey to purchase.
             Hotel Accommodations
                                               $1700 Reunion Sponsor (8 tix, table)               1 in 30 wins!
          New! All merchant donations          $3000 Premier Sponsor (10 tix, table,
          ≥$150 receive half a page of             preferred seating and service)      Will you open a golden ticket?
        promo space in the auction book!                                               Make sure you’re registered with
                                               $10,000 Gala Champion Sponsor
                                                   (10 tix, table, preferred seating             the CSC...
          Just want to buy something to
                                                   and service, champagne toast)
       contribute? Try the Target Registry.

       Direct all Gala questions to Jamey Stegmaier, Director of
       Operations, at or 314-935-9191 x221.
Gifts in memory of: Gifts in honor of:                                      Fr. Gary Recommends
John Rodgers
by Susan & Scott Rodgers
                                Anthony Olasov
                                by Jamie & Doris Boe
Daniel Cerrate                  Richard Nemeth
                                                                                  Reading List
by Sara Reinoso                 by Jeanne Nemeth

Virginia Lambert                Kara Sikorski ‘10                             Doing the Truth in Love
by William Lambert              by Frederick & Joy Sikorski                     By Michael Himes
Murphy & Howard relatives       Caitlin Park ‘09
by Susan Murphy                 by Daniel Park & Maude Irwin
                                                                                 No One Sees God
Vincent Coco                    Deanna Parrish ‘12                               By Michael Novak
by Marty & Janie Coco           by Rich Parrish II & Marianne Pantin

Dorothy & Edward Sudmeier and   Anne Bucci-Arias & Juan Arias              New Seeds of Contemplation
Frank & Marie Weix              by Theresa Bucci
by David & Joceil Sudmeier                                                        By Thomas Merton
                                Sarah E. McDonald ‘12
Jack Erker                      by Mark & Carolyn McDonald
by Dan & Mary Tramelli                                                      The Irresistible Revolution
                                Davalos family                                 By Shane Clairborne
Daniel & Alvina O’Connell       by Dulsinea Davalos
by Tom & Laura Kent
                                Robert Bartmann
William B. Loftus, Jr.          by Jennifer & Daniel Marcus
by Robert & Maripat Gatter
                                LaMartina Family
Hope & Ann Hurley               by Tony LaMartina
by John Hurley
                                Lauren Brilli ‘09
Zoilo & Victoriwa Caolboy and   by Dr. & Mrs. Richard Brilli
Pranalyn Caolboy and
Alejo Sardon                    Jonathan Brown ‘09
by Danny & Elizabeth Sardon     by Joan & Thomas Brown

Winifredo Tobias
by Eric & Jenny Rouchka

                                                               Under the leadership of a Wash U senior, Margaret
                                                               Burke, nineteen students have pledged a total
                                                               of $19,000 to the CSC upon their graduation as
                                                               part of the CSC’s graduate legacy. These passionate
                                                               young adults recognize that many who have gone
                                                               before them in the Newman community have
                                                               provided so much during their 4 (or more) years
                                                               here, and they want to be a part of the legacy that
                                                               provides for those who follow in their footsteps.
                                                               (L-R) Back row: Scott Kennedy, Jesús Figueroa, Gregg
                                                               Kennedy, Eric Schoeffler, Jonathan Brown; middle
                                                               row: Stephanie DiFazio, Alison Curran, Liat Rome,
                                                               Margaret Burke, Sam Steinberger, Keith Swaback;
                                                               front row: Sarah Cahill, Andrea Kurianowicz, Jessica
                                                               Lane, Emily Ronshausen, Carolina Fojo, Fiona Turett;
                                                               not pictured: Lauren Brilli, Aimee Duplantis

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