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									                    Worldnet Ltd liab.Co



IMC Worldnet Ltd liab. Co
Militärstrasse 85, 8004 Zurich

(hereinafter referred to as MONEY TRANSMITTER or MT)


Company Name:
Registered Address:

Number in commercial register:

(hereinafter referred to as FINANCIAL INTERMEDIARY or FI)

Money Transfer Agreement with FI; 20 August 2007             1
Terms and Abbreviations

Money Transmitter - MT

Financial Intermediary – FI





WHEREAS, the MONEY TRANSMITTER (MT) is a company duly incorporated pursuant to the
laws of Switzerland and regulated as financial intermediary by the Swiss Federal Anti
Money Laundering Authority.

WHEREAS, the Financial Intermediary (FI) is a company pursuant to [Swiss Law] and
regulated in accordance with the [Swiss Anti Money Laundering Act] and wishes to retain
the transfer of funds during the term of this Agreement with Money Transmitter.

WHEREAS, the Funds are the amount of money which has to be transferred in accordance of
the agreement.

WHEREAS, the Partner is a company or individual having business relationship with MT.

WHEREAS, the Receiver is a company or individual to whom the money has been
transferred. In simple words the company or individual who will receive the money.

Money Transfer Agreement with FI; 20 August 2007                                        2
Company Money Transfer Model

The functioning of the IMC Worldnet Ltd. Co, termed as Money Transmitter (MT), is
mentioned briefly as follows:

    Stage: 1. Company Money Transfer Agreement is signed by both FI and MT. Funds are
    either transferred by FI into MT’s bank account or FI could hand in the cash at the MT’s
    office counter.

    Stage: 2. Partner transfers the fund in the Receiver’s bank account or could hand in the
    fund (in Person) at Partner’s office counter, after receiving a proof of Receiver’s identity.

                         Company Money Transfer Model

                                               Stage 1.

  Financial Intermediary                                             Money Transmitter

                 Company Money Transfer Agreement

                                                   Stage 2.
          Receiver                                  Funds

Money Transfer Agreement with FI; 20 August 2007                                               3
Description of Company Money Transfer Model

THEREFORE, the Parties hereto agree as follows:


1.       Agreement: By signing this Agreement, MT agrees to transfer the funds of FI to the
         required destination. This Agreement shall apply to all the transfers made by the MT
         for the FI, as long as it is not terminated by either party pursuant to item 15.

2.       Funds: Funds could be transferred to MT either by Bank Account of FI or by Cash
         Payment as follows:
         EITHER, Bank Account of FI:
         (a) FI is required to forward the FUNDS to MT only from the duly supervised bank
         accounts having clear description of the Bank, in particular Name, Address, Clearing
         and Account Number, IBAN number (if available).
         (b) MT will not transfer Funds, if the required details of the bank from where the
         FUND has been transferred are incomplete. In case of incorrect information MT has
         full right to take all the necessary legal action.
         OR, Cash Payment:
         FI could hand in FUNDS at MT Office counter, after providing all the required

3.        Information: FUNDS can only be transferred to the destinations where the money
         could be transferred legally.

4.       Fees: MT charges standard fees on every transaction made.


5.       Received Funds: FUNDS are paid out by the PARTNER to the RECEIVER within thirty
         calendar days. The payout is made in local currency where the money has been
         transferred. The exchange rate of that particular day when the funds will be sent by
         the FI will be taken into consideration.

6.       Form: The PARTNER pays out the FUNDS to the RECEIVER after the presentation of
         valid (original) passport or other official identification document. In case of
         incomplete information PARTNER can hold the Funds until required information is

7.       Information: MT and the PARTNER have no obligation to contact or inform the
         RECEIVER. The PARTNER has no obligation to verify the accuracy of the identification

8.       Funds Returned: In case the FUNDS are not claimed within thirty calendar days by the
         RECEIVER, the MT and the PARTNER are allowed to return the FUNDS to the FI at the
         origin of the FUNDS pursuant to item 2 above. Standard amount of charges will again
         be deducted from the Funds.

Money Transfer Agreement with FI; 20 August 2007                                            4

9.       MT qualifies as financial intermediary pursuant to the Swiss law therefore, the
         obligations of diligence pursuant to the Anti Money Laundering Act need to be
         respected. The FI herewith undertakes to provide the MT with any and all
         information for the satisfaction of these obligations of diligence as requested.

10.      If FI is having its own money transmitting business in home country, which is
         regulated by the anti money laundering authority. It must provide correct Name of
         the authority, Address of authority, Contact Number, etc.

11.      FI undertakes to declare for each transfer the Beneficial Owner and RECEIVER of the
         money in the Money Transfer Form. The FI herewith declares that he complied with
         all obligations of diligence under the Swiss Anti Money Laundering Act (in particular
         identification of the client; establishing of beneficial owner) and the applicable rules
         and guidelines issued by its regulating authority.

12.      FI is obliged to provide correct and complete informations. The FI shall inform the
         MT immediately if any information provided is or turns incorrect or incomplete. FI
         shall bear the consequences of any such breach of his/her duty, including but not
         limited to indemnifying the MT for any loss or damage caused by it.

13.      FI is informed thereof, and agrees to it, that MT and the PARTNER are recording the
         data in connection with the money transfer and may have to use them for compliance
         with legal obligations. FI is informed thereof, and agrees to it, that for processing and
         storage for the purposes mentioned above, the data connected with the fund transfer
         might be transferred to places outside Switzerland and that they can be passed on to
         third parties for reasons mentioned above.

14.      In the fulfilment of its obligations, the MT shall be liable for any substantiated loss or
         damage suffered by the FI which is directly attributable to a breach of contractual
         obligation committed through any deliberate act or gross negligence on its part. The
         MT expressly excludes any further liability under this Agreement. MT is not liable for
         damages arising from force majeure, telecommunication failures, riot and civil
         commotions, war or natural disasters or from other occurrences not imputable to it.
         The MT is never liable if the FI has failed to comply with his/her duties under this

15.      This Agreement shall be entered into for an unlimited period of time. It can be
         terminated by either party and at any time.

16.      This Agreement is subject to Swiss law. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich,

Money Transfer Agreement with FI; 20 August 2007                                                 5
Money Transmitter:                                 Financial Intermediary:

Date:________________________________              Date:________________________________

Place: ___________________________                 Place: ___________________________

Signature                                          Signature

_________________________                          ___________________________________
Enthinesan Sinnathurai

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)
IMC Worldnet Ltd liab. Co
Militärstrasse 85, 8004 Zurich

Money Transfer Agreement with FI; 20 August 2007                                           6

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