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Graduation – Saturday, May 7, 2011
10:00 AM – Commencement at Assembly
   Commencement is the large ceremony where undergraduates
    from nursing and other academic units are recognized.
    Commencement is held in Assembly Hall. All nursing graduates
    sit with faculty and all nursing graduates are recognized as a
    group. Attire is cap, gown, tassel (specific color for nursing
    graduates) and the IU Sash.

   Commencement is open to your family and friends.

   Nursing students and faculty report and line up to march into
    commencement at 8:30 AM in the IU field house (next door to
    Assembly Hall). One member of your class will be selected by
    faculty to carry the School of Nursing banner.

   You can purchase Commencement Invitations when you order
    your cap, gown, tassel and IU sash (information in this packet).

   Commencement usually lasts about 90 minutes.

   No admission ticket is required.

   Parking is available at the Football Stadium/Assembly Hall
    parking lots

    12:00 N – 2:00 PM – Class of 2011 -
      Nursing Recognition Ceremony
   The Recognition Ceremony is held at the DeVault Alumni Center
    on 17th Street (across from Assembly Hall) immediately following

   Open to family and friends.

   Invitations and envelopes provided by the School of Nursing at
    no charge. These will be available ~ April 1, 2011 (we will notify
    you by email when they are ready).

   All nursing graduates are recognized individually in this program.

   There will be a guest speaker.

   The recognition ceremony lasts ~1 hour and is followed by a
    reception with light snacks and beverages

   Appropriate attire is also the cap, gown, tassel and IU sash.

   Students determine who will read their names at Recognition
    (this will be determined in April, 2011)

   Students will present a faculty award (The Lamplighter Award).
    More information will be provided in spring semester.

   Seating capacity is 400 people (additional guests may stand).

   Guests may park in the Assembly Hall/Football stadium parking

       Honors Designation and Honor Cords
                 For Graduation
The School of Nursing is permitted to award honors to 10% of the
graduating class (with 49 graduates we will be allowed to award
honors to 4 members of the Class of 2010).

Honors are determined based upon nursing course work only. Your
GPA is calculated based upon your nursing (NURS) course grades only
through Semester 7.

      Highest Distinction – 3.82 – 4.0
      High Distinction – 3.66 – 3.82

The students who will be awarded honors will be contacted by Dr.
Krothe prior to spring break, 2011. Honor cords (which are worn on
the graduation gown on the left shoulder) are given to those being
honored after April 15, 2011. The honor cords are provided by the
Indiana University Alumni Association.

                         Sigma Theta Tau

Graduates who have been inducted into Sigma Theta Tau will be
recognized at the Recognition Ceremony by Dr. Krothe. A purple
honor cord will be worn.

Eligible students will receive an invitation to Sigma Theta Tau in early
Spring, 2011.

                      Departmental Honors

Graduates who have completed the Nursing Honors program will also
be recognized by Dr. Krothe at the Recognition Ceremony. A gold
honor cord will be worn. These cords are provided by the School of

                   Class of 2011 Pictures
Chadon Photographers will be here to take photos on: TENTATIVE DATE:
Monday, January 31, 2011 from 4-8 PM in the Nursing Learning
Resource Center. These photos are a required part of your
graduation and licensure process.

You will need to sign up for an appointment for your photograph with Shirley
Hughes (you can call her at 812-855-6875 or email her at or stop by her office). Appointment registration
will begin on Monday January 10, 2011. The deadline for making an
appointment and paying for your pictures is Monday, January 24, 2011 at
4:30 PM.

Payment: Payment is required in advance. The fee for the photos will
be approximately $20.95, payable to: Chadon Photographers (either
check or money order are accepted). Please give your payment to Shirley
Hughes. Payment must be received in advance for you to be photographed.
All students must pay in full for the pictures for any students to be
processed. (Exact fees will be provided later in fall semester).

This fee covers the cost of your copy of the 8 ½ X 11 class group picture, and
three pictures (2” x 2”) of yourself (one to keep, one for your IU School of
Nursing file and one for your licensure application). You will have the
opportunity to order additional prints if you like. You will actually select your
picture for the Class of 2011 composite picture on the evening you are

January 31, 2011 - Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early for your
session. Ladies will have two options – either a black drape (just like the
photographs across from Shirley Hughes’ office) or a solid black V-neck
sweater or blouse. NOTE: If you select the drape, you will need to wear
attire that will allow you to be photographed in the black drape (tube top for
example). Men wear a white shirt and dark tie.

Because the pictures are being taken in the NLRC space is limited. We will
have a separate “prep” room from the area where photographs are being

You will need to fill out information on the computer (name, address, etc.) so
the photographer knows where you want pictures sent (these are the
package of pictures not required by the School of Nursing).

Pictures will be delivered to the School of Nursing. We will notify
you by email when the pictures are available (by April 1, 2011).

                Graduation Attire
         Graduation Fair – February, 2011
             Indiana Memorial Union
Seniors may rent a cap, gown and IU sash (cost will be approximately $60).
Tassels will cost ~$11.00. The color of the tassel for the School of Nursing is
apricot. Gowns/caps/IU Sash and tassels may be ordered at the Graduation
Center located at the Service Counter on the first floor of the IU Bookstore in
the Indiana Memorial Union Building or at the Grad Fair.

The Grad Fair is a 3-4 day fair held in the Indiana Memorial Union in the
Frangipani Room. Students can go there to order graduation attire. This
Grad Fair usually is held in February. (Dates and times for 2011 have
not yet been announced. We will notify you as soon as that
information is available).

                        Things you can do at the Grad Fair:

      Get measured for your gown and place your rental order for your gown, cap and sash
       and purchase your tassel.
      Check out the selection of diploma frames that will be on hand for purchase with
       additional options available for order.
      The IU ring is a symbol of academic achievement and something to be worn with
       pride. It represents the lifelong bond between a graduate and Indiana University. For
       information on ordering your ring, visit Herff-Jones.
      A Herff-Jones representative will be on hand to answer any questions about gowns,
       rings and commencement announcements.
      Choice souvenirs and keepsakes from the IU Bookstore collection will be assembled for
       your convenience.
      Order your commencement announcements, thank you notes, envelope seals and
       graduation keepsakes.

Caps/gowns/IU sashes and tassels can be picked up at the IU bookstore in
the week before graduation on May 7.

NOTE: the correct tassel color for the School of Nursing is an apricot color.
If you purchase your tassel at a location other than the IU Bookstore, you
may have a slightly different color tassel.

Pictures and additional information about caps/gowns at the Herff-Jones web

                      Nursing Pin Orders
You will be sent information about ordering nursing pins in January, 2010.
There are a variety of pins and options available. The price for a nursing pin
ranges from $25 - $100. They are available in gold, silver and gold tone.

pinning ceremony for graduates. Graduates do not receive their pin at the
Recognition Ceremony on May 7.

If you would like to purchase a pin as a keepsake, that is your option.

     Commencement Announcements and
There are numerous options for ordering formal announcements and
invitations including purchasing individual items or graduation
packages (these are announcements and invitations for the large
commencement ceremony in Assembly Hall on May 7 and not the
Recognition Ceremony Announcements which are provided at no
charge). These may be ordered at the Grad Fair.

   Recognition Ceremony Announcements
Recognition Ceremony Announcements and envelopes are provided by
the School of Nursing at no charge to the student.

Announcements and envelopes will be available beginning April 1,
2011 from Shirley Hughes, Sycamore Hall 439.

                       RN Licensure

1. You must apply for an RN license in the state where you plan to

2. Licensure requirements differ by state. The process for applying
   differs by state. The cost(s) of the licensure process differ from
   state to state.

3. Instructions for licensure in the state of Indiana follow. If you
   plan to apply for a license in a different state and need
   information on the process for that state, please contact Debbie
   Hrisomalos, Nursing Advisor at to
   schedule an appointment.

4. You need to be ready to submit your application in late March
   (for the State of Indiana and most other states). If you are
   applying for a license in another state, the timeframe may be
   different. Please contact Debbie Hrisomalos if you have
   questions about another state’s licensure process.

5. You must also register to take the NCLEX examination to be
   eligible for state licensure (see information below on the NCLEX

               Licensure Application in Indiana:

         Students must have official graduation picture taken at the
          date announced for the School of Nursing pictures.

         Pictures are sent by IUSON-Bloomington to IUPUI to have
          them stamped and signed. The student will be given one
          signed picture to attach to their application (you will sign
          this also) by April 1, 2011. (Debbie Hrisomalos will email
          you when the pictures are ready to pick up.

         IUSON will process a Certificate of Completion for ALL
          graduates and send these to IUPUI. (This document is
          part of the Indiana Licensure application).

     The Certificate of Completion will then be signed by Dr.
      Judith Halstead, sealed with the school seal and forwarded
      on to the Health Professions Bureau for the Indiana State
      Board of Nursing.

     This document verifies that you are eligible to sit for your
      state board examination. (These are not sent to IUPUI
      until all grades are in for Spring Semester – approximately
      May 20, 2011).

       Indiana Licensure Application

The application is NOT an online application. You must print it
                off and fill out the application.

     Type or print application

     Submit application after April 1, 2011.

     Include your photograph – follow instructions explicitly
      that are on the web site

     Fee: $50 (non refundable)

     Certificate of Completion – IUSON will take care of this for
      you if you are applying for licensure in Indiana (if you are
      applying for licensure in another state – see
      information below)

     Review all information on the Indiana State Board of
      Nursing website

     Result notification takes at least three weeks after the
      NCLEX examination is taken. Results are not given by
      telephone. New licenses can be verified online at:

NCLEX Candidate Application (National
     RN Licensure Examination)

    Follow the instructions in the NCLEX candidate bulletin
     found on the web site

    You register for the NCLEX exam online at:

     The correct code you must enter for the IU School of
     Nursing is: 48-597 (Indiana University – IUPUI- BS)

    Current fee: $200

    You should plan to register for the NCLEX examination
     during the month of April, 2011.

    At the end of May or in early June, you will be sent an
     Authorization to Test (ATT) in writing once your state
     nursing licensure application has been processed and

    NOTE: (the state application will not be processed
     and approved until after you graduate. Confirmation
     of successful graduation must be sent to the State
     Board of Nursing following graduation. This will
     occur no earlier than May 20, 2011).

    Once you receive the Authorization to Test (ATT), NCLEX
     must schedule you for your exam within 30 days. (Most
     students were able to take their exam in past years by the
     middle of June). The examination can be taken at any
     approved NCLEX testing site in any state.

   Licensure in a state other than Indiana
If you are planning to apply for licensure in a state other than Indiana,
you will need to go to the web site for the Board of Nursing for that
state and follow the instructions for applying for licensure in that state
(since all states have different requirements).

If you have questions or would like to review the requirements
together, contact me by email to arrange an appointment. The best
way to schedule an appointment is to contact me by email and give
me times that are good for you to meet in the week following your
email. I can then get back to you with an appointment time.

Please don’t wait until the last minute to start this research. Some
states have requirements that can take several weeks to complete. I
would definitely suggest that you start this research and that
we meet before spring break.

Debbie Hrisomalos, Nursing Advisor

              Intent to Graduate Forms

The School will provide Intent to Graduate Forms for you to complete
in November. Each School has their own schedule of when the forms
are completed.


If you are planning on obtaining a minor, you must file the intent to
complete a minor in the school offering the minor. They will then
notify Shirley Wines in the School of Nursing that you have declared a
minor. This is the ONLY way a minor will be awarded on your official
IU transcript and diploma.


At commencement, you will receive a blank degree cover. Your actual
official IU diploma will be sent to you by mail by the middle of June,


In your course NURS S485 – Professional Growth and Empowerment,
you prepare a portfolio and resume. If you have questions about
resumes and would like some additional resource information, please
contact Debbie Hrisomalos.

         Job Search/Residency Programs

The School of Nursing does not have a formal job placement service.
If you have questions about your job search or Graduate Nursing
Residency program, we would be glad to provide information and
assistance. Please contact Debbie Hrisomalos, Nursing Advisor, if you would like to make an appointment.

                        Graduate School

If you are interested in discussing graduate nursing programs (or
specifically the IU School of Nursing Graduate programs), please
contact Debbie Hrisomalos to make an appointment

         Making an Advising Appointment

If you would like to make an appointment with Debbie Hrisomalos,
please send an email with times you are available for the next week.
Debbie will then email you back with an appointment time.

Rev. 9/28/2010 – D. Hrisomalos, S. Hughes, S. Wines


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