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Annual Report Museum Director


									                         Museum Director’s Annual Report 2007

This year has been particularly busy, and there have been a number of growing pains as
an organization. I am pleased to say that we are identifying key areas for growth, and
developing ways to be able to provide the best heritage service possible for Oliver and

1) Last year, there were several areas that were targeted as goals. I include them below,
with a report on progress as of February, 2008:

       1) Participation in the design panel advisory committee

           Where possible, and without interference with museum activities, I have done
           this. The Advisory Design Panel is not meeting often at this point, as new
           development seems to have decreased. The paint scheme of the museum was
           vetted through the ADP, setting a precedent that in addressing town
           development, a historic building can be rejuvenated to maintain form and
           character throughout the community.

       2) Hosting quarterly meetings with other heritage and culture organizations in
          the Greater Oliver Area and South Okanagan

           I have started the process for meeting and discussing. I have curtailed this
           project until we have addressed our organizational goals more fully

       3) Introduce self to key personnel at RDOS, and communicate with them more
          frequently on heritage issues

           I have met with staff of the RDOS to discuss the Heritage Register and how to
           go about accomplishing our commitment to serving the needs of RDOS Area
           C. This meeting proved fruitful. An agreement was reached which will allow
           us to proceed with a Phase 1 Heritage Register project beginning sometime in
           the Fall.

       4) Continue to meet with town staff regarding stewardship policies and
          administrative incentives

           I have begun to discuss this with Stephanie Johnson, Director of Development
           Services, Town of Oliver.

       5) Develop with key stakeholders a heritage tourism strategy

           A tourism strategy has been introduced by the town of Oliver, which includes
           a heritage component.
       6) Investigate the ramifications of including building fund within Vancouver

           Preliminary investigation suggested this would put our investment at risk.

       7) Access Artsnow funding for specific exhibits
       8) Develop 2 new permanent gallery exhibits

           Funding has been received for two new permanent exhibits under ArtsNow
           and BC2008 funding. One of these is mostly complete at this point. We have
           been successful with many grants in 2007, and this has created a whole new
           set of positive problems..

       9) Develop website with links to heritage register database, allow for newsletter
          sharing through website, decreasing mail costs

           This is still in process.

       10) Continue to develop articles for the newspaper, and pamphlets for new
           residents, connecting them with heritage renovation specialists

           Monthly articles have been submitted on a variety of topics in the Oliver
           Chronicle. A pamphlet for new residents has not yet been developed.

2) Perhaps the most significant aspect of 2007 has been the work on conservation of
South Okanagan Secondary School. At our last Annual General Member meeting, it was
moved that we continue to work to conserve the school as presently constituted. This was
an ambitious goal. We did secure the services of a heritage inspector, Donald Luxton,
who has provided the town with a Preliminary Report. We are still a long way from
resolution of this issue, however, we do have a framework for discussion. I am
encouraged that the school board is looking at ways to retain the south wing. We may
lose the west wing, but 95% of the heritage value will be retained according to the
heritage inspector’s plans.

3) I was awarded a scholarship to the Museum Computer Network conference in Chicago
in November. This was a fantastic experience. I met with and drew ideas from people
from around the world. The face of museums is changing. How people receive, use and
manipulate information is greatly different from even ten years ago. There are many good
things that have come from this conference that I think will pay dividends for years to

4) At the museum, David Kassian, our summer student for 2007 organized and
catalogued our extensive glass bottle collection. Many items had been accessioned which
should not have been. This was an extensive project, and we are prepared to move many
of these items to a more appropriate location. David also continued some of the work of
how to reasonably address items at our warehouse.
5) We had two volunteers who have contributed greatly to the rehabilitation of our
museum collection. Much of our accession information was missing and it was hard to
relate to exhibits. Stefan Moffat and Shelly Witzky have both contributed greatly to this
cause. At times, the work is slow going, as in one case, an item took 7 man hours to tease
out the clerical errors associated with it. The result of this project, however, has been to
lay the foundation for a much more comprehensive and accessible database.

6) We are on the verge of being able to take things to a whole new level with our
database. There are many new dedicated programs for cataloguing and accessing
collections. This upcoming summer will be dedicated to putting our collection in a
position that is aligned with the Canadian Heritage Information Network. Two summer
student grants have been sought for this project, and we have applied for funding of up to
two other positions for other projects.

7) As an organization, we need to structure ourselves and prepare for future. There are
many good resources which speak to the role of a museum and archives and heritage
organizations as tourism agencies. We compete with other attractions for leisure dollars.
We have to provide a top notch experience. In the next few years, we can anticipate this
competition will become stronger. Positioning ourselves now with respect to the
proposed National Park is important. Whether it goes forward or not, we have the ability
to develop programs and activities related to this area that will provide quality
experiences for our visitors, and for our community.

To that end, I successfully sought and received a grant from ArtsPOD. This grant allows
for an organizational assessment. We are in the infancy for this project, however, I
anticipate good things. It is within this project that I believe we should seriously look at
our role with respect to funding organizations, tourism, and other agencies.

We have also had an internal audit to align our reporting formats and structure according
to RDOS guidelines. This will have ramifications for the future.

Admittedly, we are in a state of flux. We are trying to grow within our new roles and
identity. Growth is not always easy. It requires courage, vision and creativity. I appreciate
members of the Board, who have contributed greatly to this enterprise.

Thank you to you all. Without you, none of this would be possible.

                                        2008 Goals

   1) Website and Digitization
        a. 1 virtual exhibit under Community Memories project
        b. Digitization of database, using CHIN guidelines and standards
        c. More fully functional and well designed web page, accessible to all for
            keeping people up to date
   2) SOSS
        a. Continue to encourage as complete a conservation of this school as
           possible, retaining a community planning focus
        b. Offer support and encouragement to SD53

   3) Heritage Register for Area C
         a. Seek and obtain funding for Phase 1 of a project which meets Provincial

   4) Exhibits
         a. Complete two exhibits as proposed under the BC2008 and ArtsNow

   5) Farm equipment display
         a. Continue to investigate means of bringing agricultural exhibits into the
            museum umbrella

   6) Organizational development
         a. Follow through on ArtsPOD funding
         b. When this project is complete, seek and obtain a complete strategic
             business plan

   7) Heritage Tourism
         a. Identify our role in the larger heritage market in the South Okanagan
         b. Participate in Tourism marketing projects

   8) Accessioning/Deaccessioning
         a. Continue to upgrade and develop our collection through volunteers

Respectfully submitted

Darryl MacKenzie
Museum Director/ ODHS Administrator

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