Month to Month Short Term Rental Agreement

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					                                        Short Term Rental Agreement

________________________, (Owner) agrees to rent

to ______________________, (Tenant) the property described

as______________________________for the term of_____________________,

from______________ to______________. for a gross rental of $__________,

with a security deposit of $__________. Security deposit due at the signing of the

rental agreement or lease.
NOTE: Payment of security and rental amount in full must be tendered in the
form of bank or certified check payable to “Century 21 Teran Realty Escrow,” or
in cash, before keys and possession will be given on any short term rental, unless
personal check is delivered to Century 21 Teran at least 15 days prior to rental
Tenant agrees to pay all utilities.
Security deposit to be refunded on receipt by landlord of the telephone bill covering
the rental period. Long distance calls and damages beyond normal wear and tear, if
any, for the period will be deducted. The telephone bill is received once a month, so
normally it takes from 10 to 40 days for landlord to receive bill, and get your security
by mail to you.
Owner____________________ Date_______

Owner __________________________________________________ Date ___________________

Tenant____________________ Date________

Tenant ___________________ Date _________

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