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                                            The members of each team should meet as
                                            ways to communicate with each other, estab
      1                          2          conducting meetings and inspections, criteri
    raghav                  CodingUpStyle   Use Case bases, diagrams, code, test case
   QWERTY                     HYY948        determine each other's strengths and weakn
    α0001                       BBBB        the latter. It should develop formal template
 thecubhaters                   3843        inspections and mechanisms for tracing req
   V ROCK                   SmilingFaces    and back, and for configuration and quality c
                                            maintain information on the process quality
                                            The team's goal is to create a software engi
 NOTE: IF YOUR ID DOES NOT APPEAR           in the Capability Maturity Model scale.
       INSTRUCTOR IMMEDIATELY.              The team should prepare to carry out a softw
                                            the USDP's iterative, incremental process w
                                            activities into 1-week-long periods. At the b
                                            document a set of goals and ranked risks fo
                                            the risks. After the first period, the period pl
      3                          4          the accomplishment of the previous goals a
does not exist              Mark Twain      The team will submit a formal Notebook at t
                            Shrikrishna     its work. The Instructor will establish the ter
                                AZ          well as the date the project must be comple
                          Noam Chomsky      the Instructor will schedule the team to mak
                          IGNITEDMIND       product and defend its execution of its proce
                                            last class period. On the due date of the Pr
                                            Notebook, covering the entire project, that c
                                            during the Project. Each team member will
                                            his/her work throughout the Project and sub
each team should meet as soon as possible to establish
 cate with each other, establish (in writing) processes for
ngs and inspections, criteria for documenting requirements,
  diagrams, code, test cases and reports. The team should
 ther's strengths and weaknesses and plan ways to reduce
 ld develop formal templates for reporting the results of
mechanisms for tracing requirements through to test results.
  configuration and quality control. It should collect and
 ion on the process quality for use in process improvement.
s to create a software engineering process that is Level 5
Maturity Model scale.

 prepare to carry out a software developmen project following
  ve, incremental process with UML. It must time-box its
eek-long periods. At the beginning of each period, it must
 f goals and ranked risks for the period, and ways to reduce
 e first period, the period plan must include an evaluation of
ent of the previous goals and the resolution of those risks.
 mit a formal Notebook at the end of each period concerning
  ructor will establish the termination dates of each period as
he project must be completed. Near the end of the Project,
 schedule the team to make a live demonstration of its
nd its execution of its process. This may occur prior to the
   On the due date of the Project, the team will submit a Final
ng the entire project, that contains all artifacts produced
  . Each team member will maintain a Personal Notebook of
ughout the Project and submit it on the Project's due date.

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