Bike Shop to Terrify Pedestrians No Longer by pengtt


									St. Mary’s Campus Bi-weekly • 71th year, No. 4 • October 19, 2010 • St. Mary’s City, MD

Bike Shop to Terrify Pedestrians No Longer?
          BY KYLE JERNIGAN                  further theorized that since the bike
              Editor-in-Chief               shop has come in significantly under
   Despite ample business and a dedi-       budget the past few years, this may
cated staff, a complete funding cut to      have been seen by administrators as
the on-campus Bike Shop threatens to        a lack of activity. Thornton said that
derail the project for good.                the funding cut related to confusion
   The Terrified Pedestrian Bike Shop       regarding what services the bike shop
was created by Mike Benjamin, ‘09,          should provide, and how its services
in the fall of 2008 after the discontinu-   should fit into the larger picture of the
ation of the FreeRide program, a bike-      campus community. Assistant Vice
sharing program from two years prior        President of Finance Christopher
which failed when students took bikes       True was unavailable for comment.
and neglected to bring them back,              Despite the Bike Shop’s budget
or seriously damaged them. Since            gap, Parzynski said that since the be-
its creation, the Bike Shop has dealt       ginning of this year alone around 70
with a move from Queen Anne Hall            bikes have been logged as being fixed,
to the Waring Commons common                coming to around $3500 of directly
room and, according to Bike Shop            recorded repairs. He added that this
employee senior Paul Parzynski,             number included only bikes which
threatened funding loss last year as a      could not be fixed on-the-spot, and
result of college funding cut-backs.        probably accounted for only around
   This year, however, Parzynski and        40 percent of the bike shop’s busi-
other members of the Bike Shop were         ness. According to Parzynski, the rea-
informed                                                             son the bike
by Assis-          Check out our video                               shop came
t a n t Vi c e   feature on the Bike Shop                            under budget
President                                                            was that they
of Campus         at                               “ran more ef-                                                                                                                     Photo by Steve ReeS
Operations                                                           ficiently” than    The Terrified Pedestrian Bike Shop’s financial hardships could threaten its ability to remain open.
Derek Thornton, who manages the             administrators expected.
shop through the Physical Plant, that          The employees of the shop, Thorn-
there was no money in the budget.
Thornton said that the Physical Plant
                                            ton, and Student Trustee Danny
                                            Ruthenberg-Marshall are currently
                                                                                        Board Meeting Marks Several Firsts
currently pays Parzynski, along with        working on preparing a case for the            BY JULIA ANDRADE ROCHA                    committees to shape these policies and     troduced “four guiding principles”
                                                                                                      Staff Writer
current employees junior Roger Ding,        Student Government Association                                                           then meet in general session in order      for discussions held throughout the
senior Aaron French, and junior Mike        (SGA) meeting on Oct. 1. Parzynski            There was a lot of love for President      to vote and implement any changes.         year, asking that the Board renew
Adashek, through a contingency plan         said, “our goal is to become [a finan-      Joe Urgo at this year’s first Board of       Revisions to the College’s mission,        the College’s mission, “reaffirm the
“until [future] funding is identified.”     cial] entity like SafeRide.” Thornton       Trustees general session. The meet-          the operating budget, and to other         foundations” by constantly asking
However, Parzynski said that until          said that he is currently meeting           ing, held on the Saturday during fall        monetary matters were all approved         what is best for students, “ensure
that occurs there is no budget to hire      with the Office of Student Affairs          break, was Molly Mahoney Mat-                at this past meeting.                      the public trust” by maintaining a
or pay any other employees, an is-          to identify possible future funding         thews’s first as the Chair of the Board        Matthews called the Board to order       community with “core principles of
sue considering the large number of         sources. President Joseph Urgo has          of Trustees and also marked the first        with a speech claiming that the Board’s    access, inclusiveness, meritocracy,
people who have shown interest in           also expressed interest in seeing the       held with President Joe Urgo at the          commitment to students, faculty, and       and sustainability,” and “sustain the
working for the shop. He added that         bike shop continue its existence, and       head of St. Mary’s College of Mary-          staff has been “stronger in the previous   monument school” by becoming “a
until funding is found, the bike shop       although no decisions have been             land. “We have a new beginning with          few months than ever” and that a new       monument to the highest standards
cannot expand its services to include       made, he said, “It would be nice to         Dr. Urgo at the helm of the institution,     President heading the institution is the   of public endeavor and educational
bike sharing or improve its organi-         have that...[we want to] encourage          and with Molly chairing the board,”          mark of a new era. She thanked Tom         practices.”
zation through a potential manager          bike riding on campus.” Parzynski           said Dean of Students Laura Bayless.         Botzman, Vice President for Business         Many reports to the Board, includ-
position.                                   noted that, despite these possibili-          The Board of Trustees is comprised         & Finance, for handling the effects of     ing Student Trustee Danny Ruthen-
   Parzynski said that funding for the      ties, the bike shop as it stands now is     of people selected by the Board it-          having “finances constrained” due to       berg-Marshall’s, ‘11, and Alumni
shop has always been ambiguous,             in dire condition, and said, “I can’t       self and appointed by the Governor           the economic downturn but also ad-         Council Chair Paul Schultheis’s,
but until recently it had received          imagine this place will remain open         to shape and implement governing             dressed that the pay freeze is having      ‘98, addressed excitement towards
more money than needed. Parzynski           without funding.”                           policies for the College. The Trustees,      an impact on employee morale.              President Urgo’s start at St. Mary’s,
                                                                                        who work on a volunteer basis, meet in         Urgo’s address to the Board in-                        Continued on page 2

                                                                                        Peace and Love, Say the SMCM Six
                                                                                               BY PETER SPARKLIN                    they were applauded and thanked by          Albert Snyder (his father) filed a lawsuit
                                                                                                     Features Editor                people who had lined up to view the         against founder and head of the WBC
                                                                                           On Oct. 6, six St. Mary’s students       court proceedings. There was only one       Fred Phelps and the WBC for invasion
                                                                                        traveled to the Supreme Court to rally      other individual at the courthouse with     of privacy and intentional infliction of
                                                                                        for peace and love to counter the mes-      a sign supporting peace and love. Mem-      emotional distress. The case concerns
                                                                                        sage of hate espoused by the Westboro       bers of the WBC were there with signs       the conflict between free speech and
                                                                                        Baptist Church (WBC).                       proclaiming, “Thank God for Dead            privacy.
                                                                                           Senior Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall,        Soldiers” and “Fags Doom Nations,”             While showing their support for anti-
                                                                                        senior Allison Yancone, senior Allison      among others.                               WBC ideas, the St. Mary’s six were
                                                                                        Shapiro-Davis, junior Madeline Mont-           Montgomery said it was very difficult    approached by numerous reporters and
                                                                                        gomery, sophomore Josh Santangelo,          to see small children, between five and     television crews. Santangelo said, “I was
                                                                                        and sophomore Garrett Zopfi traveled        eight years old, holding up signs for the   surprised by amount of press attention
                                                                                        to D.C. to offer a counter message to       WBC, as well as being confronted by         we got.”
                                                                                        the WBC’s.                                  the message that the church proclaimed.        “We definitely had crowd support and
                                                                                           Shapiro-Davis said their goal was        She said, “some signs shocked me…I          press support,” Zopfi said.
                                                                                        “counteracting the hate,” and Ruthen-       literally felt nauseated.”                     The St. Mary’s students chose to
                                                                                        berg-Marshall said it was “all about           The WBC is a fundamentalist Chris-       avoid confrontation with the members
                                                                                        support for WBC’s victims…not to fight      tian church known for their protests and    of the WBC even though they disagreed
                                                                                        the WBC…the WBC feeds off of hate.          belief that God kills soldiers and causes   with them. Yancone said, “we had a lot
                                                                                        The only thing they don’t understand is     disasters for America’s tolerance of sin,   of opportunity to get into it with other
                                                                                        peace and love.”                            specifically homosexuality.                 people [but] it was our decision not to
                                                                                           Ruthenberg-Marshall had been                This organization was picketing          get involved.” Montgomery said that
                                                                                        following the WBC and gathered a            at the Supreme Court because of the         they were approached by a member of
                                                                                        small group of like-minded individuals      case Snyder v. Phelps. This case was        the WBC. “We knew getting into a con-
                                                                                        through a Facebook status. Together         brought to the Supreme Court because        versation would…help them achieve
                                                                                        they made signs expressing their peace-     the WBC picketed the funeral of Lance       their goal,” said Shapiro-Davis.
                                                                                        ful message and headed to D.C.              Corporal Matthew Snyder, a Marine              At the time of this writing, the out-
                                              Photo Submitted by madeline montgomeRy       When they arrived at the courthouse,     killed in 2006 while serving in Iraq.       come of the case had not been decided.
 Students peacefully protest against the Westboro Baptist Church.

         News.......1-2                                                                                                    FeMale orgasM

                                                             Townhouse Mold                                            Marshall Miller and Jocelyn Benson
                                                           Maintenance works to contain Mold                                                                                     students coMe out to play BadMinton
         a&e...........4                                      epideMic on north caMpus.                                talk aBout the intricacies of the feMale
                                                                                                                                                                                 in this week’s intraMurals spotlight.
         sports.....5-6                                                 Page 2                                                                                                                 Page 6
         opiNioNs......7                                                                                                              Page 3
         2                                                                       The PoiNT News • ocTober 19, 2010                                                                       News
Townhouse Mold on ReTReaT

                                                                                                              PhotoS by Ryan gugeRty
Houses in the Crescents and Greens were cleaned last weekend by maintenance and outside contractors.

        By KYLE JERNIGAN                     Bernard C. Trueschler Houses 1 and 6,        pervasive presence of mold seems to
              Editor-in-Chief                and Elanor Diggs Harrington House 3          belie this, and Thornton said that it’s
   The campus mold problem, once only        were all evacuated. As of this writing,      “something I’m looking into…I have
the result of what seemed to be isolated     mold has also been found in four houses      to review those processes to see where
problems, has become endemic on the          in the South Crescent Townhouses,            the problem lies.” Miller also said that
Townhouse Greens, with ten separate          though in amounts small enough to be         she was planning on conducting a
townhouses being evacuated for exten-        taken care of by housekeeping. Miller        root cause analysis of the problem to
sive remediation.                            said, “I was disappointed with what I        see if the issue has been the result of
   The mold issue started at the begin-      found.” Thornton, agreed, and said he        “insufficient training, someone doing
ning of the academic year when the           was “very surprised” by the amounts          the job who is unqualified, or a general
residents of Geneva Boone 4 moved            of mold.                                     system failure.” She added, “I dropped
in. Senior Julie Bernstein, a resident of       In order to prepare students and          everything to give this 100 percent of
Boone 4, said, “We moved in and there        answer questions about the issue, a          my efforts.”
was a huge stain on our carpet…[when]        meeting was held on Oct. 7 between
we had our first rain the carpet flooded.”
Bernstein and the other residents of
                                             representatives of the college and those
                                             soon to be displaced. At the meeting,
                                                                                            Student Response Prompts Removal of
Boone 4 put in a work order to get the
flooding checked out by maintenance,
                                             students were told about the different
                                             species of mold found, the health effects      Montgomery Hall’s Naturalized Area
but according to Bernstein it was an         of mold, and the plans for remediation
                                                                                                    By ISAAC NIXON                     shedding, carbon foot-printing, bud-       walking across the hill by Monty.”
“on-and-off uphill battle to get it taken    of the townhouses.                                          Staff Writer                  get and labor cost while protecting           After Jackson and Mercer were noti-
care of properly.” Eventually, and after        Students were also provided compen-         The overgrown grassy area located          and nourishing the wildlife. They          fied of this issue, they took immediate
parents of the residents of Boone 4 got      sation for their displacement, alternate     along the path of Montgomery Hall            were created simply by let the grass       action. When Mercer was asked what
involved, Maintenance came in to take        housing, and vouchers for free meals. In     was removed in response to students’         grow out and just as easily cut down.      prompted the quick response, he said,
a look; what they found was a leaking        a message sent out to a Facebook group       petition in the beginning of this semes-     Student Trustee Danny Ruthenberg-          “We wanted to move on it quickly
roof and dangerous levels of mold.           created for residents of the Greens and      ter as quickly as it had sprouted up.        Marshall, in collaboration with the        since there was no wildlife nested
Bernstein said, “you could feel all the      their supporters after the meeting, Senior     “The wild growth area between              Sustainability Committee, Associ-          in this area and wanted to show the
moisture in the air, and we all had cold-    Laura Mateczun said, “We feel that the       Montgomery Hall and the bell tower           ate Vice President of Planning and         SMCM students that their voices were
like symptoms.”                              school, while undoubtedly [having]           is a place where students used to sit        Facilities, Chip Jackson, and Mercer       heard.”
   The initial cleaning of Boone 4,          screwed up previous housing inspec-          to enjoy nice weather, and frankly, it       were responsible for the removal of           Likewise, Jackson was asked about
perhaps as a result of it being the first    tions over the last two or more years,       interrupts the aesthetic appeal of the       Monty’s meadow. Faculty, staff, and        his thoughts concerning the removal
house to have the issue, took three and      is taking this situation very seriously      rest of that area,” said Junior Madeline     alumni thoughts were also included in      of the meadows. He described the
a half weeks, during which residents         and attempting [as] quick a response         Montgomery, which was what a ma-             the decision.                              planning process as something that
of Boone 4 either took replacement           as possible.”                                jority of the student population felt.         According to Ruthenberg-Marshall,        ideally would have been perfect, but
housing provided by Residence Life              In order to clean up the mold, a third-     These grassy areas, also known             Monty’s meadow only accounted for          unfortunately there were a few mis-
or couch-surfed. However, Bernstein          party remediation team was brought           as the naturalized areas or mead-            less than two percent out of the total     takes along the way. When Jackson
pointed out that “it didn’t really feel      in, which allowed a significantly faster     ows, have several benefits for the           meadows on campus. Ruthenberg-             was asked how he felt about feedback
that bad” and that she was very happy        turnover; instead of taking three weeks,     environment. They can be found by            Marshall presented the students’ com-      about the meadows and in general he
with the compensations Residence Life        townhouses were completely remedi-           Mattapany Road, the Library, St.             plaints and petitions to get it removed    said, “I’m open to criticism whether
provided.                                    ated by Oct. 12. Miller said, “they did a    John’s Pond, and in several other            during a sustainability committee          negative or positive.” Jackson can be
   After Boone 4, Maintenance teams          lot of extra stuff…they were excellent.”     areas. According to Superintendent           meeting. He said, “I heard from a lot      contacted at by
led by Assistant Vice President of              Despite the college’s recent and          of Grounds and Maintenance, Kevin            of students that it was an eye sore, and   anyone interested in giving contrusc-
Campus Operations Derek Thornton             extensive efforts to combat the mold         Mercer, they serve to reduce water           that it was getting in the way of people   tive criticism.
and Environmental Health and Safety          problem, the whole fiasco may be in-
Coordinator Polly Miller expanded the        dicative of a more pervasive negligence
scope of their search for mold to other
townhouses on the Greens. These teams
                                             in cleanliness. Thornton said, “[It is]
                                             expected as we prepare these units…
                                             that a thorough job of cleaning is done.”
                                                                                            First Trustee Meeting Over Fall Break
discovered that a large number of houses                                                          Continued from page 1             and with Matthews being the new the public, and while the public is
on the Greens had some amount of mold,          He added that members of the main-
                                                                                            with Faculty Senate President Bob Chair for the Board, there are likely not allowed to participate in the dis-
and ten houses had severe enough levels      tenance staff, before the beginning of
                                                                                            Paul saying that “we [the faculty] to be changes in the Board’s vision cussions within the meeting itself,
of mold that students had to be evacu-       the academic year, are supposed to
                                                                                            like Joe Urgo a lot.” Despite the for the College. Dean Bayless pointed many Trustees are open to speaking
ated over the Reading Days weekend.          clean coils in the electrical closets (the
                                                                                            pay freeze Board Chair Matthews out the increased focus on fundraising with students before and after the
Margaret Wing Dodge Houses 3 and 7,          primary place mold has been found)
                                                                                            addressed earlier, Paul mentioned consistently mentioned throughout the session is adjourned.
Homer L. Dodge Houses 1, 3, 4, and 8,        and change air filters. However, the
                                                                                            that the faculty “believe they are meeting as evidence of this new direc-       Despite the lack of students
                                                                                            being heard at all levels” and that tion. However, Ruthenberg-Marshall attending such meetings, both
Repurposed Land to                                                                          they are confident “in their ability claims that, despite the new Chair, Bayless and Ruthenberg-Marshall
                                                                                            to effect change.”                      there seem to have been few changes believe that the Board is in tune
                                                                                               Ruthenberg-Marshall, in his first to how the Board operates.
Improve Pollution Control                                                                                                                                                 with student concerns. Ruthenberg-

                                                                                            dent Trustee, reported on many “I don’T Recall a sTudenT tion of the “student member
                                                                                            report to the Board as the Stu-                                                   Marshall believes that the posi-
          By KATIE HENRY
                                                                                            student concerns such as the jusT aTTendIng [a BoaRd of does contribute to that” under-
                                                Takacs decided to make the rain
                Staff Writer
                                             garden project a part of her ENST-
   Some of you may have seen what            450 class (Environmental Science for
                                                                                            Bike Shop’s loss of funding,
                                                                                            with 90% of students respond-
                                                                                                                                 TRusTees geneRal sessIon] standing, but he also thinks[the]
                                                                                                                                                                              a “product of how in tune
                                                                                                                                                                                                           it is
appears to be the mulched pond outside       the K-8 Classroom) because they are
                                                                                            ing to him that they were upset Because IT Is an InTeResTIng administration is” with student
of the Campus Center and wondered            “great outdoor projects that teachers
                                                                                                                                           open MeeTIng.”
                                                                                            with the possibility of its ser-                                                  opinions.
what exactly it was, or what purpose         and students can do together.”
                                                                                            vices no longer being available.                                                    Bayless hopes that student
it was serving. And now, there is an            Students in Takacs’ class are also
                                                                                            He also addressed the restric-                                                    awareness of the Board’s work
explanation: it’s a rain garden.             very excited about becoming a part of
                                                                                            tions placed on academic work         - Dean of StuDentS, Laura BayLeSS will increase, with Matthews
   Professor Jackie Takacs, of the Envi-     this project. Amanda DeLand, a senior,
                                                                                            due to the slow internet service                                                  and Irwin scheduled to appear
ronmental Science program, is heading        is really enjoying the experience. “I like
                                                                                            on campus, but acknowledged that          Only four students attended the at one of the Neighborhood Chats
this project. She explains that a rain       choosing the plants and things that are
                                                                                            discussions on the issue will only be open General Session, including the she and President Urgo will hold
garden is “a shallow depression that         to be planted in the garden,” she says.
                                                                                            likely to effect significant change in Student Trustee, which is not unusual throughout the year. However, she
captures stormwater runoff, and filters      “There’s a lot that goes into choosing
                                                                                            the coming years.                       according to Dean. “In the 13 Board believes that Ruthenberg-Marshall
out sediments and nutrients that would       which plants to put where, but I like
                                                                                               Neil Irwin, ‘00, reported for the meetings I have attended, I don’t recall “is doing a good job of being visible
otherwise end up in our waterways and        choosing and planning out the native
                                                                                            Enrollment and Student Affairs a student just attending because it is as the Student Trustee, which helps
pollute them.” Thus, it will help out the    species to go into the garden.”
                                                                                            Committee and announced that an interesting open meeting,” said students know more about the work
St. Mary’s River, Potomac River, and            DeLand agrees that the rain garden
                                                                                            Aaron Williams, the current Direc- Bayless, acknowledging that the stu- of the Board.”
the Chesapeake Bay.                          will be beneficial in many ways to
                                                                                            tor of the Peace Corps, has been dents present are usually the Student          The next General Session will
   The area where the rain garden is         St. Mary’s, both environmentally and
                                                                                            selected as the Commencement Trustee, Student-trustee-in-training be held Saturday, Dec. 4 in Wash-
being started was chosen because the         cosmetically. She explains, “The rain
                                                                                            speaker for 2011. Williams will still and a Point News reporter, with the ington, D.C., though the time and
space was designated to hold water,          garden will definitely make the campus
                                                                                            need to be confirmed, but he was President of the Student Government location are to be determined. The
so the depression was already made.          more attractive. The mulch pond [that
                                                                                            one of the people suggested by the Association occasionally attending. next session held on campus will be
The garden itself is low-maintenance,        it used to be] was just so pointless and
                                                                                            Class of 2011 last spring.                Students are allowed to attend the Saturday, Feb. 26th in the Glenden-
requiring “minor seasonal deadheading        out of place. It’ll give visitors a better
                                                                                               With a new President at the school General Sessions, which are open to ning Annex.
and weeding” according to Takacs.            impression of us.”
FeaTures                                                                    The PoiNT News • ocTober 19, 2010                                                                                                           3
         I ♥ Female Orgasm Entertains, Educates on How to Get Off
        By PETER SPARKLIN                        to have sex and that mainstream porn
               Features Editor                   has a lot to do with it.
   Crowds of excited, chattering stu-               People get ideas about how their
dents crowed together to fill in corners,        body should look; Benson said, “if your
aisles, laps, and arms of chairs on Oct.         va-jay-jay has a little personality, there
14 to learn about the beliefs concerning,        is nothing abnormal about you.”
different types of, and ways to have                The program continued by touching
a female orgasm for the program I ♥              on what students had learned about
Female Orgasm.                                   masturbation; in order to counter these
   The program was led by Marshall               mostly negative views on female
Miller and Jocelyn Benson, who travel            orgasm, they covered the merits of
around the country giving presentations          orgasms and masturbation for women.
on sexual health. Their goal is to make             It can help relieve menstrual cramps,
sure people have access to good health           relieve stress and headaches, and help
information, so that if someone chooses          you fall asleep.Then, with diagrams and
to engage in sexual activity it can be a         instructions, the audience learned how
positive and fulfilling experience.              women can have an orgasm.
   Benson and Miller were very open                 The arousal cycle was discussed,
in speaking about sexuality and the              covering how many women reach the
female orgasm.                                   plateau stage of arousal, which can last
   Benson began with a personal anec-            a long time. However, that “is not a sign
dote about her early sexual experiences          that you’re broken,” said Benson.                                                                                                                           Photo by Katie henRy
and how they were unfulfilling because              Marshall said, “By age fifteen, only      Jocelyn Benson co-led the program that presented clear, positive messages about female
she had trouble finding clear informa-           about half of women have had an              orgasm and sexuality. Part of the program focused on media messages about female orgasm.
tion on how to have sex.                         orgasm,” but most men have had an            the G-spot. They said it is a bundle of     a way to have stronger orgasms and for         Student attendees said they enjoyed
   The presenters discussed how popu-            orgasm by the same age.                      nerves, 2-3 inches inside the vagina on     men to have multiple orgasms.                the program. Senior Hillary Powell
lar magazines have some information                 Jocelyn said, “When you ask women         the side closest to the navel and is more     One can strengthen the pubococ-            said, “It was helpful and useful and a lot
about orgasms and sex, but can create            their fastest and easiest way to orgasm,     sensitive in some women.                    cygeus (PC) muscle by flexing the            of good advice.” Junior Lex Consenze,
distorted ideas about sex, such as how           the most common answer is mastur-               In order to stimulate the G-spot,        muscle that one uses to stop the flow        said it gave “a lot of good resources. It
your face looks while you orgasm or the          bation ... [but] if you ask about their      Benson said fingers can be used, spe-       of urine midstream; this muscle can          was a good way to get to know about
importance of simultaneous orgasms.              favorite way, the most common answer         cific G-spot sex toys, or even curved       be flexed while not peeing also. Miller      the stuff without it being awkward.”
   They said that magazines were a little        is oral sex.”                                vegetables (though be sure to wash and      said, “You can do Kegels in math               The Co-Presidents of Feminists
better than sex education in schools in             This led into a discussion of women       put a condom on them).                      class!”                                      United for Sexual Equality (FUSE)
providing usable information about sex.          having orgasms with partners. Mar-              Women can also ejaculate by stimu-         The program ended with tips to help        also were very pleased with the event.
Miller gave the example that in sex-ed           shall said “only about 30% of women          lating the G-spot. It presses on the        women have and improve their or-             Junior Johanna Galat said, “Way more
you learn about fallopian tubes but you          can have an orgasm from intercourse          urethral sponge, which produces a fluid     gasms. Benson said that women should         people came than I expected.”
“don’t learn about how sex works.”               alone.” They stated that women can and       (that is not urine) that can be released    start by trying to have orgasms through        Senior Sarah Shipley was also
    These programs also leave out                like to touch themselves or have their       during orgasm.                              masturbation. “Befriend your body,…          pleased by the wide variety of stu-
important information about female               partners touch them during intercourse.         The sensation before orgasm may          befriend your vulva,…touch yourself          dents and said that the resource sheets
anatomy, most clearly visible in the                One important aspect of having or-        feel like a strong urge to urinate.         experimentally and keep touching,”           handed out at the event were available
dearth of information on the clitoris.           gasms is dialogue with a partner and            After a review of all these different    try using vibrators and fantasies. She       in the Womyn’s Center, located in the
   Benson and Miller then said that              finding out what feels good.                 types of orgasms, Benson said, “each        said if women kept trying they would         basement of Queen Anne Hall near
another problem is people’s views on                Close to the end of the program, Ben-     orgasm is unique, like a snowflake.”        be “like the little engine that could have   the laundry room, where FUSE meets
physical appearance and the ‘right’ way          son and Miller broached the mystery of       Practicing Kegels was also covered as       orgasms.”                                    every Monday at 9 p.m.

        JAG’s Battle With Cancer: We Are Going to Fight This Together
     suBMITTed By JOANNE GOLDWATER                       I remember telling my brothers (who were                  treatment, which will consist of radiation Mondays        Chemo is a systemic treatment rather than a local
  Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residence Life
                                                      uncharacteristically shocked into silence) and               through Fridays for six weeks.                         treatment (radiation is a local treatment). “Che-
                                                      my sisters-in-law (who took the news with lots                  The surgeon will remove the staples under my motherapy attacks all the cells in your body that
     This a continuation of Joanne Goldwa- of questions). I remember telling my 85-year old                        arm (from the removal of a lymph node) on Oct. are fast-growing. Cancer cells tend to grow fast.”
ter’s chronicle of her experience with breast father that afternoon and hearing him cry softly                     1. I’ll meet with the medical oncologist on Oct.          Some of the side effects of chemo include
cancer. The first half can be found on http:// on the phone.                                                       11 and will hopefully be told at that time whether nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mouth sores, tired-
                           I remember calling my stepsons in Wisconsin               or not I will have to go through chemotherapy.         ness, hair loss, taste and smell changes, aches and
   I went to work that morning, believing that and North Carolina and telling my third stepson                        I hope I don’t have to get chemo, but if I do, discomforts, and higher risk of infection.
everything would be alright.                          when he came home from his first day of classes              I’m going to get some outstanding wigs! My life           However, thanks to research and development,
   Based on the research I had done on two at CSM.                                                                 is a whirlwind of medical appointments. Thank medication is available to take away or reduce
reputable sites (            I called other friends and family and started to          goodness I have lots of sick leave.                    many of the side effects (
agnosed/IveBeenDiagnosedwithBreastCancer. get comfortable with the phrase, “I have breast                             I remember when Leon and I were alone in the           I am participating in the BSU/Bon Appétit
html?itc=emoentpnt:1 and, I cancer.” I was still thinking however, “OH MY                          surgeon’s office after being told the news. He told Breast Cancer Awareness Day on October 29
knew that 80% of biopsies are negative for cancer. GOD!!! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!!!”                             me that there must be some reason why someone (as part of Breast Awareness Month) and in our
    Since I am in pretty good shape for a 50-            Fast forward to September 8. I decided to go to           as healthy as I am could have gotten cancer.           campus Relay for Life on February 26, 2011. I
year old; I eat right, I                                                        work because the world                He said that somewhere, in the cosmos, someone believe it is important to pay it forward.
exercise, my weight              “I rememBer teLLIng my does not stop simply be-                                   really wanted and needed an outspoken person to           People before me donated time and money to
                                                                                                                   educate our campus community on cancer and tak- help make it possible for me to fight this disease
is good, and I have                                                             cause another woman
no family history for                year oLD father that has been diagnosed with                                  ing care of yourself, and who better than a feisty, and have a better chance of surviving, so I will
breast cancer, surely I        afternoon anD hearIng                            breast cancer.                     New Yorker like me?                                    do the same so that perhaps others yet to come
would be in that 80%                                                              I needed to get out of              I am in good company. As noted by Lillie can have an even easier time fighting it or maybe
group.                          hIm cry SoftLy on the                           the house and keep my              Shockney in the book, “Navigating Breast Cancer” they won’t have to fight it at all! I hope you will
   I was surprised by
the number of women                           phone          .”                 mind busy. I gave details
                                                                                to the Res. Life staff and
                                                                                                                   (2007), I am joining over 2 million women in the join me!
                                                                                                                   US who have survived breast cancer. “Seventy              I am being very open about what is happening
I talked with in a short                                                        my boss, and then started          percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer to me because I want to help others.
period of time who had either had lumpectomies telling colleagues and friends. I believe in the                    have no known risk factors for getting the disease        This in turn, is helping me. Part of my initial
that were negative or knew of relatives or friends power of positive thinking, so I shared the bad                 and approximately 12% of women diagnosed with fear was of the unknown. Knowledge is power
who had one that was negative. These were good news and the good news. The good news is that I                     breast cancer have a family history of the disease.” and sharing knowledge is education.
signs.                                                AM GOING TO BE A SURVIVOR!                                      Generally speaking, a tumor that has grown to          At the heart of it, I am an educator and I want
   The outpatient surgery went well. I even came         I needed those around me to believe this as much          1 cm has likely been there for several years. Are to help all members of our community to be com-
to campus on Tuesday morning to teach my sign as I did. And they came through for me.                              you aware that you cannot “catch” cancer from fortable with their bodies. Get to know and listen
language class (after all, I didn’t want the students    The messages of support that I received from              touching or hugging someone (so don’t be afraid to your body. Be an active participant with your
in my two classes to suffer because of some stupid students, faculty, and staff on campus, and from                to hug me on my right side!)?                          doctors. If something does not feel or look right,
lump).                                                family, friends, and colleagues from the around                 Did you know that                                                               get it checked!
    I left campus after class and returned to work the world have given me tremendous strength and                 men can and do get            “a     S my huSBanD toLD me                     ,       If you smoke, please
full-time on Wednesday. I was sore, but felt pretty hope. I truly believe that my cancer is not only               breast cancer?                                                                     try to quit. Exercise and
good.                                                 treatable, it is BEATABLE!                                      According to the           ‘t    he cancer IS InSIDe of eating right are impor-
   My life is divided between BC and AC. Sep-            In the last two weeks, I have gone through a
tember 6 and before are Before Cancer (BC) and bone scan, a PET scan, and an MRI (which all
                                                                                                                   American Cancer So-
                                                                                                                   ciety Web site (http://
                                                                                                                                                  you But thIS IS a we ef          ‘      ’      -    tant to your long-term
                                                                                                                                                                                                      health. Staying positive,
September 7 and afterwards are After Cancer show that the cancer has not spread to my bones              , while           fort    . w     e are goIng to                    having a good sense of
(AC). I taught my classes on the morning of Sep. or major organs). I have had contrasting dye and                  women are 100 times                                                                humor, and a strong sup-
7 and then my husband and I went to visit with radioactive material injected into me. I have had                   more likely to get breast         fIght thIS together                   .’”        port system of family,
Dr. Fritz.                                            blood work done.                                             cancer, 1,970 men will                                                             friends, and colleagues
   She checked her surgical handiwork, told me           I had a second surgery on Sep. 24 to remove               be diagnosed with                                                                  really help in times of
I was healing nicely, and then dropped the bomb some additional tissue (in order to get a “clear                   breast cancer this year. The lifetime risk for men crisis.
that has changed my life.                             margin” which means a cancer-free area around                to get breast cancer is 1 in 1000.                        For anyone facing the fear of cancer, please
   For the record, I have infiltrating, moderately where the original tumor was located) and to check                 Many people get radiation and chemo confused. know that I am here to provide you with assistance.
differentiated, ductal carcinoma in association my lymph nodes (so far, there is no cancer in my                   According to “Your Guide to Breast Cancer Treat-          I cannot begin to thank my family, friends, and
with ductal carcinoma in situ. (In layperson’s lymph nodes).                                                       ment” (, radiation does the students, faculty, and staff at SMCM for being
terms, that means that the cancer spread beyond          Because I opted for breast-saving surgery (the            not typically cause a person to lose their hair, feel part of my support system.
my milk ducts and into the surrounding breast tis- lumpectomy) rather than a mastectomy, I have to                 nauseous, or be at a higher risk for breast cancer        While I wish I didn’t have cancer, I am truly
sue.) She talked at us for what I think was about have radiation.                                                  in the other breast.                                   amazed and deeply humbled by the outpouring
20 or 25 minutes. I was so numb, I couldn’t even         I will also need to take hormonal therapy                    Some of the side effects of radiation include feel- of love and good will that I am getting.
cry (which is totally unlike me!).                    (medication) for five to 10 years to help reduce             ing tired, skin irritation, and soreness and swelling     As my husband told me, “The cancer is inside
   I remember sending an e-mail to colleagues in the likelihood of recurrence.                                     in the breast and chest area.                          of you, but this is a ‘we’ effort. We are going to
Res. Life and the Dean’s office letting them know        My medical team now includes a surgeon, a                    These side effects typically go away weeks or fight this together.”
that the news was not what I wanted to hear; that medical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist.                  months after treatment ends. “Radiation is done           I am expanding the “we” to include many of
I did, in fact, have cancer and I was not coming         I’m meeting with the radiation oncologist on              in case some of the cancer cells are still there after you. You are truly making a difference in my life
back to work that afternoon.                          Sep. 29 and hope to find out when I can start my             surgery.”                                              and I will be forever grateful to you.
          4                                                                         The PoiNT News • ocTober 19, 2010                                                                a&e
“Hay Fever” Opens to Great Reviews and a Good Time
By HANNAH GRABENSTEIN                   perfectly portrayed the ste-              The ensemble in its various       character of Jackie was de-
             Staff Writer               reotypical dramatic (even in           forms provided an excellent          murely played by Garcia.
  In the Bliss household,               “reality”) actress.                    view into the characters,            Arundel was highly enjoy-
reality is very rarely real.              Lisa M. Davidson was en-             whether watching Sorel and           able with a constantly sour
Judith, a recently retired ac-          gaging as the bouncy, pouty,           Judith read a newspaper and          face and haughty tone. And
tress, her husband David, and           and flighty Sorel Bliss. Her           giggle together, or Simon and        Sample captured the char-
her two children, Sorel and             skipping conveyed youth and            Sorel bickering in the begin-        acter of Judith’s dresser-
Simon, love to cause, propa-            excitement, as did her sudden          ning over Sorel’s invited            turned-housekeeper with her
gate, and react to drama,               outbursts at her mother and            guest.                               clever remarks and knowing
whether real or not.                    brother.                                  Rapid witty banter with few       responses.
  When they all inadvertently             Simon too, played by Max-            pauses in the speech is thor-           The set reflected the opu-
invite houseguests down for             well Heaton, had excellent             oughly enjoyable and leaves          lence and extravagance of
the same weekend, the boxer,            comedic timing with dry                little time for the audience to      the Bliss family, but did
the flapper, the diplomat, and          delivery and a lazy, mildly            try to find a deep meaning.          create a few, albeit minor,
the sophisticate are in for             apathetic physicality and                 Nick Huber (Sandy                 problems. A grand staircase
quite an eventful weekend.              intonation. Tobias Franzen as          Tyrell), Emily Moore (Myra           that twists and flares at the
In Noel Coward’s Hay Fever,             David Bliss was not upstaged           Arundel), Jonathan Wagner            bottom perfectly captures
which opened in the Bruce               by his dramatic wife or his            (Richard Greatham), and              the drama the Bliss family
Davis Theater on October 14,            unique children; instead he            Naomi Garcia (Jackie Cory-           clearly prefers, as did car-
the cast and crew produced              held his own with his alter-           ton) as the four guests, and         pets, couches, and a footstool
a hilarious version of this             nating apparent disinterest            Suzanna Sample as Clara              in vibrant patterns.
1920s comedy of words.                  and startling, commanding              were all also thoroughly en-            However, the carpet did
  Briana Manente (Judith                yelling.                               tertaining.                          trip up the actors a few times
Bliss) was fabulous as the                The Bliss family together               Huber’s puppy-dog inno-           and got caught on the bot-
larger-than-life matriarch.             had excellent chemistry as             cence and sincerity was en-          tom of the couches, kinks                                                 Photo Submitted by dave wayne
Although she rushed a little            they interacted in their own,          dearing and contrasted well          that didn’t remotely affect      “Hay Fever” opened Thurs. Oct. 15 and will continue to
towards the beginning, she              self-important world. When             with the intensity and drama         the overall performance but      be performed Oct. 21, 23, and 24. Reserve tickets via
quickly fell into a fast-paced          they seamlessly slide into a           of the Blisses.                      could have been slightly an-     the Bruce Davis Theatre Box Office before it sells out.
and witty pace. Her over-               dramatic scene from one of                 Wagner ’s sweetness in            noying to a perfectionist.      tor walked by, and slamming fect was minimal.
emoting, polished upper class           Judith’s plays from their own          dealing with the insanity               Additionally, the hanging     doors occasionally shook         Hay Fever will be perform-
dialect, and impeccable use             real argument, the effect is           surrounding him was refresh-          backdrop that represented       walls, but except for slightly ing Oct. 21 through 23 at 8
of exaggerated hand gestures,           hilarious.                             ing, and the shy and simple           the garden moved as each ac-    breaking the realism, the ef- p.m. and 24 at 2 p.m.

Voices Reading Given To Packed
House By SMCM’s Own JCB
     By AMANDA ZELAYA                      Professor Jeff Hammond in-          birthday when she finished, a
     Arts & Entertainment Editor
                                        troduced Cognard-Black by              gesture which made the whole
  On Thursday, Oct. 14 St.              citing her as someone who does         room “aww.”
Mary’s Professor Jennifer Cog-          it all. “I was thinking about how         Her next reading was dedicated
nard-Black gave her first ever          to introduce my friend and col-        to the students in her Sealed With
VOICES reading.                         league Jennifer Cognard-Black,         a Kiss class. This reading was
   Professor Cognard-Black is an        and I thought of that old saying       particularly unusual because it
English Professor and the coordi-       ‘do it all.’ Now most of us don’t      was not one of Cognard-Black’s
nator of the Women, Gender, and         ‘do it all’ but Jennifer does,” said   original works. “The Letter I’m
Sexuality program at St. Mary’s.        Hammond.                               going to share…motivated me to
Professor Cognard-Black has                He cited her influence in the       write my dissertation,” said Cog-
written three books with a fourth       editing of his own work and how        nard Black when she shared a
on the way, and has recently been       it has helped him in the past. “…      letter that Harriet Beecher Stowe
featured on the cover of Ms., a         When JCB gives a comment               wrote to George Elliot.
magazine to which she regularly         about my writing, I listen.” When         After she read the letter, Cog-
contributes.                            Cognard-Black took the mic she         nard-Black began reading a short
  Several months prior to the           began her reading with a bit of        story of her own. She prefaced
reading English Professor and           self-deprecation. “As many of          this piece, entitled “A Very Short
VOICES director Karen An-               you know I’m not practically           Story Begins on a Farm,” by let-
derson asked Cognard-Black’s            funny or sexy, but I’ll do my          ting the audience in on the fact
students-past and present- if they      best to delight the head and the       that she wrote the story in a flat
would be interested in writing a        heart, as well as, other anatomi-      in London in three days.
piece about her so that Anderson        cal parts.”                               The line in the story, “In some
could create a memento for                 She then proceeded to thanks        ways all farm stories are alike,”                                                                             Photo CouRteSy of www.RaPuP.Com
Cognard-Black to have at the end        multiple groups of people who          is proven untrue by Cognard-
of her reading.
  The reading itself was incred-
ibly packed with every seat full
                                        have inspired and aided her over
                                        the years - a large majority being
                                        past and current St. Mary’s Fac-
                                                                               Blacks story, which blends the
                                                                               metaphysical process of writing
                                                                               and a short glimpse into a mid-
                                                                                                                    Is Lil’ Wayne Making
                                                                                                                    Lil’ Effort on New CD?
and extra seats being set up till the   ulty. She gave a particularly heart-   western woman’s life.
very final moment. As Anderson          felt thank you to her husband An-         Cognard-Black followed the
put it, “Welcome JCB fans: You          drew and daughter Katherine and        reading of this story with two
are legion!” This was referencing       dedicated her reading to them.         more that were collaborations
not only the fact that Daugherty-          The actual reading began with       between her, artist -Professor            By KYLE JERNIGAN            examples, such gems as, “And        wonderfully spacy “I’m Sin-
Palmer Commons was packed               Cognard-Black reading two po-          Carrie Patterson and photogra-                 Editor-in-Chief        I’m s**ting on ‘em like 2 girls     gle,” the beats aren’t that
with swarms of Cognard-Black            ems she wrote about her daugh-                           Lil’ Wayne, the self-pro-
                                                                               pher -Professor Colby Caldwell.                                       1 cup” (off his intro track,        great. Lil’ Wayne’s attempts
supporters, but that the VOICES         ter, whose birthday it was coinci-                     claimed “Martian” and “Best
                                                                               These stories were short works of                                     “Gonorrhea”), “And I keep           at “love” songs (“With You”
reading was competing with the          dentally. These poems were very        fiction created by Cognard-Black
                                                                                               Rapper Alive,” has always                             the toast, turn you’re a** to       and “I’m Single”) also seem
opening of Hay Fever and the I          much directed to her daughter to                       been the master of some pretty
                                                                               with accompanying artwork by                                          bread crumbs” (“Hold Up”),          to fall flat more often than
Heart Female Orgasms event.             whom she wished a happy 11th                           crazy lyrics. After the critical
                                                                               Patterson and Caldwell.                                               and “Yes I talk s**t, gotta         the rest of the album, though
                                                                                               disaster that was Wayne’s                             defecate to conversate” (“Bill      his strategy of seduction via
                                                                                               foray into rock (Rebirth),                            Gates”). Keep in mind that          “moonlight and candles and
                                                                                               however, one could be for-                            those were just my personal         s**t” is simply genius.
                                                                                               given for thinking that he had                        favorites, there’s plenty more        The guest appearances
                                                                                               begun to wander too far from                          where that came from.               aren’t that great either, and
                                                                                               the bizarre lyricism that had                            Lil’ Wayne has, with this        the album is definitely front-
                                                                                               gotten him so many fans.                              album, come back to the land        loaded to the point that things
                                                                                                  It was definitely a concern                        of pop culture irreverence in a     start to seem sort of dull by the
                                                                                               of mine, in beginning my                              manner that reminds me why          halfway mark.
                                                                                               exploration into I Am Not a                           I love Weezy.                         All in all, Tha Carter III is
                                                                                               Human Being, Lil’ Wayne’s                                He’s not deep or critical like   a far more polished, catch-
                                                                                               last pre-imprisonment album,                          the more “cerebral” rap of          ier, and listenable album.
                                                                                               that Wayne may have forgot-                           Immortal Technique, Public          He’s hungrier in his earlier
                                                                                               ten what made him a cultural                          Enemy, or Nas, nor does he          work (500 Degreez), and the
                                                                                               force.                                                have the expertise and true         Drought mixtapes have better
                                                                                                 I’m glad to say that, for the                       word-sorcery of a Jay-Z or          beats (for perhaps obvious
                                                                                               most part, that is not the case;                      2Pac. The good thing, though,       reasons).
                                                                                               this album is pure, quintes-                          is that he doesn’t try to be          That all being said, I am
                                                                                               sential Wayne, and says in                            any of these things; instead,       Not a Human Being may have
                                                                                               its very title something we                           Wayne’s too busy creating the       some of the best and funni-
                                                                                               all know; there is no way                             most ridiculous, bombastic          est one-liners of any Wayne
                                                                                               anyone from this planet, nay                          and unique one-liners pos-          album yet, and why would
                                                                                               solar system, could come up                           sible.                              you listen to him for anything
                                                                                               with some of the crazy stuff                             Beyond that, though, the         else?
                                                                         Photo by Ryan gugeRty
                                                                                               Wayne does. Let’s just take a                         album is unremarkable. With
                                                                                                                                                                                         SCORE: 3/5
Professor Cognard-Black gave her first ever VOICES Reading to a packed crowd on Thursday. few quotes from the album as                               perhaps the exception of the
sPorTs                                                                The PoiNT News • ocTober 19, 2010                                                                                   5
St. Mary’s Sailing Sets Out With Young Team, Impressive Performance
                                        on finishing position (one point for   team. “I really like our team. Last until sunset, or the wind dies, or     The next weekend, the sailing team
   By HANNAH GRABENSTEIN                first place, two for second, etc.)     year we lost a few sailors with sailors have to attend class, usu-         won at St. Mary’s very own event,
              Staff Writer              wins. The Seahawks compiled a          some real talent but this year we ally around 5. On Fridays, there’s       aptly named the St. Mary’s Col-
  It’s no surprise that a school        record of 12 wins and five losses      got more freshmen with prospec- no practice, usually because the           lege Fall Intersectional Regatta.
located on the Chesapeake Bay           to take the championship, edging       tive talent                                               team does        In home waters, St. Mary’s sailing
would have outstanding water            out Boston College in second and       that will            “We have a young                     commu-           again defeated 17 other colleges.
sports and sailing. This is certainly   Georgetown University in third.        help our
                                                                                                  team dominated by                      nity service     Most recently, at the US Coast
no exception at St. Mary’s. Sail-       This was the fifth time that St.       team stay                                                 by coach-        Guard Academy, the team domi-
ing is a proud tradition at the Col-    Mary’s has won this champion-          on a cham-       freshman and sopho- ing five or                           nated 19 other schools by a margin
lege, which includes 15 National        ship, also winning in 1999, 2000,      p i o n s h i p mores. But we’re hope- s i x l o c a l                     of 46 points (where a 15-point
Championship titles and over 150        2004, and 2007.                        l e v e l f o r ful. The bar is set pret- high school                      margin is average).
All-Americans for the team.               At the beginning of this year,       the next                                                  teams.             According to Werblow, the real
  This past May, the University         Coaches Bill Ward and Adam             four years.”
                                                                                                           ty high.”                       All of         goal for the team at large is to
of Wisconsin, Madison hosted the        Werblow, now in their fifth year       Menninger,                                                their prac-      “broaden the base of expertise”
2010 ICSA (Inter-Collegiate Sail-       coaching together, built a 28-per-     who is a                      -Bill Ward                  ticing has       and get the younger members of
ing Association) national champi-       son team, which, according to          two time            Coach, St. Mary’s Sailing             certainly        the team used to the “rhythm of
onship regattas. St. Mary’s sailing     Ward, is “a little smaller than we     All-Amer-                                                 paid off.        the week,” academic success,
left with the national champion-        have had in recent years.”             ican and                         Team                     Their new        and college life in general. “If
ship in team racing, which was            “We graduated a pretty big           was run-                                                  season start-    everyone performs at a high level
held May 29-31. The team racing         class last year,” Ward explains.       ner-up for College Sailor of the ed the weekend of Sept. 11 and will       consistently then we’re one of the
championship has a field of 14          Of the seniors who graduated           Year, believes that this new team end in mid-Nov. So far, they’ve          teams that can vie nationally.”
schools that have each qualified        in the spring, there were 3 All-       will have to “try their hardest on had three national-level victories,     Werblow explains. “We’re excited.
from their respective conference        Americans. “We have a young            the water and do their best to be in beginning with the Hatch Brown        We have a really nice group of
championships.                          team dominated by freshman and         good physical shape.”                trophy at MIT on Sept. 18 and         kids. People seem to be motivated
  In team racing competition,           sophomores. But we’re hopeful.”           To accomplish this, the team 19, at which they beat 17 other            and self-directed, and that’s a good
schools meet head-to-head in            Werblow agrees: “The bar is set        has physical training on land on colleges to take home the trophy.         beginning.”
three-boat teams. Each match lasts      pretty high.”                          Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 a.m.,

                                                                                                                          Seahawk Schedule
about ten minutes and the team            Senior Michael Menninger, a          and Mondays through Thursdays
with the lowest point score based       skipper, is enthusiastic about the     they’re in the water from 2 or 2:30

                                                                                                                         10/19        Field Hockey vs East. Mennonite*         4:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Men’s Soccer vs Marymount (Va.)          7:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                         10/20        Women’s Soccer vs Marymount (Va.)* 3:30 p.m.

                                                                                                                         10/21        Women’s Volleyball vs Wesley             7:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                         10/22        Women’s Volleyball vs Messiah*           6:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                         10/23        Women’s Volleyball vs Frostburg St.*     11:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                                      Field Hockey vs Mary-Washington          1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Women’s Soccer vs Mary-Washington        1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Women’s Volleyball vs Lan. Bible*        1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Men’s Soccer vs Chris. Newport           7:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                         10/24        Field Hockey vs Lynchburg*               2:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                         10/27        Women’s Soccer vs Va. Wesleyan*          3:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Women’s Volleyball vs Stevenson          7:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                         10/28        Men’s Soccer vs Wesley*                  3:00 p.m.

                                                                                                  Photo by Katie henRy   10/29        Women’s Volleyball vs Bridgewater*       3:00 p.m.
Losing several sailors from the team following last year’s graduation, the College’s sailing team is                                  Men’s Swimming vs Catholic*              5:00 p.m.
working hard to train its 17 first-year and sophomore skippers and crewmen for competition this season.
                                                                                                                                      Women’s Swimming vs Catholic*            5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Women’s Volleyball vs Dist. Col.*        7:00 p.m.

 Soccer Seahawk Earns CAC Honors                                                                                         10/30        Women’s Soccer @ CAC First Round
                                                                                                                                      Women’s Volleball vs Va. Wesleyan*
                                                                                                                                                                               11:00 a.m.
                                     as “shocked.” “As a freshman, I           emotional state. She said she                          Women’s Volleyball vs Dav. & Elk.*       1:00 p.m.
         By KEVIN BAIER              didn’t really know they gave it to        doesn’t let a win inflate her ego
        Online Editor & Photo Editor                                                                                                  Men’s Swimming vs Marymount*             2:00 p.m.
                                     freshman,” Wirtz said, “I didn’t          too much while simultaneously                          Women’s Swimming vs Marymount*           2:00 p.m.
   The Capital Athletic Confer- think I did that well.”                        doesn’t let a win demoralize her
 ence awarded Kelsey Wirtz, a                                                  too much. “I just play my game            10/31        Field Hockey @ CAC First Round           TBA
 first year goalkeeper for the Col-                                            [and] don’t get a big head about                       Men’s Soccer @ CAC First Round           TBA
 lege, the player of the week award                                            it,” Wirtz said.
 for “Women’s Soccer Defensive                                                    Wirtz began playing soccer in          11/2         Women’s Soccer @ CAC Semifinals     TBA
 Player of the Week.” Wirtz is the                                             first grade and received many                          Women’s Volleyball @ CAC First Rnd. TBA
 second Seahawk on the women’s                                                 awards and accolades through-
 soccer team to win the award                                                  out her soccer career. Her high           11/3         Field Hockey @ CAC Semifinals            TBA
 this year.                                                                    school recognition included a                          Men’s Soccer @ CAC Semifinals            TBA
   Wirtz, originally from Parkton,                                             nomination for the All-Maryland
 MD, recorded five saves Satur-                                                team; a member of the All-                11/4         Women’s Volleyball @ CAC Semifinals TBA
 day, Oct. 10, in St. Mary’s league                                            Baltimore County team and the
 shutout victory over York Col-                                                Senior All-Star team; and an All-         11/5         Men’s Swimming vs Rand. Macon            4:00 p.m.
 lege. Wirtz’s defensive perfor-                                               Division selection.                                    Women’s Swimming vs Rand. Macon          4:00 p.m.
 mance gave her a second shutout                                                  Wirtz was also a member of
 of the season.                                                                Hereford’s two-time Maryland
                                            Photo CouRteSy of SmCm athletiCS
                                                                                                                         11/6         Field Hockey @ CAC Finals                TBA
   A graduate of Hereford High                                                 State Cup semifinalist team and                        Men’s Soccer @ CAC Finals                TBA
 School in Northern Baltimore          Wirtz said her key to success was       two-time regional 3A champions                         Women’s Soccer @ CAC Champs              TBA
 County, Wirtz is a Biology ma- playing well. “Especially defense,             team.                                                  Women’s Volleyball @ CAC Champs          TBA
 jor seeking to pursue a career in and [having] a close knit team re-             The St. Mary’s Women’s Soc-                         Men’s XC @ CAC Championships             11:00 a.m.
 physical therapy. When asked ally helps.”                                     cer has an overall record of 4-5-1                     Women’s XC @ CAC Champs                  11:00 a.m.
 how she felt about receiving the      Wirtz said having a “short mem-         and an in-conference record of                         Men’s Swimming vs Goucher*               1:00 p.m.
 award, Wirtz described herself ory” when playing is best for one’s            4-1.                                                   Women’s Swimming vs Goucher*             1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Men’s Swimming vs Gallaudet*             1:00 p.m.

 Want to tell the College about a                                                                                        11/12
                                                                                                                                      Women’s Swimming vs Gallaudet*

                                                                                                                                      Men’s Swimming vs Washington*
                                                                                                                                                                               1:00 p.m.

                                                                                                                                                                               5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Women’s Swimming vs Washington*          5:00 p.m.

  Sports Club or Intramural?                                                                                             11/13        Men’s Swimming vs York (Pa.)
                                                                                                                                      Women’s Swimming vs York (Pa.)
                                                                                                                                                                               1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                               1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                      Men’s XC @ NCAA Mideast Reg.             TBA

       This year, The Point News is trying to get the word out                                                           11/16        Men’s Basketball vs Johns Hopkins*       7:30 p.m.
  about club sports and Intramural events alongside tradition-
    al varsity sport coverage. If you are part of an intramural                                                          11/17        Women’s Basketball vs Lbn. Vly.*         6:00 p.m.
  league or sports club, know someone who is, or just want to                                                            11/19        Men’s Basketball vs TBD                  TBA
   let the campus community know about one in particular, let                                                                         Women’s Basketball vs Arcadia*           6:00 p.m.
   us know, and we’ll do our best to cover what interests you!
                                                                                                                         *home game                                          Compiled by Steve Rees
6                                                               The PoiNT News • ocTober 19, 2010                                                sPorTs
InTRaMuRals hosTs Men’s and co-ed BadMInTon TouRnaMenT
         Sports Editor
  St. Mary’s students worked
in teams of two to hit shut-
tlecocks to each other for
points in what turned out to
be a very successful Men’s
and Co-Ed Badminton Tour-
nament, hosted by Intramu-
rals during the weeks of Oct
8 and 15.
  Beginning Oct. 5 with
matches for both leagues
at 8 p.m. in the Michael P.
O’Brien Athletics and Rec-
reation Center gymnasium,
the badminton tournament
saw over 140 participants
and was held until 11 p.m.
each night Oct. 5-7 and 12-
13. Intramurals, in charge of
non-varsity events through-
out the year, sponsored the
  Both leagues were divided
into groups (eight for Men’s
and 11 for Co-Ed), each with
three or four teams. While
only two athletes would be
on the court at a time (with
at least one female player on
the court at all times for Co-
Ed teams), registered teams
could have up to four players
that could exchange into a
game throughout the match.                                                                                                                                     Photo by dave ChaSe
  Each team would play two The Men’s and Co-Ed Badminton Tournament, hosted by Intramural Sports, consisted of over 140 participating male and female students.
matches each night against of two players attempts to Faulting the serve, either nament, a way to ensure for Level One Infractions, and Christopher Becraft (of
other teams in their desig- hit the shuttlecock, a rubber by hitting the shuttlecock appropriate behavior on the three points for Level Two team Gload) bested Alex
nated group, after which the ball with a plastic, netted, out of bounds or into the courts without influencing Penalties,and seven points Lykens and Andrew Reighart
top-scoring teams in each cone-shaped tail, onto the net or other players, results team scores during matches. for Level Three Ejections, (of team Bear Force One)
group would face each other opposing team’s court on in a second serve attempt,            “Each team has ten points after which that athlete’s in what turned out to be an
in a tournament the                                                after which another at the beginning for good team would be forced to intense final round for the
following week. Each            “The games were                    fault will award the sportsmanship, and if you forfeit their league member- men’s league, while the Co-
match was limited to            pretty fun. Most                   opposing team the do anything unsportsman- ship. A sportsmanship rating Ed league title was taken
30 minutes and con- games had a laid-back right to serve. Each                                                                                    by team Loko (with play-
sisted of three games                                              side of the court can
                                                                                             “We had winners from each                            ers Mike Victory and Pui
to 15 points, leaving atmosphere, except for only hit the birdie                                                                                  Sham) after a close match
the winning title to       some with conspicuous once, and only the league. Both [teams] received                                                 against Bear Force One (with
the team that won two competition [that was] serving team can                                            pint glasses.”                           Reighart and Joanna Pu-
of the three games.
Fifteen minutes were
                                all in good fun.”                  score a point.
                                                                     As part of Col-
                                                                                                                                                  rich). Prizes were awarded
                                                                                                                                                  to winning teams from both
allocated to each of                                               lege Intramurals
                                                                                                           -Brooke Austin                         leagues.
the first two games, in                -Travis Lear                policy, participants                   Senior supervisor,                        “We had winners from
which a team would             Athlete, Men’s Intramural and spectators were                        SMCM Intramural Sports                        each league,” said Intramu-
only win by scoring                                                prohibited from                                                                ral Sports senior supervi-
15 points with at least
                                 Badminton League                  bringing alcoholic                                                             sor Brooke Austin. “Both
a two-point lead.                                                  substances to the like, points are taken away,” of less than seven (at least a [teams] received pint glass-
  “The games were pretty or inside the boundaries to tournament, and athletes said Jess Riesett, another Level Two Penalty) would es.”
fun,” said Travis Lear, a score a point. Scoring teams were asked to wear non- student participating in the force the offending team to             Having hosted a Capture
member of the Men’s Group maintain the right to serve marking athletic footwear.         tournament. “If you lose all forfeit the game currently the Flag event on Oct. 15,
F team #23. “Most games the shuttlecock, also called a        To encourage sportsman- points, you are automatically being played.                 Intramurals is preparing to
had a laid-back atmosphere, birdie, to the opposing team, like conduct, Intramurals ejected from the game.”             The tournament ended host a dodgeball tournament,
except for some with con- and alternate between left also introduced sportsman-            According to the sports- on Oct. 13 after two fi- again with Men’s and Co-
spicuous competition.”         and right sides of the court ship points to each team manship regulations, ath- nal matches, one for each Ed leagues, from Oct. 18 to
  In badminton, each team for each subsequent serve. during the start of the tour- letes would lose one point league. Seniors Colin Gload Nov. 1.
oPiNioNs                                                           The PoiNT News • ocTober 19, 2010                                                                                                   7
 Inside a Trustee Meeting                                                                   Ask Miss Meghan                                                                  St. Mary’s College of Maryland
                                                                                                                                                                             Campus Center Room 145B
                                                                                                                                                                             18952 E Fisher’s Road
                                                                                                                                                                             St. Mary’s City, Maryland 20686
                                          were in class listening to a profes-
                                          sor, instead of in a Board meeting             suBMITTed By MEGHAN ROOT               arousal but no actual desire.                Phone: (240) 895-4213
             Student Trustee              listening to a professor. The Trustee
                                                                                                 Resident “Sexpert”                There is too much “gray” to deter-        Fax: (240) 895-4445
                                                                                       Dear Miss Meghan,                        mine if someone is implying consent.         E-mail:
     When I woke up on Saturday           was wondering where the Student                                                                                                    Web Site: http://thepointnews.
  morning, my first thought was to        Trustee-in-Training was. For those              What is your take on “implicit        A person can spend the night hitting on
                                                                                     consent”? Should people always talk        you, flirting, trying to be smooth, wink-
  turn off that annoying alarm clock.     of you who don’t know, Maurielle
  Then I sat there for a minute while     Stewart is in France, studying             about sex before having it?                ing (does any one wink anymore?),             Editor-in-Chief & Opinions
  my brain woke up, and I remem-          abroad for the semester.                     -Maybe Willing                           grinding, “subtly” tying the cherry stem                Editor
  bered why my alarm went off so             As Paul concluded his report, Ma-                                                  into a knot with their tongue, flexing              Kyle Jernigan
  early. I quickly got ready and headed   honey Matthews gave me the floor              Dear Maybe Willing-                     muscles, buying flowers, licking lips,
                                                                                            The short answer is YES YES         making out, dry humping, or any of the              Managing Editor
                                                                                                                                                                                     Dave Chase
  to the Board meeting.                   for the report of the Student Trustee.
     The buffet breakfast prior to the    With butterflies in my stomach, I          YES! Please, for the love of all that      other hundreds of ways we try to let
  meeting was excellent, though I         talked about the great job students        is shiny in the world, talk to your        each other know “Hey, I’m kinda into
                                                                                                                                                                              Assistant Editor-In-Chief &
  didn’t indulge much as I was try-       think President Urgo is doing, the         partner(s) about sex before having         you,” but NONE of these mean “Hey,                   News Editor
  ing not to get my suit dirty. It’s      support I’ve found behind Gender           it. Legally, and judicially, there is no   I want our sex organs to play together.”            rowan Copley
  a different mentality from most         Neutral housing, the sustainable           such thing as implicit consent when it        The wonderful thing about not as-
                                                                                     comes to sex. It is too easy to miss-read  suming consent means that, unless you                Features Editor
  days, when I simply walk around,        initiatives on campus, how the
                                                                                     a situation and your perception of the     want to run the risk of being accused                peter sparKlin
  sometimes lacking shoes, and don’t      bike shop lost its funding, why the
  really worry about what happens.        internet is too slow, and of course, I     “signals” may be way off base. “When       of sexual assault, you actually have to      Arts & Entertainment Editor
  But that day, I needed to look my       talked all about our very own mold         you assume, you make an ASS out of U       talk about sex (gasp!). Asking someone             amanDa Zelaya
  best in order to make the Trustees      problem. The Trustees were recep-          and Me.” Get it? Got it? Good.             to have sexual relations with you opens
                                                                                        A brilliant example of this can be      the door to talk about why/why not,                   Sports Editor
  listen without reservations. Had to     tive on all counts, and I’m working
                                                                                     seen in our (sizable) friend, the erec-    what do you/they like/don’t like, STI                  steve rees
  represent ya’ll well.                   on many of these points with the
     When Molly Mahoney Matthews,         Administration and Trustees.               tion. If a male does not desire to have    tested, birth control options, etc. Talk-    Online Editor & Photo Editor
  the new Board Chair who was                Following my report, we heard the       sex with someone, but still has an         ing about sex does two things for you;               Kevin Baier
  profiled in an earlier Point News,      reports of all the Committee Chairs        obvious physiological response, this       covers your ass and makes sex better.
  banged her gavel (which she did         and from the heads of affiliated           engorgement does not mean that he          So I ask, why not talk about it?                     Staff Writers
                                                                                     gives consent to have sex. Sometimes          I would now like to throw down a          hannah graBenstein, Kath-
                                                                                                                                                                              erine henry, isaaC nixon,
  slightly less vigorously than our       organizations, such as the Alumni
                                                                                     erections happen, like during your         challenge for you all: I want you to
  own SGA Vice President), everyone       Council and Historic St. Mary’s
                                                                                     fifth grade spelling bee, and they can     email me at with                Julia anDraDe roCha
  took a seat and the meeting began.      Commission. After the meeting con-
  Following an appeal from Mahoney        cluded, I stayed behind to discuss a       be more of an accident (or an embar-       examples of ways to ask someone else
  Matthews to the Board on behalf of      number of aforementioned issues            rassment) than an actual indicator of      to have sex with you; the good, the           Dave Chase, Kevin Baier,
  student scholarships, we heard the      with Trustees and administrators           desire. It’s ok to have an erection and    bad, the crude, and the just down right      Katie henry, ryan gugerty,
  report of the President. It was his     before I took my leave to watch            be aroused and not want to have sex.       ridiculous. I want lines as simple as                steve rees
  first Board report, much as it was      women’s tennis put up a valiant            I promise.                                 “Wanna do it?” to the hilariously bad
  mine, though he looked significantly    fight, men’s tennis defeat an unde-           This example can also be found in       “I’m an astronaut, and my next mission              Faculty Adviser
                                                                                     female survivors of sexual assault. If a   is to explore Uranus. You in?” Winners              DaviD emeriCK
  more comfortable in the role. His       feated team, and women’s soccer
  remarks were, as always, eloquent.      shut down York.                            woman does not want to have sex and is     get a prize, and the best lines will be
                                                                                     then forced to anyways, then her body      published in the next issue. The ones          The Point News is published
     Next was the Faculty Senate             Now, I have two months to make                                                                                                  biweekly during the academic
  President report, which Professor       some headway into these areas              produces vaginal lubrication and/or she    not fit for publishing will go online at
                                                                                                                                                                             year by the undergraduate
  Bob Paul gave in his usual thorough     of concern before bringing a new           has an orgasm, this does NOT mean          my blog spot, because, well, you can         students of St. Mary’s Col-
  fashion. I always feel quite enlight-   report before the Board at the next        that she really wanted it (or maybe        write anything online! Let the games         lege of Maryland. The ideas
  ened as to faculty happenings after     meeting in December. As always,            she faked it to get you to stop). The      begin!                                       and opinions expressed on its
  listening to him. During his report,    let me know what I can do for you,         same way a person can desire to have                                                    pages are not necessarily those
  a Trustee got up and slipped me a       and I’ll see what I can make happen!       sex but may struggle with the arousal     -Sincerely wishing fall break was             of the College.
  note, which made me feel like we           See you on the Path!                    (especially when alcohol is involved), longer,                                            We welcome all readers to
                                                                                     a person can experience physiological     Miss Meghan                                   submit Letters to the Editor.

Snyder v. Phelps: Privacy Over Free Speech
                                                                                                                                                                             Letters can be sent to The
                                                                                                                                                                             Point News, dropped off at our
                                                                                                                                                                             office in the Campus Center,
                                                                                                                                                                             e-mailed to Kyle Jernigan
          By DAVE CHASE                   found liable by a Baltimore jury of        ceremony and to inflict harms on           is privacy. Though not listed in the         ( or
            Managing Editor
                                          intentional infliction of emotional        those involved.”                           Constitution, the Supreme Court has          Rowan Copley (zrcopley@
   Last week, the Supreme Court           distress and invasion of privacy by           In order words, the Court of            consistently ruled that privacy is a, or sent through
heard oral arguments in the case          intrusion upon seclusion. The 4th          Appeals applied a legal theory             fundamental human right protected            our web site at http://thepoint-
                                          Circuit Court of Appeals overturned        designed to protect the right of           by the 9th amendment.               All
Snyder v Phelps et al., a case in
                                                                                                                                                                             letters and articles are due
which the respondent, Fred Phelps,        the lower courts findings by applying      people, in the course of discussing          Furthermore, Congress and the
                                                                                                                                                                             by 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday
organized members of the Westboro         a legal theory that protects defamatory    public issues, to verbally attack and      General Assembly of Maryland have            before an issue is printed. We
Baptist Church to protest the 2006        speech against public figures in the       insult public figures (such as Tea         passed a series of laws indicating the       do not guarantee that any let-
funeral of Matthew Snyder, a US           context of public issues.                  Party members calling President            importance of a private and dignified        ter or article will be printed.
Marine killed in a Humvee accident           The problem with the 4th circuit’s      Obama Hitler) to a private citizen         funeral. Most notably, Congress              The author should sign his/her
in Iraq. Protesters carried signs         ruling is that under no reasonable         during a private funeral.                  passed the “Respect for America’s            name, provide his/her phone
saying, “Don’t Pray for the USA,”         circumstances could either Mathew             There are a lot of legal theories       Fallen Heroes Act,“ which prohibits          number, hometown and class
“God Hates Fags,” “God Hates You,”        Snyder nor his father (the petitioner)     at work in this case but the deciding      demonstrations on cemeteries                 standing if they are a student.
“God Hates America,” “Semper              be considered a public figure. The         factor will likely be if the emotional     controlled by the National Cemetery          Letters of less than 250 words
Fi Fags,” “Thank God for Dead             second problem was best articulated        distress of a grieving family and the      Administration for an hour before and        are preferred. Letters are more
Soldiers,” “Priests Rape Boys.”           in the Amicus Brief signed by 42           privacy of burial ceremonies represent     after a funeral. The Act also extends        likely to be printed if they have
                                          US Senators, “as applied here, the         interests that the government (State       the same restrictions to funerals            relevance to a considerable
The question the court will answer
                                          [intentional infliction of emotional       and Federal) must protect.                 of any service member, including
                                                                                                                                                                             portion of the college com-
is, does the First Amendment’s free                                                                                                                                          munity, are likely to spark
speech protection include hateful         distress] and intrusion upon seclusion       To qualify as such an interest,          Snyder, held at a private cemetery.
                                                                                                                                                                             dialogue, or present new ideas.
protests at a private funeral?            torts narrowly protect against willful     there must be another protected              With the intent of Congress and              The opinions expressed in
   Phelps and his cohorts were            efforts to invade a private grieving       right at stake. In this case, that right   the State Legislature clearly leaning        commentaries and letters are

Counter-Point: Pleas for
                                                                                                                                on the side of privacy, the Supreme          solely those of the writers and
                                                                                                                                Court’s decision is simplified: can a        not necessarily the views of
                                                                                                                                person’s right to privacy be denied (or      The Point News or St. Mary’s
                                                                                                                                curtailed) in the name of free speech?       College of Maryland. Un-
                                                                                                                                  My answer? No.                             signed editorials represent the
  Tolerance Go Both Ways                                                                                                          The reason is simple and can best
                                                                                                                                be summed up by Justice Ginsburg’s
                                                                                                                                question to Margie Phelps, “why
                                                                                                                                                                             opinion of at least two-thirds
                                                                                                                                                                             of the editorial board. We
                                                                                                                                                                             reserve the right to edit any
        By KYLE JERNIGAN                  be allowed to do what they do. The         the right to our own expression and                                                     work submitted to The Point
             Editor-in-Chief              reason is, ironically, because if we       opinions we must imagine what it           should the First Amendment tolerate
                                                                                                                                                                             News in order to correct er-
  I think it goes without saying that     are to truly claim the moral high          would be like if we couldn’t speak         exploiting this bereaved family when
                                                                                                                                                                             rors in spelling and grammar,
the Westboro Baptist Church may be        ground of treating our neighbor as         our own minds, if what we thought          you have so many other forums for . . .      or to shorten length. For very
one of the most bigoted, ignorant,        we want to be treated, we must have        were suddenly considered so shock-         getting across your message?”                long letters that may be read
and hateful groups to ever figure         the strength to do so even when our        ing that we needed to be silenced.           You may say whatever you want              in full online, please provide a
out how to glue a piece of wood to        neighbor does not feel the same. If        How horrible would it be if the roles      but you may not express your point           Web address to be included in
poster board. In choosing to target       we were to silence the Westboro            were reversed, and the Westboro            by exploiting the rights of others, in       the event that the letter would
funerals, and therefore families in       Baptist Church, we would be deny-          Baptist Church could control our           this case, the right to a private funeral.   need to be shortened.
their absolute weakest moments,           ing them the same courtesy and the         speech?                                    Beyond striking a balance between              Anyone may place adver-
                                                                                                                                free speech and privacy, such a ruling       tising in The Point News.
they demonstrate just how petty           same fundamental rights that they            So, it is very easy to be angry at
                                                                                                                                from the court would offer a good            For current advertising rates,
and how far detached they are from        wish to deny to those they hate; I         the ignorant “congregation” that                                                        please e-mail our Advertising
reality and true human empathy they       wouldn’t go as far as to say that          calls itself the Westboro Baptist          framework for interpreting future
                                                                                                                                situations without endangering our           Manager at dechase@smcm.
are, all for a misguided ideal which      puts us on their level, but it certainly   Church, and we have every right to                                                      edu. Advertisements represent
holds a few stray lines denouncing        cheapens our own arguments and             be so. It is very easy to be led by        right to free speech.
                                                                                                                                                                             no endorsement by The Point
homosexuality in Leviticus over the       our own rights.                            our powerful disgust and ire into            The danger in a case like this is          News or St. Mary’s College.
fundamental decree to love your             I do not wish to sound insensi-          simply fighting back, and we have          to allow the anger over the content            Any news tips, story infor-
neighbor.                                 tive; I am sure that the actions of        the might and superior influence as        of what Phelps said to dictate how           mation, corrections or feed-
  Despite all this, and despite the       the Westboro Baptist Church have           a majority opinion to do so. But it is     the law should be interpreted. That          back may be sent to kpjerni-
fact that saying this goes against        caused considerable emotional pain         infinitely stronger of us to tolerate      danger goes both ways. Some suggest, or submitted
my own reactions and my own               to people who certainly do not need        them as they do not us. In doing so,       that because the content was so              through the web site at http://
emotions, they are as protected           more of it. And I cannot say that          we not only allow them to look even        hateful, we must protect it but any
under the First Amendment and our         they should just forgive or that they      moreso like the bigots and fools           argument predicated on what Phelps
                                                                                                                                said fails to offer justice even if the       - 2010, The Point News.
conceptions of morality as anyone         should tolerate; I know if I were in       they are, but demonstrate for them
else, and as long as they remain          their position it’d be very unlikely I     what tolerance, dignity, and human         argument ultimately protects what
non-violent in their speech should        could. But as individuals who value        respect really are.                        Phelps said.

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