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									                                                                                               Grade 7
                                                                                        English Language Arts
                                                                                            First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill              Student Expectation                    Clarification                  Performance Descriptor                             Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.01A The student listens actively       A. determine the purposes        political speech, primary          After listening to a presentation,      Share with students varied short
                      and purposefully in a variety     for listening such as to gain    sources, announcement              the student will explain its purpose.   selections of different types of literature
                      of settings.                      information, to solve            (media), drama, radio talk         The student will list and explain       to determine reader's purpose for
                                                        problems, or to enjoy and        format                             some purposes for listening.            reading
                                                        appreciate (4-8);

1             07.01B    The student listens actively    B. eliminate barriers to         Remove extra noises, eye           Teacher will observe student            Draw a picture of personal study area or
                        and purposefully in a variety   effective listening (4- 8);      contact Location                   behavior during a listening activity.   draw a picture of a good study area and
                        of settings.                                                                                        The student will write the main         a bad study area. Can also have kids
                                                                                                                            idea and support it.                    create posters to promote reading.

1             07.01C    The student listens actively    C. understand the major          establish main purpose of          After listening to a spoken             Use famous speeches and have
                        and purposefully in a variety   ideas and supporting             speech; listen for support         message, the student will choose        students create outlines, graphic
                        of settings.                    evidence in spoken               details                            the main idea from four choices.        organizers. Organizing notes during
                                                        messages (4-8); and                                                 The student will identify the           class--teach shorthand techniques and
                                                                                                                            strongest supporting detail for a       abbreviations
                                                                                                                            given main idea taken from a
                                                                                                                            spoken message.

1             07.01D    The student listens actively    D. listen to learn by taking     Oral note taking; Webbing;         The student will create an outline,     Listen to guest speaker on given topic,
                        and purposefully in a variety   notes, organizing, and           Listen for key words; Listen to    graphic organizer, or other visual      taking notes to use in persuasive paper
                        of settings.                    summarizing spoken ideas         content area material in Texas     interpretation of a spoken              or letter; take notes on peer's
                                                        (6-8).                           history and science, make lists,   message. The student will write a       presentations or performances, rating
                                                                                         outline                            paragraph summary of a spoken           them and listing one pro and con of the
                                                                                                                            message                                 presentation

1             07.03A    The student listens, enjoys,    A. listen to proficient, fluent List locally accessible works       Using a checklist of behaviors and Use CDs that come with textbooks.
                        and appreciates spoken          models of oral reading,         here                                selections, teacher will observe
                        language.                       including selections from                                           students.
                                                        classic and contemporary
                                                        works (4-8);

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                                                                                              Grade 7
                                                                                       English Language Arts
                                                                                           First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill              Student Expectation                   Clarification                 Performance Descriptor                           Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.04A The student listens, enjoys,       A. connect his/her own          Relate to elements of culture      Student will participate in a graded class discussion over reading
                      and appreciates spoken            experiences, information,       including government ways of       discussion following an oral         selections; get to know you activities
                      language.                         insights, and ideas with the    work, leisure activities, homes,   presentation or reading. Rubric
                                                        experiences of others           traditions, religions,             Needed. The student will share
                                                        through speaking and            celebrations, values, and          cultural insights or ideas following
                                                        listening (4-8);                foods.                             an oral presentation or reading.
                                                                                                                           The student will tell both what
                                                                                                                           he/she found in common

1             07.05A   The student speaks clearly       A. adapt spoken language        Audience to include                Given a scenario, the student will    discuss formal versus informal
                       and appropriately to different   such as word choice,            classmates, younger children,      speak for a particular audience,      language registers (how do you speak
                       audiences for different          diction, and usage to the       Purpose to include inform,         purpose, occasion, adapting           to your principal, parents, teachers,
                       purposes and occasions.          audience, purpose, and          persuade, entertain; occasion      his/her word choice, diction, and     friends); refer to Ruby Payne's book
                                                        occasion (4-8);                 to include elections, health or    usage. Rubric Needed. Teacher         Understanding Children in Poverty .
                                                                                        content information, children's    will observe student in speaking
                                                                                        party or daycare situation         situations such as a class or group

1             07.05E   The student speaks clearly       E. use effective rate,       Audiences to include younger          Student will make a presentation     have students create posters to
                       and appropriately to different   volume, pitch, and tone for children, authority figures,           using effective rate, volume, pitch, describe guidelines for being a speaker
                       audiences for different          the audience and setting (4- peers                                 and tone for the chosen audience and being part of an audience
                       purposes and occasions.          8); and                                                            and setting. Rubric needed

1             07.06A   The student uses a variety of A. apply knowledge of letter- Review blends, contextual               Student will identify the meaning of No explaination needed.
                       word recognition strategies. sound correspondences,         clues tips, words related to            a word in context in a passage.
                                                     language structure, and       subject                                 Student will read aloud. The
                                                     context to recognize words                                            teacher will administer a reading
                                                     (4-8);                                                                assessment and note type of

1             07.06C   The student uses a variety of C. locate the meanings,            no clarification needed            Using appropriate sources, student dictionary scavenger hunts and drills;
                       word recognition strategies. pronunciations, and                                                    will write meanings of relevant      personal new word dictionaries.
                                                     derivations of unfamiliar                                             words found in content or literature
                                                     words using dictionaries,                                             . Given a dictionary entry, student
                                                     glossaries, and other                                                 will be able to match definition to
                                                     sources (4-8).                                                        use of word in context. Given a
                                                                                                                           sample definition from a resource,
                                                                                                                           the student

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                                                                                                 Grade 7
                                                                                          English Language Arts
                                                                                              First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill                 Student Expectation                      Clarification                 Performance Descriptor                       Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.07A The student reads with               A. read regularly in                Easily comprehend text on         Student will read assigned          Daily or weekly SSR, time and reading
                      fluency and understanding in        independent-level materials         grade level; Reads orally in a    independent- level materials.       logs, DEAR, etc.
                      texts at appropriate difficulty     (texts in which no more than        comfortable setting; student      Student will read self-selected
                      levels.                             approximately 1 in 20 words         self-selects material which can   independent-level materials.
                                                          is difficult for the reader) (7);   be read with fluency such as      Student will read aloud fluently
                                                                                              fiction, age appropriate          from independent-level materials.
                                                                                              periodicals, expository text of   Checklist or rubric needed.
1             07.07B    The student reads with            B. read regularly in                Comprehend history and            Students will read assigned         Daily or weekly SSR, time and reading
                        fluency and understanding in      instructional-level materials       science text at grade level;      instructional-level materials.      logs, DEAR, etc.
                        texts at appropriate difficulty   that are challenging but            Oral reading to class or group    Student will read aloud from
                        levels.                           manageable (texts in which          or one on one. Student will       instructional-level materials.
                                                          no more than approximately          also comprehend self-selected     Checklist or rubric needed.
                                                          1 in 10 words is difficult for      higher level texts of interest
                                                          the reader) (7);                    such as novels and poems.

1             07.07C    The student reads with          C. adjust reading rate                Fiction, content reading, oral    Student will read aloud for various Daily or weekly SSR, time and reading
                        fluency and understanding in based on purposes for                    reading, reading to a younger     purposes. Teacher will question     logs, DEAR, etc.
                        texts at appropriate difficulty reading (4-8);                        child, exam reading to gain       student about his/her strategies
                        levels.                                                               general information , to learn    with different kinds of reading.
                                                                                              details in depth for enjoyment.   Student will explain why and how
                                                                                                                                he/she would adjust the reading
                                                                                                                                rate in three different reading
1             07.07D    The student reads with            D. read aloud in selected           no clarification needed           Students will read stories, poems, Daily or weekly SSR, time and reading
                        fluency and understanding in      texts in ways that both                                               and plays using techniques to         logs, DEAR, etc.
                        texts at appropriate difficulty   reflect understanding of the                                          show understanding and to capture
                        levels.                           text and engage the                                                   the attention of the audience.
                                                          listeners (4-8); and                                                  Students will participate in readers’
                                                                                                                                theater using techniques to show
                                                                                                                                understanding and to capture the
                                                                                                                                attention of the aud

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                                                                                           Grade 7
                                                                                    English Language Arts
                                                                                        First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill             Student Expectation                 Clarification              Performance Descriptor                         Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.07E The student reads with           E. read silently with          no clarification needed        Teacher will observe behavior of      Daily or weekly SSR, time and reading
                      fluency and understanding in increasing ease for longer                                       student during silent reading and     logs, DEAR, etc.
                      texts at appropriate difficulty periods (4-8).                                                tracks the time for each session.
                      levels.                                                                                       Teacher will notate types of print
                                                                                                                    easier to read.
1             07.08B   The student reads widely for   B. select varied sources       Using the Gale database      Student will maintain an annotated use a variety of sources (play, poetry,
                       different purposes in varied   such as plays, anthologies,    (newspapers, electronic      reading log by category.           novel, short stories, etc.) to create a
                       sources.                       novels, textbooks, poetry,     textbooks) and Britannica                                       thematic unit
                                                      newspapers, manuals, and       School Online 700-1000 words
                                                      electronic texts when
                                                      reading for information or
                                                      pleasure (6- 8);

1             07.08C   The student reads widely for   C. read for varied purposes 700-1000 words                    Student will recognize different      Read selections from the same author
                       different purposes in varied   such as to be informed, to                                    purposes for reading. Student will    such as Langston Hughes, EA Poe,
                       sources.                       be entertained, to appreciate                                 explain three purposes for reading.   Gary Soto, O. Henry, Ray Bradbury,
                                                      the writer's craft, and to                                    Given a section of an annotated       etc. to examine consistencies in
                                                      discover models for his/her                                   bibliography, student will choose a   author's style.
                                                      own writing (4-8); and                                        selection to read for a given

1             07.09A   The student acquires an      A. develop vocabulary by         including terms not commonly   After listening to oral reading, the have students create word walls or
                       extensive vocabulary through listening to selections read     used by students of this age   student will recognize the correct class dictionary of unfamiliar words.
                       reading and systematic word aloud (4-8);                                                     meaning of a word in context. The
                       study.                                                                                       student will write approximate
                                                                                                                    definition for five unfamiliar words
                                                                                                                    he listed during oral reading or
                                                                                                                    choose from multiple choice. The
                                                                                                                    student can re

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                                                                                             Grade 7
                                                                                      English Language Arts
                                                                                          First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill                Student Expectation                Clarification            Performance Descriptor                            Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.09D The student acquires an              D. determine meanings of see 6.B for possible affixes      Student will recognize correct        Study common word parts and their use
              RObj1   extensive vocabulary through        derivatives by applying                                    meanings of common root words         in other subjects (such as science,
                      reading and systematic word         knowledge of the meanings                                  and affixes. Student will create a    math, etc.)
                      study.                              of root words such as like,                                graphic organizer which will allow
                                                          pay, or happy and affixes                                  the interchange of common roots
                                                          such as dis-, pre-, or un- (4-                             and affixes. Student will use a
                                                          8);                                                        given list of common roots and
                                                                                                                     affixes to create new words

1             07.09G   The student acquires an            G. use word origins as an    Product names: Aqua (water)   Student will trace the origin of a    Book and series of videos (available in
                       extensive vocabulary through       aid to understanding         drink                         word used in a reading selection      libraries or IRC) such as History of the
                       reading and systematic word        historical influences on                                   through word study and dictionary     English Language. Can discuss
                       study.                             English word meanings (6-                                  use..                                 universal cognates that are similar in all
                                                          8).                                                                                              languages such as mama or no.

1             07.10A   The student uses a variety of A. use his/her own                student can make connections Before reading a                    KWL chart (what you know, what you
                       strategies to comprehend a knowledge and experience             from what is known           passage/story/book on a given       want to know, what you learned)
                       wide range of texts of           to comprehend (4-8);                                        subject (Native Americans, the
                       increasing levels of difficulty.                                                             Alamo, etc.) the student will list
                                                                                                                    what he knows about the subject.
                                                                                                                    Student will state whether or not a
                                                                                                                    reading selection relates to
                                                                                                                    personal experiences and explain

1             07.10B   The student uses a variety of      B. establish and adjust      no clarification needed       For a given period of time, student   Share with students varied short
                       strategies to comprehend a         purposes for reading such                                  will maintain a reading log           selections of different types of literature
                       wide range of texts of             as reading to find out, to                                 including purposes for reading.       to determine reader's purpose for
                       increasing levels of difficulty.   understand, to interpret, to                               Student will choose the purpose of    reading
                                                          enjoy, and to solve problems                               selected reading passages.
                                                          (4-8);                                                     Student will be able to explain how
                                                                                                                     his reading of a piece changes as
                                                                                                                     he proceeds.

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                                                                                              Grade 7
                                                                                       English Language Arts
                                                                                           First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill              Student Expectation                    Clarification                  Performance Descriptor                          Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.10D The student uses a variety of D. describe mental images            From historical fiction or letters   Student will create a visual      Comic strips of stories or novels read;
                      strategies to comprehend a that text descriptions evoke           (Texas history) from                 representation of an image evoked quick draw during listening of story;
                      wide range of texts of           (4-8);                           descriptive language                 by a given passage. Student will painting interpretation of story
                      increasing levels of difficulty.                                  describing characters or             describe an image evoked by a
                                                                                        setting, from poems or song          given passage and give examples
                                                                                        lyrics                               of words/phrases that created the

1             07.10E   The student uses a variety of      E. use the text's structure or no clarification needed             Student will recognize causes and plot triangles, timelines, flow charts,
              RObj3    strategies to comprehend a         progression of ideas such as                                       their effects on the information    story maps, dioramas, plot charts, etc.
                       wide range of texts of             cause and effect or                                                given in an expository passage.
                       increasing levels of difficulty.   chronology to locate and                                           Student will recognize the
                                                          recall information (4-8);                                          chronology of the information given
                                                                                                                             in a narrative passage. Various
                                                                                                                             plot structures should be used
                                                                                                                             including exposition, rising a

1             07.10K   The student uses a variety of      K. answer different types       See TAKS format                    Student will recognize answers to teacher generated questions at a variety
                       strategies to comprehend a         and levels of questions such                                       literal and interpretative questions of levels using the 6 cognitive levels
                       wide range of texts of             as open-ended, literal, and                                        about appropriate reading
                       increasing levels of difficulty.   interpretative as well as test-                                    selections. Student will identify
                                                          like questions such as                                             whether statements about a
                                                          multiple choice, true-false,                                       passage are true or false. Student
                                                          and short answer (4-8);                                            will write a five-sentence response
                                                                                                                             to a literal prompt about

1             07.10M   The student uses a variety of      M. use study strategies to    SQRRR, DRTA, KWL,                    Student will be able to complete     KWL charts, organization of binders,
                       strategies to comprehend a         learn and recall important    scanning, skimming, graphic          missing information in a partially   plot graphs, etc.
                       wide range of texts of             ideas from texts such as      organizers, logs, visualizing,       completed organizer or outline.
                       increasing levels of difficulty.   preview, question, reread,    etc.                                 Student will write a reflection
                                                          and record (6-8).                                                  explaining strategies used to gain
                                                                                                                             information from a given
                                                                                                                             challenging text.

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                                                                                        Grade 7
                                                                                 English Language Arts
                                                                                     First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill          Student Expectation                     Clarification            Performance Descriptor                              Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.12A The student analyzes the       A. identify the purposes of texts should be functional,        Student will identify the main        read selections to determine author's
              RObj3   characteristics of various    different types of texts such authentic, and literary          purpose of a given text . Student     purpose
                      types of texts (genres).      as to inform, influence,                                       will identify a possible purpose of a
                                                    express, or entertain (4-8);                                   text and justify that purpose based
                                                                                                                   on title, knowledge of author, and
                                                                                                                   skimming/scanning of text
                                                                                                                   features. Student will justify
                                                                                                                   response. Student will i

1             07.12F   The student analyzes the     F. analyze characters,           such as courageous, greedy,   Student will web character traits        "Fleshing out the character" from New
              RObj2    characteristics of various   including their traits,          ambitious, open to peer       with supporting actions or create        Jersey Reading; collage, bubble maps,
                       types of texts (genres).     motivations, conflicts, points   pressure, leader, caring,     graphic organizers. Student will         character scrapbooks, character
                                                    of view, relationships, and      sympathetic, frustrated,      create questions to interview a          suitcases, venn diagrams, etc.
                                                    changes they undergo (4-         argumentative, etc.           character from a selection read.
                                                    8);                                                            Student will identify traits,
                                                                                                                   motivation, conflicts, points of
                                                                                                                   view, relationships, and

1             07.12G   The student analyzes the     G. recognize and analyze         (exposition, rising action,   Student will recognize plot, setting     plot triangles--create "conflict ribbons"
              RObj2    characteristics of various   story plot, setting, and         climax, falling action,       and problem resolution in a given        or mobiles describing conflicts from the
                       types of texts (genres).     problem resolution (4-8);        resolution)                   short story. Student will create a       story and writing the conflicts on
                                                                                                                   plot triangle of a given short story.    symbols representing each conflict--
                                                                                                                                                            hang from ceiling or display in

1             07.12J   The student analyzes the     J. recognize and interpret       no clarification needed       Student will identify literary devices   use with short stories in literature book
              RObj2    characteristics of various   literary devices such as                                       such as flashback, foreshadowing,        (see guideline charts in book for a
                       types of texts (genres).     flashback, foreshadowing,                                      and symbolism in given selections.       listing of stories and their literary
                                                    and symbolism (6- 8); and                                      Student will locate examples of          devices)
                                                                                                                   literary devices in given selections
                                                                                                                   and explain how they add to its

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                                                                                             Grade 7
                                                                                      English Language Arts
                                                                                          First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill              Student Expectation                   Clarification                    Performance Descriptor                            Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.13B The student inquires and           B. use text organizers,        in such works as textbooks,            Student will locate information in     teach and model use with children's
                      conducts research using a         including headings, graphic    reference aids, internet               text using headings, graphic           books (picture books, etc.) and then
                      variety of sources.               features, and tables of                                               features, and tables of contents       practice with their own text books, short
                                                        contents, to locate and                                               (scavenger hunt?). Student will        stories, etc. Also use book drills,
                                                        organize information (4-8);                                           find answers to research questions     scavenger hunts, etc. for information
                                                                                                                              by locating information. Student       finding.
                                                                                                                              will recognize correct answers to
                                                                                                                              questions about given

1             07.15E    The student writes for a        E. select and use voice and comical, formal, colloquial,              Student will write to argue a point    letter writing to editor of newspaper or
              WObj1     variety of audiences and        style appropriate to        demanding, etc.                           based on a given subject, using an     real person about a given topic; living
                        purposes, and in a variety of   audience and purpose (6-8);                                           appropriate voice and style for a      books (children's books rewritten, with
                        forms.                                                                                                given audience (e.g., the principal,   animation, in power point, and shared
                                                                                                                              a parent, newspaper, a peer).          with children). Use persuasive language
                                                                                                                              Student will compose a story for a     in letters, etc. Also, use internet to
                                                                                                                              child using an appropriate voice       evaluation websites for credibility based
                                                                                                                              and style for                          on webmaster's use of language (Use
                                                                                                                                                                     English textbook pg. 500-503 on
                                                                                                                                                                     evaluating print and media resources)

1             07.16A    j2                              A. write legibly by selecting no clarification needed                 Student will consult electronic     contect clues strategies as needed
              WObj1                                     cursive or manuscript as                                              sources, dictionaries and other     during reading class.
                                                        appropriate (4-8);                                                    sources to identify correct
                                                                                                                              spellings. Write with accurate
                                                                                                                              spelling of syllable constructions,
                                                                                                                              including closed, open, consonant
                                                                                                                              before -le, and syllable boundary
1             07.16C The student composes          C. spell derivatives correctly      Greek: bio, gram, graph, phon,         Student will change part of speech Study common word parts and their use
              WObj2 & original texts, applying the by applying the spellings of        photo, scop, therm; Latin: aud,        of a word in context by adding          in other subjects (such as science,
              6       conventions of written       bases and affixes (7-8);            cred, dict, man, mob, rupt,            correctly spelled affixes. Student math, etc.)
                      language such as                                                 spec, Prefix: re-, en-, pre-,          will spell derivatives correctly in the
                      capitalization, punctuation,                                     semi-, im-, in-, ir-, bi- Suffix: -    final draft of an assigned
                      handwriting, penmanship,                                         able, -ment, -ic, -ly, -ion, -ity, -   paragraph or multi-paragraph
                      and spelling to communicate                                      al, -er, -or.                          essay. Student will recognize
                      clearly.                                                                                                correctly spelled derivati

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                                                                                            Grade 7
                                                                                     English Language Arts
                                                                                         First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill             Student Expectation                  Clarification                   Performance Descriptor                             Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.16D The student composes              D. spell frequently             (their, they’re, there; to, two,   Student will identify correct            "No Excuses" word wall with frequently
              WObj2 & original texts, applying the     misspelled words correctly     too; your, you’re; etc.) and        spellings of frequently misspelled       misspelled words or "Dead Words" wall
              6       conventions of written           such as their, they're, and    other frequently misspelled         words in a piece of writing. Student     with words that are boring, or
                      language such as                 there (7-8);                   words by the class as listed on     will correctly spell troublesome         alphanumeric instant messanging words
                      capitalization, punctuation,                                    a word wall.                        words in the final draft of an
                      handwriting, penmanship,                                                                            assigned paragraph or multi-
                      and spelling to communicate                                                                         paragraph essay.
1             07.16E    The student composes         E. use resources to find          spell check, dictionary, word Student will consult electronic               Give definition on overhead to find
              WObj2     original texts, applying the correct spellings (4- 8);        book, word wall, personal word sources, dictionaries and other               correct word in dictionary; Scavenger
                        conventions of written                                        list                           sources to identify correct                   hunt; Use following website:
                        language such as                                                                             spellings.                          
                        capitalization, punctuation,                                                                                                               click on Mrs. Collazo's website, Pre-AP,
                        handwriting, penmanship,                                                                                                                   extra copies, grammar songs, etc.
                        and spelling to communicate
1             07.16F  The student composes         F. spell accurately in final       no clarification needed             Student will spell accurately in final   Peer editing--teach them to proofread
              WObj2 & original texts, applying the drafts (4-8); and                                                      drafts of short and long                 spelling by reading the paper backwards
              6       conventions of written                                                                              compositions by revising and             from the end to the beginning. Use
                      language such as                                                                                    editing.                                 dictionary as resource.
                      capitalization, punctuation,
                      handwriting, penmanship,
                      and spelling to communicate
1             07.16G    The student composes           G. understand the influence    Create a list of common             Student will trace the etymology of      Influence of other languages on spelling-
                        original texts, applying the   of other languages and         borrowed words: Examples:           given words that show the                -teach student with affixes and roots
                        conventions of written         cultures on the spelling of    French: bullet, beret, buffet,      influence of other languages and         since many of these come from
                        language such as               English words (6-8).           mirage, region, energy, vague;      cultures. Student will recognize         Spanish, Italian, and French (Latin
                        capitalization, punctuation,                                  Dutch: cookie, snoop, hook,         the spellings of words influenced        Roots)
                        handwriting, penmanship,                                      caboose; Spanish: taco,             by other languages and cultures in
                        and spelling to communicate                                   tornado, rodeo, bronco; Italian:    a given text.
                        clearly.                                                      spaghetti, macaroni, ravioli

      BISD                                                                                        4/13/2011                                                                                             Page 9
                                                                                             Grade 7
                                                                                      English Language Arts
                                                                                          First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA     Knowledge and Skill        Student Expectation                  Clarification                          Performance Descriptor                           Activities
    Period       KS
1             07.17E The student applies standard E. use prepositional         no clarification needed                      Student will recognize correct use Students can illustrate prepositions to
              WObj2 & grammar and usage to        phrases to elaborate written                                              of prepositional phrases in         help remember that they show location
              4       communicate clearly and     ideas (4-8);                                                              sentences in a given piece of       in time or place.
                      effectively in writing.                                                                               writing. Student will correctly use
                                                                                                                            prepositional phrases to elaborate
                                                                                                                            his/her ideas in writing (any
1             07.18A    The student selects and uses A. generate ideas and plans To generate topics, generate               Student will create a brainstorming    Use journal responses to high interest
                        writing processes for self-     for writing by using          details, organize for writing         list to generate ideas. Student will   prompts as prewrites. Use journal
                        initiated and assigned writing. prewriting strategies such as                                       create a graphic organizer such as     writings as ideas when stuck in writing.
                                                        brainstorming, graphic                                              an outline or web to organize ideas    Also write responses to music,
                                                        organizers, notes, and logs                                         into a plan. Student will review       commercials, ads, etc. Also cut
                                                        (4-8);                                                              and organize ideas from journals,      sentences from a familiar story into
                                                                                                                            notes, and logs.                       sentence strips to arrange in logical
                                                                                                                                                                   order in groups. Can then evolve into
                                                                                                                                                                   using TAKS stories or student written

1             07.18B    The student selects and uses B. develop drafts by              no clarification needed              Student will organize ideas into       practice with peer editing and written
                        writing processes for self-     categorizing ideas,                                                 paragraphs and into multi-             text by other authors, then move into
                        initiated and assigned writing. organizing them into                                                paragraph compositions in              organizing own text
                                                        paragraphs, and blending                                            response to a given prompt.
                                                        paragraphs within larger
                                                        units of text (4-8);
1             07.18E    The student selects and uses E. edit drafts for specific       s-v agr., pro.-ante. agr. ; varied   Student will edit an assigned draft Students will edit using checklists, self-
              Wobj 2,   writing processes for self-     purposes such as to ensure     simple, compound and                 for specific writing skills: standard made rubrics, and TAKS guidelines.
              4, 5      initiated and assigned writing. standard usage, varied         complex sentences; word              usage, varied sentence structure,
                                                        sentence structure, and        choice appropriate to audience       word choice. Student will recognize
                                                        appropriate word choice (4-    and style                            standard usage, varied sentence
                                                        8);                                                                 structure, and appropriate word
                                                                                                                            choice in the draft of a given

1             07.18G    The student selects and uses G. refine selected pieces         consider publishing to be            Student will submit final drafts for   Make brochures of good/bad rules for
                        writing processes for self-     frequently to "publish" for    "making public" which may            school-wide publishing. Student        schools (Use The Book of Bad Ideas
                        initiated and assigned writing. general and specific           include oral renditions or           will submit a final draft to an        as example). Can also use Beware of
                                                        audiences (4-8);               written publications such as         audience beyond the school             Boys book. Can publish writing to
                                                                                       final copies, proposals,             (newspaper, literary magazines,        classroom website, write real letters to
                                                                                       newsletter, compilations, etc.       mailed letter, contests, home).        the editor for popular magazines or

      BISD                                                                                         4/13/2011                                                                                            Page 10
                                                                                         Grade 7
                                                                                  English Language Arts
                                                                                      First 6 Weeks
    Grading   TEKS/TA      Knowledge and Skill            Student Expectation                   Clarification        Performance Descriptor                             Activities
    Period        KS
1             07.18H The student selects and uses H. proofread his/her own           this does not mean to use   Student will proofread his/her own     Use ratiocination of their own writing
              WObj2, writing processes for self-      writing and that of others (4- official proofing marks     writing and correct any errors.        and writing of others. Ratiocination is a
              5, 6    initiated and assigned writing. 8); and                                                    Student will proofread the work of     NJ Writing Project activity involving
                                                                                                                 others and identify possible errors.   peer/self editing with color coding.
                                                                                                                 Student will proofread and
                                                                                                                 recognize correct answers in
                                                                                                                 response to a given piece of
1             07.18I    The student selects and uses I. select and use reference dictionary, thesaurus,          Student will use a variety of       Dictionary scavenger hunt and use of
                        writing processes for self-     materials and resources as synonym finders, English      sources to support writing. Student grammar textbook (misspelled word list
                        initiated and assigned writing. needed for writing, revising, handbooks                  will use appropriate materials to   in back of the book).
                                                        and editing final drafts (4-8).                          revise and to edit final drafts.
                                                                                                                 Student will recognize the correct
                                                                                                                 resource to use for a given task.

1             07.24B    The student produces visual   B. produce communications list locally accessible          Student will create a technology       Create videos about a given topic;
                        images, messages, and         using technology or           technology here:             based slideshow report, etc.           Create topic newspaper such as "The
                        meanings that communicate     appropriate media such as                                                                         Shakespearean Times" or "The Greek
                        with others.                  developing a class                                                                                Mythology Papers."
                                                      newspaper, multimedia
                                                      reports, or video reports (4-
                                                      8); and

      BISD                                                                                     4/13/2011                                                                                     Page 11

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