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									                                                                                                     BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT,
Food and Beverage Management/Service                                                                MARKETING & TECHNOLOGY

Food and beverage management/service can be described as the art and business of managing
and providing food services of all types for public and private institutions, agencies, and eating
establishments. It includes the study of techniques in hospitality, hotel and restaurant
maintenance, facilities, food purchasing and cost, food preparation and service, and front office
operations. Other areas of focus are marketing, sanitation and safety, menu and nutrition,
catering, and financial record-keeping.

                                     Related Majors
     Bookkeeping--Culinary Arts--Customer & Personal Services--Food Service--Home
  Economics Hotel/Motel Management--Hospitality Management--Marketing & Tourism
 Management--Nutrition--Pastry Arts--Restaurant Management--Senior Services Management

                                                High School Courses
                                                 Foods Food Service
                                            Cooking       Home Economics
                                             Health Business Management
                                                 Bookkeeping Sales
                                              Speech         Psychology

                                         Related Occupations
                                Assistant Restaurant Manager—-AA/V
                       Banquet Manager—-AA/V Cafeteria Manager—-AA/V
                                      Chef—-AA/V Dietitian—-B
                         Dining Room Attendant—-V Director of Recipe—-V
                         Executive Housekeeper—-B Fast Food Worker—-V
                  Food and Beverage Director—-V       Food Production Manager—-V
                      Food Service Manager—-V/B            Home Economist—-B
                           Host/Hostess—V        Hotel/Motel Manager—-B
                         Maitre d’Hotel—-V Merchandising Supervisor—-V
                             Nutritionist—-B        Purchasing Agent—-B
                  Restaurant Manager—-AA/B Sanitation/Maintenance Worker—-AA
                       Steward/Stewardess—-V         Storeroom Supervisor—-V

C=Certificate (usually requires 1 yr. or less of study; could be pre/post HS or college) AA= Associates Degree (usually equivalent to 2
full yrs. of study beyond HS) B=Bachelor’s Degree (usually equivalent to 4 or more yrs. of study beyond HS)          M=Master’s Degree
   (usually equivalent to 1-2 full yrs. of study beyond a Bachelor’s)    D=Doctoral Degree (usually equivalent to 3-5 full yrs. of study
    beyond a Bachelor’s) P=First Professional Degree (post-Bachelor’s training/study varies; may require up to 6 or more yrs. of
combined study/interning & residency for some medical majors)   V=Training/study varies greatly, is often technical and may require
                                                       an apprenticeship)

                                        Leisure Activities
Joining an organization such as the National Restaurant Association; working part-time or as a
volunteer in a restaurant or hotel; planning or organizing community events that involve eating
 and/or serving; engaging in your own part-time food business endeavor; helping to organize,
 plan, and implement church or school picnics; reading publications related to food service or
management; working part-time as a store cashier or manager; attending workshops, lectures, or
                    conferences related to food service; hosting social events.


                          Ability to solve problems and make appropriate decisions

                                           Aptitude for accuracy and detail

                          Ability to follow directions and read and interpret menus

            Ability to work under pressure, maintain composure, and react spontaneously

                                   Ability to organize and coordinate activities

                                   Proficiency in interpersonal communication

                                  Ability to accept public scrutiny and criticism

               Ability to interact with people of different backgrounds and personalities

                                                 Good health and vision

                                           Ability to work well with others

                     Good motor skills, manual dexterity, and eye-hand coordination

                      Familiarity with laws related to alcoholic beverages and minors

                                         Values and Attributes
                                Recognition and appreciation from others
                                           Desire to help others
                                     Pleasant and friendly personality
                                     Desire to serve and please others
                      Willingness to work long and irregular hours and on weekends
                                Sensitivity, poise, and integrity


                                American Culinary Federation

                                     10 San Bartola Drive

                                   St. Augustine, FL 32086

(sponsors an apprenticeship program, provides information about certification and accreditation
                       which includes how to become a Certified Chef)

                             American Personal Chef Association
       (commited to training and supporting those interested in starting a Chef business)

                               National Restaurant Association

                                    1200 17th Street, NW

                                    Washington, DC 20036

(offers information about scholarships, career assistance, training and student membership…See
                                  Careers and Education link)

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