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					              ESPN The Magazine
          Fantasy Baseball Preview 2007
                              S p e c i a l 5 0 - pag e i n - B o o k S e ct i o n
                                         March 12, 2007 iSSue
ThE Goal:
Win your fantasy baseball league
“The quality of my summer is a direct relationship to the quality of my fantasy baseball team.”
         – Matt Damon (actor & fantasy baseball aficionado)

gather as much information as possible
“In Fantasy Sports, knowledge is power; and you can never have too much of either.”
         – glen Waggoner (A founding father of Fantasy Baseball)

ThE WiNNEr’S Tool:

                                                            • Over 600 players scouted and ranked
                                                            • Cutting-edge statistical projections for over 300 players
                                                            • Mock drafts, cheat sheets and strategy guides

                                                            • Exclusive analysis from the best in baseball: Peter Gammons,
                                                              Buster Olney, Rob Neyer and Steve Phillips
                                                            • Distribution timed to include the latest trades, cuts, injuries
                                                              and insider information

                                                            • 12.7 million young affluent readers
                                                            • Median Age = 32 Median HHI = $62,400
                                                            • 20% reach of all fantasy players (335 index)
                                                            • 28% reach of all men 18-34 fantasy players (485 index)

                                                            “ESPN has the most useful expert analysis for fantasy sports.”
                                                                   – Sports poll (January 2007)

ThE MarkET:                                                 ThE PlayErS:
15.5 Million Adults play Fantasy Sports                     Fantasy Players are young, affluent, educated and trend setters.

89% play Fantasy Football                                                            FANTASy                   NoN
                                                                                     PlAyErS                 FANTASy
79% play Fantasy Baseball (12.2 million)                    Median HHI                $84,000                $52,000
42% play Fantasy Basketball                                 Age 18-34                  54%                    31%
                                                            College Educated           69%                    52%
13% play Fantasy Hockey                                     Consumer Innovator         69%                    44%

                                                            But it is the Fantasy Players who read ESPN The Magazine
                                                            who really make things happen.
                                                                                         FANTASy PlAyErS wHo
                                                                                     rEAd ETM      do NoT rEAd ETM
                                                            Median HHI                $88,000                $83,000
Sources: 2006 MrI Fall & Fantasy Sports Trade Association   Age 18-34                  74%                    49%
                                                            College Educated           74%                    68%
                                                            Consumer Innovator         71%                    68%
             ESPN The Magazine
           Fantasy Baseball Preview 2007
                           S p e c i a l 5 0 - pag e i n - B o o k S e ct i o n
                                      March 12, 2007 iSSue

                                    GET iN ThE GaME:
                                         iSSue Date: 3/12/07
                                           on Sale: 2/28/07
                                          aD cloSe: 2/09/07

                                     MlB opening Day: 4/1/07

                                FantaSy BaSeBall DraFtS:
                            MoSt DraFtS Will Be 3/23/07 – 3/31/07

                                       circulation: 1,950,000

                                    page rate (open): $188,500

     Want even more involvement with
    baseball and                    ?

       aSk your SalES rEPrESENTaTivE aBouT our
           BaSEBall “SEaSoN TickET” PackaGE
neW york                           chicago                    loS angeleS                    SoutheaSt
Michael Beshar              del deocampo/Joe Martin               Brad Sive                  Patricia McTeague
 212·456·1497               312·899·4046/312·899·4047            212·515·7222                  212·456·2054

           neW englanD                           Detroit                   San FranciSco
                 Patrick Ferencz         Chris Marcangelo/Susan Kiltie          Galen Archibald
                  212·456·6290                   248·359·2355                    415·434·0222