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Working With Sewage


									Working With Sewage

    Introduction
    Are you at risk?
    Protecting
    If you become ill

                    Jane Hallett 2002

   Work activities may bring you into
    contact with sewage products
   These products may make you ill
   Illness is usually mild gastroenteritis
   There is a risk of developing a more
    serious disease
   Most illnesses go unreported
                    Jane Hallett 2002
 You could become ill by coming
 into contact with micro-organisms
 present in the sewage -

                                    Bacteria
                                    Viruses
                                    Parasites

                 Jane Hallett 2002
What are the health risks?

          Gastroenteritis
          Weil’s disease
          Hepatitis
          Asthma
          Skin/Eye infections
          inflammation of the
                 Jane Hallett 2002
How you become infected

   Hand-to-mouth    eating, drinking, smoking,
    contact           wiping the face with
                      contaminated gloves
   Skin contact     cuts, scratches or wounds
                      and some organisms enter
                      the body through the eyes
   Breathing        either as dust or mist

                     Jane Hallett 2002
Are you at risk?

   On site at a water treatment works
   On a site with a high rat population
   On a site near portable toilets
   On a site near fresh water
   Handling sewage equipment in the

                    Jane Hallett 2002
Are you at risk?

   Animal urine - particularly rats
   All freshwater courses
   Dead animals - small rodents & birds
   Soil where animals have been
   Most likely in warm weather

                    Jane Hallett 2002
Protecting yourself
   Understand the risks
   Understand how you may be infected
   Wear protective clothing
   Avoid sewage if possible
   Apply good personal hygiene
   Cleanse all wounds & cover
   Change out of contaminated clothing
   Clean equipment & boots etc on site
                  Jane Hallett 2002
If you become ill

   Report any flu-like illness or fever to your
   Report any persistent chest problems to
    your doctor
   Report any illness to your employer
   Tell your doctor you have been working
    with sewage

                      Jane Hallett 2002
Top Risk Occupations & Hobbies

   Water Leisure Industry Workers
   Agricultural Workers
   Fishermen & Water Sports Enthusiasts
   Plumbers
   Construction Workers
   Sewage Workers
   Forestry/Countryside Workers
                  Jane Hallett 2002
Sewage - recap

   Most illnesses are mild
   Most illnesses are caught through hand-to-
    mouth contact
   If in doubt - see your doctor

                    Jane Hallett 2002

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