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                                                                                                                           Priority                     ment
                                                                                                                            tier of                     for
Project Type     Plan Category           Project Name                                    Project Description               project Limiting Factors     limiti

  Acquisition for                        Long-Term Habitat Protection as identified in  Friends of the San Juans is                Degraded Habitat-
      Protection Acquisition Projects    FSJ Habitat Protection Blueprint               working with project partners         I    Fish Passage,
                                                                                        Ketter property (Mar Vista
                  Acquisition Projects     Ketter Property (Mar Vista) Acquisition      Resort), located at the mouth         I
                                                                                        The Webb property, Westcott
                  Acquisition Projects     Webb Property Acquisition                    Bay, San Juan Island is the           I
                                                                                        Work with local private                    Degraded Habitat-
                  Acquisition Projects     Cascade Creek Easement Aquisition            landowner to establish                I    Riparian Areas and
                                                                                        This project will acquire 3.66             Degraded Habitat-
                                                                                        acres of riparian corridor,                Water Quality,
                  Acquisition Projects     Cascade Creek Acquisition                    marine shoreline and tidelands        I    Degraded Habitat-
                                                                                        The San Juan County Land                   Degraded Habitat-
                                                                                        Bank will use this grant to buy            Water Quality,
                  Acquisition Projects     Watmough Bay Salmon Habitat Preservation     7.29 acres, including 680 feet        I    Biological
   Acquistion for                                                                       Conservation easement                      Degraded Habitat-
                                           False Bay Acquisition and Restoration #1
     Restoration Acquisition/Restoration (Combination)                                  aquisition, riparian planting,        I    Riparian Areas and
                                                                                        This acquisition of a 6 acre               Degraded Habitat-
                                                                                        parcel with 2 acres of tidelands           Water Quality,
                                           Judd Cove acquisition and restoration
                  Acquisition/Restoration (Combination)                                 is adjacent to the San Juan           I    Biological
                                                                                        Removal of a failed concrete               Degraded Habitat-
     Restoration Restoration Projects      Aleck Bay Beach Habitat Restoration          beach access bulkhead and             II   Estuarine and
                                           San Juan County Creosote Piling Removal      Friends of the San Juans                   Degraded Habitat-
                  Restoration Projects     Project                                      Shoreline Modification                II   Water Quality
                                                                                        Remove derelict concrete pool              Degraded Habitat-
                  Restoration Projects     Deer Harbor Pool Removal & Beach Restoration from intertidal beach in Deer         II   Fish Passage,
                                           Shoal Bay Forage Fish Habitat Restoration    The beaches of Shoal Bay are               Degraded Habitat-
                  Restoration Projects     Project                                      valuable documented surf              II   Water Quality,
                                                                                        The restoration portion of this            Degraded Habitat-
                  Restoration Projects     Shoal Bay Tide Gate Removal Project          project is complete. Friends of       II   Channel Structure
                                           Turn Point Salt Marsh Restoration, San Juan  The Turn Point Salt Marsh
                  Restoration Projects     Island                                       Restoration Project will              II

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                                                                         During Phase One of the                 Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Barlow Bay Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration        MacKaye Harbor Community           II   Water Quality,
                                                                         This project is for the                 Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Deer Harbor Bridge Replacement                    development of final design for    II   Stream Substrate,
                                                                         People for Puget Sound will             Estuarine and
Restoration Projects   Deer Harbor Estuary Restoration                   use this grant to begin            II   Nearshore Habitat
                                                                         Restore benthic habitat for             Non-Habitat Limiting
Restoration Projects   Derelict Fishing Net Removal                      eelgrass; eliminate direct         II   Factors, Degraded
                                                                         Ecology Water Right permtitng           Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Fish Trap Creek re-charge and flow regulation     process started.                   II   Stream Flow
                                                                         Friends of the San Juans                Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Mooring Buoy Eelgrass Restoration Pilot Project (FSJ) will utilize the mooring       II   Fish Passage,
                                                                         Past development of                     Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Neck Point Coastal Marsh Restoration              nearshore environments has         II   Riparian Areas and
                                                                         Re-creation of a salt marsh             Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Pickett Springs Salt Marsh                        where currently there are two      II   Estuarine and
                       Point Lawrence Road/Cascade Creek Culvert         This project was funded in the          Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Replacement                                       2007 SRFB round and the            II   Floodplain
                       Shoreline Restoration at sites identified in Soft For the last five years,                Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Shore Restoration Blueprint                       FRIENDS has been working           II   Water Quality,
                       Smuggler's Cove Road Forage Fish Habitat          Remove derelict intertidal rock,        Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Restoration                                       forage fish habitat restoration    II   Water Quality,
                                                                         A mill operating on the beach           Estuarine and
Restoration Projects   Thatcher Bay Nearshore Restoration                from the late 1800s until the      II   Nearshore Habitat
                                                                         The goal of this project is to          Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   West Beach Culvert Replacements                   restore connectivity for native    II   Fish Passage
                       Blakely Island- North Thatcher Bay Forage Fish Rehabilitation with Reduced                Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Restoration Project                               Facility Size                      II   Water Quality,
                                                                         Location: At the head of Deer           Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Deer Harbor Wood Waste Removal                    Harbor just south of the           II   Water Quality,
                                                                         1. Mouth of False Bay Creek –           Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   False Bay Riparian Enhancement                    approximately 20 acres owned       II   Floodplain
                       Garrison Creek Watershed Restoration (Phase Fence livestock and remove
Restoration Projects   II a)                                             invasives                          II
                       Garrison Creek Watershed Restoration (Phase Culvert replacement/retrofit;                 Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   II b )                                            channel realignment, wood          II   Floodplain
                                                                         The intertidal lagoon at Neck           Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Neck Point Lagoon Reconnection                    Point on Shaw Island connects      II   Estuarine and
                                                                         Fisherman Bay (Lopez) is                Degraded Habitat-
Restoration Projects   Save Fisherman Bay                                actually a large shallow           II   Water Quality,
                                                                         Bordering the Washington                Estuarine and
Restoration Projects   Shaw Landing creosote bulkhead removal            State Ferry landing on Shaw        II   Nearshore Habitat

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Total Capital
Non -Capital
Projects &
         Harvest                         Section 7 consultation-salmon harvest             may affect harvest                       Non-Habitat Limiting
    Management Non-Capital Projects      management plan re: orca consumption              management plan details                  Factors
  Habitat Project                                                                          WFC will continue the water              Degraded Habitat-
    Development Non-Capital Projects     Expansion of WRIA2 Watershed Inventory            type assessment begun in            I    Floodplain
                                         SJC Inventory and Restoration Prioritization of   Take existing County GIS map             Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects    County Nearshore Infrastructure                   of nearshore infrastructure         II   Estuarine and
                                                                                           Utilize assessments and data             Estuarine and
                 Non-Capital Projects    Protection and Restoration Tool                   layers to prioritize protection     I    Nearshore Habitat
                                         False Bay Watershed Flow & Habitat                This assessment will address             Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects    Assessment                                        water quantity, quality, fish use   I    Water Quality,
                                         Garrison Creek Watershed Restoration (Phase       Feasibility Study - Reconstruct          Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects    I)                                                historical floodplain conditions;   II   Floodplain
                                                                                           KWIAHT will use this grant to            Biological
                 Non-Capital Projects    Juvenile Salmon Prey Base Protection (WRIA2)      study the food sources for          I    Processes,
                                         San Juan County Shoreline Modification            The goals of the San Juan                Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects    Inventory                                         County Shoreline Modification       I    Water Quality,
                                         WRIA2 Assessment of Resident and Migratory        Acoustic telemetry study of              Biological
                 Non-Capital Projects    Salmon                                            timing, residency and habitat       I    Processes,
                                         WRIA2 Habitat Based Assessment of Juvenile        Estuary and nearshore                    Biological
                 Non-Capital Projects    Salmon (Big Picture Project)                      habitats are occupied by            I    Processes,
                                                                                           When results of the Juvenile             Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects    Salmon Habitat Protection Blueprint Update        Salmon Data from the Big            I    Estuarine and
                                         SJI - Develop Grant Program to Remove             Develop a granting program to            Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects    Bulkheads Critical to Salmon Recovery             remove bulkheads along              II   Estuarine and
                                                                                           Evaluation of existing                   Degraded Habitat-
Habitat Protecion Non-Capital Projects   San Juan Ecosystem Based Protection Initiative    regulatory, voluntary and           I    Riparian Areas and
                                                                                           Complete mapping and quality             Biological
                 Non-Capital Projects    class one beach inventory                         assessment of class one             I    Processes,
                                         Hydrologic Modeling and Estuarine Wetland         Watershed Modeling
                 Non-Capital Projects    Data                                              The watershed modeling              I
                                         Spatially explicit shoreline permit and policy    Analysis of shoreline permit
                 Non-Capital Projects    analysis                                          activity                            I
                                         Cumulative Impact Analysis - Garrison/Westcott    Despite the fact that the                Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects    Pilot Watershed Analysis                          majority of impacts to the          I    Water Quality,
                                         San Juan County Forage Fish Spawning Habitat      FSJ and Nearshore Biologist,             Biological
                 Non-Capital Projects    Project                                           Dan Pentilla, will conduct          I    Processes,

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                                                                                         The Lead Entity actively               Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   CAO Update                                       participates in ongoing multiple   I   Floodplain
                                                                                         DNR &SJC partnership to                Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   Derelict Vessel Removal Program                  remove derelcit vessels from       I   Water Quality
                                        Expansion of WRIA 2 Watershed Inventory          WFC will continue the                  Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   (Phase II)                                       cutthroat distribution and         I   Riparian Areas and
                                        Incorporate drainage basin planning in Comp                                             Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   Plan/ordinance                                  Assist county planning process      I   Water Quality,
                                                                                        Implement LID techniques                Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   LID Implementation                              decrease development                I   Water Quality,
                                        Nearshore Habitat Protection through Policy and Despite policy protection and           Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   Plan Review                                     broad recognition of its            I   Water Quality,
                                                                                        Update work window based on             Estuarine and
                 Non-Capital Projects   Nearshore work windows- HPA input               fish utilization assessments        I   Nearshore Habitat
                                        San Juan County Feeder Bluff Project - Mapping Process-based restoration has            Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   and Application of Results                      been recognized as the ideal        I   Estuarine and
                                                                                        The Lead Entity actively                Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   SMP Update                                      participates in ongoing multiple    I   Estuarine and
                                                                                        Control of the few invasive             Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   Spartina Control                                occurrences                         I   Estuarine and
                                                                                        Create a partnership between            Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   SJI - Improving Enforcement                     Dept of Ecology, Dept of Fish       I   Estuarine and
                                        SJI - Improving Incentives for Shoreline        Develop a pilot project at the          Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   Protection                                      San Juan Preservation Trust         I   Riparian Areas and
                                                                                        White papers on 16 topic                Estuarine and
                 Non-Capital Projects   Synthesis / Analysis of Data Gaps               In Sanand local issues. - List
                                                                                        areas Juan County / WRIA2           I   Nearshore Habitat
           Plan                                                                          protection of high quality
Implemenation &                         WRIA 2 Salmon Recovery Plan - Salmon             nearshore marine habitat is
    Coordination Non-Capital Projects   recovery coordination/implementation             the top salmon recovery goal.
                                                                                         A formal review of the local           Biological
                                        Salmon Recovery Adaptive Management &            salmon recovery chapter is             Processes,
                 Non-Capital Projects   Monitoring                                       being conducted with the               Degraded Habitat-
                                        Water Quality and Watershed Coordination         Participate in and help                Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   Group (Water Table)                              facilitate informal Water Table        Water Quality
                                                                                         Coordinates outreach
                Non-Capital Projects    Education and Outreach Coordinator               messages, implements
     Outreach &                         Coordinate educational resources and             Coordinated education on the           Degraded Habitat-
      Education Non-Capital Projects    stewardship messaging                            protection of marine               I   Riparian Areas and
                                        Cumulative Impact Analysis - Technical           Friends of the San Juans has           Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   Workshop                                         identified the required            I   Water Quality,
                                                                                         Comprehensive, high quality            Degraded Habitat-
                 Non-Capital Projects   San Juan County Land Manager Training            habitat, species and process       I   Channel Structure

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                                                                                          Update guide, mail to all
               Non-Capital Projects    Shoreline Stewardship Guide for landowners         shoreline property owners in       I
                                                                                          Educate boaters on Marine               Biological
               Non-Capital Projects    Boater Education                                   Stewardship and whale wise         I    Processes
                                                                                          Encourage salmon-friendly
               Non-Capital Projects    Landowner conservation motivation                  and eco-friendly actions on        I
                                                                                          Education and outreach to               Degraded Habitat-
               Non-Capital Projects    MSA Plan Outreach                                  public on Marine Stewardship       I    Water Quality,
                                                                                          Education regarding risks and           Degraded Habitat-
               Non-Capital Projects    Oil Spill Education                                impacts of potential oil spills    I    Water Quality,

               Non-Capital Projects    Outdoor Classroom                                  Juvenile salmon ecology            I
                                                                                                                                  Degraded Habitat-
               Non-Capital Projects    Salmon-in-the-schools                            Juvenile salmon ecology              I    Water Quality,
                                                                                        Classes with realtors regarding
               Non-Capital Projects    Water in San Juan County Realtor Workshop        water protection                     I
                                       SJI - Education and Technical Assistance to      San Juan County residents                 Degraded Habitat-
               Non-Capital Projects    Improve Protection                               and decision makers need             I    Riparian Areas and
                                       Watershed Landowner BMP Education and            Work with specific riparian               Degraded Habitat-
               Non-Capital Projects    Restoration Opportunities                        landowners within San Juan           I    Riparian Areas and
                                                                                        Acquire water rights as
Flow Protection Non-Capital Projects   Secure instream flows for fish and wildlife      needed to assure adequate            I
                                                                                        Determine sources and fates               Degraded Habitat-
               Non-Capital Projects    Model and restore stream flows                   of water in streams, identify        II   Stream Flow
                                                                                        Surfactant pollution is toxic to          Degraded Habitat-
    Monitoring Non-Capital Projects    Project Clean Stormwater                         San Juan County's critical                Water Quality,
                                       Contaminant monitoring in freshwater and         Identify and reduce                       Degraded Habitat-
               Non-Capital Projects    nearshore habitats                               contaminant inputs                        Water Quality
                                       Eelgrass Distribution Monitoring in Westcott and For the last 5 years, FRIENDS             Degraded Habitat-
               Non-Capital Projects    Garrison Bays                                    has been working                          Water Quality,
                                                                                        Monitor/map exotic species on
               Non-Capital Projects    Exotic Species Monitoring                        priority habitats
                                       Friends of the San Juans Marine Water Quality Friends of the San Juans                     Degraded Habitat-
               Non-Capital Projects    Monitoring Program                               Marine Water Quality                      Water Quality
                                                                                        The Marine Resources
               Non-Capital Projects    MSA Monitoring Plan                              Committee (MRC) has drafted
                                                                                        Friends of the San Juans                  Degraded Habitat-
     Research Non-Capital Projects     Climate Change Impact Analysis - Forage Fish (FSJ) and Coastal Geologic                    Estuarine and
                                       Mountain Lake Wildlife Feasability Study -       Determine the extent (if any)
               Non-Capital Projects    impacts of non-native fish stocks                that non-native fish                      Lake Habitat
                                       Discrete Population Segments - non Chinook       The project will identify priority
               Non-Capital Projects    Salmon                                           habitats for ESA listed

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                                                                                         The Pacific sand lance         Biological
                  Non-Capital Projects   Sand lance-Deep water habitat                   (Ammodytes hexapterus) is an   Processes,
                                         Ecological interactions of hatchery and wild    May affect size, timing,       Non-Habitat Limiting
Other (Hatchery) Non-Capital Projects    salmon in marine habitats                       quantity of releases at        Factors
                                                                                         Pathways juveniles use after   Non-Habitat Limiting
                  Non-Capital Projects   Glenwood Springs Chinook hatchery               release.                       Factors
Total Non-
Capital Need

Categories of projects:

Newly added projects (YELLOW)

Active projects (funded) (GREEN)

Completed projects (BLUE)

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               Activity Type   Primary      Secondary    Current        2010           2010          2011        2011          2012        2012
Habitat        and Project     Species      Species      Project        Activity to    Estimated     Activity to Estimated     Activity to Estimated   Likely End
Type           Performance     Benefiting   Benefiting   Status         be funded      Budget        be funded Budget          be funded Budget        Date

Nearshore                                                Feasibility    foster                       easements                 easements
(Beaches)                      Chinook                   Pending        landowner                    and                       and                     12/31/2012
Nearshore                                   Chum
(Beaches),                     Chinook      (Secondary                  acquisition      8,000,000          n/a          $0           n/a          $0 12/31/2010
Nearshore      2800 feet                                 Feasibility
(Embayment     shoreline       Chinook                   Completed      acquisition     $6,000,000          n/a          $0           n/a          $0 12/31/2010
Rivers/Strea                   Chinook,
ms/Shorelin                    Coho,                     Conceptual                                                                                    1/12/2015
Upland,        3.66 acres      Chum,                     Land
Instream,      stream corridor Chinook,                  Acquisition
Nearshore      and tidelands   Coho,                     Completed      acquisition      $225,000           n/a          n/a          n/a          n/a 12/31/2010
Nearshore      7.29 acres, 680 Chum,                     Land
(Embayment     feet of         Chinook,                  Acquisition
s)             shoreline       Pink                      Completed      acquisition      $465,600           n/a          n/a          n/a          n/a 4/30/2009
Instream,                      Coho,
Rivers/Strea                   Cutthroat                 Conceptual                                                                                    1/31/2016
Nearshore      6.0 acres with               Chum         Land
(Embayment     2.0 acres of                 (Secondary   Acquisition
s)             tidelands       Chinook      Species)     Completed,     acquisition                         n/a          n/a          n/a          n/a 4/1/2009
Nearshore                                   Chum         Feasibility
(Beaches)                      Chinook      (Secondary   Completed
Nearshore                      Chum,        Pacific
(Beaches),                     Chinook,     Herring,     Conceptual                                                                                    3/1/2013
Nearshore                      Chum,        Chum         Construction
(Beaches)                      Chinook      (Secondary   Completed                                                                                     5/30/2008
Nearshore                                   Chum         Construction
(Beaches)                      Chinook      (Secondary   Completed,                                                                                    1/31/2009
Nearshore      lagoon and      Chum,                     Construction
(Beaches),     nearshore-      Chinook,                  Completed                                                                                     12/31/2010
Nearshore                                   Chum         Construction
(Embayment                     Chinook      (Secondary   Completed                                                                                     9/30/2009

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Nearshore      forage fish                   Chum          Feasibility   final design             implementa            implement
(Beaches)      spawning and      Chinook     (Secondary    Completed     and              $15,000 tion          $85,000 ation           $50,000 12/31/2011
Nearshore      restore tidal                 Cutthroat     Feasibility
(Embayment     flow              Chinook     (Secondary    Completed     final design    $300,000                                                 12/31/2013
Nearshore      1 fish passage    Coho,                     Feasibility
(Beaches),     barrier and       Cutthroat                 Completed                                                                              12/31/2010
Nearshore      Estuary or                    Chum          Permitting
(Rocky         Nearshore         Chinook     (Secondary    Completed     Removal         $700,000 Removal      $700,000 Removal        $700,000 10/31/2020
Instream,      restore                       Cutthroat
Rivers/Strea   instream flow     Chinook     (Secondary    Conceptual                                                                             10/31/2013
Nearshore      eelgrass          Chum,                     Feasibility   survey,                  implementa
(Beaches),     restoration       Chinook,                  Pending       outreach,        $20,000 tion          $57,350 monitoring                12/31/2011
Nearshore      coastal wetland   Chum,                     Design                                 implementa
(Beaches),     and nearshore     Chinook,                  Completed     permitting       $15,000 tion          $45,000                           12/31/2010
Nearshore      1 acre salt                   Chum          Design
(Embayment     marsh restored    Chinook     (Secondary    Completed                                                                              10/31/2010
Nearshore      Activity Type -   Chum,       Coho          Feasibility
(Embayment     Estuarine &       Chinook,    (Secondary    Pending,      construction,   $750,000 monitoring    $25,000                           10/31/2011
Nearshore      nearshore                     Chum          Feasibility
(Beaches),     restoration       Chinook     (Secondary    Completed                                                                              10/31/2012
Nearshore      surf smelt        Chinook,                  Design        implementati             permitting
(Beaches)      habitat           Coho                      Completed     on              $106,000 and                     monitoring              12/31/2010
Nearshore      Activity Type -   Chum,       Bull Trout    Permitting
(Embayment     Estuarine &       Chinook,    (Secondary    Completed                                                                              12/31/2012
Riparian,      1 -2 culvert                  Cutthroat     Feasibility   Design/Perm              Design/Per            Constructio
Instream,      replacements      Coho        (Secondary    Pending       its             $100,000 mits or      $100,000 n              $200,000 10/31/2011
Nearshore      surf smelt                    Bull Trout    Design        design and               implementa
(Embayment     habitat           Chinook     (Secondary    Completed     permitting       $20,000 tion         $130,000                           12/31/2012
Nearshore                                    Cutthroat
(Embayment                     Chinook       (Secondary    Conceptual                                                                             12/31/2015
Riparian,      riparian stream Chum,         Chinook       Conceptual,
Instream,      restoration     Coho,         (Secondary    Land          Feasibility      $75,000 Design       $200,000 Permits         $50,000 12/31/2011
Instream   1340-2640 ft.         Coho        (Secondary    Conceptual    NA               NA            NA      NA        Labor         $40,000 10/31/2009
           Activity Type -                   Cutthroat                                                                    Contractor
Instream   Estuarine &           Coho        (Secondary    Conceptual    NA               NA            NA      NA        s,           $350,000 10/31/2015
Nearshore restore tidal          Chum,                     Feasibility
(Embayment flow                  Chinook,                  Pending                                                                                5/29/2014
Nearshore                        Chinook,    Pacific                                                                    constructio
(Embayment                       Sockeye     Herring, Orca Conceptual    Feasibility      $75,000 Design        $60,000 n              $375,000
Nearshore 1 bulkhead             Chum,                     Feasibility
(Embayment removed               Chinook,                  Pending                                                                                10/27/2011

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N/A          impacts            Chinook                  Conceptual
             Degraded                       Chinook      Feasibility
Instream     Habitat-           Cutthroat   (Secondary   Completed                                                        1/31/2009

                                Chinook                  Conceptual
'Nearshore   Create                         Chum                       analysis and
(Beaches),   modeling           Chinook     (Secondary   Conceptual    development     $160,000                             2/1/2011
Riparian,    flow protection    Chinook,                 Design
Instream,    and restoration    Coho,                    Completed                                                        6/30/2012
Riparian,    Activity Type -    Chum,                    Feasibility   Design/Feas
Instream,    Estuarine &        Coho,                    Pending       ibility         $150,462       NA   NA   NA   NA   12/31/2011
Nearshore                                                Design
(Beaches),   prey resources Chinook                      Completed                                                        9/30/2010
Nearshore    nearshore      Chum,                                      restoration
(Beaches),   restoration    Chinook,                                   prioritzation    $39,500                           12/31/2011
Nearshore                                   Coho         Design
(Beaches),   fish utilization   Chinook     (Secondary   Completed                                                        12/31/2012
Nearshore                       Chum,
(Beaches),   fish utilization   Chinook,                                                                                  12/31/2010
Nearshore    nearshore          Chum,                    Design        rerun model
(Beaches),   protection         Chinook,                 Completed     with new                                           1/1/2012
Nearshore    nearshore                      Cutthroat    Feasibility
(Beaches),   protection         Chinook     (Secondary   Completed                                                        12/31/2015
Nearshore                       Chum,
(Beaches),   protection         Chinook,                                                                                  12/31/2009
Nearshore    nearshore                                   Design
(Beaches)    protection         Chinook                  Completed                                                        12/31/2009
(Beaches),   protection         Chinook                  Completed                                                        12/31/2007
(Beaches)    protection         Chinook                  Completed                                                        9/1/2007
Upland,                         Chum,       Pacific
Nearshore                       Chinook,    Herring,     Conceptual                                                       12/31/2011
Nearshore                                   Chum
(Beaches),                      Chinook     (Secondary   Conceptual                                                       7/1/2012

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Upland,      upland and                    Cutthroat
Riparian,    nearshore         Chinook     (Secondary                                                                                          12/31/2010
Nearshore    nearshore                                  Design
(Beaches),   protecion         Chinook                  Completed                                                                              12/31/2015
             Activity Type -               Chinook      Feasibility
Instream     Riparian          Cutthroat   (Secondary   Pending                       $150,000
                                                                      GIS/Field work/Supplies                                                  6/30/2013
             water quality .
Upland       Upland            Cutthroat                Conceptual                                                                             12/31/2010
             water quality,                             Design
Upland       upland            Chinook                  Completed                                                                              12/31/2011
Nearshore    neearshore
(Beaches),   protection        Chinook                                                                                                         12/31/2014
Nearshore                                               Feasibility
(Beaches),   protection        Chinook                  Pending                                                                                12/31/2011
Nearshore    nearshore                     Chum         Inventory     mapping -
(Beaches),   protection        Chinook     (Secondary   Completed,    historic and    $60,000                                                  12/31/2010
Riparian,    nearshore                     Cutthroat
Nearshore    protection        Chinook     (Secondary                                                                                          12/31/2012
Upland,      nearshore                     Cutthroat    Design
Nearshore    protecion         Chinook     (Secondary   Completed                                                                              12/31/2016
Nearshore    nearshore                     Cutthroat    Design
(Beaches),   protection        Chinook     (Secondary   Completed                                                                              12/31/2020
Upland,      nearshore                     Cutthroat    Feasibility
Riparian,    protection        Chinook     (Secondary   Completed                                                                              12/31/2010
             upland and                    Cutthroat    Feasibility                              add'l white            add'l white
N/A          nearshore         Chinook     (Secondary   Completed                                papers         $24,250 papers         $24,250 12/31/2012

N/A          coordination      Chinook                  ongoing       ongoing        $102,000 ongoing          $105,000 ongoing       $108,000 12/31/2055
N/A          coordination      Chinook     Species),    Conceptual                    $10,000                   $10,000                        12/31/2012
                                                        Design        group                   group                     group
N/A          coordination      Chinook                  Completed     meetings,            $0 meetings,              $0 meetings,           $0 12/31/2012
N/A          coordination      Chinook     (Secondary   ongoing       ongoing         $10,000 ongoing           $11,000 ongoing        $12,000 12/31/2013
Nearshore    coordination      Chinook                  Conceptual                                                                             12/31/2016
Upland,                                    Cutthroat    Design
Nearshore                      Chinook     (Secondary   Completed                                                                              3/1/2012
Upland,                        Chum,       Pacific
Riparian,                      Chinook,    Herring,     Conceptual                                                                             12/31/2011

                                                                           Page 10
Nearshore   nearshore                                  Design
(Beaches)   protecion       Chinook                    Completed                                                                      5/1/2008
            nearshore                                  Design
N/A         protecion       Chinook                    Completed                                                                      12/31/2016
            upland and
Upland      nearshore       Chinook                    Conceptual                                                                     12/31/2016
            education,                                 Design
N/A         develop         Chinook                    Completed                                                                      12/31/2057
N/A         protecion       Chinook                    Conceptual                                                                     12/31/2019
            education,                  Cutthroat      Design
N/A         develop         Chinook     (Secondary     Completed                                                                      12/31/2016
            education,                  Cutthroat      Design
N/A         develop         Chinook     (Secondary     Completed                                                                      12/31/2016
Upland,     upland and                  Cutthroat      Design        course
Riparian,   nearshore       Chinook     (Secondary     Completed     complete                                                         12/31/2012
Upland,     upland and                  Cutthroat      Design
Riparian,   nearshore       Chinook     (Secondary     Completed                                                                      12/31/2019
Upland,     landowner       Chum,       Orca (Killer   Feasibility   implementin             implementi           implementi
Riparian,   technical       Chinook,    Whale), Bald   Pending       g BMPs          $60,000 ng BMPs      $61,000 ng BMPs      $62,000 12/31/2012
            instream flow
Instream    protection      Coho                       Conceptual
Instream    instream flow   Coho                       Conceptual
Upland,                     Chum,       Pacific
Riparian,                   Chinook,    Herring,       Monitoring                                                                     5/1/2012
           monitoring                                                                        assessmen            design
Upland     water quality,   Chinook                    Conceptual    n/a                   0 t/testing    $55,000 outreach     $35,000 12/31/2012
Nearshore monitoring                                   Design
(Embayment eelgrass         Chinook                    Completed                                                                      12/31/2010
Nearshore monitoring
(Beaches)  invasive         Chinook                                                                                                   12/31/2016
N/A        water column     Chinook                                                                                                   12/31/2014
Nearshore monitoring                                                 strategic              implementa            implement
(Beaches)  habitat, water   Chinook                                  plan             17500 tion                  ation               12/31/2011
Upland,                                 Surf Smelt,
Riparian,                   Chinook     Sand Lance     Conceptual                                                                     12/31/2012

Instream                    Cutthroat                  Conceptual                                                                     12/31/2015
N/A                         Coho,                      Conceptual                                                                     1/1/2010

                                                                           Page 11
Nearshore    sand lance    Chinook,   Chum         Feasibility
(Beaches)    spawning      Coho,      (Secondary   Pending                                      5/15/2013
(Beaches)    competition   Chinook                 Conceptual                                   12/31/2012
(Beaches),   competition   Chinook                 Conceptual                                   12/31/2012

                                                                     Page 12

                                                Source of
                                    Local share (PSAR,      HWS
                     Total Cost     or other    SRFB,       Project
Likely Sponsor       of Project     funding     other)      ID

Friends of the San
Juans                  $5,000,000                           29
San Juan County
Land Bank              $8,000,000                           89
San Juan County
Land Bank              $6,000,000                           88
Wild Fish
Conservancy                                                 112
San Juan                                        private
Preservation Trust      $351,500       $127,500 donations   09-1457
San Juan County
Land Bank              $1,164,000      $698,400 PSAR, SJC 07-1785
Wild Fish
Conservancy                                                 92

San Juan County
Land Bank              $1,301,774      $651,774 ALEA, SJC   27
Friends of the San
Juans                     $40,000                           101
Friends of the San
Juans                   $300,000                            108
San Juan County
Land Bank                 $34,936       $12,821 PSAR        07-1784
Friends of the San
Juans                     $30,000       $30,000 other       12
Friends of the San
Juans                   $116,000        $57,000 PSAR        07-1740
Friends of the San
Juans                     $55,000       $55,000 other       14

                                                                            Page 13
Friends of the San
Juans                 $101,550     $15,240 PSAR      09-1524
San Juan County
Public Works         $1,864,000                      111
People for Puget                           PSAR,
Sound                 $172,573     $25,900 SRFB      07-1649
NW Straits Marine
Cons Found           $2,500,000           SRFB,      07-1845

                      $275,000                       6
Friends of the San
Juans                  $77,350     $11,750 SRFB,     08-1936
Friends of the San
Juans                  $60,000      $8,069 SRFB,     07-1801
People for Puget
Sound                 $225,000                       7
San Juan County
Public Works          $800,000    $328,000 SRFB,     07-1539
Friends of the San
Juans                                                10
Friends of the San
Juans                 $106,000     $16,000 PSAR      07-1744
Skagit Fisheries                           PSAR,
Enhancement          $1,000,000   $130,000 SRFB, ECY 08-1927
Wild Fish
Conservancy           $400,000                       21
Friends of the San
Juans                 $150,000                       15

Michael Durland       $109,000                       104
San Juan Islands
Conservation          $325,000                       99
Wild Fish
Conservancy            $40,000                       19
Wild Fish
Conservancy           $350,000                       20

                      $350,000                       26

KWIAHT                $270,000                       86

                      $250,000                       25

                                                                    Page 14


San Juan County
Lead Entity, San
Juan County Marine            $0                    68
Wild Fish
Conservancy             $154,249    $34,856 SRFB    06-2282
San Juan County
Public Works                                        33

tbd                     $160,000    $24,000 PSAR    16
Washington Water
Trust                    $65,749    $15,540 PSAR    09-1604
Wild Fish
Conservancy             $150,462         $0 SRFB    08-1941

KWIAHT                   $87,870    $15,910 PSAR    07-1770
Friends of the San
Juans                    $96,500    $14,500 PSAR    08-1929
University of
Washington              $366,651    $68,815 PSAR    09-1601
Skagit River Sys
Cooperative, Skagit     $766,706    $115,881 PSAR   07-1863
Friends of the San
Juans                    $75,000                    103

San Juan Initiative     $200,000            CSF     97
Foundation - WA,        $502,000    $471,393 SRFB   06-2291
San Juan County
Marine Resources         $65,000    $65,000 NWSC    52
San Juan County
Lead Entity              $12,000    $12,000 ECY     47
Friends of the San
Juans                    $20,000    $20,000 ECY     35
Friends of the San
Juans                                               106
Friends of the San
Juans                   $100,000                    102

                                                                    Page 15
San Juan County
Community                   $0                        37

WA DNR                 $30,000      $30,000 DNR       98
Wild Fish                                   SRFB,
Conservancy           $176,500      $26,500 PSAR      09-1600
San Juan County
Community                   $0                        41
San Juan County
Community              $25,000                        82
Friends of the San
Juans                 $100,000                        39

WDFW                        $0                        40
Friends of the San                          PSAR,
Juans, San Juan       $150,000      $76,585 NWSC, PSP 09-1594
San Juan County
Community              $50,000                        93
San Juan County
Noxious Weed           $11,000                        56

San Juan Initiative    $35,000                        95
San Juan
Preservation Trust     $75,000                        96
San Juan County
Lead Entity            $48,500                        38

San Juan County                             RCO, NEP,
Lead Entity           $350,000     $150,000 PSAR      84
San Juan County                            NEP, PSAR,
Lead Entity            $20,000 in kind     LE         13
San Juan Islands
Conservation                $0 in kind                85
San Juan County
Lead Entity, San       $33,000      $16,500 LE, MRC   73
San Juan County
Marine Resources       $10,000             ECONet     77
Friends of the San
Juans                  $20,000                        105
Friends of the San
Juans                  $10,000                        107

                                                                      Page 16
Friends of the San
Juans                                      other     76

The Whale Museum        $3,000    $3,000             78

San Juan County
Marine Resources       $45,000   $45,000 NWSC        75

IOSA                                                 79
San Juan Nature
Institute               $1,000    $1,000             72
San Juan Nature
Institute               $1,000    $1,000             71
Friends of the San
Juans                   $6,000    $6,000             70

San Juan Initiative    $75,000                       94
San Juan Islands
Conservation          $245,000                       69

WA Water Trust        $120,000                       44

WA Water Trust         $50,000                       43
Friends of the San
Juans                  $10,000                       110

KWIAHT                $100,000                       50
Friends of the San
Juans                   $6,500    $6,500 Patagonia   51

                       $10,000   $10,000             57
Friends of the San
Juans                   $7,500                       59
San Juan County
Marine Resources       $25,000   $25,000 NWSC        46
Friends of the San
Juans                 $175,000                       109
Wild Fish
Conservancy            $80,000                       113

                      $100,000                       62

                                                                     Page 17

                 $250,000                   11

                  $30,000                   64
Long Live The
Kings             $30,000    $30,000 LLTK   65


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