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									                                                                                                       JUNE, 2009
                                                                                                VOLUME 43, ISSUE 6

                                                        A PUBLICATION OF INDEPENDENCE HILL BAPTIST CHURCH

                                                                       hank you Independence

                                                               T       Hill family and friends!
                                                                       Your hard work and commitment to
                                                                       missions was evident during our Fun Days
                                                               in May. We could not have done it without you.

                                                               Fun Days are by far the largest ministry event for
                                                               our church each year. It requires the most volun-
Currently we are one church body divided                       teers. It draws the most people to our campus. It
   up into two worship service times.                          raises the most money. And the craziest thing is
                                                               Fun Days are not about us.
   This summer is our opportunity to
 worship all together as a church family.                      Fun Days are about focusing on the community and
                                                               find ways to support those who need help by sup-
      What a great opportunity for us                          porting other ministries. It reminds what Jesus
      to get to know some of the folks                         taught in Matthew 25:37-40.
             in the other service.
                                                               Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, “Lord,
            So join us this summer                             when did we see You hungry and feed You, or
          for our Summer of Unity.                             thirsty and give You drink? When did we see You a
                                                               stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You?
                                                               Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and
          Sunday School: 9:30 am                               come to You?” And the King will answer and say to
        1 Worship Service: 10:45 am                            them, “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did
                                                               it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it
              Beginning June 7
                                                               to Me.”

                                                               Your efforts raised over $26,000 that will benefit the
                                                               following ministries: Crisis Assistance Ministries,
                                                               Angels and Sparrows Soup Kitchen, Charlotte Res-
                                                               cue Missions, Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, The
       PLEASE TAKE NOTE:                                       Hope House, Love INC, Santa Matilde, Nicaragua
                                                               and student missions.
Beginning in June, the IHBC newsletter will
ONLY be available ON LINE and at the church.                   God will bless us for using our biggest effort to help
                                                               the “least of these”. I am confident of that. Even
In an effort to save money in these more difficult             though it doesn’t seem like enough for all you did to
economic times we will no longer be mailing out our            make Fun Days a reality. Thank you. I am proud
newsletter, “Declarations.” The newsletter is readily          and grateful to shepherd this group of God’s people.
available on our website (access right on the home
page) and if you do not have access to the internet
you may pick up a newsletter at the church. We will
have them available in the Worship Center foyer and
the Welcome Center.
D ECLARATIONS                                 Believe - Grow - Serve - Share                                        Page 2

                                                                 Food for Thought
                    Music,                                       By Patti Leisure

                    Movement                                    Are You in the
                    and More                                    Puddle or in
                                                                the Pond?
                    This summer the                             Recently I was out taking a walk after it had rained. I
                    Independence Hill                           was amused at the sight of two ducks wading and
 Children's Ministry is sponsoring a Music,                     splashing and having a jolly good time in this little
                                                                puddle on the sidewalk. The puddle couldn’t have
Movement and More Camp for children ages 4 -
                                                                been more than 2” deep at most. Right across the
6 years old. The camp will be half days filled with             street was a beautiful pond. I pondered how these
lots of music, movement, snacks, crafts and                     ducks could be so happy and content in this little
weather permitting - some playground time.                      puddle when this nearby pond seemed to offer them
                                                                so much more - more adventure, more freedom,
                                                                more space, more water, more food… Why restrict
Lori Yearick will be leading this camp along with
                                                                yourself to a dirty little puddle which hardly gets your
her friend, Heather Perrault (experienced mother                feet wet?
of 4 and craft maker extraordinaire). Lori and
Heather are so excited to get to share time and                 I know I have been accused of overanalyzing situa-
                                                                tions and also accused of trying to learn a lesson out
God's Word with your children through music,                    of these analogies. Okay, well that is what I do. You
movement and much more.                                         can go along with me and read for fun if you want.

The camp week is - June 22~26 (Monday ~                         As I pondered this duck-in-the-puddle situation I
Friday) 9:30am -noon and the cost is $65 per                    thought about my life and especially my life as a Je-
                                                                sus-follower. Am I restricting myself to a comfortable
child. Space is limited and so registration is based            little puddle? And if so, am I content there?? Do I
on first come first serve. A complete registration              even realize that I am there? Is this where my com-
sheet and a deposit of $20 holds your spot.                     fort level remains? Where is the adventure in that?

If you would like more information please email                 God has so much for us to do and He has gifted us
                                                                so uniquely and greatly to serve where He has
Lori at loriyearick@yahoo.com or feel free to                   called us to serve. He wants us to be His light to the
call Lori at (704)-975-0335. Registration forms                 world. It is hard to do that in little puddle. He wants
are available at the Welcome Center table.                      us to spread our wings, flap our feathers, speak our
                                                                beaks and get out there, into the pond, or into the
                                                                lake, and make a difference in the world around us.
                                                                And all the while He will equip us to do the works He
                                                                has called us to do.
                                                                I would encourage us to all jump out to where God
                  July 31- Aug. 2                               wants to take us and allow Him to enlarge our territo-
                                                                ries and use us. Don’t stay content living in the pud-
                            VBS at IHBC:                        dle. There is a whole lot more opportunity for minis-
                                                                try, adventure, blessings and fun in the pond.
                            Friday, July 31
                            6:30 - 8 pm
                            Saturday, Aug. 1
                            9 am - 2 pm                                                        Go for it!
                                                                                               Get wet!
                            Sunday, Aug. 2
                            During church and followed by
D ECLARATIONS                                 Believe - Grow - Serve - Share                                        Page 3

                                                                               Women's Summer
                                                                               Bible Study & Social
                                                                               Tuesday nights - 6:30-8:30 pm
                                                                               Beginning June 23

                                                                 Come join the women of IHBC for a dessert social
                                                                 and Bible study!

Parenting Class ~ Now thru June 14                               Patti Eagleburger will host and facilitate this 6-week
                                                                 study on prayer by Kay Arthur entitled " Lord,
Kannapolis Intimidators Game ~ July 25                           Teach Me to Pray ". This study is n interactive,
Kannapolis, NC ~ they are playing the Augusta Green              discipleship study that helps women grow in a love for
Jackets at 7:05pm                                                God's Word and in a desire to communicate with Him.
                                                                 Learn what the Lord's Prayer teaches us about effective
Back to School BBQ ~ August 22                                   prayer and how to put into practice its timeless
more details to follow…                                          principles while also developing closer friendships
                                                                 with other women at IHBC.
Marriage Retreat ~ October 2 and 3
Mark your calendars now. More details to come.
                                                                 Cost of the workbook is $12.
                                                                 Patti's address is 12106 Willingdon Rd, Huntersville
If you would like more information about any of these            Join us!
events please call Susan Kelley at 704-619-6738

                                                                 JOY Senior Ministries
Our Calling Tree Service…
                                                                 Overnight Trip to Boone, NC
Please Take Note…
                                                                 Thursday, August 6 - Sunday, August 9
We will be using Calling Post calling
tree service for giving you important
messages from Independence Hill.
                                                                 The groups will depart from IHBC at 8:30 am and
We used this service for the first time                          travel to Boone to enjoy a stay at the Howell’s creek-
to remind our members of Fun Days a                              side cabin and Baucom’s overlook cabin (sleep only).
couple weeks ago. We will use it for                             We will enjoy a noon light lunch on the Howell deck
other important events and even things                           and later have dinner at Daniel Boone Inn. Other op-
like weather-related cancellations.                              tions are “Angel Street,” a Broadway Show at Hayes
                                                                 Theater in Blowing Rock, trout fishing at Grandfather
When these messages come to you the caller id will say           Trout farm, trout dinner (if we catch fish), gem mining,
Calling Post with the phone number of 405 308-4474. At           wiener roast, s’mores and Sunday worship on the deck.
this point in time Calling Post cannot put IHBC as the
caller ID number. So please take note of that when you
see a 405 call come in and don’t miss any important mes-
                                                                 There will be no lodging costs. Cost will only be for
sages from IHBC. If you would prefer to have these mes-          meals eating out and activities. If you have any ques-
sages come to our cell phone instead of your home                tions call Bruce at 704-641-0057.
phone please let us know. Thanks.
                                                                 Please sign up on the sheet in the church hallway and
                                                                 indicate your choice of activity.

                                                                 Old Salem Museum & Gardens day Trip
                                                                 September 17-18, Winston Salem, NC
                                                                 Group cost is presently $15 but will
D ECLARATIONS                                           Believe - Grow - Serve - Share                                        Page 4

                 ihbc student ministry                                     Where in the World is Evan?
                                                                           Dear Church Family,

                                                                           Since August 2008 I have been planning an ex-
                                                                           tended mission trip to Nicaragua, and after much
                                                                           prayer and preparation, a trip from May 17 to Au-
June 3             Collide/Caswell Meeting                                 gust 1, 2009 was set. By now I should be good and
                                                                           settled in Nicaragua, and it wouldn’t have been pos-
June 7             Graduation Sunday                                       sible without you. God has shown me, by what he
June 10            Service Night/Chicago Meeting                           has done for me through all of you, that he is in
                                                                           control and that I am fulfilling his divine purpose.
June 11            Breakaway @ Hendershott’s
                                                                           Upon preparing for this trip, I knew I wouldn’t be
June 15            LAME (Night at the Museum 2)                            able to do it alone. Not only spiritually and prayer-
June 17            Collide/Caswell Meeting                                 fully, but also financially, my church family here at
                                                                           Independence Hill has been overwhelmingly sup-
June 22-27         Camp Caswell Trip                                       portive. I would like to take this opportunity to thank
June 24            Collide                                                 everyone that has prayed for me, encouraged me,
                                                                           or given financially toward my trip. I really feel like
Check out the Student Website: www.collidewithhim.com                      God has used all of you to make my trip possible,
                                                                           and to Him be the glory.
For more information on the Youth Ministry contact Justin at
(704) 596-2124 x 28; Cell Phone: (303) 905-7601
Justin@independencehill.org                                                If you are able, please read along with my blog
                                                                           (online journal) at www.evandixon.com. I am doing
                                                                           my best to keep up to date information there, so
                                                                           everyone who has supported me can witness what
                                                                           God is doing through me on this journey. Also,
                                                                           please feel free to leave me a message at my inter-
Congratulations to our                                                     national phone number or email address listed be-
High School Graduates!                                                     low. I am sure it will be nice to hear from anyone
                                                                           back home while I am away for this extended period
Claire Young                                                               of time.
Taylor Quinn Yancey
Kaleigh Garris                                                             Thank you all, once again, for your continued
Alexander McCoy                                                            prayers and support. I look forward to sharing with
Jessie Dehart                                                              all of you what God has done through me this sum-
Adam Hylton
Jessi Lewis                                                                Your Brother in Christ,
Zach Adelman
Karen Keaton                                                               Evan Dixon
Salim Ugdoh
                                                                           Email: evan@evandixon.com -
                                                                           704.765.1956 – International Number (Works just
                                                                           like a local number)
Congrats to Our College Graduates:

                                                                                         JAVA House
Ashley Murray Cunningham, UNC, Charlotte (Nursing)
Jennifer Keaton, Appalachian State University
Megan DeHart, UNC, Charlotte Scott Stewart; UNC,                                         Community Outreach
Charlotte (Masters)
Cassandra Rising, Mars Hill College
                                                                                               Sunday, May 31, 6 - 9 pm
Julia Pisarsky, Savannah College of Art & Design                                               Coffee, Dessert, Entertainment,
Stacie Terry, East Carolina University                                                         and Fellowship
Jennifer Starr , UNC, Greensboro
Alayne Fahey, UNC, Chapel Hill
                                                                                               Tickets: $5/ea
                                                                                                     Independence Hill Baptist Church
June 2009                                                                                                                                                            Updated 5/21/2009

       Sunday                      Monday         Tuesday                     Wednesday                    Thursday                                 Friday                  Saturday
                              1             2                             3                          4                                     5                           6
                                            9:30am JOY Group to           9:30am Body & Soul (Gym)   7:00pm Body & Soul (Gym)
                                                    Whitewater Center
                                            9:00am Thrive Meeting until
                                                   1:30pm (NJD)
                                            7:00pm Body & Soul (Gym)

7                             8             9                             10                         11                                    12                          13
    Summer of Unity Starts                  10:30am J.O.Y. to Angels &                               6:00pm Youth Breakaway until                                      11:00am 504A/B Reserved
                                                    Sparrows                                                 9pm                                                               Until 3:00pm
Graduate Recognition Sunday
                                             6:30pm HOA Meeting until                                7:00pm LINC Team Training                                          4:00pm WC & 504A/B
 12:00pm Graduate Luncheon                          9pm (Chapel)                                                                                                                Reserved until

14                            15            16                            17                         18                                    19                          20
    Last Parenting Class                                                                                                                   6:00pm Rehearsal/Dinner     5:00pm Wedding (Chapel)
12:00pm Davis Reunion (FLC)                                                                                                                       (Chapel/FLC)
          Until 4:00pm

                                                Newsletter & July
                                                Calendar Deadline

21    Father’s Day            22            23                            24                         25                                    26                          27
                                                                            Music, Movement & More Camp

                                                                                        RA/GA Camps & Caswell

                                                               Mission Camp for 6th Graders
                                                Newsletter & July
                                                Calendar Mailed
28                            29            30
 4:00pmTeam Leaders
 4:30pmTeam Meetings                                                                                                      EVERY SUNDAY
 5:30pmTeam Reports                                                                                        9:25am ........... SS Teacher Prayer Time (WC)
 6:00pmDeacons Meeting                                                                                     9:30am ........... Library Open until 10:45am
        (Rm504B)                                                                                           9:30am ........... Sunday School
6:00pm Chapel Reserved                                                                                    10:40am ........... Prayer Time (WC)
                                                                                                          10:45am ........... Morning Worship
       (New Birth Baptism)
                                                                                                             Noon ........... Library Open until 12:30pm
     Birthdays in June                                  ANNIVERSARIES
                                                                                   Summer Childcare Schedule
                                                   1. Bob & Janice Blevins
                                                   3. Trae & Lynn Farris           June 7       10:45 am
3.   Campbell Benfield   18.   Pearce Conklin                                      Rm 305:     Rosemary Winter, Janice McCoy, Joey Fortner
                                                   6. David & Charlene Menear      Rm 301:     Lynne Golie, Jill Stallings
                               John Leary
4.   Chelsea Alva              Linda Lehning       7. Blaine & Cathy McFalls       Rm 308:     Stephen & Belinda James
     Jessi Lewis               Judy Murphy
     Douglas McCoy                                11. Mike & Cyndi Poell
     Stephanie Smith                              12. Dan & Ilah Williams          June 14       10:45 am
                         19.   Emma Conklin                                        Rm 305:     Wayne Auten, Dena Benfield, Nancy Ferrell
5.   Betty Davis               Tessa Spies        13. Jon & Kim Spies              Rm 301:     Karen Noegal, Renee Piercy
     Jean Fulghum        20. Jack Fulghum         14.   Mike & Patti Leisure       Rm 308:     Jamie & Amy Redies

7.   John Dawson             Blake Midgett        16. T.R. & Lisa Young
                             Jacob Pressley                                        June 21       10:45 am
                                                  17. Gregg & Cindy Brozo
8.   Janet Tyson                                                                   Rm 305:     Anne McGraw, Jamie Blevins, Blaine & Cathy
                         22. Janice Blevins       19. Mark & Patti Eagleburger                 McFalls
9.   Jaxon Hendershott   23. Mary Buck Brewer     21. Jack & Debbie Fulghum        Rm 301:     Ilah Williams, Megan Gant
                                                                                   Rm 308:     Kurt & Kimberly Hahne
10. Brenda Stewart                                22. Rob & Evelyn Dixon
                         24. Cathy Yancey
11. Dakoda Reckart                                23. John & Terri Dixon
                         25. Debbie Ashford                                        June 28       10:45 am
    Eric Rogers                                       Silas & Junie Davis
                             Justin Brooks                                         Rm 305:     Larry & Jill Southworth, Marie Matthews
    Shelby Taylor                                     Eric & Barbi Siemon
                             Jeff Edge                                             Rm 301:     Maria Holloway & Hillary Hendershott
                             Emerson James        26. Harold & Carolyn Teague      Rm 308:     Edward & Sarah Bolme
12. Hannah Walters
                             Johnnie Stallings        Alfred & Jean Webb
    Lori Yearick
                             John Whitlow                                          If you cannot work on your scheduled date please try to trade
                                                  29. Mike & Misty Youngs
13. Leslie Jernigan                                                                with someone. Thanks. If you have any questions concerning
                         26. Brody Poell                                           this schedule contact Sarah.
16. Jill Southworth
                         28. Peyton Smith
17. Gary Cloud               John Taite            Dates to Remember
                         29. Robert Barbee                    June 7
                             Kate Fuquay                 -Graduation Sunday
                             Christopher Howell    -Beginning of Summer of Unity
                                                      -One service 10:45 am                               July
                         30. Cameron Auten
                                                             June 21                             Newsletter Schedule
                                                            Father’s Day
                                                                                                Deadline: Tues., June 16
                                                             June 23                               All information due to Patti.
                                                   Women’s Bible Study & Social

                                                         July 31 - Aug 2                         Publication Date: June 24
D ECLARATIONS                                  Believe - Grow - Serve - Share                                            Page 7

Special Gifts                                                            PLEASE REMEMBER IN PRAYER
A donation was made to the Annie Armstrong Easter               Church Family:
Offering in memory of Tom & Yesta Chinn by Ellis &              Gerry Benfield, Todd Bevis, Edward Bolme, Richard Canipe,
June Murray.                                                    Sarah Covington, Alfred Davis, Patrick Davis, Bobby
                                                                Edmondson, Laura Fortner, Jean Fulghum, Mike Gearing, Lynne
A donation was made to the Building Fund in memory
                                                                Golie, Don Griffith, Bob Hankins, Glenna & Wayne Hensley,
of Doris & Jimmie Breedlove on their birthdays by Bob
                                                                Edith Howell, Betty Hubbard, Betty & Marvin Jones, Melanie
& Debbie Hylton.
                                                                Jones, Jason Keistler, Stephen Lawrence, Mary Locklear, Ben
A donation was made to the General Fund in honor of             McAlexander, Blake Midgett, Margaret Mondozzi, Thelma New-
Joey’s Retirement by Woodrow & Lucy Davis.                      ton, Karen Noegel, Don & Mary Penninger, Mary Lou Perez,
                                                                Mark Piercy, Dwight Rainey, Cassandra Rising, Johnnie Stallings,
A donation was made to Evan Dixon’s Mission Trip in
                                                                Alton & Brenda Stewart, Richard Stilwell, Eric & Marla Swanger,
honor of Evan and his service to God in the mission
                                                                Paul Taylor, Harold Teague, Becky Terry, Jim Underhill, Darlene
field by the Matheny Mission Group.
                                                                Yandle, Mike Youngs & our expecting, Diana Burgess, Kelley
A donation was made to Student Missions in the name             Eade, & Cathy McFalls
of Jordan Newsome & Candace Holt by Justin & Aud-
rey Cervero.                                                    Those Serving Our Country:
A donation was made to the Building Fund in honor of            Mike Bailey, Raymond Cooper, Jr., Jeremy Davis, Tim Forbes,
Adam Hylton on his 18th birthday by Bob & Debbie Hyl-           Cody Fowler, Tyrone & Gaye Hairston, Brendan Hays, Judith
ton.                                                            Jolly, Lee Stephenson, Luke Wiggins
A donation was made to the Building Fund in honor of            *A complete list of prayer requests of our friends and extended
Randy & Dawn Currin on their 2nd Anniversary by Bob &           families can be picked up in your Sunday School classroom or in
Debbie Hylton.                                                  the church office.
A donation was made to the NC Baptist Hospital
Mother’s Day Offering in memory of Elizabeth Davis by
Anne McGraw                                                     Sympathy:
                                                                Our Christian love and sympathy are extended to Sharon Taylor
A donation was made to the Building Fund in honor of            and family on the death of her sister, Debbie Trexler
Joey Fortner on her birthday and recent retirement by
Helen Davis Brown.

                      Grace Soares has arrived. Con-                                  APRIL FINANCIALS
                      gratulations to Mario, Susan,
                                                                   $     65,503     Monthly Budget Required
                      Mariana, and Scarlett!
                                                                   $     46,170     Monthly Budget Received
                      Lucia She was born May 11th, at
                                                                   $       7,667    Building Fund Received
                      5:32 pm - only 15 days late!
                                                                   $      2,969     Benevolent Fund
                                                                   $         878    Kitchen Fund
                                                                   $          21    International Missions/Lottie Moon
 Susan and Lucia are both doing great! Lucia weighed
                                                                   $         349    N. American Missions/Annie Armstrong
 in at 6 lbs. 13 ozs. and 21 inches long. She has curly
                                                                   $         54     St. Peter’s Soup Kitchen
 dark hair but is fair skinned like Scarlett. Susan says she
                                                                   $         35     Library Fund
 has Mario's eyes.
                                                                   $       1,124    Nicaragua Missions
                                                                   $          20    Nicaragua Pastor’s Fund
                                                                   $         400    Sports Fund
                                                                   $       1,480    Missions Fund (Fun Days)
 Dear Church Family,                                               $ 458,522       Year-to-Date Budget Required as of 4/30/09
  We would like to thank everyone for all of the love and          $ 345,080       Year-to-Date Budget Received as of 4/30
 support you have shown our family during our time of              $ 18,555        Building Fund Balance as of 4/30
 unemployment. All of the prayers, words of encourage-             $ 645,000       Outstanding Loan Balance as of 4/30
 ment and support of every kind have meant more than               YTD Annie Armstrong $1,242
 we can ever express. This is truly an awesome "family"
 to be a part of and we feel very blessed.                         Average 8:30 am Worship Attendance - April.………..146
                                                                   Average 11:00 am Worship Attendance - April…….…152
  -The Youngs Family                                               Average Sunday School Attendance - April………… ..188
10220 Eastfield Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

AS WE...
♦   GROW

                                            CHURCH CONTACT INFO & STAFF
                                     Church Office: (704) 596-2124 Church Fax: (704) 596-8626
                                             Weekday Preschool Office: (704) 596-4779

 Summer Sunday           Todd Marlin, Senior Pastor                  Carol Wilburn, Church Secretary
 Schedule:               (704) 596-2124 Ext. 25                      (704) 596-2124 Ext. 22
                         Home Phone: (704) 766-0339                  Home Phone: (704) 875-0630
 Join us for             Todd@independencehill.org                   Carol@independencehill.org
 Summer of Unity
                         Sarah Fortner, Children & Families Pastor   Inger Laws, Financial Secretary
 Beginning June 7        (704) 596-2124 Ext. 29                      (704) 596-2124 Ext. 21
                         Mobile Phone: (704) 517-7764                Home Phone: (704) 948-6306
                         Sarah@independencehill.org                  Inger@independencehill.org
 Sunday School:
                         Justin Hendershott, Student Pastor          Patti Leisure, Ministry Coordinator
 9:30 am                 (704) 596-2124 Ext. 28                      (704) 596-2124 Ext. 39
                         Mobile Phone: (303) 905-7601                Mobile Phone: (704) 909-9250
 Worship:                Justin@independencehill.org                 Patti@independencehill.org
 10:45 am
 (blended service)       Tim Groves, Worship & Arts Pastor           Valerie Norris, Weekday Preschool Director
                         (704) 596-2124 Ext. 32                      (704) 596-2124 Ext. 27
                         Mobile Phone: (214) 793-8535                Home Phone: (704) 875-2171
                         Home Phone: (704) 509-0154                  Preschool@independencehill.org

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