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									                                                                  T h e C F D N ew sle t t e r

                                                                                  Market View
                                                                       Tuesday, May 26, 2009

                Tech View                         US Stock Market
                                                            DJIA             S & P 500            NASDAQ
                                                          8,277.32            887.00              1,692.01
                                                           Closed              Closed              Closed

JUNE S&P 500                                      Equity Markets closed for the Memorial Day Holiday!!! US
                                                  equities observed holiday, whereas things did not stopped in
                                                  Auto sector. Germany's government is expected to reach a
                                                  decision on the three bids for General Motors Corp's Opel unit
                                                  by the mid of this week. Moreover on Monday, fight between
           RSI (20:80)         Sto Fast           Chrysler and the state of Indiana, heated up as the bankrupt
             52.03%       D 53.59: %K 39.19%      automaker argued that a legal review demanded by the state
                                                  would do hurt to both parties. The funds, which hold a combine
Signal     NEUTRAL               SELL
                                                  $42.5 million of Chrysler's total $6.9 billion in secured debt, told
                                                  that role of the Treasury Department made a legal review of the
                                                  automakers protection from its creditors necessary. Meanwhile
                                                  Ford Motor Co. has extended its deadline to give extra time to
                                                  42,000 UAW to exit as company plans for more job cuts in
                                                  current economic turmoil.
DJIA                                              It is expected that Fed may have to revise their strategy in time
                                                  to come as the recent drastic steps have blown the Federal
                                                  Reserve balance sheet by large and that it has increased the
                                                  chances that the central bank may face its most unwanted
                                                  reclaims ever. This may push Fed to change its operating
                                                  procedures of the bank for the first time in its almost 100-year
           RSI (20:80)          Sto Fast          Today, The Conference Board, a private business research
            52.35%        D 59.47: %K 42.08%      group, will release its monthly report on consumer confidence,
Signal     NEUTRAL               SELL             as it is expected that it will rise to 42 from 39.2 the month
                                                  before. The S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index, which crossed
                                                  20 of the largest housing markets, is expected to show prices
                                                  shed 18.4 percent in March after a record 18.63 percent drop
                                                  the month before.

                            Major Economic Releases for Today
  Period                          Event                            GMT           Forecast            Previous
   March       USD S&P/Case-Shiller Composite-20 (YoY)               13:00         -18.40%             -18.63%
   May         USD Consumer Confidence                               14:00           42.0                39.2

                                                                     T h e C F D N ew sle t t e r

Stock I ndexes: -

Dow Jones Industrial Average DJM9
Dow Jones component General Motors is nearing its deadline
with high chances that it may have to leave its position on the
Dow board. President Obama said to the Treasury Department
to pump cash in GM for its operations on the condition that GM
restructures its debt or file for bankruptcy by June 1. Meanwhile
it reached an agreement with the United Auto Workers and
Canadian Auto Workers unions that will allow the company to
reduce some of its labor and retiree health care costs. The
major hurdle for GM is only the deal with bondholders to clear
in order to avoid bankruptcy while Tuesday is a deadline for its
bondholders to reach an agreement. If it fails to deal with
bondholders, it could file for bankruptcy as early as next week.

The NASDAQ composite closed in red on Friday. Sears Holdings
Corp reported its first quarter earnings of $0.38 per share, $1.26
better-than-expected as it was expected to be a loss of $0.88.
The company further informed that it has extended its credit
facility. Dell Inc. is expected to release its weaker earnings
report this week.

Nikkei 225 SSIM9
Asian stocks skidded after showing decent surge on intraday
basis, led by technology companies and banks. Moreover the
further contraction expected in US housing market also added
to the dismal performance of the index. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines the
world’s largest merchant fleet operator, planned to increase
900 ships from 861 by bulk carriers, tankers and car carriers by
6.5 percent to 740 ships at the end of this fiscal year. It also
predicted a profit of 40 billion Yen for the fiscal year, weaker-
than the last year. Meanwhile its rival Nippon Yusen forecasts a
68 percent decline in profit to 18 billion Yen.

Crude Oil CLN9
Crude oil prices traded below $61 a barrel on Tuesday ahead of
the OPEC meeting. It is expected that OPEC will keep its
production targets unchanged. NYMEX was closed for the
Memorial Day holiday in the US on Monday. Any developments
in OPEC meeting is expected to weigh on the black gold.

                                                                 T h e C F D N ew sle t t e r

Precious and Bas e Metals: -
Gold and Silver GCM9 & SIN9
Gold prices softened yesterday but remained within sight of
a two-month high above $960 touched in the previous
session, retaining their sheen in the face of a weaker dollar.
Crude oil's rise to a six-month high has also benefited gold,
which is often bought both as an alternative to the dollar
and as an inflation hedge. Gold markets showed little initial
reaction to a report by South Korea's Yonhap news agency
that quoted a ruling party official as saying North Korea
conducted a nuclear test yesterday. North Korea also fired
short-range missile just hours after it said it had conducted
a nuclear test. Gold has most certainly been driven by
recent weakness in the dollar and that looks set to continue
for the time being. The world's largest gold-backed
exchange-traded fund, the SPDR Gold Trust, said its
holdings rose to 1,118.76 tonnes as of May 22, up 13.14
tonnes or 1.2 percent from the previous business day.

Copper HGN9
Shanghai copper rallied yesterday, boosted by a 3.2 percent
surge in London in the previous session, supported by a
slide in the dollar and easing stocks. Markets in London and
New York were closed yesterday.

                                                                       T h e C F D N ew sle t t e r

         Futures Settlement Prices Monday, May 25, 2009
 Instrument  Contract Open    High    Low   Settlement Net Change
      Euro            UROM9           1.4020            1.4029            1.3955            1.4007              -0.0006
 Japanese Yen          JYM9           1.0563            1.0591            1.0504            1.0560              -0.0033
 British Pound         BPM9           1.5924            1.5927            1.5832            1.5907              -0.0010
  Swiss Franc          SFM9           0.9226            0.9238            0.9198            0.9235               0.0008
      DJIA             DJM9            8261              8307              8202              8301                  41
   S & P 500           SPM9           885.25            891.0             878.25            890.00                 5.1
 NASDAQ 100           NDM9            1359.75          1366.75            1349.0            1362.75                 2
   Hang Seng           HSK9            17021            17248             16749              17073                 13
   Nikkei 225          SSIM9           9245              9410              9180              9360                  150
    FTSE 100           FTM9             N/A              N/A               N/A                N/A                 N/A
      Gold             GCM9            957.0            959.8             952.6              958.6                -0.3
      Silver            SIN9          1471.5            1476.0            1456.0            1475.0                 5.5
     Copper            HGN9           210.40            210.65            208.25            210.15                 0.4
   Crude Oil           CLN9            62.07            62.09             60.07              61.17                -0.5
     Wheat              WN9             N/A              N/A               N/A                N/A                 N/A
   Soybeans             SN9             N/A              N/A               N/A                N/A                 N/A
      Corn              CN9             N/A              N/A               N/A                N/A                 N/A

                             Daily Swings                 (The Pivot Levels)
                                                            Trading Range
     Contract               S3            S2             S1          Pivot           R1            R2              R3
     UROM9                1.3891        1.3923        1.3965       1.3997         1.4039        1.4071          1.4113
      JYM9                1.0425        1.0465        1.0512       1.0552         1.0599        1.0639          1.0686
      BPM9                1.5755        1.5794        1.5850       1.5889         1.5945        1.5984          1.6040
      SFM9                0.9169        0.9184        0.9209       0.9224         0.9249        0.9264          0.9289
      DJM9                 8128          8165          8233         8270           8338          8375            8443
      SPM9                869.08        873.67        881.83       886.42         894.58        899.17          907.33
     NDM9                1334.50       1341.75       1352.25       1359.50       1370.00       1377.25          1387.75
      HSK9                16300         16524         16799         17023         17298         17522            17797
      SSIM9                8993          9087          9223         9317           9453          9547            9683
      FTM9                 N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A              N/A
      GCM9                947.00        949.80        954.20       957.00         961.40        964.20          968.60
       SIN9              1442.00       1449.00       1462.00       1469.00       1482.00       1489.00          1502.00
      HGN9                206.32        207.28        208.72       209.68         211.12        212.08          213.52
       CLN9               58.11         59.09         60.13         61.11         62.15         63.13            64.17
       WN9                 N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A              N/A
       SN9                 N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A              N/A
       CN9                 N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A           N/A              N/A
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