Newsletter July 2008 Hilsen fra Presidentene Paul Olson og by TroyWozniak


									                                                                          Newsletter July 2008

  September Lodge Meeting The next scheduled Lodge meeting will be Sept. 13th at
  Bethlehem Lutheran Church. More information will be in the September 2008 Newsletter.
  Enjoy the Summer and we all look forward to some exciting and entertaining Sons of
  Norway Lodge Meetings this fall. Hint (Dancing Shoes)
Hilsen fra Presidentene Paul Olson og Phil Wold: The 2008 District 1 Convention on June 12-
14 was a great success and the Alltel Center was a terrific venue. What fun it was to talk to delegates
and guests from the various states that were represented and to see the rainbow of colors that the
Lodge banners brought to the large meeting room at the Alltel Center. We hope that each of you had
a chance to visit the excellent Heritage and Vendor Fair as well as the Folk Art Exhibit – what a
tremendous way to appreciate and promote our Scandinavian heritage. Our Lodge membership
booth had a number of interested visitors requesting information & hopefully many will choose to
join us as Lodge members. The banquets on Thursday and Friday evenings were made so bright
and cheery with the festive table decorations, great meals & wonderful entertainment – Ole & Sven
on Thursday evening provided wonderful Norwegian humor & lots of laughs while the Nordic music
group from Northfield, “Multe”, played typical Scandinavian tunes and offered an opportunity for
many to try out their dancing skills. The Silent Auction, with its many Scandinavian-themed items,
raised money for the District 1 Scholarship Fund – thanks to all who participated. This Convention
has taken two years to organize and our Lodge Planning Committee deserves our heartfelt
thanks for the multitude of hours they spent to represent our Lodge so well – Dick and Kris
Norland, Audrey Morken, Jodie Wallschlaeger, Joel Brude, Karen Abbott, Curt Eidhammer and
Clancy Olson. We hope that you will have an opportunity to extend your thanks to each of them.
Mange tusen takk also to the many, many volunteers from our Lodge who gave so freely of
their time & talents to help at the Convention in whatever capacity they were needed. We certainly
could not have pulled this all together without you. A very special thanks is extended to our
Lodge’s four voting delegates to the Convention – Joel Brude, Hal Natvig, Tom Sheimo and
Linda Stelter. The 2010 District 1 Convention will be held in Rochester, MN and the 2012
Convention in St. Cloud, MN. We hope you enjoy the upcoming summer months with friends &
family and we look forward to seeing you at our next Lodge meeting on September 13th at
Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
Elvesvingen Lodge Cookbooks are still available despite the great sales at the District Convention.
You can still purchase yours for only $12.00 each. The cookbooks are on sale at Bethany College
Bookstore and at Bathrooms and Beyond 1804 Riverfront Dr or call Irene - 387-7045, Clancy - 345-
7818, or Linda - 388-7139.

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                                                                   Newsletter July 2008
             Pictures from the District Convention
                and Heritage and Vendor Fair

                                      Reindeer Crossing

Music Presenter in her Native Bunad      Tove Dahl - Skogfjorden

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                                                                      Newsletter July 2008

          Culture Presenter                          Our Friend Joel Botten in Native Bunad

 Co-President Phil Wold at Elvesvingen Booth      Convention Tri-Chairs Dick, Jodie and Audrey

Convention Committee Dick, Kris, Audrey,                 Co-President Paul thanking the Band
Jodie, Karen, Curt, Joel. “ SUPER JOB”

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                                                                               Newsletter July 2008

               Tom Sheimo, Hal Natvig, Linda Stelter and Joel Brude represented
               Elvesvingen Lodge for the District 1 Convention. They attended
               Committee Meetings, workshops and listened to many presenters
               during the 3 day event.

                                          HERITAGE STORIES
A primary purpose of Elvesvingen Lodge is to celebrate our culture & heritage with one another.
Factual stories from the past history of one’s own family can not only be fascinating, but educational for
others as well. Although completely voluntary, we hope that each of you will give thoughtful consideration to
this worthwhile project. The goal would be to have all stories submitted by late fall or early winter. The
collection of stories will be compiled in booklet form & made available to members at a later date.
Format suggestions
1. Create a TITLE
2. SUBMITTED BY (your name)
3. WRITE your story
        A brief INTRODUCTION provides a “setting” for your story
                > time period (year or range of years)
                > location of events described
                > relationship (if known) of the person(s) in the story to you
                > the source of your information (if known)
        -The MAIN BODY should be kept reasonable in length (Readers Digest format)
                **It is possible that some of the submitted stories may need to be edited for length. If a story is
                edited, it will be re-submitted back to the writer for approval prior to printing.

When completed, please SUBMIT to Paul Olson
- Preferably in either MS WORD 97-2003 or MS WORD 2007 formats

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                                                                           Newsletter July 2008

Norwegian Experience
2008: An Exclusive trip to
Hadeland Glassworks
That’s right! Not only will the winner of this year’s Norwegian Experience membership recruitment contest
receive an all inclusive trip for two to Norway, they will also enjoy a private excursion to the Hadeland
Glassworks, where they will be treated to a private tour, a 3-course meal and a 1,000 NOK Hadeland gift
certificate. About Hadeland Hadeland Glassverk is beautifully situated in Jevnaker, just an hour north of
Oslo, in idyllic surroundings at the southern tip of the lake Randsfjord. The glassworks was founded in 1762
and is the oldest industrial company in Norway that can claim continuous operation since its foundation. With
its 190 employees the glassworks today not only represents a large and thriving industry undergoing constant
development, but also significant operations linked to the Visitor Centre. The company boasts a significant
historical and cultural heritage, while at the same time focusing on continuous development and new design.
Our Visitor Centre welcomes almost 600,000 visitors annually, and is thereby one of Norway's most popular
tourist attractions. Remember, entering the contest is easy! All you have to do is be a current member of Sons
of Norway who recruits a new, dues-paying member between January 1 and December 31, 2008. Also, don’t
forget that any gift memberships you give to new, dues-paying members throughout the year can also qualify
you for the contest as well!

                  Matlyst Monthly
Lingonberry Cake
2 scant cups flour
2/3 cup sugar
1Ttbsp baking powder
2/3 scant cup unsalted butter
1 egg
3/4 cup lingonberry preserves
2/3 cup oatmeal
3 Tbsp butter
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Combine sugar, flour and baking powder and
add cut butter under a pastry blender. Add the
egg and mix. Spread mixture into a pre-greased
8 X12 inch pan. Spread an even layer of
preserves over the batter. Combine all the
ingredients for the topping and sprinkle over
the preserves. Bake for 27-30 minutes until
topping is golden. Cool before cutting.
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                                                                                    Newsletter July 2008
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                         July, 2008
July 24 -26 - Nordicfest - Decorah - visit website at
Sept 13 –     Lodge Meeting, Bethlehem Lutheran Church 5:30 pm Program TBA

 Check out the Information Table at our monthly meetings - pick up information on area events, travel, or
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