A Newsletter of St. Francis Episcopal Church June 2009 by TroyWozniak


									      A Newsletter of St. Francis Episcopal Church                                                    June 2009

   We begin the long season of Pentecost with our cele-       work for justice, peace, love and ethical behavior in the
bration of Pentecost on the 31st of May. During this          world. THE HOLY SPIRIT‘S IMMERSION INTO
season we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit         OUR LIVES SANCTIFIES & BLESSES ALL AREAS
upon the Church and our individual lives.                     OF OUR LIVES – our friendships, our relationships, our
    The Holy Spirit emanates from the creative energies       loves, our children, our worship.
of the Love of God and His Son, Jesus Christ. The Holy                   THE HOLY SPIRIT CONNECTS US
Spirit like a good friend listens to us being our comforter                 TO THE ABUNDANT LIFE
in times of need and our Advocate with the Father. The            The Holy Spirit not only challenges us to be friends
Holy Spirit like a good friend supports us, yet challenges    with all persons, but empowers us to expand the bounda-
us to see things differently. Always, the Holy Spirit con-    ries of our love and our concern for the world. The Holy
nects us to the Love of God and to all of His creation.       Spirit, a good friend, enables us to forgive those who
      THE HOLY SPIRIT: OUR ADVOCATE AND                       have hurt us.
        COMFORTER WHO RE-CONNECTS US                              The Holy Spirit re-connects us to the ever outgoing
      TO THE HEALING POWER OF GOD’S LOVE                      love of God. A good friend does not treat us as a
   The Holy Spirit, like a good friend, listens to our        stranger – a good friend leads us out of ourselves to
laments as well as our joys. The Holy Spirit can be           embrace the world of human beings and of nature. A
quiet and just listen to our needs. The Spirit assures us     good friend encourages us to let go of prejudices, biases,
that we will be listened to and comforted and sustained       fears, hatreds – and to get on with living life fully. The
and connected to the Source of the Life Abundant. The         Holy Spirit knows no strangers – the Spirit is ever
Holy Spirit comes to those who, upon hearing the Good         present to all persons.
News, seek the Risen Lord and who invite Him into                 The Spirit testifies to us that Jesus is the incarnation
their hearts and lives.                                       of God’s Word and purpose – the very essence of God ‘s
   The Holy Spirit not only convicts us or reveals to us      Agape Love. The Spirit leads us to see the world and all
our dis-connectedness from God’s love, the Spirit             our relationships transformed in the image of that love.
provides God’s reconciling love to us so that we may be       For it is “… a love in which no one is anonymous or
re-connected to our neighbor and our God. The Holy            disposable, no one is cast aside as irredeemable.
Spirit Brings Us Into The Power of The Healing Love           …” (Sarah Dylan, Easter 6, 2006) The Holy Spirit plants
of God – For the Risen Lord is Here and Now                   within us the Word of God causing us to see the world
Resurrecting Cracked and Broken Hearts.                       and others in the light of God’s Love. The Spirit raises
 THE HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH OUR BAPTISM LEADS                    us up to be friends with God and with His entire
US INTO DEEPENING OUR SENSE OF COMMISSION                     universe.
  TO BRING THE GOOD NEWS TO ALL PERSONS –                         Jesus has ascended so that he might send to us the
  THE SPIRIT RECONNECTS US TO ALL PERSONS                     Holy Spirit. “We need not look up and wonder where
         AND ALL OF GOD’S CREATION                            he is, for by his going, he is able to come. What we are
   Like a good friend, who not only listens, but some-        to do is to open ourselves to the Spirit, listen to the word
times challenges us, the Holy Spirit leads us into a          that God has given to us, and go out into the world, and
deeper sense of connection to all of God’s creation. As       do what we are to do, knowing that God will protect us
the Holy Spirit transformed Peter, Paul, Augustine, and       – and bring us safe to his side when our work and
so many others – the Spirit leads us to see that all          witness is done.” (Rev. Richard Fairchild)
persons are friends/children of God. The power of the             During this Season of Pentecost, may each of us
Holy Spirit connects us to all persons.                       remain connected to our compassionate
   The Holy Spirit sanctifies us and commissions us to        Friend, the Holy Spirit.
bring God’s love to the entire world. We are called to                                  Fr. Van +
2                                        ~ The Franciscans — June 2009 ~

      ECW NEWS
                                                                                     Fahrenheit 451 by Ray
                                                                                 Bradbury is an imaginative
                                                                                 fiction, a frightening vision of a
                                                                                 future where firemen don't put
          The St Francis ECW was                                                 out fires---they start them in
     well represented at the annual                                              order to burn books. This book is
Diocesan meeting held at                                                         the Wayne County Reads
St Stephens on May 5th. It was           ECW BOOK CLUB                           selection for next year and is also
an enjoyable day and great                  Our women’s book discussion          widely available in paperback
fellowship was experienced with          group wrapped up its second year        and in libraries.
other ECW groups in the Diocese          with a conversation led by Liz              In the meantime, if you have
of East Carolina. Our Book Club          Meador about The Guernsey               any suggestions for next year’s
discussions will end for the sum-        Literary and Potato Peel Pie            book selections and/or would be
mer but see the article written by       Society, which included viewing         willing to be a presenter, please
Pat Biggers with our summer              a video documentary about life          contact Pat Biggers or Barrett
reading suggestions. The United          on Guernsey during WWII.                Parker.
Thank Offering (UTO) Spring                 Books for 2009-2010 have not             “Reading a book is like
gathering was a success and              yet been selected but we have           re-writing it for yourself. . . You
$216.73 was collected! Thanks            two modern classics to suggest          bring to a novel, or to anything
for your support!                        for summer reading: The Hiding          you read, all your experience of
    If you are new to St Francis         Place and Fahrenheit 451.               the world. You bring your history
and have questions about our                The Hiding Place by Corrie           and you read it in your own
very active ECW (Episcopal               Ten Boom is the autobiographi-          terms.” --Angela Carter (1940 - 1992)
Church Women) group please let           cal story of a Dutch Christian                             — Pat Biggers,
us know! We are involved in              family who become involved                                 ECW Treasurer
service, outreach, fellowship to-        during World War II with the
gether, prayer and Bible study           Dutch underground movement to
and welcome all women to join            help the Jews. First published in
us!                                      1971, this book is widely avail-
                 — Barrett Parker,       able in paperback and in public
                   ECW President         and college libraries.

Happy Father’s Day                                                                  The Franciscans
                                                                                  St. Francis Episcopal Church

  June 21, 2009                                                                        (503 Forest Hill Drive)
                                                                                          P.O. Box 11406
                                                                                       Goldsboro, NC 27532
                                                                                 Tel (919) 735-9845, Fax 735-9893
                                                                               E-mail: parish@stfrancisgoldsboro.org
                                                                               Web Page: www.stfrancisgoldsboro.org
                                                                        The Rt. Rev. Clifton Daniel, III, Bishop
                                                                      of the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina
                                                                 The Rev. Dr. A.O. “Van” Vannorsdall, Priest-in-Charge
                                                                         William Hayes, Organist/Choirmaster
                                                                        Corinne Stewart, Parish Administrator

                 A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR                             The Franciscans:
                                                                              Corinne Stewart, Editor
               The deadline to submit items for the next
            newsletter is June 10th for the July/August issue.     The Franciscans is published 11 times a year.
                                                                 The deadline for items to be considered for inclusion
                      — Corinne Stewart, Parish Administrator               is the 10th of each month.
                                 ~ The Franciscans — June 2009 ~                                             3

                                                 St. Francis’ Wish List
                                                 1) Paper towels

                                                 2) Trash bags — tall kitchen and 30 gallon

                                                      Thank you for your Continued Support!

                           Items of Note
VESTRY MEETING            Vestry meets Wednesday, June 3 at 6:30 p.m. following Evening Prayer at 6p.m.

RECOGNIZE GRADUATES       Fr. Van will recognize 2009 graduates during the 10:30am service on Sunday,
                          June 7 (Trinity Sunday).

2nd & 4th WEDNESDAYS      Fr. Van will have Evening Prayer at parishioners homes the second and fourth
                          Wednesday each month during the summer. This month is June 10 dinner at
                          The Campbell’s home 6:30 p.m. followed by Evening Prayer at 7:00 p.m. June 24
                          at The Siler’s. We will need one additional volunteer to assist the host family with
                          dinner and volunteers to host and assist other Wednesday evenings during the
                          summer. Sign up sheet is on the Tower in the Parish Hall.

NEW SUMMER SCHEDULE       St. Francis will begin a NEW summer service schedule on June 14 and continue
                          through Sept. 6. Fr. Van will celebrate the Holy Eucharist Sundays at 9:30 am
                          ONLY! We will return to the regular service schedule on September 13, 2009.

                                                                  NEW TWIST
Do we have your                                                 on WEDNESDAY
 CELL PHONE                                                    EVENING PRAYER
   number?                                                    During the Summer!
                                                        The 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month
                                                        during the summer, Fr. Van will celebrate
    Fr. Van wants to keep a record                      Evening Prayer along with a simple dinner at
  of everyone’s cell phone numbers.                     parishioners homes. Dinner at 6:30 p.m.,
                                                        and Evening Prayer at 7:00 p.m.
   Please contact the church office                                                We will need
    with your cell phone number!                                             volunteer host homes,
                                                                              someone to assist the
   Email parish@stfrancisgoldsboro.org
                                                                             host family with dinner,
    or call Corinne Stewart at 735-9845.
                                                                            and please sign up if you
                                                        plan to attend so the host family knows the
      Let Corinne know if you would prefer              number of people to expect.
   it not be included in the parish directory.
                                                           Sign up on the Tower in the Parish Hall!
4                                                   ~ The Franciscans — June 2009 ~

                          SUNDAY LAY SERVER SCHEDULE                                              JUNE 2009

                                          June 7                     June 14                June 21             June 28
                                        Recognize                   Start NEW              Father’s Day
                                      2009 Graduates!            summer schedule!
                                          10:30 am                    9:30 am                 9:30 am             9:30 am
VERGER                                   Barrett Parker                Jodi Baker            John Pegram        Barrett Parker

SUBDEACON                                 Sarah Merritt             Roger Brogneaux          Stan Stedner        John Pegram

LECTOR                                    Jeannie Siler                Rick Coor             Laura Kelly      Gaynair Hamilton

CRUCIFER                               Nick Cunningham                Laura Kelly           Jacob Sarvey         Colin Coor

TORCH BEARERS                            Lillie Sarvey             Quincy Cunningham         Lillie Sarvey      Kemp Larsen
                                      Quincy Cunningham               Will Walters           Laura Kelly       Thomas Larsen

USHERS                                   John Pegram                 John Pegram            John Pegram         John Pegram
                                         George Moye                 George Moye            George Moye         George Moye

EUCHARISTIC                              Jill Brogneaux               Karen Witt            Dave Meador
                                                                                                              To Be Determined
       VISITORS                           Vann Daniel                Dave Meador             Liz Meador

ALTAR GUILD                                Jodi Baker                  Jodi Baker           Jill Brogneaux       Brenda Coor

FLOWER GUILD                              Jeannie Siler               Jeannie Siler          Jeannie Siler       Jeannie Siler

TELLERS                                   Karen Witt                  Karen Witt             Karen Witt          Karen Witt
                                         Norma Powell                Norma Powell           Norma Powell        Norma Powell

COFFEE HOUR                            Liz & Dave Meador           Liz & Dave Meador      Liz & Dave Meador   Liz & Dave Meador

       If you are unable to serve as scheduled, please find a replacement AND notify the church office.

                 JUNE BIRTHDAYS
                                                                             NEW Summer
 5 Jeannie Siler                  23 Gloria Price                           Service Schedule!
 9 Nina Silverthorne              26 Eldica Cyrus

11 Nancy Garcia                   28 Izabelle Casey
                                                                        Beginning Sunday, June 14, 2009
12 Bob Biggers                    30 Muss Musselman
                                                                           through September 6, 2009
13 Barrett Parker
                                                                              Fr. Van will celebrate
   Jesus Soria                                                               ONLY ONE SERVICE
16 Jill Brogneaux                                                              EACH SUNDAY -
17 Marianne Jones                                                                  at 9:30 am!
19 Chad Cornelius
                                                                                Regular service schedule will resume
    If your birthday has been omitted please notify the church                    on Sunday, September 13, 2009.
          office so that the birthday lists are up-to-date.
                                                    ~ The Franciscans — June 2009 ~                                                  5

       Domingo               Lunes                Martes         Miércoles               Jueves            Viernes         Sábado
       Sunday                Monday               Tuesday        Wednesday              Thursday           Friday         Saturday

HE = Holy Eucharist
      (Communion)      1 (Feast of The       2               3                     4                  5              6
            Service          Visitation
                           of the Blessed                                          5:45 PM Choir
HB = Holy Baptism          Virgin Mary)                                                   Rehearsal
Santa Misa =
                                                             6:00 PM Evening
   Spanish Mass -                                                      Prayer
      Holy Eucharist
       (Communion)                                           6:30 PM Vestry
             Service                                                 Meeting

 7     Trinity         8                     9               10                    11 (Feast of       12             13
       Sunday                                                (Franciscans           Saint Barnabas,
 8:30 AM HE
                                                                                   5:45 PM Choir
 10:30 AM HE &                                                                            Rehearsal
    Recognize                                                6:30 PM Dinner
  2009 Graduates                                               at Campbell’s
                                                             -THEN- Evening
 4 PM Santa Misa                                               Prayer at 7 PM

 14 2 Pentecost        15                    16              17                    18                 19             20
 Refugee Sunday
       Note:                                                                       5:45 PM Choir
     Begin NEW                                                                            Rehearsal
 9:30 AM HE
 4 PM Santa Misa
     Flag Day

 21 3 Pentecost        22                    23              24 (Feast of the      25                 26             27
                                                               Nativity of Saint
 9:30 AM HE                                                   John the Baptist)
                                                                                   5:45 PM Choir
 4 PM Santa Misa                                             6:30 PM Dinner
                                                                 at Siler’s
     Father’s Day                                            -THEN- Evening
 Summer Begins                                                 Prayer at 7 PM

 28 4 Pentecost        29 (Feast of          30
                          St. Peter and
 9:30 AM HE            St. Paul, Apostles)
 4 PM Santa Misa
6                                                ~ The Franciscans — June 2009 ~

                    “Dream Big”
               Author unknown ~ Taken from the Internet

If there were ever a time to dare,
To make a difference
To embark on something worth doing
It is now.
Not for any grand cause, necessarily –
But for something that tugs at your heart
Something that is worth your aspiration
Something that is your dream.
You owe it to yourself
To make your days count.
Have fun. Dig deep. Stretch.

Dream big!
Know, though,
That things worth doing                                                   from the Flower Guild
Seldom come easy,                                                       Taken from “God in the Garden” by Maureen Gilmer
There will be times when you want to
Turn around
                                                                        Love is to marriage just as water
Pack it up and call it quits                                        is to a plant facing the first wave of
Those times tell you                                                hot summer weather. When
That you are pushing yourself                                       mentally stressed, we may reach
And that you are not afraid to learn by trying.                     into the well of love for strength.
                                                                    Our garden plants may draw moisture from deep
Persist!                                                            underground when temperatures soar. Those plants
                                                                    in pots and containers, however, are more vulnerable
Because with an idea,                                               and require a bit more attention.
Determination and the right tools,                                      Potted plants sometimes fail to thrive because of a
You can do great things.                                            dry pocket in the soil. When the plant is watered, the
Let your instincts, your intellect                                  water simply flows through a few channels of least
And let your heart guide you.                                       resistance and bypasses the still-dry pocket. To
                                                                    ensure that your root ball is thoroughly wet, begin
Trust!                                                              with a large bucket, add some water to the bottom
                                                                    and place the potted plant inside. Water the plant
Believe in the incredible power                                     until the level of water draining out of the plant into
                                                                    the bucket is about halfway up the side of the plant’s
Of the human mind
                                                                    pot. This water creates a pressure equilibrium that
Of doing something that makes a difference                          forces water to remain in the root ball to saturate it
Of working hard                                                     completely. Let the pot sit for an hour or more, then
Of laughing and hoping                                              remove the pot and give it a half-strength application
Of lasting friends                                                  of liquid fertilizer. Soon after you will see a transfor-
Of all the things that will cross your path                         mation and growth spurt.
Next year
The start of something new                                              Lord, remind me to be as yielding as water
Brings the hope of something great.                                 in my relationships with loved ones. Grant me
Anything is possible                                                the patience of water, and like it, use love to
There is only one you                                               gradually move mountains and soften hearts
And you will pass this way but once.                                with time. Amen
Do it right!
                                          ~ The Franciscans — June 2009 ~                                                      7

                                 ST. FRANCIS: GET INVOLVED!!

ACTIVITY — GROUP — MINISTRY                                CONTACT(S)
Acolytes (Scheduling)                                      Barrett Parker 751-3928
Altar Guild                                                Jill Brogneaux 751-0897
Budget/Finance/Accounting                                  Katherine Phinizy, Treasurer 736-1080
Building & Grounds                                         Steve Gregorcyk, Jr. Warden 429-1930
Christian Education                                        Fr. Van 252-258-2211
Christmas In The Forest 2009                               To Be Determined
Church Choir                                               Bill Hayes, Organist & Choirmaster 735-9845
Coffee Hour Volunteer (Scheduling)                         Jennifer Kelly 273-7189
Columbarium                                                Liz Meador 735-2316
Communication Commission                                   Liz Meador 735-2316
Deanery Representatives                                    Fr. Van 252-258-2211
Episcopal Church Women (ECW)                               President—Barrett Parker 751-3928
                                                           Co-VP’s-Jenny Kelly 273-7189, Brenda Coor 778-0210
                                                           Secretary-Nina Silverthorne, Treasurer-Pat Biggers
Eucharistic Visitors Coordinator                           Dave Meador 735-2316
Flower Guild                                               Jeannie Siler 778-2107
The Franciscans, Newsletter                                Corinne Stewart/Parish Office 735-9845
Frantastix’s (20’s & 30’s Social Group)                    Barrett Parker 751-3928 or Sarah Merritt 735-9192
Garden                                                     Sandy Siler 778-2107
Lay Pastoral Care Ministry                                 Fr. Van 252-258-2211
Lectors, Subdeacons, Vergers (Scheduling)                  Barrett Parker 751-3928
Media Coordinator                                          Liz Meador 735-2316
Outreach Commission                                        Harriet Pegram 658-8762
Parish Membership, Baptism, Confirmation                   Fr. Van 252-258-2211
Parish Socials/Picnics                                     Jenny Kelly 273-7189
Prayer Chain                                               Kitty Boseman 734-5934
Project Christ Child                                       Walker Campbell 735-9090
Soup Kitchen (Contact at St. Francis)                      Eldica Cyrus 751-1964
Stewardship 2009 Chairperson                               Dave Meador 735-2316
United Thank Offering (UTO) Co-ordinator                   Betsy Powell 778-2774
Ushers (Scheduling)                                        Mitch Baker 920-1975
Youth Group-EYC (Middle School & High School) Jodi Baker 751-1844 & Chris Cowan 222-3103

 ⇒ See the Parish Hall TOWER and BULLETIN BOARDS as well as the CURRENT EVENTS WINDOW of the church
     office for SIGN UPS and additional information. If you do NOT see something listed which suits your particular
     talent, ability, or interest, please ask any Vestry member how YOU may become more involved in the life of this parish!
      St. Francis Episcopal Church
      (503 Forest Hill Drive)
      P. O. Box 11406
      Goldsboro, NC 27532

8                                            ~ The Franciscans — June 2009 ~

                                       Of Current Interest . . .
             New Faces:
                  ☺                                    June 3
             Jordan Smith
                                                   VESTRY Meeting
           Valenzona Family
      (Rod, Richard, Dino, Elisama,
        Jimmy, Jaime, Rosalinda)
                                                       June 7
      Catherine & Jason LeChot
                                                   2009 Graduates
            Peter A. Horner
                                                  June 10 & 24
            Geneva A. Miller
                                                       Dinner &
              Alicia Wells                         Evening Prayer at                2009 Vestry:
                  ☺                               parishioners homes           Roger Brogneaux, Sr. Warden
                                                                                Steve Gregorcyk, Jr. Warden
             Mission Statement
       St. Francis Episcopal Church:
                                                      June 14                       Norma Powell, Clerk
                                                                                 Rick Coor ~ Chris Cowan
As a Christian community, we seek to share          NEW Summer                 Jennifer Kelly ~ Sarah Merritt
   the Gospel by welcoming all people,             Service Schedule             Barrett Parker ~ Karen Witt
     nurturing them through Word and                                           (Katherine Phinizy, Treasurer)
 Sacrament, and equipping God's people            -Sundays 9:30 am-
      to serve others in Christ's name.

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