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					                                      Job Description

Job Title: Marketing and Communications Manager
Location: Mill Wharf, 10 Mill Street, Birmingham, B4 6BS
Report to: Chief Executive
Purpose: To maintain the public image and strategic marketing of Employment Needs
          Training Agency CIC (Employment Needs Training Agency ) by increasing
          Employment Needs Training Agency ’s profile to prospective employers,
          funders, contractors, trainees and staff. To drive the marketing activity to
          achieve growth and development for Employment Needs Training Agency .
          To be responsible for the development and enhancement of effective
Job Ref No: MCM 09/10
Salary: £31,754 - £37,206


The responsibilities of this post must be carried out with due regard to Employment
Needs Training Agency ’s ‘Equal Opportunities’, ‘Quality’ and ‘Health and Safety’
policies. We also expect employees to be aware of the principles contained in the
description of an ‘Employment Needs Training Agency person’ and to operate within
this spirit.

    Employment Needs Training Agency Branding
       To be consistently applying Employment Needs Training Agency ’s branding
         and identity to all materials
       Ensure that EVERY product or service matches the Employment Needs
         Training Agency brand positioning
       Develop the brands in different locations with a common goal.
       Writing and proofreading copy.

      To update and implement Employment Needs Training Agency ’s
       Communications Strategy and Marketing Plan
      To ensure all communications are co-ordinated, add value and adhere to the
       ethos of Employment Needs Training Agency
      Develop and evaluate the communication strategy and liaise with all
       members of the Senior Management Team (SMT) to ensure effective and
       efficient marketing delivery.

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           Communicating with target audiences and managing relationships.
           To maintain an efficient system of internal and external communications
           Optimising opportunities via relationships and media channels
           Compiling and writing staff newsletter.

Public Relations and Marketing
       To support all managers in the development of their department’s Marketing
       To ensure that the department’s marketing materials are up-to-date and
         consistent with Employment Needs Training Agency ’s branding and identity
       Liaise with external PR and Web agencies to ensure they have a clear
         understanding of the Employment Needs Training Agency marketing
       Ensure project requests are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.
         Including agency monitoring and project sign-off.
       Identify target markets and works with the Project Managers and their teams
         exploring target audiences.
       Analyse the results of all marketing activity and present findings and
         recommendations to CEO and SMT
       Responsibility for commissioning external projects and ensuring that all
         scheduling and deadlines are met in a timely and efficient /effective manner
       Interface with relevant staff to achieve objectives and notify them of all
         Marketing tools available for their use.
       Manage the production of marketing materials, including leaflets, posters,
         flyers, newsletters and e-newsletters and DVDs
       Liaising with designers and printers;
       Organise photo shoots
       Arrange for the effective distribution of marketing materials
       Source advertising opportunities and place adverts in the press (local,
         regional, national and specialist publications);
       Evaluate marketing campaigns;
       Monitor partner and competitor activity

General duties

           Website to be continually updated and to be generating referrals and sales
           Offer work experience apprenticeship, employment opportunities within the
            department to Employment Needs Training Agency learners as appropriate
           A good understanding of the importance of legal and regulatory frameworks
           Managing Budgets
           Keep up to date with all marketing opportunities and implement as
            appropriate ( e.g. social network sites, blogs, twitter)
           All other tasks that fall within the scope of the post.

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The post holder will be expected to work within Employment Needs Training Agency ’s
Child Protection Policies and Procedures. This position is subject to an exemption
order under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (exemptions) Orders 1975 and is
subject to a Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure.
Health and Safety at Work
Attention is drawn to the responsibility of all employees to take reasonable care for the
health and safety of themselves and other people who may be affected by their actions
at work.
The post holder will be based at the above address. However, travel will be required
and the post holder WILL be required to undertake some if not all duties at other
Employment Needs Training Agency premises.
Your attention is drawn to the confidential nature of information collected. The
unauthorised use or disclosures of client or other personnel information is regarded as
gross misconduct and will be subject to disciplinary action, and in the case of
computerised information could result in a prosecution for an offence or action for civil
damages under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Job Specification/Work Plan

A job specification/work plan setting out priorities and a work programme in the above
areas of responsibilities will be drawn up in consultation with the post holder. This will
be reviewed and updated on a regular basis with your line Manager. The Job
description will be reviewed and updated regularly

The above job description is provided as a guide only to the types of duties required to
be undertaken. Duties may vary from time to time and so this job description will be
subject to review in line with the requirements of the business. The company will
endeavour to give reasonable notice of any such changes.

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Experience                                                  Essential/    Method of
                                                            Desirable    Assessment
                                                                         AF=App. Form,
      Experience of communications and marketing           Essential
      Experience of effective media relations              Essential
      Experience of internal communications including      Essential
       communication of key corporate messages in a
       relevant and engaging style for employees.
      Experience of managing the production of printed     Essential
       material, including brochures, leaflets, briefing
       third party designers/printers to ensure corporate
       brand and style is met.
      Experience of writing press releases.                Essential
      3-4 years Marketing experience                       Essential
      Experience within education or publishing as well    Desirable
       as working with sales teams in highly

Qualifications and Training
   Degree educated (or equivalent)                         Desirable
   L4 Marketing Qualification                              Essential

Skills, Personal Qualities and Attributes
 Have knowledge of a wide range of marketing               Essential
   techniques and concepts as well as experience in
   project management
 Have a good business awareness and be able to
   work within tight budget constraints
 Have excellent communication skills, well presented       Essential
   with a professional manner, diplomatic and
   persuasive. Able to motivate and inspire teams.
 Ability to integrate with, motivate and inspire multi-    Essential
   disciplined/cross-functional teams
 Good interpersonal skills and ability to build close-     Essential
   knit relationships with outside agencies
 Strong analytical, administrative and organisational      Essential
   skills and great attention to detail
 Demonstrable initiative and enthusiasm, and the
   ability to multi-task
 Ability to work under pressure, to tight deadlines        Essential
 Think creatively and laterally                            Essential
 Able to demonstrate positive press coverage               Essential
   achieved as result of own initiatives
 Excellent anaytical skills and a passion for the          Essential
   voluntary sector
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   Strong Management skills from initial concept to          Essential
   The ability to effectively time manage and work to        Essential
   Computer literate                                         Essential
   Outgoing and confident                                    Essential


     All new employees at Enta are subject to a 6 month probation period. This is in order
    to ensure that you are happy in post and gives us time to offer you any support and
    guidance that you may need.
    It is also a period when we can see whether you are competent in post and will be able
    to fulfil your duties. This is done by a process of monitoring against a selection of
    targets, an example of which are outlined below:

           To have successfully planned and arranged at least three marketing events in
            conjunction with senior manager’s
           To have carried out an analysis of effectiveness of website to have reached its
            target audience
           To have visited all departments and are able to succinctly describe what each
            department does.
           To have completed an over view of all marketing materials to ensure they
            comply with corporate image
           To have written and had published at least three press releases
           To have presented the organisations marketing strategy to the Senior
            Managers and the Board of Directors
           To have commissioned at least one external project and ensured all scheduling
            and deadlines were met in a timely and efficient /effective manner
           To have carried out an evaluation of all current advertising to analyse its
            effectiveness and have presented these findings to the CEO and the senior

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