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					Rural City of Murray Bridge
Management Plan for Reserves
                      Rural City of Murray Bridge
                     Management Plan for Reserves
                                                                  The Rural City of Murray Bridge
Contents                                                 acknowledges that these are the traditional lands
                                                             of the Ngarrindjeri and the First Peoples.
Introduction                                        2

    Generic Management Plan for Reserves            2
                                                         What is a Management Plan?
Land Description and Planning                       4
                                                         A Management Plan is a document prepared in
    Definitions of Reserve Sub Categories           4    consultation with the community that provides
                                                         direction to the Council to manage its land in
    Formal Gardens                                  5    accordance with the Communities expectations.
    Developed Reserve                               5
    Linear Reserve                                  5    A Management Plan may be generic i.e. it may
    Drainage Reserve                                5
                                                         cover more than one piece of land, or it can be
    Screening Buffer/Shelter Belts                  5
    Trails and Walkways                             5    specifically oriented to a particular allotment,
    Cemetery Reserve                                5    reserve or land use type.
    Undeveloped/Vacant or Native Vegetation         5
    Closed Road Reserve                             5    The Local Government Act 1999 (as amended)
    Car Park Reserve                                5    states    that    Council’s  should    formulate
    Recreation Reserve                              6    Management Plans for all its Community Land
                                                         holdings whereby land has been specifically
    Purpose for Which Reserves are Held             6    modified for the communities benefit. The Local
                                                         Government Act 1999 outlines the requirements
Management Strategies                               6
                                                         for all Councils to ensure Council owned land is
    What Are the Permitted Uses in This                  managed appropriately and that the community is
    Management Plan?                                6    actively involved in decisions affecting the
                                                         management and use of Council’s land.
    Existing Uses                                   6
    General Uses                                    6    The Rural City of Murray Bridge has decided to
                                                         include all Community Land within its plans, not
    Permit, Licence and Leasing of Reserve               just land that has been modified for the
    Land                                            7
                                                         communities       enjoyment     (as     the   Local
    New Leases, Licences, Permits and Renewal            Government Act requires). Council believes that
    of Existing Leases and Licences           7          it is important to do this to secure protection for
                                                         naturally occurring parcels of land that could
  What are the permitted uses in this                    include strong biodiversity elements. All naturally
Management Plan                                     8    occurring native vegetation areas or areas, which
                                                         have little or no modification interference, will be
Community Objectives, Polices And                        managed in accordance the Native Vegetation
  Proposals for Management of Land                  8    Act. Where Native Vegetation occurs on Crown
                                                         Land prior approval must be gained from the
List of Tables                                      10
                                                         Minister for Environment and Conservation before
    Table A: Land Covered by the Generic                 any works can commence which may impact on
    Management Plan for Reserves                    10   this vegetation.
                                                         This together with guidelines from other
    Table B: Characteristics of Sub Categories           environmental departments, including but not
                                             28          limited to;
                                                               Dept of Environment and Heritage
    Table C: Performance Targets and    30                     Crown Lands SA
    Measures in Managing Community Land
                                                               Trees for Life
                                                               Native Vegetation Council

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc

                      Rural City of Murray Bridge
                     Management Plan for Reserves
        Dept of Water, Land & Biodiversity
         Conservation                                In addition, all Management Plans prepared by
        Office of Recreation and Sport              Council should take into consideration the
                                                     philosophy of Ecological Sustainable
 Management Plans should also be considerate
and where possible, integrated with Council’s        Development (ESD). ESD requires us to use,
Strategic Plans, Development Plan and other key      conserve and enhance our natural resources so
documents such as the Council’s By-Laws,             that the ecological processes on which life
Infrastructure Plans and Works Programs. As a        depends are maintained, and the total quality of
group of documents, these will also provide the      life now and in the future, is maintained and
community and other stakeholders with a clear        where possible improved.
picture of future management and strategic focus
of the Council’s land holdings. These documents      There are a number of guiding principles of ESD
form the basis, and highlight the importance, of     relevant to local councils. These principles are:
policy development in areas covered by these
documents.                                              Integration – the effective integration of
                                                         environmental,      social   and     economic
Management Plans can also assist Council to              considerations in decision making.
audit land stocks and determine the future of all       Ecological integrity – to protect ecological
land parcels under Council care and control.             diversity and maintain essential ecological
They also assist the leasing, licensing and permit       processes and life support systems.
process.                                                Continual improvement – a long-term
                                                         commitment to achieve local ESD and is a
The adoption of a Community Land Management              permanent feature of the way in which a
Plan can assist Council by providing a framework         Council carries out its functions and
covered in one document which will in turn lessen        responsibilities.
the financial costs associated with consultation        Equity within and between generations –
processes.                                               fairness and equal access to opportunities
                                                         both in our lifetimes and for future
All reviews and changes to a Management Plan             generations; and
will be publicly consulted, in accordance with          Precautionary behaviour – where there are
Council’s Public Consultation Policy.                    threats     of     serious   or    irreversible
                                                         environmental damage, lack of full scientific
A generic Management Plan covers all                     certainty should not be used as a reason to
Community Land that is either owned or managed           postpone measures to prevent it.
by the Rural City of Murray Bridge that have            Water restrictions and responsible water
common characteristics and intent.                       usage – Council’s which abut the River
                                                         Murray are looked upon, to provide
Land to which this Management                            benchmarks        and    set   examples      of
Plan applies?                                            economically and environmentally sustainable
                                                         water usage practises.
This plan provides for all Community Land that
has been categorised by the Rural City of Murray
Bridge as “Reserves” and does not contain
characteristics that require a site specific
Management Plan. Where a site has been
divided into multiple categories, this Management
Plan applies only to those areas categorised as
“Reserve”. Where the site has multiple uses but
with a single main intent the main usage will be
reported within the plan. Separate Management
Plans apply to other categories.

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc

                      Rural City of Murray Bridge
                     Management Plan for Reserves
                                                     Further, no new structures may be constructed
Community Consultation                               without seeking written advice from the
                                                     Department for Environment and Heritage in
The basic principles captured within this
                                                     relation to Native Title and permission from the
Management Plan have been well documented
                                                     Crown (as land owner) for the development.
through Council’s Strategic and Master Planning
process. Through the development of Council’s
                                                     From time to time Council receives requests for
Development Plan, the community is consulted
                                                     easements over its land. Where the land is in
with regard to the future planning fundamentals
                                                     freehold ownership of The Rural City of Murray
for the rural city and it’s district.      This
                                                     Bridge, Council will consider these requests on
Management Plan together with any future
                                                     their merit. Where a request for an easement is
revisions, will be consulted upon in accordance
                                                     over land that is dedicated (Crown) land, then this
with Council’s Public Consultation Policy.
                                                     request will be forwarded to the Minister for
                                                     Environment and Conservation for consideration.

Land Description and
Ownership of land and land tenure
The majority of land which is under the Council’s
management is owned by Crown Lands. This has
a tenure known as “Care, Control and
Management” or also known as “dedicated to
Council” for a gazetted purpose. Examples of
these dedications are Crown Land dedicated for a
particular purpose including;
     Stone reserve
     Drainage reserve
     Parklands
     Community Reserve
     Cemetery
                                                     Definitions         of      Reserve          Sub-
This land is managed by the Council on a daily
basis on behalf of the Crown, for the community’s
enjoyment. For major strategic purposes, or for
                                                     A Reserve is defined as an area set aside to
changes to the operation of the land for a purpose
                                                     encourage, promote and facilitate recreational,
in variance of the dedication, the Council must
                                                     cultural, social and educational pastimes and
consult with the community and the Crown to
                                                     activities, and to provide for passive recreational
enable it to proceed with the future amendment to
                                                     activities or pastimes and for the organised or
the land. Council will be guided by the Crown in
                                                     casual playing of games. These parcels of land
all instances of management of Crown Land. For
                                                     may also incorporate structured or other facilities.
purposes that require changing the dedicated
intent of the land a revocation process will be
                                                     Council recognises that areas of land that are
                                                     associated with natural features such as the
                                                     coast, waterways, remnant vegetation, and
Council must be mindful that all Crown dedicated     biodiversity are deemed to have significance to
land may be subject to Native Title, if it has not   indigenous communities, due to their significant
been shown to be otherwise extinguished.             relationship with the natural environment.
Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc

                      Rural City of Murray Bridge
                     Management Plan for Reserves
                                                             standards under the Rural City of Murray Bridge’s
Reserves come into the Council’s ownership for a             Parks & Gardens Works Specifications.
variety of reasons, which may include;
     Open Space – via subdivision where the                 Riverfront/Waterfront Reserve
        provision of open space is required by the           A Riverfront or Waterfront Reserve is defined as
        Developer and Council.                               continuous reserve that may provide a linkage or
     Gifted – a person or person/s may wish to              connection to the River Murray or other
        give to the community a parcel of land in            watercourse.
        recognition of the community’s forebears.
     Council’s Strategic Land acquisition – the             Amenities may include multi-use path networks,
        Council from time to time may deem an                seating, barbecues and shelter.       Biodiversity
        area of land be brought into the ownership           guidelines are considered with the development
        of the Council for strategic purposes                of Riverfront/Waterfront Reserves, as these could
        where a deficiency of open space has                 be used or utilised as wildlife or biodiversity
        been identified or a future strategic use            corridors.
        warrants its acquisition.
                                                             Drainage Reserve
For the purpose of this Management Plan, each                A Drainage Reserve is defined as maintaining or
parcel of Community Land has been categorised                developing a natural or man-made watercourse to
based on its core usage. Therefore, if a parcel of           incorporate use for passive recreation. Facilities
land’s core role for Council purposes were a                 may include multi-use path networks. Biodiversity
drainage reserve (although it had other cultural or          guidelines are considered with the development
heritage significance) it would be placed under              of Drainage Reserves.
the Reserve category, sub-category Drainage
Reserve.                                                     Screening Buffer/ Shelter belt
                                                             A Screening Buffer is defined as a barrier
The Reserve Category is further broken down into             between roads or paths to deflect noise, line of
Sub-Categories, to assist in recognising                     sight or wind, thereby maintaining amenity for
Community Land parcels. These sub-categories                 users on either side of the buffer/belt. Screening
will enable users of the Management Plan to                  buffers mainly occur between roads and
clearly understand the purpose for the land parcel           residential developments. Screens may consist
and conditions under which the land is available             of natural vegetation, purpose-planted shrubs and
for community use.                                           fencing.

The proposed sub-categories are as follows:                  Trail or Walkway
                                                             A Trail or Walkway is defined as a multi-use or
Formal Garden                                                single-shared path network available to the
A Formal Garden is defined as a high profile                 community for walking, cycling and horse riding.
Reserve, where presentation and infrastructure is            Trails and walkways may provide links to
well developed. It may be part of a Memorial                 developed Reserves or sportsgrounds and are
Garden or Township Gateway, providing a                      often part of a Linear Reserve. These could also
positive visual aesthetic to the area.                       encompass closed road’s, which have become
                                                             freehold parcels, and could be part of an
Reserve                                                      organised walking trail.
A Reserve is defined as a medium profile amenity
for the enjoyment of passive recreation.                     Cemetery Reserve
                                                             A Cemetery Reserve is defined as a reserve
Activities may include social,                  community,   utilised for the internment of persons. These
education and cultural pursuits.                             areas remain open to the public during all hours
                                                             for visitation.    Depending on its location,
Presentation of amenities, multi-use path                    Cemetery Reserves receive a high level of
networks, paving, irrigated and non-irrigated                landscape and maintenance for high visual
turfed areas, are maintained to the agreed                   appeal and accessibility.
Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc

                      Rural City of Murray Bridge
                     Management Plan for Reserves
Undeveloped/ Vacant Land or Native                    The attached Table A lists the parcels placed into
Vegetation                                            the Reserves category, together with their
Undeveloped or Vacant Land are characterised          assigned Sub-Category, property and ownership
by land that has not been specifically modified for   details, any applicable leases or licences held
the communities benefit.       The land usually       over the land and whether the land is subject to
contains vegetation that may be deemed                any special conditions or general comments.
significant. Awareness of cultural importance
must be exercised in these areas, where               Additions to this table will occur in the normal
maintenance is required. Usually fire prevention      processes of land dedicated to Council through
activities are undertaken on this land to minimise    subdivisions.

Reserve categories – Native Vegetation contains       Management
land holdings that have been identified as
containing notable tracts of Native Vegetation.       Strategies
Closed Road Reserve                                   What Are the Permitted Uses in This
These land parcels are created when a road is
closed under the Roads Opening & Closing Act
                                                      Management Plan?
but do not get sold or amalgamated within the
                                                      Existing Uses
adjoining titles. These areas could include tracts
                                                      This generic Management Plan for Reserves
of Native vegetation. Where land does not hold
                                                      provides for the continuation of existing uses
any strategic future reason for ownership, Council
                                                      (and/or any defined proposed uses as set out in
may consider their disposal to adjoining owners.
                                                      Table B) for parcels of Community Land listed in
                                                      Table A, subject to compliance with relevant
Car Park Reserve
                                                      statutory and regulatory obligations.
A car park reserve has been modified to provide
car parking spaces. These parcels are usually
                                                      Any known development of Council land will be
within populated areas.
                                                      depicted in Table A in the ‘notes’ section. The
                                                      timing and scope of these developments are
Recreation Reserve
                                                      subject to available funding. These proposals
A recreation reserve is defined where an area has
                                                      may still be required to go through the normal
been modified to include amenities required for
                                                      council approval process where public input can
passive or active sporting pursuits. These may
                                                      be sought.
include tennis courts, netball courts or other
defined sporting facilitates.
                                                      Any change to existing uses will, where
                                                      significant, require public consultation. The level
The attached Table A lists Sub-Category
                                                      of significance of a change is determined either
characteristics for Community Land.
                                                      by the extent or type of proposal or by the
                                                      importance the land has to the public, current
Purpose for Which Reserves are                        users and future generations, as well as its
Held                                                  proximity to other uses.

Community Land that is held under the category        General Uses
“Reserve”, or land that is proposed by Council to     This General Management Plan for         Reserves
be developed as a Reserve, is mainly intended for     provides for a range of recreational      activities
causal sporting games or active recreational,         within reserves and also provides          for the
social and educational pursuits that do not unduly    development of green corridors and       drainage
intrude on the peaceful enjoyment of the land by      control where appropriate.
others.    The types of uses appropriate to
Reserves are listed under the section “General
Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc

                      Rural City of Murray Bridge
                     Management Plan for Reserves
Based on the core objectives of this plan, the          Lease or Licence will ensure that proper
uses permitted on any land covered by this              management of the area is undertaken such that
Management Plan are:                                    it is maintained in a safe and visually pleasing
                                                        condition, and that the interests of Council and
   The casual playing of games and informal            the public are protected.
    sporting activities and the construction of
    facilities to cater for these activities.           The granting of a Lease or License over Crown
                                                        dedicated land may affect Native Title and involve
   Passive recreational activities and pastimes        compensation pursuant to the Native Title Act
    and the construction of facilities to cater for     1993 (Cwlth) Therefore, no granting of leases or
    these activities.                                   licenses should be contemplated without prior
                                                        reference to the Minister for Environment and
   The construction of community facilities and        Conservation, for consideration of Native Title
    use of those facilities to allow individuals and    implications.
    groups to come together for social,
    community, educational, cultural, leisure and       New Leases, Licences, Permit and Renewal of
    welfare activities.                                 Existing Leases and Licences

   The generating of Leases, Licenses or               From time to time Permits, Leases and Licences
    agreements for community facilities for such        will expire, require renewal and/or renegotiation,
    purposes.                                           and new leasing proposals considered. A Permit,
                                                        Lease or Licence enables Council to formalise
   The provision of public utilities.                  agreements with organisations and individuals
                                                        who occupy or manage Community Land. These
   The granting of permits or licences under           agreements allow clear legal definition of the
    Sections 200 and 202 of the Local                   rights and obligations that an organisation or
    Government Act 1999.                                individual has in regard to the land whilst ensuring
                                                        public access is maintained.
Note: Any permit holder must comply with all
conditions set out in Council’s By Laws and any         The establishment of new agreements or changes
other applicable legislation.                           to existing agreements will not require the re-
                                                        advertisement of this plan where there is no
Any private person or third party use of the land       change to the proposed use or activity on that
will not be automatically allowed under this            particular parcel of Community Land. However,
Management Plan. All requests of this nature will       where the Permit, Lease or Licence is for a period
be at the discretion of Council and will normally       exceeding five years, Council is required by the
require community consultation. All requests for        Local Government Act 1999 to consult with the
easements, rights of way over Council land, will        community.
be determined at the determination of Council.
                                                        As with any proposed change of use of
Permits, Licences and Leasing of Reserve                Community Land, where a new Permit, Lease or
Land                                                    Licence is proposed that constitutes a change in
The granting of a permit, lease or licence              use, a new Management Plan must be advertised
formalises the use of Community Land by groups          for public comment. Development Approval for a
such as sporting clubs, community and                   change of land use may also be required in some
commercial organizations or individuals who are         instances.
providing facilities or services for public uses.
                                                        The granting of permit, lease or licence for a
Activities under a permit, lease or licence should      commercial activity is conditional on the activity
be compatible with any zoning or reservation,           being consistent with the Management Plan
provide benefits, services or facilities for users of   objectives.
the land, and be consistent with the Management
Plan. The terms and conditions of a Permit,
Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc

                      Rural City of Murray Bridge
                     Management Plan for Reserves
There are a number of leases and licences issued                       -   Short-term advertising for community
to various parties over land included in this                              events
Management Plan. Details of these agreements
are displayed in Table A.                                      Note:      The use or occupation of Community
                                                               Land for events listed above is allowed only if:
Council will only grant a permit, lease or licence
for use of Community Land under this                              The use or occupation does not involve the
Management Plan if it is:                                          erection of any building or structure of a
                                                                   permanent nature
   Consistent with the current use and purpose of
    the land                                                      In the case of any use or occupation that
                                                                   occurs only once, it does not continue for
   For activities appropriate to the current and                  more than three (3) consecutive days
    future needs of the community

   Relating to wide community purposes such as                What Are the Permitted Uses in This
    public recreation and cultural development                 Management Plan?
   For short-term casual permits as listed below:             Below is a list of additional works that typically
                                                               may be undertaken on the land in accordance
         -    Organised or formal playing of games             with Management Plan objectives:
              and sporting activities
                                                                      Bushfire hazard reduction
         -    The playing of a musical instrument, or
              singing, for fee or reward                              Community notice signs and temporary
         -    A public performance (that is
              theatrical,   musical   or   other                      Multi use path networks
              entertainment for the amusement of
              the public)                                             Drainage

         -    Engaging in a trade or business                         Horticulture

         -    Transporting     of   materials and                     Landscaping
              equipment required in relation to
              building or landscaping works                           Reserve maintenance
         -    Delivering a public address                             Recreation areas
         -    Commercial photographic sessions
                                                                      Remediation works
         -    Private organised celebrations/events
                                                                      Temporary structures
              such     as     weddings,   Christmas
                                                                      Visitor facilities
         -    Filming for cinema or television
                                                                      Vehicular access
         -    Moving of livestock
                                                                      Underground utilities
         -    Access requirements              for   special
              circumstances                                           Community Facilities

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc

                      Rural City of Murray Bridge
                     Management Plan for Reserves
        Establish,    enhance            and       maintain     a) To improve the maintenance            of   public
         vegetation to provide:                                     infrastructure and facilities.

         -    Shade                                              b) To enhance the provision, design             and
                                                                    appearance of Community Land.
         -    Windbreaks
                                                                 c) To preserve local heritage and cultural places
          -   Enhanced scenic or recreational value                 of significance.
              or visual screening
                                                                 d) To increase the use, enjoyment and
         -    Habitat  for      native               wildlife,      accessibility and safety of Community Land.
              enhancement of biodiversity
                                                                 Council is required within Management Plans for
         -    Suitable buffers for the protection of             Community Land to set out its vision for the land
              water quality and ecological processes             through objectives. The objectives for Reserves
              in neighbouring watercourses or                    are contained within the following Council
              wetlands                                           Policies:

                                                                    Tree Management Policy
                                                                    Asset Sale and Disposal
                                                                    Directional Signs
                                                                    Rating Policy
                                                                    Rating Rebate Policy – sporting groups, halls
                                                                     and related groups
                                                                    Hiring of Council Facilities
                                                                    Outdoor Dining Policy/Guidelines
                                                                    Risk Management
                                                                    Public Arts Policy

                                                                 Note – where the Schedule identifies rural land
                                                                 which is adjacent to large farming enterprises, the
                                                                 policy direction of Council should include that the
                                                                 Council facilitate the ease of passage of this land
Community Objectives, Policies and                               (where it is surplus to the Council’s operational or
Proposals for Management of Land                                 strategic requirements) to the adjoining farm
                                                                 landholding (where possible).
Community Land provides important focal points
for community identity, social interaction and                   The attached Table C sets out the objectives for
culture. Good design and maintenance of public                   generic Reserves Sub-Categories and how these
spaces projects an appealing image to investors                  will be achieved, as well as a plan for assessing
and visitors to the area.                                        the success in meeting these objectives. In
                                                                 addition to the above Policies, reserve objectives
Community Land should be accessible to local                     are drawn from Parks and Gardens Works
communities and visitors whilst being safe,                      Specifications for the care of reserves.
functional and sensitive to local culture and
heritage. Once recognised, all land should be                    While it is the intention of Council to meet its
protected and enhanced where appropriate, for                    objectives, the commencement and completion of
current and future generations.                                  the performance targets are dependent on
                                                                 available Council resources and funding
The broad objectives for management of                           assessed against the other priorities of Council.
Community Land categorised as a Reserve are:

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc

                                                        Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                       Management Plan for Reserves
 Common                                                                           Acquisition             Tenure/        Lease or
                                  Land                    Locality address                                                                 Area (ha)                Notes
 Name                VG         Category     Lot No                                 Date      Title       Owner          License
  Apex Park
                                                       Reserve between Owl
  & Ridge                                                                                                                                              Possible expansion of Lutheran
                                 Reserve               Drive and Ridge Road,                              Council                          1.228ha
  Road                                       A203                                             CT5553/                                                  Homes could occur in this area.
                                                           Murray Bridge
  Reserve   410824007                        A204                                   1977      458
                                                                                                        Crown under                                      Plans to be developed and
                                                      Reserve on banks of River
    Avoca              Riverfront                                                                        Council’s                                       upgraded to accommodate
                                                       Murray, adjacent Murray                                                             4.132ha
    Dell               Reserve Section                                                        CR5759/     Care &                                       houseboat mooring, fishing and
                                                        Drive, Murray Bridge
    Reserve 4166048053            541                                               1964      663         Control                                               water skiing
                                                                                                        Crown under
                                                         Riverfront Reserve
                       Riverfront                                                                        Council’s
                                                       adjacent Jervois Road,                                                              1.421ha
    Baker              Reserve A607 –                                                         CR5759/     Care &
    Reserve 4171162205            A613                                              1956      634         Control
                                                                                                                      License to Monarto
    Beatty                                                                                              Crown under       Cricket Club
    Terrace             Recreation            Adjacent Beatty Terrace,                                   Council’s      (Homburg Oval)
    Ovals/Ho                                                                                                                               4.670ha
                         Reserve                   Murray Bridge                                          Care &       License to Murray
    mburg                                                                                     CR5753/     Control        Bridge United
    Oval     4100429005             A42, A51                                        1988      143                         Soccer Club
                                    Section                                                             Crown under
                                                                                                                    Permits for pump
    Bells               Riverfront 606,                                                                  Council’s                                      Riverfront reserve useful for
                                             Off Kennett Road, Monteith                                              sheds or water        1.644ha
    Landing              Reserve Section                                                      CR5284/     Care &                                       boating and passive recreation
    Reserve 4165100104              695                                             1909      78          Control
    Bondleig                                                                                            Crown under
                                                                                                                                                       Crown land. Consider whether
    h Road              Undeveloped                                                                      Council’s
                           Land              Bondleigh Road, Rockleigh                                                                     17.720ha    Council requires the retention of
    Water                           Section                                               CR5760/         Care &
                                                                                                                                                         this land within its portfolio
    Reserve 4169233000              14                                            Unknown 656             Control
    River               Undevelop              Adjacent Bremer River,
                                                                                                          Council                          17.720ha
    Water                ed land                     Rockleigh                                GP495-
    Reserve                         Reserve                                         1956      1956
                                                                                                        Crown under
                                                                                                                                                        Access only via unmade road.
                       Undevelop                        Adjacent Section 309,                            Council’s  Utilised partly by
                                                                                                                                           18.040ha    Consider negotiating with Crown
    Brinkley            ed land Section                  Hundred of Brinkley                  CR5759/     Care &    adjoining farmer
                                                                                                                                                         for sale to adjoining owner
    Reserve 4170149105           1280                                               1898      630         Control

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                           - 10 -
                                                         Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                        Management Plan for Reserves
 Common                                                                             Acquisition              Tenure/        Lease or
                                  Land                     Locality address                                                                Area (ha)                 Notes
 Name                VG         Category     Lot No                                   Date      Title        Owner          License
                                                                                                           Crown under
 Brushleigh              Native                        Adjacent Brushleigh Lane,                            Council’s
                                                                                                                                           2.224ha       Uncleared native scrubland
 Lane Stone            Vegetation Section                     Gifford Hill                      CR5759/      Care &
 Reserve    417019175*            1183                                                1892      649          Control
                                                         Island within Buxton
 Avenue                 Reserve                                                                 CT2133/      Council                       0.0277ha       Island within road reserve
                                                        Avenue, Murray Bridge
 Reserve    4102987000            A141                                                1952      48
                                  Section                                                                  Crown under
                       Cemetery 60                                                                          Council’s
                                                       Cemetery Road, Callington                                                           6.578ha         Old partly filled cemetery
 Callington             Reserve Section                                                         CR5759/      Care &
 Cemetery 4170007289              61                                                  1923      657          Control
 Callington                                                                                                                                            Portion of Closed road made into
 Hill                    Native                          Off Old Princes Hwy,                               Council      Native Heritage                           Allotment.
 Grassland             Vegetation                             Callington                      CT5879/       Freehold       Agreement                    Project site for Bremer Barker
 Reserve    4169248608            A400                                              14/9/2002 749                                                              Catchment Group
                                                        Campbell Drive, Murray                              Council                                    Difficult to access Reserve with
 Drive                  Reserve                                                                 CT3143/                                    0.1591ha
                                                              Bridge                                        Freehold                                        extensive revegetation
 Reserve    4161029005            A22                                                 1966      156
                                                                                                                                                        Totally within adjoining farmers
 Carter                                                                                                                                                  land. Closed road made into
 Road                                                  Off Carter Road, Riverglen                            Council                       0.2855ha                allotment.
                                 ed Land
 Closed                                                                                                                                                   Council to consider sale to
 Road           417151715*                   AJ                                                 RP1869/J                                                        adjoining owner
                                                                                                                                                        Access only via unmade road.
                                                                                                           Crown under                                 Adjoining farmer utilising land for
                                Undevelop              Adjacent A10 in Deposited                            Council’s     Utilised by                               irrigation
 Chandlers                       ed Land               Plan D17101, Mulgundawa                               Care &    adjoining farmer                Council to consider negotiating
 Road                                        Section                                            CR5759/      Control                                   with Crown for sale to adjoining
 Reserve        4170147708                   1279                                     1898      629                                                                  owner
                                                       Adjacent Chapman Bore                               Crown under
 Chapman                     Native                    Hall, Cnr Karoonda Road                              Council’s
                                                                                                                                           5.769ha      Uncleared native mallee scrub
 Bore                      Vegetation Section              and Bullers Road,                    CR5759/      Care &
 Plantation     4165195000            59                     Chapman Bore             1970      668          Control

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                            - 11 -
                                                         Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                        Management Plan for Reserves
   Common                                                                                                        Tenure/
                                   Land                     Locality address            Acquisition                         Lease or License Area (ha)                     Notes
   Name               VG         Category     Lot No                                      Date        Title      Owner
   Chapman                                                                                                      Crown under
   Bore                                                 Cnr Karoonda and Randell                                 Council’s
                                  Reserve                                                                                                        1.058ha    Disused tennis courts and shelter
   Recreation                                 Section    Roads, Chapman Bore                          CR5759/     Care &
   Reserve    4166206007                      65                                          1953        669         Control
                                                                                                                Crown under
   Child Care            Car Park                        Cnr Mannum Road and                                     Council’s Portion Leased to
   Centre                Reserve                        First Street, Murray Bridge                   CR5329/     Care &    Child Care Centre
   Carpark    4100155008          A50                                                     1990        146         Control
   Clifford               Closed                        Walkway between Clifford                                                                             Council has been approached to
   Street                  Road                           Street and Johnstone                        CT4176/     Council                        0.023ha    close and sell walkway to adjoining
   Walkway 4199999007 reserve A537                       Avenue, Murray Bridge                        273                                                                 owners
                                  Closed                Closed Road near Maurice                                              Utilised by the
   Closed                                     A141,                                                   290
                                    road                    Road, Rocky Gully                                     Council   Federation walking   5.694ha
   Road –                                     A188,                                                   CT5330/
                                  reserve                  Near to Monarto Zoo                                                      trail
   Near Zoo      4141900609                   A189                                                    693
   Corella                         Traffic
                                                        Traffic Island within Corella
   Place                           island                                                             CT5542/     Council                        0.0171ha
                                                           Place, Murray Bridge
   Reserve       4101784009       reserve     A19                                         1982        502
   Critchley                                                                                                    Crown under
                                                                                                                              Utilised by the
   Road                     Undevelop                    Cnr Critchley Road and                                  Council’s                                  Unused land with Federation Trail
                                                                                                                            Federation walking   1.442ha
   Water                     ed land Section             unmade road, Rockleigh                       CR5759/      Care &                                           passing through
   Reserve       4169237204           456                                                 1939        659          Control
                                                                                                                Crown under
                                                     Cnr Bridge Street &                                                                                      Reserve encompassing War
                                  Formal                                                                         Council’s
                                                   Mannum Road, Murray                                                                           0.6336ha    Memorial, toilet facilities, seating
   Diamond                        Garden Section                                                      CR5286/      Care &
                                                           Bridge                                                                                                and plant/flower beds
   Park          4100043006              1044                                             1990        176          Control
                                         Lot 100,                                                                            May be Licensed
                                  Vacant          Cr Cornwell and Dorset St,                                      Council                                    Some existent native vegetation
   Dorset St                             Lot 196,                                                     CT2680/                  for cropping
                                   Land                 Murray Bridge                                             Freehold                                       that will be protected.
   Reserve       4105445004              R5384 AB                                         1957        102                        activities
                                                                                                                Crown under                                    Subject of Revocation 2004
                                                        Bordered by East, Mary &
   East                                                                                                          Council’s                                          outcome pending
                                  Reserve               South Terraces, and Sixth                                                                0.8586ha
   Terrace                                   Section                                                  CR5286/      Care &                                    Proposed site for retail shopping
                                                          Street, Murray Bridge
   Parklands     4100001009                  1008                                         1990        176          Control                                   node for central business district

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                                - 12 -
                                                          Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                         Management Plan for Reserves
   Common                                                                                                     Tenure/
                                   Land                     Locality address         Acquisition                          Lease or License Area (ha)                  Notes
   Name               VG         Category     Lot No                                   Date        Title      Owner
                                                                                                             Crown under
                                                                                                                         Portion leased to               Reserve encompassing Sound
                                   Formal                Cnr Bridge St & Swanport                             Council’s
                                                                                                                          Senior Citizens    0.5339ha   Shell, toilet facilities, seating and
   Edwards                         Garden      Section     Road, Murray Bridge                     CR5286/     Care &
                                                                                                                               Club                              planted gardens.
   Square        4100009000                    1043                                    1990        176         Control
   Ellendale                    Undevelope                  Ellendale Avenue,
   Avenue                                                                                          CT4362/     Council                       0.2796ha
                                 d Reserve                    Murray Bridge
   Reserve       4101341005                    A110                                    1990        824
   Ellendale                                                 Walkway between
   Avenue                       Walkway                  Ellendale Avenue & Ridge                  CT5808/     Council                       0.029ha
   Walkway       4101335000                    A112         Road, Murray Bridge                    816
                                                                                                            Crown under
                                                          Riverfront Reserve, adj
                       Riverfront                                                                            Council’s                                  Undeveloped reserve adjacent
                                                           Emu & Murray Drive,                                                               1.293ha
   Emu Road            Reserve Section                                                             CR5759/    Care &                                    area of river prolific with bird life
                                                              Murray Bridge
   Reserve  4166020202            718                                                  1896        667        Control
                                                                                                            Crown under
                                                          Bordered by Fifth, Third
                                                                                                             Council’s                                   Developed reserve with seating
                                  Reserve                  and Seventh Streets,                                                              0.068ha
   Fifth Street                                                                                     CR5753/   Care &                                          and bench facilities
                                                              Murray Bridge
   Park         4100079009                     A106                                    1990           141     Control
                                               A4             East Terrace,            1996           386     Council
                                  Reserve                                                                                                    0.4398ha
   Finnlayson 4100273004                       A3             Murray Bridge            1996         CT5222/
   Park       4100272001                       A8                                      1992           301
   Hann Road
   Carpark                        Reserve                     Off Hann Road,                       CT5544/                                   0.084ha    Well maintained lawned reserve
   Reserve   4171506987                        A13             White Sands             1986        42        Council
                                                                                                                                                        Riverfront Reserve encroached
                                                                                                                                                        upon by adjoining peripheral
                                  Reserve                                                                                                    0.352ha
   Hann Road                                                  Off Hann Road,                       CT5547/                                              amenities constructed by the
   Reserve   4171506952                        A12             White Sands             1986        301       Council                                    adjoining residents.

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                            - 13 -
                                                         Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                        Management Plan for Reserves
 Common                                                                                                      Tenure/        Lease or
                                   Land                    Locality address        Acquisition                                           Area (ha)                 Notes
 Name                VG          Category     Lot No                                 Date        Title       Owner          License
                                                                                                           Crown under                                Small Reserve abutting river and
                                             S57                                                           Council Care                                      Harrogate Road
                                                                                                 CR5769    & Control
 Harrogate                                                                                       529       and                                         S57 Reserve, S58 Fee Simple
 Road Water                                                  Harrogate Road,                     CT5841/   Council                                               Entirety
 Reserve    4169209051            S58                           Rockleigh            1865        27        owned
 Hefford                                               Reserve adj Bremer River,
                       Undevelope                                                                                                                     Undeveloped low lying reserve
 Drive                            Section              off Bremer Road,                          CT5426/                                 2.140ha
                         d land                                                                                                                       adjacent Bremer River
 Reserve    4149050207            68                   Callington                    1865        14        Council
                                                                                                                                                             Water Reserve No. 8
                                                                                                                                                         Utilised by adjoining farmer
                                                                                                                                         9.669ha      Crown land. Consider whether
                                                                                                           Crown under                                Council requires the retention of
 Hein Lane                     Section                 Adjacent Allotment 2                      CR5759/   Council Care                                 this land within its portfolio
 Reserve   4169130001          1177                    Pallamanna                    1892        647       & Control
 Hindmarsh                                             Between Hindmarsh Road                              Council
 Road                                                  and Susan Street, Murray                  CT5541/   dedicated                     0.3099ha
 Reserve   4103210009          A538                    Bridge                        1981        799       Reserve
                                                                                                                          Easement to
 Portion of                      Reserve               Cr Homburg Drive and                                               Minister for   2.544ha
 Homburg                                               Heddle Avenue, Murray                     CT5740/                  Water
 Park           4102384007                   A506      Bridge                        1981        464       Council        Resources
                                                                                                                          Easement to
 Howard                          Drainage                                                                  Council        Minister for
 Road                            Reserve               Cnr Fuschia and Howard                    CT4321/   dedicated      Water
 Reserve        4103255004                   A29       Road, Murray Bridge           1988        700       Reserve        Resources
                                                                                                           Crown under
                                                                                                                                                     Reserve has significant indigenous
                                                       Hume Road, Murray                                   Council’s
                                 Reserve                                                                                                 2.544ha                  history
 Hume                                        Section   Bridge (adjacent River                    CR5759/   Care Control
                                                                                                                                                     Dedicated Reserve
 Reserve        4169007206                   1327      Murray)                       1985        651       Management

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                          - 14 -
                                                          Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                         Management Plan for Reserves
 Common                                                                                                      Tenure/        Lease or
                                   Land                     Locality address       Acquisition                                           Area (ha)                   Notes
 Name                VG          Category     Lot No                                 Date        Title       Owner          License

 Industry                                                                                                  Council                                Council has had interest from Christian
 Road                                                   Cnr Industry & Maurice                   CT5570/   dedicated as                  0.1231ha School (adjoining owner) to purchase
                                 d land
 Reserve        4103925004                   A100       Road, Murray Bridge          1999        297       Reserve                                land
                                                                                                           Crown under
 Industry                  Undevelope                                                                      Council’s
 Road                        d land   Section           Cnr Industry & Maurice                   CR5759/ Care Control
 Reserve        4103938008            1035              Road, Murray Bridge          1954        641       Management
                                                                                                 CR5759/ Crown under
 Irene                                                                                           652       Council’s                                  Reserve with playground, shelter and
                                 Reserve                                                                                                 0.4007ha
 Hughes                                                                                          dedicated Care Control                               seating facilities
 Park           4167063159                   A1-A4      Green Street, Mypolonga      1987        Reserve Management
 Jaensch                                                                                         CT5642/
 Road                           Drainage               Cnr Jaensch Road and                      803
 Vacant         4100526008      Reserve A95            Murray Street, Murray         1991        CT5811/
 Land           4100517005               A888          Bridge                        1986        619
                                                                                                 CR5759/ Crown under
 Jervois              Undevelope                                                                 626       Council’s
 Ferry                  d land   Section               Adjacent Jervois Ferry                    dedicated Care Control
 Reserve   4171225309            1244                  Road, Jervois                 1987        Reserve Management
 Johnstone                                             Bordered by Fraser Avenue                           Council
                                                                                                                                                     Larger island reserve with minimal
 Avenue                Reserve                         & Johnstone Avenue,                       CT5349/ dedicated                       0.5857ha
                                                                                                                                                     playground equipment
 Reserve   4102618002            A1, A14               Murray Bridge                 1973        820       Reserve
                                                    Corner Swanport Road,                                 Council                                    Buffer reserve between Swanport Road,
 Jubilee                         Reserve     A41,A1 Long Island Road, Murray                     CT4195/4 dedicated                      1.189ha
                                                                                                                                                     and drive in theatre
 Park           4101767006                   50     Bridge                           1982        40       Reserve
 Knight                                                                                                   Council
 Street                          Reserve               Off Knight Street, Murray                 CT5819/8 dedicated                      0.5221ha
 Reserve        4100623000                   A43       Bridge                        1982        82       Reserve
                                                                                                          Council         Easement for
 Kuchel                          Reserve               Cnr Burdekin & Lachlan                    CT5541/7 dedicated       Sewerage       1.034ha     Used for drainage purposes
 Reserve        4102460006                   A524      Avenues, Murray Bridge        1981        98       Reserve         purposes

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                              - 15 -
                                                          Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                         Management Plan for Reserves
 Common                                                                                                       Tenure/        Lease or
                                    Land                    Locality address       Acquisition                                           Area (ha)                  Notes
 Name                  VG         Category     Lot No                                Date        Title        Owner          License
                                                   Adjacent Lagoon
                                                   Wetlands, land acquired                                  Council     Utilised for
                                   Reserve                                                                                               0.1467ha
 Lagoon                                    Pieces from farmer for walking                        CT5856/    dedicated   Federation
 Walkway         4106656209                15 & 16 trail purposes                    2001        91         Reserve     Trail
                                                                                                            Crown under
                                                                                                            Council’s   Utilised for                 Rehabilitated wetland previously used
                                   Reserve                                                                                               9.897ha
 Lagoon                                        Section   Cnr Mannum & Lagoon                     CR5659/    Care &      Federation                   for dumping of solid fill
 Wetlands        4169005059                    911       Road, Murray Bridge         1988        267        Control     Trail
                                                                                                                                                     Un-indated lake frontage reserve,
                                                                                                                          AB & M                     utilised by adjoining farmers for
 Lake                                                                                                       Council       Gordon-Mills   9.744ha     irrigation channels. Reserve lays
 Alexandrina                                             Lake Alexandrina                        CT5539/    dedicated     (irrigation                between farmland and waterfront
 Reserve     4170164161             A6, A7               frontage                    1986        855        Reserve       channel)                   Crown land.
 Lake                                                                                                       Crown under
 Reserve                 Waterfront                                                                         Council’s                                Reserve mainly underwater, on point
 Road                     Reserve Section                Lake Alexandrina                        CR5759/    Care &                                            upon lakefront
 Reserve      4170167952            1221                 frontage reserve            1959        625        Control
 Langhorne                          Section                                                                 Crown under                              Utilised by Boggy Lake Preservation
 Creek Road              Waterfront 1276,                                                                   Council’s                                Society. Important habitat for
 Stone                   Reserve Section                 Lake Alexandrina                        CR5759/    Care &                                   Ramsar migratory wading birds. Well
 Reserve     4170164305             12                   frontage reserve                        627        Control                                  utilised by wind-surfers
 Lienert                          Reserve                Adjacent Eucalpyt Road,                 CT5673/    dedicated                    0.2084ha
 Reserve         4106520002                    A26       Murray Bridge               1959        100        Reserve
                                                                                                 CR5759/    Crown under                              Well utilised riverfront reserve by
                                  Riverfront             Adjacent Long Island                    650        Council’s                                water skiers. Adjacent to Long Island
 Long Island                      Reserve Section        Road and the River                      Gazettal   Care &                                   boat ramp. Toilet and BBQ facilities
 Reserve      4100818000                     1184        Murray, Murray Bridge       1970        6/8/01     Control                                  available.
 Walkway/S                                               Walkway between
                                  Walkway                                                                                                 0.013ha
 wanport                                                 Swanport Road and
 Road                                                    Lorikeet Avenue, Murray                 CT4227/71
 Nature Strip 410217400*                       A23       Bridge                      1977        5         Council
Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                             - 16 -
                                                           Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                          Management Plan for Reserves
 Common                            Land                         Locality address
                                                                                                                    Tenure/      Lease or
                                                                                                                                                 Area (ha)          Notes
 Name                VG        Description
                                             Lot No                                                    Title        Owner        License
 Magpie                                                                                                           Council
 Drive                         Reserve                    Cnr Owl & Magpie Drive,                                 dedicated                    2.213ha
 Reserve        4102055000                     A194       Murray Bridge           1977          CT5552/398        Reserve
                                                                                                                                * Available
                                                                                                                  Crown under   for casual
                                                                                                                  Council’s     hiring.
                                 Recreation                                                                                                                  Bitumised tennis courts with
                                                                                                                  Care &                          0.4881ha
                                  Reserve                                                                                                                    shelter and floodlights
 Mannum                                                                                                           Control       * Lease to
 Road Tennis                                                Cnr Mannum Road & First                               dedicated     Minister for
 Courts      4106775005                        A8           Street, Murray Bridge          1990        CR5753/141 Reserve       Education
 Meyer Road
 Drainage                                                   Meyer Road, Murray                                                                     0.099ha
 Reserve                                       A25          Bridge                         2004                   Council
                                                                                                                              Lease to
                                Recreation                                                                                                                   Maintained to high standard
 Murray                                                                                                                       Club &              3.101ha
                                 reserve                                                                                                                     for bowls and croquet
 Bridge                                                                                                           Crown under Murray
 Bowling &                                               Cnr Thomas Street &                                      Council’s   Bridge
 Croquet                                                 Adelaide Road, Murray                                    Care &      Croquet
 Club land      4104246003                   Section 409 Bridge                            1967        CR5759/636 Control     Club
 McNamara                        Reserve                    Off McNamara Street,                                  dedicated                       0.2744ha
 Park     4106866003                         A653           Murray Bridge                  1943        CT5709/266 Reserve

 Avenue                          Drainage                   Cnr Mitchell Avenue &                                 Council                         0.0177ha
 Drainage                        Reserve                    Thiele Road, Murray                                   dedicated
 Reserve        4161101847                   A53            Bridge                         1986        CT5544/92 Reserve
 Monarto                                                                                                          Crown under
 Pioneer                        Cemetery                                                                          Council’s                                   Land with disused Monarto
 Memorial                       Reserve                     Schenscher Road, Murray                               Care &                                              Cemetery
 Cemetery       414495010*                   Section 67     Bridge                         1983        CR5759/658 Control

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                              - 17 -
                                                        Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                       Management Plan for Reserves
                                   Land                       Locality address
                                                                                                                    Tenure/   Lease or
                                                                                                                                         Area (ha)          Notes
 Common                        Description                                           Acquisition                    Owner     License
 Name                VG                      Lot No                                    Date        Title
                                                                                                                                                       Undeveloped cliff top land
 Monteith                       Undevelop                                                                     Council                     0.052ha      gained by Council through
 Cliff                           ed land                 Cliff top, adjacent River                            dedicated                               shack free holding process.
 Reserve        4165091906                   A207        Murray, Monteith              2003        CT5890/261 Reserve
                                                                                                              Council                                 Undeveloped cliff top land
 Monteith                                                Cliff top, adjacent River                            dedicated                  0.08785ha    gained by Council through
                                 ed land
 Reserve        416509180*                   A206        Murray, Monteith              2003        CT5890/260 Reserve                                 shack free holding process
 Flora &                          Native                                                                                                              Uncleared reserve for flora
 Fauna                          Vegetation               Adjacent Jervois Road,                                                                              and fauna
 Reserve        4171489101                   A47         Woods Point                   1949        CT5702/208 Council
                                                                                                              Crown under
                                Riverfront               Adjacent River Murray at                             Council’s
 Murrawong                      Reserve                  end of Murrawong Road,                               Care &
 Reserve   4166101053                        Section 714 Murrawong                     1984        CR5759/666 Control
                                                                                                              Crown under
 Murray                         Cemetery                                                                      Council’s                              Well maintained Cemetery
 Bridge                         Reserve                  Adelaide Road, Murray                                Care &      Cemetery                   Reserve
 Cemetery       4104245000                   Section 920 Bridge                        1979        CR5759/639 Control     leases
 Murray                                                                                                       Crown under
                                                                                                                                                     Heritage wharf precinct, with
 Bridge                    Riverfront Section    Adjacent River Murray &                                      Council’s
                                                                                                                                         0.3012ha    heritage listed Wharf and rail
 Wharf                      Precinct 1002, 1003, Sturt Reserve, Murray                                        Care &
 Precinct       4100279000            A5         Bridge                                2002        CR5754/295 Control
                                                                                                                                                     Allotments C – J trafficable
                                                                                                                                                     one-way low speed lane.
                                                                                                                                                     Council has been approached
 Murray                                                   Laneway running between                                                                    to sell Allotment A to adjoining
 Lane                                        Allotments   Swanport Road & Sturt                                                                      owners. Allotment A may be
 Closed                                      A,C,D,E,F,G, Reserve Road, Murray                                                                       subject to Revocation
 Road                                        H,J          Bridge                                           RP3037 Council                            process.

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                        - 18 -
                                                         Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                        Management Plan for Reserves
                                                                                                                Tenure/     Lease or
                               Descripti                      Locality address                                                           Area (ha)            Notes
Common                                                                               Acquisition                Owner       License
Name                 VG           on     Lot No                                        Date        Title
Murray Park                                                                            1933
& Murray                                                                                                      Crown under
Park                                          Bordered by Albert &                                            Council’s                   6.209ha      Significant Native vegetation
Cemetery    410566600*            A100        Eleanor Tce’s & Thomas                   1933        CR5458/538 Care &
Reserve     410566600*            Section 918 Street, Murray Bridge                                CR5759/638 Control
                                                                                                              Crown under
                                Riverfront                                                                    Council’s
                                                                                                                                          15.26ha      Low lying swampy reserve
Murrundi                        Reserve                   Adjacent River Murray &                             Care &
Reserve      4171053500                      Section 1242 Jervois Road, Wellington     1966        CR5719/919 Control
Portion of
                                                                                                                                                       Portion Revocated in 2004 to
Narooma                                                   Land between Narooma                                Council                  0.4969ha (total
                                 Reserve                                                                                                               facilitate access road to
Boulevard                                                 Boulevard and ex-quarry,                            dedicated                   reserve)
                                                                                                                                                       Quarry development
Nature Strip 4100536003                      A194         Murray Bridge                1987        CT5538/214 Reserve
                                                          Buffer zone between
                                                          Swanport Road;
                        Buffer/Natu A207                  and development on                                                                          Buffer zone with native
                         re Strip A22                     Lorikeet Court; and          1977                   Council                                 vegetation
                                    A193                  Unity Primary School,        1985                   dedicated
Nature Strip 410217400*             A206                   Murray Bridge               1977        CT5539/463 Reserve
Pelican                                                   Walkway between Pelican
                                                                                                                                                      Walkway created from recent
Court                    Walkway                          Court and Murray Avenue,                                                        0.028ha
Walkway      4167225752             A45                   Murray Bridge                2000        CT5622/216 Council
                                                          Reserve between                                     Crown under
                                                          Swanport Road & Local                               Council’s                               Well curated reserve peppered
                                 Reserve                                                                                                 0.7562ha
                                                          Government centre,                                  Care &                                  with mature Pine trees
Pine Park       4100008008                   A100         Murray Bridge                1990        CR5753/141 Control
                                                                                                              Crown under
                                                                                                              Council’s                               Traffic island planted with
                                 Reserve                                                                                                  0.062ha
Plantation                                                Between Jervois Road and                            Care &                                  Native Vegetation
Reserve         4171115003                   A495         Ann Street, Wellington       1978        CR5759/633 Control

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                          - 19 -
                                                           Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                          Management Plan for Reserves
                                                                                                                     Tenure/    Lease or
                               Descriptio                      Locality address                                                            Area (ha)           Notes
Common                                                                                   Acquisition                 Owner      License
Name                 VG           n       Lot No                                           Date        Title
                                                                                                                  Crown under
Preamimma             Undevelop                                                                                   Council’s
Road Water            ed Reserve                          Preamimma Road,                                         Care &
Reserve    416923760*            Section 59               Rockleigh                        1865        CR5769/530 Control
Progress                                                  Traffic Island within                                                                        Island Reserve with mature tree
Drive                            Reserve                  Progress Drive, Murray                                                           0.1058ha
Reserve         4103555007                   A335         Bridge                           1958        CT2507/95  Council
                                                                                                                  Crown under
                               Developed                                                                          Care &
Pump                            Reserve                   Abutting Bridge Street                                  Control
House                                                     adjacent to old Pump                                    dedicated
Gardens                                      A9           House, Murray Bridge                         CR5753/141 Reserve
Rachel                                                    Land originating from
Street –                          Closed                  closed road between
Closed                             road                   Swanport Road and Beatty
Road                                         AP           Tce, Murray Bridge                           R3037/A    Council
Riverglen                                                 Direct riverfront land                                  Council
                                Riverfront                                                                                                              Riverfront reserve with
Riverfront                                                adjacent River Glen                                     dedicated                0.6803ha
                                Reserve                                                                                                                 willows along bank
Reserve         4171493303                   A100         Marina, White Sands              2002        CT5854/32 Reserve
                                                                                                                  Crown under
                                Waterfront                Reserve between Bremer                                  Council’s                             Low lying reserve adjacent
Reserve No.                      reserve                  River and North Bremer                                  Care &                                Bremer River
36          416917600*                       Section 66   Road, Callington                 1865        CR5769/531 Control
                                                          Reserve adjacent South
                               Undevelop                  Eastern Freeway just                                    Council                               Low lying swampy land
Ridge Road                      ed land                   before Swanport Bridge                                  dedicated                             utilised by adjoining farmer
Reserve    4152043083                        A11          (west side), Murray Bridge       1977        CT5418/602 Reserve
Ritter Street                                             Traffic island within Ritter                            Council –                0.0531ha
Reserve       4104523007                     A43          Street, Murray Bridge            1924        CT4035/769 road

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                          - 20 -
                                                          Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                         Management Plan for Reserves
                                                                                                                Tenure/      Lease or
                               Descriptio                     Locality address                                                          Area (ha)          Notes
Common                                                                               Acquisition                Owner        License
Name                 VG           n       Lot No                                       Date        Title
River Vine
Court                           Drainage                                                                      Council
Drainage                        Reserve                  River Vine Court, White                              dedicated
Reserve         4171509854                   A110        Sands                         2003        CT5887/656 Reserve
                                                         Adjacent River Murray &                              Council
                                                                                                                                                    Access via the reserve from
River Vine                       Reserve                 River Vine Court, Murray                             dedicated                 0.5467ha
                                                                                                                                                    Hann Road
Reserve         4171509301                   A199        Bridge                        2003        CT5887/645 Reserve
Riverglen                                                                                                                                           Undeveloped Reserve.
Drive                          Undevelop                 Cnr Jervois Road and                                 Council                               Council to consider
Entrance                       ed reserve                Riverglen Dirve, White                               dedicated                             Revocation with view to sale
Reserve         4171495915                   Piece 123   Sands                                     CT5366/784 Reserve                               of land.
                                                                                                                                                    Undeveloped Reserve.
Riverglen                      Undevelop                                                                      Council                               Council to consider
Drive                          ed reserve                Riverglen Drive, White                               dedicated                             Revocation with view to sale
Reserve         4171495915                   Piece 124   Sands                         1991        CT5366/784 Reserve                               of land.
                                                                                                                            for daily
                                Reserve                                                                                                             Developed reserve with toilet,
                                  with                                                                                                  1.043ha     BBQ facilities. Lawned area,
                                                         Adjacent River Murray and                                          hire ie
                                amenities                                                                                                                 well maintained.
Riverglen                                                Riverglen Residential                                Council       weddings,
Marina                                                   Marina Development,                                  dedicated     family
Reserve         4171495800                   A127        White Sands                   1991        CT5366/785 Reserve       events
                                                         Services strip between
                                                         residential housing and                              Council
                                 Reserve                                                                                                0.088ha
Riverglen                                                marina, Riverglen Marina,                            dedicated
Reserve         4171495667                   A128        White Sands                   1991        CT5366/786 Reserve
                                                                                                              Crown under
                                   ed                                                                                                                Naturally occurring area with
                                                                                                              Care &
                                Reserve/                                                                                                 2.20ha     attractive River Gums adjacent
Rivergum                                                                                                      Control
                                 Natural                                                                                                               Crown land riverfront strip
Drive                                                    Adjacent Section 661,                                dedicated
Reserve         4167127757                   Section 660 Mypolonga                     1990        CR5759/637 Reserve

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                      - 21 -
                                                     Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                    Management Plan for Reserves
                                                                                                             Tenure/     Lease or
                               Descriptio               Locality address                                                            Area (ha)          Notes
Common                                                                          Acquisition                  Owner       License
Name                 VG           n       Lot No                                  Date        Title
                                                    Off Red Gum Court,
Riverview                      Undevelop            Murray Bridge. Adjacent                                Council
Estate                          ed land             Long Island Marina & SA                                dedicated
Reserve         4101201002                   A27    Water Effluent ponds          1992        CT5082/888   Reserve
                                                                                                           Crown under
                      Undevelop                                                                            Care &
Rockleigh              ed land                                                                             Control
Road Water                                          Off Rockleigh Road,                                    dedicated
Reserve    416914020*           Section 54          Rockleigh                     1943        CR5759/656   Reserve
Salt Creek                                                                                                 Crown under
Water                                                                                                      Council’s
Reserve &             Undevelop                     Includes portion of Salt                               Care &                   0.2741ha
Water                  ed land                      Creek, off unmade road,                                Control                  0.3831ha
Reserve    4169115135           Section 1175        accessed via Palmer                       CR5759/645   dedicated
No. 7      4169129000           Section 1176        Road, Pallamanna              1892        CR5759/646   Reserve
                                                    Island reserve bounded by
Schubert                                            Schubert St, Gail Cres,                              Council                                Minimal playground equipment
                                 Reserve                                                                                            0.8501ha
Street                                              and Neumann Avenue,                                  dedicated                              on reserve
Reserve         4102782005                   A514   Murray Bridge                 1981        CT5541/797 Reserve
                                                                                                         Crown under
                               Undevelop                                                                 Council’s
                                  ed                                                                     Care &
                               Riverfront     Adjacent River Murray at                                   Control
Snakeygully                     Reserve       end of Snakey Gully Road,                                  dedicated
Reserve     4167231204           Section 1174 Wood Lane                           1892        CR5759/644 Reserve
Stone                                         Lake Alexandrina frontage.                      CR5759/631
                       Undevelop                                                                                                                Reserve mainly underwater,
Reserve No.                                   Access via unmade road                          Gazettal   Dedicated                  2.061ha
                        ed land                                                                                                                 access very limited
1           4170162000           Section 1288 only, Hundred of Brinkley           1890        17/4/1890  Reserve

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                 - 22 -
                                                          Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                         Management Plan for Reserves
                                     Land                                                                          Tenure/      Lease or
                                                                 Locality address                                                          Area (ha)            Notes
   Common                         Description                                           Acquisition                Owner        License
   Name                 VG                      Lot No                                    Date        Title
                                                                                                                                                        Land     subject  to
                                                                                                                                                        Revocation process -

                                                                                                                                                         Lease to MB & Districts
                                    Reserve                                                                                                               Community Association
                                                                                                                                                          (CWA restroom)
   South                                                                                                          Crown under                            Monthly License to Mitre
   Terrace                                         Bordered by Mary, South                                        Council’s                               10 over portion of land
   Precinct                                        Terraces & Sixth Street,                           CR5286/     Care &                                Lease to Vietnam Veterans
   Land        4100004007             Section 1041 Murray Bridge                          1990        176         Control     See notes                 (ex-Champs building)
                                                   Sunnside water front
                           Riverfront              reserves downstream from
                           Reserve&                shacks.                                                       Crown under                3.132ha
   Sunnyside              Undevelop Section 751, Reserve between rows of                                         Council’s
   Water Front              ed land Section 753, shacks                                                          Care &
   Reserve     4166140802             A5,                                                 1988        CR5456/999 Control
                            ed land                Land along Swamp Road.                                                                  0.1397ha
   Swamp                  encompass                Road actually passes
   Road Land 4106656508 ing road A104              through land.                                      CT5818/894 Council
                                                   Trafficable closed road
   Swanport                 Closed                 between Beatty Terrace
   Lane –                    road     Allotments - and Bridge Lane, Murray                            Road Plan
   closed road                        O,B,K,L,M,N Bridge                                              3037       Council
                                                                                                                 Crown under
                                                                                                                 Council Care
                                                                                                                                                       Attractive riverfront reserve
                                   Riverfront                                                                    & Control
                                                                                                                                            1.102ha    with picnic facilities and toilet
                                   Reserve                   Adjacent River Murray at                            Council
   Swanport                                                  end of Swanport Village                             dedicated
   Reserve         4171529505                   Section 1065 Road, Swanport               1964        CR5759/643 Reserve

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                          - 23 -
                                                          Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                         Management Plan for Reserves
                                     Land                                                                          Tenure/      Lease or
                                                                 Locality address                                                          Area (ha)            Notes
   Common                         Description                                         Acquisition                  Owner        License
   Name                 VG                      Lot No                                  Date        Title
   Swanport                                                 Off Bott Lane, 100m off                              Council                               Land being utilised by
   Village Road                                             Swanport Village Road,                               dedicated                 1.601ha     adjoining farmer for market
                            ed land
   Reserve      4152042507           A1                     Swanport                                CT5350/658   Reserve                               gardener
                                                                                                                 Crown under                             Well utilised and managed
                                                                                                                 Council Care                           wetlands recently upgraded
                                                                                                                 & Control                                by Work for the Dole and
                                                Section 543 Off South Eastern           1974        CR5759/664   Council                   8.028ha      Mannum to Wellington LAP.
   Swanport        4165047008                   Section 451 Freeway, wetlands           1955        CR5759/664   dedicated                 3.431ha     Boardwalks, interpretative
   Wetlands                                     Section 448 between road and river      1979        CR5759/660   Reserve                   4.157ha     signage, picnic facilities.
                                                                                                                                                            Riverfront Recreation
                                                                                                    CR5759/662                                                      Reserve
                                                                                        1958                                               0.3101ha        Riverfront reserve with
                   416601200*                                                                                                                            difficult accessibility due to
                                                                                                                                                          steep rocky embankment
                                                                                                    CR5759/665 Crown under                             Thiele Reserve is subject of
                                                S458                                                Gazettal   Council Care                0.8292ha    capital upgrade 2004/05
   Thiele          4166012501                   S575        Siesta Drive, Murray        1961        27/4/1961  & Control                               (subject to budget provisions)
   Reserve                                                  Bridge                                             Council
                                                            Cnr Industry Road &                                                                        Fenced and lawned reserve
   Tim Overall                      Reserve                 Janice Street, Murray                                                          0.1618ha    with playground equipment
   Reserve         4103907009                   A41         Bridge                      1959        CT2093/47  Council                                 and shelters
                                                                                                               Crown under
                                                                                                               Council Care
                                   Riverfront                                                                                                           Riverfront Reserve without
                                                             Reserve at corner of                              & Control                   1.789ha
                                   Reserve                                                                                                                     any facilities
   Toora                                                     Jaensch Road and Toora                            dedicated
   Reserve         416904340*                   Section 1181 Road, Toora                1892        CR5759/648 Reserve
   Torrens                                                                                                     Council
   Road                             Reserve                 Off Torrens Road,                                  dedicated                   0.5944ha
   Reserve         4161305006                   A147        Riverglades                 1991        CT5518/989 Reserve

                                   Riverfront               Land between Torrens                               Council                      2.164ha     Land gifted to Council for
   Vanderzon       4166031155      Reserve A22              Road and Riverglades                    CT5815/911 dedicated                   0.3020ha    open space from subdivision
   Reserve         4161297253                 A19           Wetlands                    2002        CT5815/910 Reserve
Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                         - 24 -
                                                          Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                         Management Plan for Reserves
                                     Land                                                                             Tenure/      Lease or
                                                                 Locality address                                                               Area (ha)         Notes
   Common                         Description                                             Acquisition                 Owner        License
   Name                 VG                      Lot No                                      Date        Title
   Virgo Road             Drainage                                                                                 Council
   Drainage                                                  Off Virgo Road, Murray                                dedicated                    0.7225ha
   Reserve     4152041758          A6                        Bridge                                     CT4301/341 Reserve
   Homburg                Walkway                                                                                                               0.021ha
   Road & Gail                                               Between Homburg Road &
   Crescent    4199999007          A505                      Gail Crescent                              CT4176/276 Council
                                                                                                                   Crown under    leased to
                                                                                                                   Council Care   Murray                    Reserve with playground
                                    Reserve                                                                                                     0.2548ha
   War                                                       Land between Mannum                                   & Control      Bridge                          equipment
   Memorial                                                  Road, West Terrace & Fifth                            dedicated      Child Care
   Playground      4100157003                   A52          Street, Murray Bridge                      CR5329/146 Reserve        Association
   Water                  Undevelop             Reserve with Brinkley
   Reserve No.                                  Road travelling through it,                                                                     2.867ha
                           ed land
   4           4170127002           Section 986 Hundred of Brinkley                         1965        CT5590/94  Council
                                                                                                                   Crown under
                                                                                                                   Council Care
                                  Undevelop                                                                                                                 Some naturally occurring
   Water                                                                                                           & Control                    2.282ha
                                   ed land                                                                                                                     native vegetation
   Reserve no.                                               Water reserve adjacent                                dedicated
   35          4169154003                       Section 56   Rockleigh Road, Rockleigh      1865        CR5769/528 Reserve
                                                                                                                                                             Council in process of
                                  Undevelop                                                                         Crown        Utilised by                  freeholding through
   Water Tower                     ed land                  Adjacent water tower,                                   Leasehold to adjoining                   Perpetual Freeholding
   Reserve     4171222204                       Section 843 Jervois                         1932        CL792/19    Council      farmer                            process
   Watts Road                                                                                           CR5577/515 Crown under                                 Undeveloped stone
   Stone                                        At end of Watts Road,                                   Gazettal   Council Care                 3.328ha     reserve with views across
                          ed land
   Reserve    4106639003           Section 1099 Murray Bridge                               1966        20/1/1966  & Control                                           river

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                          - 25 -
                                                         Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                        Management Plan for Reserves
                                                                                                               Tenure/       Lease or
                               Descriptio                   Locality address                                                              Area (ha)          Notes
Common                                                                              Acquisition                Owner         License
Name                 VG           n       Lot No                                      Date        Title
Riverfront                                                                                               Crown under
                        Riverfront                                                                                                                     Includes boat ramp and land
with boat                                                                                                Council Care                     0.083ha
                         reserve                                                                                                                          adjacent to Town wharf
ramp – Sturt                       A2,                  Off Wharf, Sturt Reserve,   Gazetted CR5684/     & Control
Reserve      410028300*            A3                   Murray Bridge               4/10/2001 861        Council
                                                                                                         Crown under
                                                                                                         Council Care
Whites                                                Cnr Jervois Road and                               & Control                        1.809ha
                                 ed land
Sands                                                 White Sands Road, White                            dedicated
Reserve         4171511508               Section 701 Sands                             1963   CR5759/624 Reserve
Wiegall                                  Part Section Reserve bordered by Hill
Avenue          4102979502       Reserve 77 (Reserve) Street and Kintore Avenue,      1924        CT1262/136                                           Lawned reserve
Reserve         4102941002               A1           Murray Bridge                   1981        CT5494/673 Council
                                                                                                             Crown under
                                                                                                             Council Care
                                                        Reserve adjacent to River                            & Control                    2.361ha
Woodlane                                                Murray and Woodlane                                  dedicated
Reserve         4167223538                   A22, A23   Drive, Woodlane               1988        CR5562/465 Reserve
                                                                                                             Crown under    Utilised by
Woodlane                                                Reserve between River                                Council Care   adjoining
Riverfront                                              Murray and shack area of                             & Control      owners of     0.5484ha    Includes drainage pond
Shack                                                   Woodlane along Matthews                              dedicated      shacks for
Reserve         4167223538                   A20        Circuit, Woodlane                         CR5562/465 Reserve        jetties
Sewer                             Vacant                                                                     Council
                                                                                                                                          2.561ha     Includes drainage pond
Treatment                          land                 Along Woodlane Drive,                                dedicated
Works           4167242050                   A50        Woodlane                                  CT5354/587 Reserve
Wynnes                                                  Off Woodlane Drive,                                  dedicated                    0.1805ha
                               ed land
Reserve         4167225306                   A41        Woodlane                      2001        CT5622/215 Reserve

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                        - 26 -
                                                         Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                        Management Plan for Reserves
                            Reserve Classification                               Typical features/characteristics
                                                              - May have trees, grass or dry land
                                                              - Could be utilised for biodiversity or revegetation corridors/pockets
                                    Drainage Reserves
                                                              - Minimal maintenance
                                                              - Area may be utilised for walkway’s/pedestrian linkages
                                                              - May or may not have irrigation
                                                              - May have trees, grass or dry land
                                     Screening Buffer         - Minimal maintenance
                                                              - Primarily screening residential development from main or arterial roads
                                                               -May have passive or unformed walking trails/tracks
                                                              - May have multi-use pathways
                                                              - May have trees, grass or dry land
                                                              - Usually has public facilities ie BBQ’s, shelters, play equipment, car parking, jetties
                             Riverfront Reserves / Wetlands   - Maintenance depends on location
                                                              - Provides linear linkage to riverine basin
                                                              - May be irrigated or non-irrigated
                                                              - Adjoining River Murray or wetlands
                                                              - Usually haven for biodiversity and revegetation activities
                                                              - May be grassed and landscaped
                                                              - May have shelters, seating
                                                              - May have a playground
                                          Reserves            - Can have on-site parking
                                                              - May provide barbeques
                                                              - Maintenance depending on location
                                                              - Should have good pedestrian and cycle access

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                        - 27 -
                                                         Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                        Management Plan for Reserves
                                                            - May have formed pedestrian/cycle trails/tracks
                                                            - May have seating available along route
                                                            - May have interpretative signage
                                                            - Can have on-site parking at strategic locations
                                      Walkways/Trails       - Promotion of walking trails should be encouraged
                                                            - Maintenance depending on location
                                                             - Should have good pedestrian and cycle access
                                                             - Walkways should be monitored for anti-social behaviour where they occur in
                                                            residential areas.

                                                            - Higher maintenance
                                                            - Should have good pedestrian and cycle access
                                                             - High standard of maintenance
                                      Formal Gardens        -     May be part of a Memorial Garden (War or Community Group)

                                                            -    Usually paths of higher standard of aesthetic quality

                                                            - Usually left in natural state
                             Undeveloped Reserves/Vacant    - May be mowed as required for fire prevention and aesthetic appearance (in towns)
                                 Land/Closed Roads          - Maintenance depending on location
                                                            - May have good pedestrian and cycle access
                                                            - Usually left in natural state
                                                            - May be mowed as required for fire prevention and aesthetic appearance (in towns)
                                   Waterfront Reserves      - Maintenance depending on location

                                                            - Should have good pedestrian and cycle access

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                - 28 -
                                                          Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                         Management Plan for Reserves
                                          Objective and Performance                             Means of Benchmark                          Means of Assessment
   Area of Benchmark
                                                    Target                                      (Management Actions)                           (Of the Actions)

                                                                                      improve the maintenance of public infrastructure   Minimal negative feedback regarding
                                                                                      and facilities                                     Council facilities

                                           To improve the maintenance and visual                                                          Positive community feedback
  General Visual Aesthetics                    amenity of Council’s Reserves.         upgrade the facilities in public places            regarding Council’s Capital works
                                                                                      Enhance and strategically assess key areas of       Community input into Master Planning
                                                                                      community interest in regards to Council’s         or Conceptual planning for Council’s
                                                                                      Reserves                                           key projects
                                                                                                                                       Minimal negative feedback regarding
                                                                                      enhance the image and identity through
                                                                                                                                       appearance of drainage reserves
                                                                                      maintenance, amenity and anti-social behavioural
                                                                                                                                       Minimal graffiti and damage caused by
                                                                                                                                       anti-social behaviour
                                                                                      Consider drainage reserves in the overall
                                                                                                                                         Pedestrian/cycle linkages created
                                                                                      provision of network pedestrian/cycle linkages
                                                                                      and biodiversity corridors
  Management of Drainage                 To improve the usability and appearance of                                                      Identify drainage reserves that present
        Reserves                                Council’s drainage reserves         Provide facilities for sporting activities and       opportunities for recreational or passive
                                                                                    recreation                                           open space

                                                                                                                                          Land identified and revegetation
                                                                                                                                          projects commenced.
                                                                                      Identify drainage reserves that can be utilised for
                                                                                                                                          Mannum – Wellington LAP and/or
                                                                                      biodiversity corridors
                                                                                                                                          Trees for Life involved in site

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                                    - 29 -
                                                         Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                        Management Plan for Reserves
                                                                                       Identify possible locations for windbreaks/shelter Land identified and revegetation
                                                                                       belts for revegetation and/or biodiversity corridors projects commenced.
      Management of                       To administer and establish windbreaks/
  Windbreaks/Shelter belts                shelter belts to be aesthetically pleasing
                                                                                       Identify key project areas
                                                                                                                                         Project areas identified and plans
                                                                                       Key project areas could include River Basin and
                                                                                                                                         formulated for project commencement
                                                                                       outlying naturally occurring vegetated areas
                                                                                                                                         Sites identified and managed in
                                                                                       embrace and preserve Aboriginal cultural heritage accordance with local indigenous
                                                                                       as part of living culture                         peoples and the Aboriginal Heritage
                                                                                                                                         PAR’s in place and utilised for the
                                                                                                                                         protection of local built heritage
                                                                                       preserve built heritage and local history
                                                                                                                                         Work with local heritage committees
Management of Undeveloped To preserve Local Heritage and Cultural                                                                        and key representatives to ensure the
       Reserves                          places                                                                                          protection of local heritage
                                                                                       To embrace and restore local heritage precincts
                                                                                                                                         Key project areas established and
                                                                                            Identify key heritage project areas and
                                                                                                                                         capital works commenced in keeping
                                                                                              source funding for appropriate restoration
                                                                                                                                         with historical element to be achieved

                                                                                                                                         Committees or consultative groups
                                                                                       promote and support cultural diversity while
                                                                                                                                         sharing information regarding important
                                                                                       sharing a common future and sense of place
                                                                                                                                         cultural elements.
                                                                                                                                         Maintenance to be undertaken in
                                                                                       Reserves are presented in a useable standard      accordance with location, percentage
                                                                                                                                         of usage and within budget provisions
                                          To improve and maintain the usability
  Management of Reserves                    and visual aesthetics of Council’s         Reserves to be clearly defined as per allowable   Signage pertaining to By-Law’s clearly
                                                        reserves                       activities                                        positioned and in good order

                                                                                       Reserves to be valued and well utilised by        Minimal negative feedback from
                                                                                       Community                                         Community pertaining to Reserves

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                                  - 30 -
                                                         Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                        Management Plan for Reserves
                                                                                                                                         Minimal negative feedback regarding
                                                                                     increase the emphasis on design for improved
                                                                                                                                        Paths, walkways and trails
                                                                                     physical access and safety, particularly along the
                                                                                                                                        Decrease in insurance claims arising
                                                                                     river corridor
                                                                                                                                        from paths, walkway and trails

                                                                                                                                          Council to liase with walking groups
                                                                                     increase the awareness of services and factilities
                                                                                                                                          and Office of Recreation and Sport
        Management of                       To increase the use, accessibility and
        Trails/Walkways                          safety of trails and walkways       increase community ownership of public spaces      Increase in marketing and
                                                                                     such as parks, streetscapes and the river corridor advertisement of public linkages

                                                                                                                                          Council to liase with Neighbourhood
                                                                                     Encourage neighbourhood awareness to stem            Watch groups, police and key
                                                                                     anti-social behaviour in walkways within             representative bodies
                                                                                     residential development                              Minimal negative feedback regarding
                                                                                                                                          anti-social behaviour in wakways
                                                                                      Formal gardens kept to high standard of             Minimal negative feedback from
                                                                                     landscape form                                       community

    Management of Formal                                                        Provide aesthetically pleasing gardens for
                                         To improve and maintain Formal Gardens community and private events                              Market availability of Formal areas

                                                                                     Maintenance in accordance with community             Minimal negative feedback from
                                                                                     expectations                                         Community

                                                                                     Register of encroachments formulated
    Temporary one-off         To audit encroachments upon Reserves by                                                                     Register timely and accurate
occupation of part of reserve             private occupation
                                                                                     Inform private persons of encroachment and           Formal agreements in place for all
                                                                                     minimise risk to Council through litigation          encroachments

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                                - 31 -
                                                        Rural City of Murray Bridge
                                                       Management Plan for Reserves
                                                                                   Register of leases, Licenses and formal
                                                                                   agreements formulated                             Register timely and accurate
     Occupation of part of               To maintain, update and keep a register of All agreements to be for no longer than five (5) Agreements longer than five years to
    reserve under Lease or                all Leasing and Licensing of Community years                                               be publicly consulted upon
           Licence                                         Land
                                                                                    All leases and licenses are renewable by Council Licenses and Leases renewed in
                                                                                    without public consultation only if the intent to accordance with legislation and
                                                                                    lease is identified within this Management Plan   Management Plans

Generic Management Plan - Reserves Final ver3.doc                                                                                                                           - 32 -

Description: Formal Management Plan Categories document sample