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					                                                                                                                                     ABOUT THE TRIP OPTIMIZER
                                                                                                          The Trip Optimizer assists state agencies in determining the most cost effective travel
                                                                                                         option for IN STATE single trips between the following options: assigned state vehicle,
                                                                                                         motor pool vehicle, and mileage reimbursement in accordance with CRS 24-30-1104 (2)
                                                                                                                                      (a) and 1 CCR103-1 Rule 2.0.

                                                                                                         Trip Optimizer Last Update Date                      2/13/2008
                                                                                                         Today's Date                                         4/13/2011

Enter Trip Information Here                                                                              Click Here for Fleet Management's Greening Initiative:
Total Round Trip Miles                          50         CLICK HERE for Driving
                                                                                                                                "25 in 5"
Total Trip Days                                  1         Distance and Directions
Enter Reduced Mileage Rate
(if appropriate)                                                                                                 CLICK HERE to Reserve a State Motor Pool Car
Trip Date(s) (optional)

Have you considered video teleconferencing as an option to your                                              Questions? This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. More
trip? Click here for a list of sites:                                                                          information is available on the Instructions & Data
                                                                                                                       Assumptions worksheet tab below!

Trip Cost
                                                           Per Mile
TRAVEL OPTION                               Total Cost      Cost

                                                                                                                                       Based on the trip criteria, the average miles per day is
Assigned State Vehicle*                       $17.50         $0.25                   Utilization Level             50                  below the minimum desired utilization level. Consider
State Motor Pool Vehicle                                                                                                               another travel option if the state vehicle can be better
Mid Size Sedan                                $50.00        Per Day                                              LOW                   utilized by another employee.
Mileage Reimbursement
(FY'07 Standard Rate)                         $26.50         $0.53
* If possible, use an existing vehicle in your section, division or
department already assigned. Because the department is already
paying for its lease, overall cost is lower.

            Lowest Cost                     Assigned State Vehicle
         Next Lowest Cost                     Reimburse Mileage

Agency Comments (optional)

                 Enter additional information about your trip here.

1. Enter your total round trip miles.
2. Enter the number of days for your trip.
3. Enter reduced state mileage rate if appropriate.
4. View the most cost effective travel option in the Trip Cost section.
5. Review the State Vehicle Utilization Information Section. If a state vehicle is the least costly travel option but the utilization is low, weigh the
cost/benefits of other travel options if another employee could utilize the state vehicle to a greater extent.
Data Assumptions                                    Edit as needed

$0.53            FY'08 State Mileage Reimbursement Rate               2 wheel drive
$0.56            FY'08 State Mileage Reimbursement Rate               4 wheel drive
                  Enterprise                                         Enterprise Rental Rates are Instate Daily Rental Rates from Statewide Contract C104006001
                 Daily Rental        FUEL                            plus the current cost of fuel by sedan class (detailed below). Federal Excise Fuel Tax (FET) of
Sedan Class         Rates         Cost Per Mile                      $.141/gallon is included for fuel costs for rentals as employees will most likely be reimbursed for
Mid Size            $35.00           $0.141                          fuel on their monthly expense accounts.

Rental Sedan Category Examples
  Mid Size = Pontiac GrandAm, Dodge Stratus, Chevy Malibu
                                                                                                               State Vehicle Cost Per Mile: Depreciation based on estimated depreciable value divided by 121,000 miles (a
                  Daily Rate           $0.30                                                                   odometer readings for sedans disposed of through State Surplus Property). Fuel is adjusted weekly based on
Motor Pool                                                                                                     average for regular unleaded fuel and the average miles per gallon for sedans in the State Fleet Information Sy
Vehicle              $50.00                                                                                    below). Federal Excise Fuel Tax of $.141/gallon for unleaded gasoline is excluded on the state vehicle fuel cos
                                  Cost Per Mile                                                                Maintenance & repair are based on averages for vehicles reported through the State Fleet Information System
Assigned Vehicle                     $0.35                                                                     based on the state's motor vehicle claims paid through the State Legal Expense Fund. The Fleet Fee is the an
                                                                                                               charged to state agencies pursuant to Section 37.450 RSMo.
Average Colorado Regular Unleaded Price Per Gallon
Updated periodically based on the Colorado average price per gallon for regular                                Weighted Average Miles Per Gallon
unleaded issued by AAA.                                                                                        from State Fleet Information System
AAA Average CO Unleaded Fuel PPG                                                                                 Mid Size           25.85
Price Per Gallon
(including Federal Excise Tax)                           $3.64
Price Per Gallon
(excludes Federal Excise Tax)                            $3.46
e value divided by 121,000 miles (average
 Fuel is adjusted weekly based on a AAA Missouri
ns in the State Fleet Information System (detailed
cluded on the state vehicle fuel costs.
 the State Fleet Information System. Liability is
nse Fund. The Fleet Fee is the annual fee

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