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									                                                   Town of Chester – Board of Selectmen’s Meeting – June 24th, 2010

                                            Town of Chester
 2                                     Board of Selectmen Meeting
                                       Thursday, June 24th, 2010
 4                                          Municipal Complex
                                            Approved Minutes
     I      Preliminaries
     1.1    Call to Order
     Chairman Landau called this meeting of the Town of Chester Board of Selectmen to order at
12   7:04pm.

14   1.2    Roll Call

16   Selectmen present:
            Jack Cannon
18          Stephen Landau
            Michael Weider
     Selectmen absent:
22          Joe Castricone

24   Members of the Public present, at various times:
           Dave Fraser, DBU Construction
26         Steve Moltenbrey, Recreation Coordinator
           Chuck Myette, Conservation & Wason Pond Commissions
28         Michael Oleson, Road Agent
           Shawn Patenaude, Dubois & King
30         Bob Pepper
           Baron Richardson, Wason Pond & Conservation Commissions
32         Matt Rittenhouse, Tri-Town Times
           Carolyn Scott
34         Leroy Scott
           Angela Sherwood, Finance Director
36         Adam Towne, DBU Construction
           Michael Trainque
38         And other persons unknown to the Recording Secretary

40   1.3    Pledge of Allegiance

42   Chairman Landau led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

44   1.4    Moment of Silence

46   A moment of silence was observed to commemorate the recent passings of Steve Child and

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                                                   Town of Chester – Board of Selectmen’s Meeting – June 24th, 2010

     Charlotte Colman.
     1.5    Additions and Deletions
     There were no additions nor deletions.
     1.6    Public Comment
     As no members of the public wished to speak, Public Comment was closed at 7:06pm.
     II.    Old Business
     2.1    Approval of Minutes
     June 3rd, 2010: Selectman Weider moved to approve these minutes as drafted; Vice-Chairman
62   Cannon seconded the motion. The vote was three in favor with Selectman Castricone absent; so
     III.   New Business
     3.1    Michael Oleson, Road Agent – Encumbering Funds
     Road Agent Oleson appeared before the Board to ask that remaining funds from his budget be
70   encumbered for use after the beginning of the next Fiscal Year for putting a wear coat on Webster
     Lane. He would like to encumber a total of ~$65k, ~$30k of which will be taken from the Asphalt
72   line and ~$35k of which will be taken from the remainder of the previous Bond funds. This will
     close out the Bond account.
     He solicited three bids, Brox, Continental, and Petra; he chose Brox, which was not only the lowest,
76   but also the same company that had originally put the base coat on Webster Lane.

78   Vice-Chairman Cannon asked if there was anywhere else that $60k could be spent other than
     putting a wear coat on Webster Lane. Road Agent Oleson replied that it could not, as other
80   projects were too big and could not be finished with that sum. As he began the work on Webster
     Lane, he'd like to finish it.
     Chairman Landau asked about potential cost reductions related to dumping the sweepings and
84   providing flaggers. The cost for sweepings will be minimal; the flaggers cannot be provided any
     cheaper by the Town. Also, the Town might have to provide Police.
     01-4312-1-911          Asphalt                                                             $30,000.00
     Vice-Chairman Cannon moved to encumber these funds; Selectman Weider seconded the motion.
90   The vote was three in favor with Selectman Castricone absent; so moved.

92   These funds will be used to put a wear coat on Webster Lane.

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                                                   Town of Chester – Board of Selectmen’s Meeting – June 24th, 2010

 94   It is possible that the bottom line of the Highway Budget may change by ~$1,500, as he needs to
      replace cones that washed away during the flood. FEMA has already reimbursed the Town for this
 96   purchase.

 98   Road Agent Oleson departed the meeting at 7:18pm.

100   3.2    DBU Construction, DuBois & King – Wason Pond Dam Reconstruction Plans

102   Appearing in front of the Board for this meeting were representatives of the Conservation
      Commission (Chuck Myette), Wason Pond Commission (Baron Richardson), Recreation Department
104   (Steve Moltenbrey), DBU Construction (Adam Towne and Dave Fraser), and Dubois & King (Shawn
      Mr. Patenaude reported that he had spoken with Chuck Corliss, who stated that the State was
108   encouraged with the Town's actions. They spoke about regulations and process; the biggest issue
      would have been the wetlands permit, which the Town has had in place since last June. This permit
110   is good for five years. The Army Corps of Engineers is entitled to have input on this permit, for
      which DES is the clearing house. As the ACofE did not comment in 30 days, it is presumed that
112   there are no issues. Dubois & King has a person in-house confirming this.

114   The next necessary permit is the Dam Safety Permit, needed to construct or reconstruct a dam.
      The application is complete, and simply needs to be signed and sent in with the fee. This should
116   take 30 days to process. The application was given to the Board to sign; Finance Director Sherwood
      will cut a check for the $3000 fee made out to Treasurer, State of New Hampshire and send the
118   package in.

120   A letter has been received from the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources. They are
      requesting that the dam be photo-documented for its historical nature before construction begins.
122   Mr. Patenaude will forward their requirements to the Town.

124   He also spoke with both Mr. Corliss and DBU about scheduling. There is work available that can be
      done within the existing permit, such as drawing down of the pond, brush clearing, site prep, and
126   working on the low level outlet; this work could begin tomorrow, should all parties be amenable.

128   The draw-down of the pond was discussed extensively. DBU plans to empty the pond completely,
      using the low level valve to drain; the coffee dam would be put in place to exclude the work area
130   from any new flowing water. The coffer dam is usually jersey barriers with a plastic liner and
      sandbags. Chairman Landau asked if the coffer dam could instead be installed at the bridge in
132   order to allow the back of the pond to remain filled, as the pond has been stocked with trout. Mr.
      Patenaude will look into this possibility.
      There was more discussion about how to maintain the fish population. For example, Mr. Myette
136   suggested removing some sediment in order to create deeper pools. Mr. Moltenbrey plans to
      contact Fish & Game for their expert advice and/or assistance; Mr. Patenaude stated that DES can
138   also be of assistance. Chairman Landau suggested asking Fish & Game and DES to speak to each

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                                                    Town of Chester – Board of Selectmen’s Meeting – June 24th, 2010

      other. Mr. Patenaude plans to speak with Fish & Game, Wetlands, and a previous client who
140   performed a fish move.

142   Dredging of the Pond was also discussed. Vice-Chairman Cannon stated that there was no money in
      the budget to dredge, but Mr. Myette suggested that perhaps people would be willing to volunteer
144   their equipment. Mr. Towne stated that DBU would be happy to donate assistance in the dredging
      process. Vice-Chairman Cannon asked how much dredging could be done without affecting the dam
146   work; Mr. Patenaude stated that it should be no closer than 20 feet from the dam work. Mr.
      Patenaude also mentioned that the Army Corps of Engineers will get involved in any dredging over
148   5,000 sq ft; he will inquire about any needed permits.

150   Chairman Landau thanked DBU for being willing to perform the work at the same price they had
      quoted the previous year.
      Mr. Myette asked if the Board had the time to work on all the raised issues with Mr. Patenaude;
154   Chairman Landau stated that he did, and Mr. Myette and Mr. Richardson also volunteered their
      Chairman Landau stated that the Recreation program would run until August 13 th, and they planned
158   to use the pond; Mr. Towne replied that DBU hadn't been planning to begin work until August 24 th;
      it could even be pushed back to August 30th. They expect the job to take 8-10 weeks from the
160   start of the draw-down to the refill, finishing the first week of November. Chairman Landau then
      suggested that the start date be moved to some time between August 30 th and Labor Day; Mr.
162   Fraser suggested beginning after the children were back in school in order to minimize attractive
      nuisances. Mr. Towne asked that DBU be given 7 days notice in order that they could issue their
164   bonds and insurance certificates.

166   Mr. Myette, Mr. Richardson, Recreation Coordinator Moltenbrey, Mr. Towne, Mr. Fraser, and Mr.
      Patenaude departed the meeting at 7:49pm.
      3.3    Michael Trainque – Watershed Update
      Mr. Trainque appeared before the Board to give an update on the Southeast Watershed Alliance.
      Mr. Trainque was on the Planning Committee for the SWA; they created a mission statement, which
174   was approved, and drafted bylaws, which have been sent to the Attorney General's office for
      approval. This Committee was nominated to become the Board of Directors, and they met this
176   morning. Officers have been elected and committees formed. The SWA plans to be a very visible
      The SWA plans to look at consistent municipal regulations, stormwater management, and
180   erosion/sediment control, although he stressed that they are not planning to impose anything on the
      member communities. There are 42 communities in the Watershed; 28 have formal members in the
182   SWA.

184   They are interested in looking at the available science; for example, there is a significant loss of

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                                                     Town of Chester – Board of Selectmen’s Meeting – June 24th, 2010

      eelgrass and oyster beds in the Great Bay. If the science can be confirmed, justifiable regulations
186   could then be put into place.

188   Chairman Landau asked about Wason Pond being a reservoir for stormwater runoff from North
      Chester, and if it would be possible to get the SWA involved in order to ensure that it was being
190   handled correctly. Mr. Trainque will bring it up at the meeting. Mr. Trainque also mentioned road
      salting, which had been raised by Vice-Chairman Cannon the last time he appeared before the
192   Board. Apparently there are no policies or practices in place; each community struggles with the
      issue on its own, even the New Hampshire DOT.
      Mr. Trainque also contacted the Planning Board to get on their agenda; he will be meeting with them
196   on July 7th.

198   Lastly, he mentioned that each community should have an alternate in place to attend the SWA
      meeting should he be unavailable. He plans to reach out to all townspeople and any engineers that
200   he knows; he will let the Board know who the person will be. Anyone with questions about this, or
      anything to do with the SWA, should feel free to contact him.
      Mr. Trainque departed the meeting at 8:04pm.
      3.4     Angela Sherwood, Finance Director
      3.4.1   Budget Projections
      The expected budget surplus has shrunk from $41,458 to $40,475 to ~$39k. Finance Director
210   Sherwood is pretty confident that this amount will be left over; she is not expecting any surprises.

212   3.4.2   Encumbrances

214   The interest on the Road Bond account has not been carried forward for a few years; this needs to
      be done when the funds are encumbered.
      01-4909-1-023          Road Construction                                                    $34,727.47
      Vice-Chairman Cannon moved to encumber these funds, plus any accrued interest needed to
220   completely close the fund; Selectman Weider seconded the motion. The vote was three in favor
      with Selectman Castricone absent; so moved.
      These funds will be added to the funds previously requested by the Road Agent to put a wear coat
224   on Webster Lane.

226   01-4940-1-335          Wason Pond Warrant Article                                           $2,542.93

228   Selectman Weider moved to encumber these funds; Vice-Chairman Cannon seconded the motion.
      The vote was three in favor with Selectman Castricone absent; so moved.

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                                                      Town of Chester – Board of Selectmen’s Meeting – June 24th, 2010

      These funds will partially pay for the permit application fee discussed earlier.
      01-4940-3-104            Generator Warrant Article                                           $1,604.00
      Vice-Chairman Cannon moved to encumber these funds; Selectman Weider seconded the motion.
236   The vote was three in favor with Selectman Castricone absent; so moved.

238   These funds will be used to run gas lines to the new generator. Selectman Castricone plans to have
      a contract in place by the end of the Fiscal Year; this could cost ~$3,000. It is unknown at this
240   time whether or not additional tanks are needed.

242   01-4940-3-110            Boilers Warrant Article                                             $29,885.00

244   Vice-Chairman Cannon moved to encumber these funds; Selectman Weider seconded the motion.
      The vote was three in favor with Selectman Castricone absent; so moved.
      A contract with Dubois & King is already in place.
      Chairman Landau stated that the bottom of the recycled glass container at the Transfer Station
250   was damaged; the wheels are not rolling, which is damaging the truck; NRRS has an available
      matching grant that would cover 50% of the cost. A new container from a vendor in Vineland, NJ
252   would be $5,625 with $1,300 freight, which equals $6,925. The transfer station would like to
      encumber $3,500, which would cover its 50% share. The old container could be used for roadside
254   cleanup, construction debris, etc. Vice-Chairman Cannon, who is familiar with the refuse business,
      reviewed the bids and stated that the price was competitive.
      01-4324-2-117            Recycled Glass                                                      $3,500.00
      Selectman Weider moved to encumber these funds, which is the amount needed to receive a
260   matching grant; Vice-Chairman Cannon seconded the motion. The vote was three in favor with
      Selectman Castricone absent; so moved.
      3.4.3   Employee Bonus
      $11,720 is available to be given out as 'bonuses'; there was some discussion about whether a set
266   sum per full-time and a different set sum per part-time employee was preferable to a percentage
      amount. There was also concern that part-time employees who only work 6 hours a week would be
268   getting the same amount as those who work much more; this has the potential to cause trouble.

270   Leroy Scott stood and was recognized. He stated that he did not understand the haste to spend
      down the treasury while the generator was not working, the cannon is broken, and the legion hall
272   needs repairs.

274   Bob Pepper stood and was recognized. He stated that he is a taxpayer, and the economy is bad; any

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                                                    Town of Chester – Board of Selectmen’s Meeting – June 24th, 2010

      excess funds should be used to cut costs.
      Vice-Chairman Cannon stated that perhaps if money could be saved on Health Insurance, something
278   could be done for the employees later on in the Fiscal Year. Finance Director Sherwood stated that
      health and dental insurance had gone up 27%, but that the Town was taking the hit and not passing
280   the increase on to the Employees. It was agreed not to hand out any bonuses at this time.

282   3.4.4   Miscellaneous

284   Finance Director Sherwood has an engagement letter from Devine & Millimet for the bond to be
      signed. She spoke with DRA, and was informed that the Town must use the NH Bond Bank, as the
286   Warrant Article wording was specific on that matter. Chairman Landau is concerned with the
      amount of the fees, which are ~$3-5,000.
      Selectman Weider moved to authorize Chairman Landau to sign the engagement letter; Vice-
290   Chairman Cannon seconded the motion. The vote was three in favor with Selectman Castricone
      absent; so moved.
      Chairman Landau has signed the Health Insurance contract; it has a 30-day opt-out clause.
294   Selectman Weider stated that the Health Insurance Search Committee needs the insurance data
      to give to brokers in order to get quotes. Names will be removed, and the redacted document given
296   to Chris Hadik.

298   A memo was sent to all Employees about the end of the fiscal year.

300   A fax was received from the State of New Hampshire, alerting her that $25,524.81 was
      electronically deposited in the Town's accounts for Storm #1. They are still awaiting the Road
302   portion.

304   Gordon Green provided a sample template for setting up funds; this is related to the Cemetery
      Trustees' recent request to accept gifts. The Town had adopted RSA 31:19 some time in the 90s
306   which allowed them to accept said gifts.

308   The timing of the new bond was discussed. A Bond Anticipation Note, or BAN, can be applied for in
      order to borrow funds ahead of the bond receipt date of December 15th; this would cost the town
310   $184.33 each month in interest. This was decided against, but DBU's terms should be checked.

312   A quote was received from East Coast Piano for the rebuilding. The restorer is putting in a new
      soundboard free of charge; he needs to be paid the remaining ~$4k. However, a $10k grant was
314   received, which will cover the entire cost of restoring the instrument.

316   Finance Director Sherwood departed the meeting at 9:01pm.

318   IV.     Selectmen's Business

320   4.1     Roundtable

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                                                       Town of Chester – Board of Selectmen’s Meeting – June 24th, 2010

322   Vice-Chairman Cannon:
               The Board needs to review a lease that expired on May 31 st; however, it should be extended
324             now so that it is an enforceable document while the review is ongoing. Vice-Chairman Cannon
                moved to extend the lease until August 31st, 2010 at current terms; Selectman Weider
326             seconded the motion. The vote was three in favor with Selectman Castricone absent; so
                moved. Administrative Assistant Martin will send an executed extension letter to the
328             tenant for him to sign and return.

330   Selectman Weider:
               Administrative Assistant Martin gave him a list of properties eligible for welfare liens. This
332             can be sent to Rockingham County, should the Board approve.
               He also spoke to Jean Packard about the MRI reassessment; she wants to rework the
334             contract and save the Town money.

336   Chairman Landau:
               The Town Hall Boiler Installation RFP needs to be reviewed; it should be put out to bid next
338             week. All Selectmen should review the RFP and let Administrative Assistant Martin know if
                they approve of it. Dubois & King will also be asked to review the RFP.
340            He attended a meeting with Steve Tunberg, Police Chief Burke, Fire Chief Antoine, and
                Cynthia Robinson on Hazard Mitigation; the Town Report needs to be updated. The next
342             meeting will be on July 22nd at 1:30pm at the Fire Station. As Chairman Landau will be out
                of town, perhaps another Selectman can attend.
344            He has compiled a list of projects that the Board has been working on; there are 23 at
                present and more to add. Each Selectman will be given a copy.
346            This coming Saturday at 3:00pm the dedication of the American Liberty Elm tree will take
                place. The stone will be set tomorrow; the plaque has yet to be engraved.
348            He wished all to know that the Board has interviewed six persons who either expressed
                interest in, or were asked to consider, filling the vacant Selectman spot. All comported
350             themselves quite well, and all will be asked to assist in some ongoing projects to gauge their
                true interest in the position. A consensus has been reached; an announcement will be made
352             once all interviewees have been notified.

354   4.2       Public Comment

356   As no Members of the Public wished to be heard, Public Comment was closed at 9:12pm.

358   V.        Adjournment

360   The meeting was adjourned at 9:12pm.

      Respectfully Submitted,
      Debra H. Doda

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