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									Grace Notes
     The Newsletter of Grace Congregational United Church of Christ, an Open and Affirming Congregation

            Congregational Meeting Sunday, June 3                                                             A busy and
    Grace Church’s congregational meeting will be held on Sunday,
                                                                                                              rewarding time
    June 3, at :30 AM. A light lunch will be served and child care
    will be provided.
                                                                                                              at Grace Church
                                                                                                              Grace Church’s spring activi-
    There is still time to add names to the nominations list for
    ministry teams before the June 3 meeting. Speak to Jean Burr.
                                                                                                              ties were high on camaraderie
                                                                                                              and community outreach. First
                                                                                                              there was Mission’s Chalk Event
                                                                                                              to address global warming, then
Dedication Sunday will be July 22                                                                             the Pod cleaning, followed by
                                                                                                              the Yard Sale and the Spring
                                                                                                              Fling. All were lots of fun (with
Grace Church will dedicate its new home on July 22 at 4:00 pm.
                                                                                                              some hard work mixed in). We
  The program for the afternoon will include a warm welcome to
                                                                                                              were rewarded with a great
our visitors, a brief service, a collation and tours of the building.
                                                                                                              sense of fellowship, good com-
Your help is needed:                                                                                          munity outreach, some profits
• We’re developing a guest list and we need input. If you think of                                            from the Yard Sale - and a great
  any person(s) - or organization - that we want to have visit our                                            sense of jobs “well done.”
  new home, contact Linda Hilliard so she can send an invitation.                                                Note: The pod cleaning was
• Brad will be asking a few people to do readings during the                                                  so effective, one more workday
  service. Please say “yes.”                                                                                  is all we’ll need to combine the
• We’ll need folks to organize the collation and donate finger foods.                                         large pod into the small. Then
• We’ll need tour guides and some parking lot greeters/guides.                                                we’ll be able to have the large
• We’ll need everyone to pitch in to clean up our church .                                                    pod removed, which will free
• We need team members to assist with some of the details.                                                    up parking spaces.

Don’t wait to be asked! Let Pastor Brad or Linda know how you                                                 A couple of notes:
want to take part.                                                                                            • Dave Sherman was named
                                                                                                              the chili making champ.
                                                                                                              • Ellie Crawford was an amaz-
                                                                                                              ing negotiator during the Yard
Grace Notes                                                                                                   Sale.
Volume 9, Number 6                                                                         June 2007
                                                                                                              • All the bentwood chairs have
❖ Pastor’s Note.................................2      ❖ Governance team formed................4              been sold.
❖ Stearns Farm...................................3     ❖ Lecture at Grace...............................5     • Nancy Brown was a great wel-
                                                                                                              comer and greeter.
❖ Camp Grace .....................................3    ❖ Church calendar...............................7
                                                                                                              • Tim Taylor is a master at the
❖ July Pool Party..................................3   ❖ This and That....................................7   grill. Those hamburgers, hot
❖ Ministry Teams...........................4-5         ❖ Dishes available.........................10                       Continued on page six
    Pastor’s Note

Dear Ones,                                                some of those goals would be. For example, in
                                                          our mission statement, in our Open and Affirm-
Those who till their land will have plenty of food, but   ing Statement: Statement of Inclusiveness, and
those who follow worthless pursuits have no sense.        in our Core Values, we mention welcome, invita-
                                 Proverbs 12:11           tion, and inclusiveness in a variety of ways. It is
                                                          an unmistakable presence in those formal decla-
  Here is a fine bit of wisdom, wouldn’t you say?         rations. When, then, shall we do a diligent job of
The advice seems sound. The illustration is spe-          researching, choosing, learning, and putting into
cific and thus has credibility. Moreover, the ad-         place the extraordinary hospitality practices that
vice is portable. Those of us who are not farmers         others have discovered?
can easily apply the advice to whatever it is that          I know that for many of us, the fellowship and
we cultivate with our efforts. I read it as good          caring we experience when we gather with our
advice about choosing a worthwhile pursuit, like          friends in worship, at coffee hour, and in smaller
tilling and planting crops. I’d like to tweak that        team efforts is the glue that binds us to Grace
proverb a little, just expanding the verses to read:      Congregational. When a new person consid-
  Those who till their land will have plenty of food,     ers our church, by visiting or by seeing some of
but those who are not diligent at preparation, plant-     our promotional publicity, we hope that they
ing, weeding, and caring for their fields will face the   will be drawn by the same things that draw us.
consequence which will be that they will not have         How can that happen? How could the retired
plenty of food.                                           couple up on State Street near the college feel
                                                          drawn by our little church? Even if they were to
  In my modification, the proverbial voice em-            visit, strangers have the task of moving through
phasizes the practices for tilling the land. Let me       acquaintance toward friendship in order to find
use that to make a point about how we do what             that warmth of fellowship and caring. If they are
we do at church.                                          people who have reason to expect that they will
  I’d like you to begin thinking about the busi-          be welcomed, then maybe they’ll give it a try.
ness phrase “best practices.” The idea of best            But suppose they are a couple who, in other such
practices is that when one has identified pro-            forays in their lives, have found the welcome
cesses and behaviors that are critical to accom-          cool, or the path toward acquaintance and friend-
plishing an organization’s goals, then one seeks          ship unclear, or for some reason have not been
from a wide array of sources the best practice for        able to count on people being happy to see them?
each of those processes and behaviors. If one is          Well, if that is the case, then something extraordi-
passionate about the organization’s goals, then           nary has to happen to make them drive down the
one finds the energy and time and resources to            hill and around the corner on Sunday morning.
locate, to learn, and to adopt the best way of do-          Mind you, I’m not saying that we are not
ing things.                                               welcoming or that we don’t take specific actions
  It is in this search that we have to be ready to        to be hospitable. But we are not where I think
refresh “the way we did that before,” to replace          we need to be for those who are one phone call
the “we always do it that way,” in the face of            away, one humorous invitation away, and one
awkwardness, to push through “it didn’t work              kind word away from walking through the door
when we tried that before,” and to recognize that         on Sunday morning.
we are a very different church living in very dif-          Hospitality is just one sphere. In all our
ferent times from any church or time that Grace           spheres of activity, we can seek and learn the best
Congregational UCC has lived in before.                   practices. Let our passion be roused! Let the
  We don’t have organizational goals spelled out          work proceed! Let your light shine!
very clearly. That is a task that lies ahead. But
we all share, I think, some sense of what at least                                          Peace and Blessing,
                                                                                                   Pastor Brad

Farm Workday is June 2                                                     All Ages are Invited
Grace Church has purchased an        for kids. They encourage parents
                                                                           to “Camp Grace”!
alternate week share from Stea-      to bring their children and have      On four summer Sundays our
rns Farm Community Supported         them work along with them in          children’s CE program will be
Agriculture (CSA)! We give a         the fields. If we are planning on     moving outdoors during worship
monetary donation to help the        bringing many younger children,       time for Bible stories, “camp”
farm run and commit to work for      there is a children’s garden with     songs, and fun. Our theme for
6 hours during the 2007 farming      a sandbox.                            the summer program is “things
season. In exchange, we get a            We will work from 10 a.m. to      you need for camp.” We’ll plan
                                                                           on being outside each Sunday,
share of produce from the farm       Noon and they appreciate people
                                                                           but of course if there’s rain we’ll
every other Friday from June         showing up about 9:45, so we are
                                                                           move inside for indoor-camping.
through October. One share feeds     all ready and set to go. At noon      We hope all our children from
approximately 2 adults and 1-2       we all have lunch together (or at     preschool-middle school will join
children. We plan to donate some     least everybody who has time to       us, and older youth are welcome
of our food to a family in need      stay). They cook stone soup on        to sign up as helpers.
and also have produce available      work days, which means that ev-          Parents: please send your kids
for purchase at church some Sun-     erybody brings a vegetable (cut       to church with outdoor clothes
days during the harvest.             up and soup-ready) to put into        and sunscreen/bug spray if
   On Saturday, June 2, Grace        that soup, and all workers enjoy      needed on these Sundays. Kids:
                                                                           come prepared to listen, but also
Church will be going to Stearns      just sitting and chatting after all
                                                                           to run, play, and sing. This is also
Farm to help fulfill our work        that field work. Donations of
                                                                           a great time for kids to invite a
commitment to the farm. All are      bread and dessert are also wel-       friend to come with them and join
invited! This is a busy day on       come.                                 the fun. You don’t have to be a
the farm. They plan to plant 1400        More details and directions/      regular Sunday school attendee
tomatoes, 870 peppers, and 650       carpooling information will be        to come. (But please let us know
eggplants. They could sure use a     provided. Contact Christine Col-      about any allergies, especially to
large group of us to help.           lins at this m-collins@comcast.       insects, snacks, or sunscreens.)
   Also, the farm is a great place   net.                                     We need adult helpers for each
                                                                           week, and we could especially
                                                                           use song leaders who can drop in
                       Mark your calendars                                 and share an old favorite “camp”
                                                                           or Sunday school tune. You don’t
                  Everyone is invited!                                     have to stay for the whole hour to
                                                                           lead a song, and you don’t need
                                                                           to be especially musical, just
         Grace Church Pool Party                                           The dates and themes for
                                                                           “Camp Grace” are:
                                                                           Sunday, June 24 – “Food”
    Sunday, July 29 (Rain date: August 5)                                  Sunday, July 8 – “Water”
                                                                            (Kids might get a little wet!)
                                                                           Sunday, July 15 - No SS; Season
                   11:30 AM to 3 PM                                         of Sharing with Plymouth and
                                                                           Sunday, July 22 – “Friends
                                                                            – Bring-a-friend Day”
 Linda Hilliard’s home/pool                                                Sunday, July 29 – “Shelter”

                                                                           Please see Mary Memmott if you
 Watch for details in the                                                  can volunteer to help on any of
 July Grace Notes                                                          the dates above. We appreciate
                                                                           your support!
 Ministry Teams            Christian Education

                        The Christian Education Ministry team         the teachers and parents who so gen-
Christian Ed.
Laura Buck, co-chair    has changed dramatically since the start      erously gave of their time, and energy
Ronda Yeomans,          of the 2006-2007 school year. Clair Ball      to make Christian Education a reality
 co-chair               moved out of state so that her husband        at Grace Church. The final Christian
Daleen Perkins          could persue a specialized degree. Clair,     Education session will be our end of
                        Tom and Emily are all greatly missed.         the year party on June 10.
                        Lynn Rodriguez tragically died leaving           We are thrilled to announce that
christianed@            us all to mourn, but also to gain much        Mary Memmott will be heading up      perspective on our lives and priorities.      the Christian Education Summer
                        After 8 years of dedicated service, our       “Grace Camp.” She will need lots of
                        fearless leader, Laura Buck, has decided      support and assistance so I strongly
                        to pursue other avenues of ministry           encourage you to contact her with
                        within our faith community. We sincerely      dates you are available. Also, if you
                        thank her for her exceptional efforts, rec-   have not yet submitted your summer
                        ognize her many accomplishments, and          vacation schedule to Ronda Yeomans
                        are very grateful that she will continue to   please do so ASAP. Once we deter-
                        teach Christian Education in future.          mine which Sundays this summer
                           We are delighted to welcome Rob            are expected to have the highest
                        Lovewell as our new CE ministry team          attendance, we will schedule and an-
                        member. Our “small, but mighty” CE            nounce upcoming Christian Educa-
                        ministry team currently consists of           tion lessons.
                        Ronda Yeomans, Daleen Perkins and                                          Thank you!
                        Rob Lovewell. We wish to thank all of              Christian Education Ministry Team

                          Stewards                                    Governance Team
Stewards                 Taking care of our                           forms; please join us
Dianne Belloli, chair
Lynn Burdett             church home                                  A team has been formed to consider
Frank Carney             Lend a hand! Grab a dust cloth! Fire         the governance of Grace Church.
Judy Sebastian           up the vacuum! Find the toilet brush!        Our current model (Ministry Teams
Tim Taylor               Take a bag of trash to the dumpster.         with a set number of members)
                         Keeping our church home clean is             may not be the best model for a
stewards@                everyone’s job. Please sign up in the        church our size. We are a small
gracechurchucc.          fellowship hall - or simply help out
org                                                                   congregation and our leadership
                         whenever you see a mess that needs to        model was formed when we were a
                         be tidied up.                                congregation of several hundred.
                                                                        The Governance Task team expects
                          Financial update                            this to be a long-term commitment
                                                                      (six months to a year). However, it
                         AMOUNT PLEDGED 20 WEEKS
                                                                      will not involve frequent meetings.
                                                                      Currently this team has six members
                         AMOUNT RECEIVED 20 WEEKS                     - others are encouraged to partici-
                                                $2,27               pate. The next meeting will be on
                                                                      Monday, June 11, beginning at 7:00
                         PLEDGED FOR 2007               $ 57,00      p.m.

                                        Financial Secretary,
                                        Nancy H. Brown

Ministry Teams        Mission

Missions Ministry
                     Summer = Hungry Kids                         Wanted: Ms. or Mr. Hallmark
Team                 What Can We Do?
Christine Collins                                                 The Missions Ministry Team is seeking
Eleanor Crawford,    The Metrowest Harvest Food Pantry            a volunteer to take over our “birthday
Chair                reports that many families seek food         card” ministry. With our youngest
Victoria Ellis       from them in the summer as children          member leaving for college (congratu-
Mary Memmott         are home for school and no longer            lations, Victoria!), we appear to have
                     receiving school lunch or breakfast.         lost the woman-power to accomplish
                     Unfortunately, this is just when their       this simple but much-appreciated task.
mission@                                                             The job of the card-sender is simply
gracechurchucc.      stocks often run low. Please help us
                     “stock the pantry” by bringing what-         to sign, address, and mail about 4-10
                     ever you can for our next Cans for           cards/month to members young and
                     Communion Collection, Sunday, June           old, using our birthday book. We pro-
                     3. The pantry especially needs cereal,       vide the list of names and birthdays,
                     tuna, mac and cheese, peanut butter,         cards, and stamps. You just need to
                     pasta and sauce.                             provide the time and the caring to get
                                                                  this done!
                     Deacons                                         Members on our shut-in list espe-
                                                                  cially appreciate these cards. If this
                     • We will be having another New              job description sounds like something
Deacon Ministry
                     members class in the near future. If you     you’d enjoy, please see any member of
Ruth Carney, Chair   are interested in joining Grace or just      the Missions Team (Christine Collins,
Glenn Colpitts       would like more information, please          Ellie Crawford, or Mary Memmott).
Joanne Larkins       contact Pastor Brad or one of the Dea-
Brian Winsor         cons.

                     Christian Science lecture at Grace
                     On Sunday, June 17, at 2 p.m., John              John Quincy Adams’ talk includes
org                  Quincy Adams, will present a talk            the foundational concepts that support
                     entitled: Does Christian Science Really      the healing mission of First Church. As
                     Heal Sickness and Sin? This event will       Grace Church explores its own mission,
                     be sponsored by the First Church of          this talk will share helpful and inspir-
                     Christ, Scientist and will be held at        ing ideas that speak to the purpose of
                     Grace Church.                                church activity and participation -- and
                        This informal talk is intended for        what it means to be a healing church.
                     everyone – those seeking personal free-          Christian Science is explained in the
                     dom from sickness or sin, those who          best-selling book Science and Health with
                     practice Christian Science in their ev-      Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
                     eryday lives, those who want a deeper        Free copies will be available at the talk,
                     understanding of spiritual healing,          and the talk will include some historical
                     and those who are “just curious” about       facts about Mary Baker Eddy who also
                     Christian Science.                           founded the Church of Christ, Scientist.
                        The members of the Framingham                If weather permits the talk will be
                     branch of this First Church feel a special   held in the grassy area behind Grace
                     kinship with Grace Church and are very       Church. Childcare will be available
                     excited to hold this talk at Grace. While    inside the building during the talk. Re-
                     this is a public talk, First Church hopes    freshments will be served, with oppor-
                     the people of Grace Church will feel wel-    tunity for attendees to chat with John
                     come and interested in attending.            Quincy Adams.

 This and That           Rewarding time at Grace                  Youth News
                         Continued from page one
                                                                  It gets very busy this time of year – if we
     Conference          dogs and sausages were delicious.        do not fit in one more all youth event in
       news              • Rob Lovewell is a superb ice           June, we will try to gather at least once
                         cream scooper.                           during the summer for something fun.
As leaders/members       • Karoylne White was cashier at              On June 24th we will be heading
of our congregation,     two events. Thanks, Karolyne!            back to North Carolina with 4 of our
you should know the      • Special thanks for extraordinary       teens to work on some new construction
following information.   effort and hard work to team lead-       with Habitat for Humanity. People in
                         ers: Mary Memmott, Christine             the Tarboro region are still recovering
Dale Hempen is our Area Collins, Ellie Crawford, Terri
Minister.                                                         from the devastation of Hurricane Floyd
                         Taylor, Dianne Belloli, Jan Norling,     that came through in September of 1999.
Rev. Mr. Dale Hempen
                         Karolyne White, Beverly Ablondi,         Many of these people have lived on
Associate Conference     Lynn Burdett, Jean Burr, and Linda       the land passed down from generation
Minister                 Hilliard                                 to generation, but since they have no
Dale.Hempen@verizon.     • The May Baskets were lovely - as       “deed”, they do not qualify for state or
net                      usual. Thanks to the church crafters!    federal assistance. This is true for 95%
                          • Thanks to David Burdett and           of the damage caused by that storm.
Ms. Diane Cooney,        Barbara Sherman who helped us            Thank you for supporting our efforts
Administrative Assistant with transporting left over Yard Sale                                             with funds and prayers. We will have a
                         and Fling merchandise to a donation      lot to share when we return!
Dale and Diane work out
of the Plymouth office,
                         • The chili contest brought in $70 for   Women’s Lectio
25 Water St., Suite A-   the Lynn Rodriguez Library Fund.
115,                     • Thanks to all those who supplied       This year’s closing potluck will be held
Plymouth, MA 02360.      muscle power, especially on Pod          on Wednesday, June 6th starting at
                         day and Yard Sale setup.                 6:00 at 76 Salem End Rd. This will be
Phone: 508-746-8330      • All the ice cream was donated by       followed by the Wednesday evening
Fax: 508-746-8339        Sealtest/Bryers. There’s plenty left     service in a Lectio Dvina format. This
                         over for other events.                   event is open to all (women and men!)
                         • At the Fling, there were more then     who would like to share in fellowship
                         40 church members involved; Pod          and explore this ancient art form.
                         day saw as many as 25.                       The annual Women’s Retreat on
                         • Leftover food from the Fling will      June 8-9, will again be in Cohasset at
                         be used at the July Pool Party.          the St. Joseph Villa Retreat Center. This
                         • Photos from the events will be         beautiful setting is on the ocean and has
                         posted at the congregational meet-       an outdoor labyrinth and large wrap-
                         ing.                                     around porches. The retreat is open to
                                                                  all women of Grace. Please let Laura
                         Thanks to all who pitched in and         Buck know if you intent to participate
                         helped with all the events.              either for the overnight or just for the
                                                                  day on Saturday by June 1st.

 Meditation Group
 The Meditation group meets Tuesdays from A          to be significantly beneficial both physically and
 to :30A. Meditation group consists of relaxation,   mentally. We will continue to meet as much as
 deep breathing, visualization and may be used         possible during the summer months. We are trying
 as an opportunity for quiet prayerful connection      to find a second day during the week to meet at
 with God. Research has determined meditation          :30 or later so that other members may attend.

This and That          Stephanie visits China/Tibet                 GWU/Circle 3

This is a good time    Stephanie Ellis is back from a college      GWU/Circle 13 will meet Wednesday
for those with craft   trip to China and Tibet. She has writ-      June 13th at 11:30AM. Bring a bag lunch
skills to spend        ten about her experiences, which are        and we will have a brief meeting with
some summer hours
                       posted on the Queen’s University            a surprise program. Our annual dinner
creating some items
                       website. She was enlisted to write          out will be at the Eagles on June 27th at
for the Holiday Fair
in December. If        these articles and is being paid to do      6:00PM. Please join us.
you knit or sew,       them. Melissa writes that Stephanie is
consider creating
                       considering living in China for a year      Book Club will meet June 27th at
a few items. How
                       after she graduates. To read Stepha-        10:00AM. This will be our final meeting
about woodworking?
Could you make some    nie’s fascinating articles, go to           for the summer. Book to be discussed
plaques or other                                                   TBA. after our May 30th meeting.
The Church crafters    -in Blue Column on left click academic
meet every other
                                                                   Pledges sought
Wednesday (at the
                       - s gold column will come up: click on
church) beginning
                       John Belk International programs            Linda Hilliard is seeking pledges for a
June 6 - from 10 to
noon. They welcome     -in Blue column click spring/summer         three-mile walk on June 10 to support
you to join them.      study tours                                 the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.
Refer questions to     -in gold column click on China and tibet    She is walking on behalf of a 10-year
Beverly Ablondi or     -in second gold column click on China       old boy who was diagnosed two years
Jackie Mague.          and Tibet 2007 Study Tour                   ago with this painful, incurable, and
                       -In maroon bar, click on reports 1,2,3 4.   unpredictable disease. The child has
                                                                   faced repeated hospitalizations, surger-
                                                                   ies, and painful treatments.

                                         Church calendar - June
Worship and meetings at 76 Salem End Road unless        June 13 11:30 AM        Grace Women United
otherwise noted.                                                7:00 PM         Worship

June 2 10:00 AM        Stearns Farm                     June 15                 Turning Point Shelter

June 3 8:30 AM         Choir rehearsal                  June 17 8:30 AM         Choir rehearsal
       10:00 AM        Worship/Sunday School classes            10:00 AM        Worship
                       Cans for Communion
                                                        June 18 10:00 AM        Bible Study
        11:30 AM       Congregational Meeting
                                                        June 19 11:00 AM        Meditation
June 4 10:00 AM        Bible Study
                                                        June 20 7:00 PM         Worship
June 5 11:00 AM        Meditation
                                                                7:30 PM         Stewards
       7:30 PM         Central Council
                                                        June 22 General Synod/UCC Annual Meeting, Hartford
June 6 6:00 PM         Women’s Lectio Pot Luck
       7:00 PM         Worship                          June 24 8:30 AM         Choir rehearsal
                                                                10:00 AM        Worship
June 8, 9              Women’s Lectio Retreat                   Youth Group to North Carolina
                                                        June 25 10:00 AM        Bible Study
June 10 8:30 AM        Choir rehearsal
        10:00 AM       Worship
                                                        June 26 11:00 AM        Meditation
                       Sunday School Party
                                                        June 27 10:00 AM        Book Club
June 11 10:00 AM       Bible Study
                                                                Lunch/dinner    Eat at Eagles
        7:30 PM        Missions
                                                                6:00            GWU dinner at Eagles
                                                                7:00 PM         Worship
June 12 11:00 AM       Meditation
 Grace Church china available                     Grace Congregational Church, UCC
                                                        PO Box 1481 • 76 Salem End Road
                                                            Framingham, MA 01702
 Would you like a memento of                                     508-872-3342
 Grace Church? How about a
 place setting of the old Grace                 Pastor                              Stewards
 Church dinnerware? Any                      Brad Watters                         Dianne Belloli
 church member who would         
 like a setting or two should
 help themselves.                             Moderator                         Members at Large
                                             Linda Hilliard                         Jean Burr
Do you know 2?                                                                     Jon Ellis
                                            Christian Education
211 for a new information and                   Laura Buck                      Office Administrator:
referral service, which was               Kab Rabinowitz
established in Mass. six months                                   
ago and serves the entire state.               Deacons
Call 211 for concerns such as                 Ruth Carney                         Music Director
needing heating oil, if you need                  Susan Minor
day care for a child or elder, if                                                  musicdirector
your water heater is broken, or                   Mission            
someone needs counseling. 211                 Ellie Crawford
                                   Missionary in Indonesia – Susan Frans
is a single number that can direct                            
callers to a wide array of services
they may need. It is available
                                              Terri Taylor                             Websites:
from 8 to 8 Monday through                                         
Friday. Aside from Mass, 41                                         (Mass Conf.)
other states offer 211 service.                                            (UCC)

    Framingham, MASS.
       Permit No. 2
       Postage PAID                                                               Framingham, MA 070
       Organization                                                               PO Box 
        Non-Profit                                                                Grace Church, UCC

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