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					             Ag Products Co Load / Exploder Unit Trains
                      Bill of Lading Guidelines

A. Billing via Internet: Customer must enter the information below on the
Internet Bill of Lading screen. All other fields on the Bill of Lading screens must be
enter as normal.

     Bill Type – always select “U-Unit Train Billing”

                                                                    Select “U - Unit Train”

     Customer Ref No - enter the total consist size and "RB"

           Enter total consist size. "75" for 3               Select “RB" from
         bills of 25 cars that will move together            Reference Dropdown

     The Commodity Description - enter Co Load / Exploder text

                                           Enter Co Load /
                                            Exploder text
     Rate Authority – for wheat exploder over eastern gateways, enter the rate tariff
     and item

                                                      Enter Pricing

The Union Pacific Railroad Internet Bill of Lading application may be accessed by
selecting the My UPRR section of the Union Pacific Railroad web page located at

B. Billing via EDI Mainframe: Customer must include the following EDI
segments in their Bill of Lading Transmission. All other EDI segments must be
transmitted as normal.

Example: 404 Bill of Lading Format                 Segment Description
N9*RB*75                                           Grain Co Load/Exploder train size
L5*1*Protect 75 car rate. This waybill is          Grain Co Load/Exploder text
      part of a 75 car exploder/co load
      shipment. Other lead cars are
      UP 12345 (25 cars) and UP 56789
      (25 cars).
PI*TS*4052.9150*TP**UP*UP                          Price Authority (Eastern Wheat)

Questions should be directed to the Electronic Commerce Team Help Desk at 800-872-

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