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					                    COOMBE BOYS’ NEWSLETTER
                          November 2006
                                                             Angry Teenagers

                                                             Do you have an angry teenager? Help may be at
                  Dates for your Diary                       hand! Each Wednesday afternoon from 1.30 –
                                                             3.00pm an anger management group is meeting to
                  November Dates                             discuss strategies and ways of dealing with angry
Thursday 2nd      AS/GCSE Leisure and Tourism visit to       teenagers. If you would like to attend please contact
                  Thorpe Park
                                                             the school and ask for Sheila Arthurs.
Tuesday 7th       4pm Governors Health & Safety Comm.
Wednesday 8th     6.30pm        Sixth Form Opportunities
                  Evening at Coombe Girls’ School. All                                               Mr Fidler
                  Year 11 students and parents welcome                                      Deputy Headteacher
Monday 13th       Maths modular exams
Wednesday 15th    7pm PFA Committee meeting and AGM                   English Department News
Friday 17th       Academic Mentoring Day – pupils to
                  attend for interview only                  Reading Week Competition
Monday 20th –     Year 11 Mocks
Friday 1st Dec
Tuesday 21st      4pm Governors Personnel Comm.              Congratulations to all those boys who entered
Thursday 23rd     Year 12 Science Modules                    the Reading Week Bookmark Competition. We
                  Borough Cross Country Championship         received over 50 entries into the competition.
Friday 24th       Year 10, Post 16 Media visit to the
                  National Film Theatre                      Special congratulations to each of our Year
                  And some December dates                    group winners and Alex Hennesey in Year 11
Friday 1st        Languages visit to Aachen                  for winning the competition overall.   Alex’s
Saturday 2nd      Year 11, Post 16 Media visit to National   bookmark will be available to students in the
                  Film Theatre                               LRC after half term!
Tuesday 5th       7pm Governors Meeting
Wednesday 6th     4pm Year 10 Parents Evening

   Public Transport

   The British Transport Police recently gave                          Drama Department News
   assemblies to Years 7, 8 & 9 outlining problems that
   arise with muggings and theft when using public           Open Evening
   transport. The chances of being mugged are much
   greater if students are seen with valuable equipment      Yes it is true – Dr Who and the Daleks did visit
   such as mobile phones and MP3 players. The advice         Coombe Boys’ Open Evening as part of the
   given was not to be seen with such equipment and if       overall presentation this year!
   a mobile phone has to be used to do so for as short a
   time as possible and preferably where it cannot be        Several Year 7 students travelled through time
   seen. Please emphasise to your son the importance of      with the Doctor to visit Planet Coombe in our
   this advice.                                              first ever Dr Who episode ‘The Coombe Affair’.
                                                             Over 50 boys informed and entertained Year 5 &
   Childcare                                                 6 parents about life on ‘Planet Coombe’ during
                                                             the presentation.
   As a member of the New Malden Cluster of Schools
   Committee I would be interested to know of any            A special thank you to the following Year 7 boys
   childcare issues you may have. Are you looking for        for their hard work – Christian Taylor, Omar
   after school provision? Do school holidays present a      Lowe, Hassan Asad, Mark Pollard, Jack
   problem? Please write or e-mail the school on             English & Jack Lewis. and leave details of particular issues
   you have. I will discuss them at the next meeting and                                        Miss O’Reilly
   feedback to interested parents.                                                Head of English and Drama
                                                       School Magazine Launch

National School’s Film Week

Every October cinemas open their doors
nationwide to offer free film screenings to school     The school is excited to announce that the first
children. The aim of the week is to encourage          edition of the new school magazine will be
students to go to the cinema, to vary the films that   launched at Christmas.
they watch and to be challenged by the audio
visual experience.                                     A production team of boys from Years 7 to 11 are
                                                       working hard to investigate and report on a
This year the Media Department took 80 media           number of school related and social issues. The
students from Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 to visit     team meet on Monday evenings from 3pm in
the participating Odeon cinemas in Wimbledon           Room 16. New volunteers and all contributions
and Kingston to view two films that portray the        are welcome so please come along and get
1994 Rwanda tragedy.                                   involved.
Hotel Rwanda, stars Don Cheadle in the true-life       Look out for the forthcoming competition to
story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who        name the new magazine!
housed over a thousand Tutsis refugees during
their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda.                                       Miss Wilson
Shooting Dogs is a gripping and emotional story                                 Head of Media Studies
of two men's struggle for survival when caught up
in one of the most brutal genocides of the
twentieth century.
                                                       ICT News

                                                       We have just two brief items of information this
                                                       time. Firstly the Year 11 group have now made a
                                                       start on the second piece of coursework for their

                                                       It is also worth 30% of their final result and we
                                                       would ask you to encourage them to put every
                                                       effort into it and to enjoy it, since they have a
                                                       free choice of who they make a small ICT system
                                                       for. We are also pleased to be able to support
                                                       them on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after
                                                       school and at lunchtimes too.

                                                       Secondly, we have new groups starting ICT in Year
                                                       10 (for GCSE as an option) and in Year 12 (for a
                                                       GNVQ) and both groups have made an excellent
                                                       start and we would like to congratulate them for

                                                                                             Mr Gander
                                                                                        ICT Department
Visiting Theatre Group for Years 8 & 9                     YEAR 10: Reward trip to Charrington Bowl.

On Tuesday 17th October a touring Education in             All the boys in Year 10 have been striving to
Theatre group, Diverse Arts, visited school to run a       receive raffle tickets this half term. The form
workshop that has been running nationwide, called          tutors have been handing tickets to boys with
‘Back off Bully’.                                          good punctuality and attendance, and
                                                           impeccable uniform.
The objective of the morning was to encourage
students to break the silence and to stand up for what     The 12 raffle winners will be taken to the Ten-
they feel is right and moral. The whole of Year 8 and      pin Bowling centre during a school day to enjoy
Year 9 participated in the drama workshop, alongside       a well deserved afternoon of fun.
their tutors and their Heads of Year.
                                                                                                   Mr Griffith
‘Back off Bully’ told the real story of Jay and how he                                        Head of Year 10
and the people in his life are affected by bullying. The
production showed the reality of bullying on a daily
basis and how the problem can very easily escalate
beyond control, unless help is sought. The storyline       South London Youth Conference (based
was very gritty, realistic and moving; the boys were       on Africa)
hooked from the start.
                                                           As part of October’s Black History Month, and
The hard hitting and dynamic production clearly            to contribute to Local Democracy Week, young
showed the effects of bullying on everyday life. The       people from five London Boroughs got
performance was presented in a realistic and truthful      together to create a youth conference focusing
way, dealing with numerous types of bullying ranging       on Africa, its culture, economy and social
from verbal to mental and physical. The engaging           situation.
performance challenged the audience’s perception of
how we treat one another and encouraged them to            The conference took place in Merton on
reflect on the impact of their actions.                    Tuesday 17th October at Morden Hall. Albert
                                                           Simango (11MT) was asked to speak on
During the play the actors froze key scenes where they
delivered monologues to share their thoughts and           behalf of the Borough of Kingston. Albert
emotions on the sequence of events witnessed.              spoke on the topic of Zimbabwe and ended by
Following the play there was a discussion and the          taking questions on politics, education and
opportunity to hot-seat the key characters to gain         everyday life in this African country. Albert
insight into the motivation for their actions. The         was congratulated for his excellent and
questions that the boys posed were sensitive and           original presentation by many of the audience.
                                                           On concluding the conference, the Mayor of
The audience were then given three choices and were        Sutton spoke to all the students and said that
encouraged to influence the outcome of the drama. As       if the young people of today grow up
the final scene was re-enacted the script was opened up    understanding other cultures they will be
to Forum Theatre where anyone in the audience could        great people in the future.
shout ‘stop’ at any point and replace one of the actors
and change what happened next.
                                                                                                  Mr Norman
                                                                                               Head of Year 11
Tevin Duhur, Abdul Sacranie and Cameron Cargill
were the students who were brave enough to get up
and have a go at offering their perspective on how         This term our Connexions Careers Advisor is holding
things could have ended differently.                       interviews with the Year 11 students to support them
                                                           in their preparations for post-16 learning and thinking
The workshop was really successful, thoroughly             beyond that into their career. In addition to the
enjoyed by all involved and the actors commended the       appointments a drop-in session is run every Thursday
students on their impeccable behaviour throughout.         lunchtime in the LRC. Please encourage Year 11
                                                           students to do some research and to come and discuss
                      Miss Wojtowicz (Head of Yr 8)        their ideas. After Christmas, Year 12 students will be
                         Miss Wilson (Head of Yr 9)        offered a similar service.

                                                                                                   Mr Gander
                                                                                               Careers Advisor
                                                       throughout the team and as the rain crashed
                                                       down so did Coombe’s place in the Surrey Cup.

                                                       Our last game of the first half of term was our
                                                       first away fixture of the season. The squad went
                                                       to Esher High School and for the first half of the
                                                       game we struggled our way through to being 4-0
                                                       down, but after a re-shuffle at half time the team
The New Coombe PE Kit – A Smarter Way To               rallied round and but for conceding an unlucky
Learn                                                  goal at the end, the performance in the second
                                                       half was a marked improvement.
This is the first full year that we will be known as
Coombe Boys’ School and in recognition of that         It is still early days for a side that have never
there is a new PE kit available for all to wear.       played together before and every game sees
                                                       improvements all over the pitch.
It consists of the usual black shorts and black
rugby socks, as opposed to the black and green                                 Mr Norman & Mr Pellett
socks. But from now on the boys are able to
wear the dark green polo shirt complete with the       Year 8 Football
Coombe crest.
                                                       The Year 8’s season continued this month to no
The new kit is compulsory for any boy starting in      avail with a loss against Winston Churchill in the
Year 7 from the start of this year. Any other          Surrey Cup and the disappointing performance
existing pupil is welcome to purchase the new          by the team was mainly due to a lack of
shirt whenever they want, either straight away or      communication between players. This can be
when they grow out of their existing PE shirt. It      rectified with attending training sessions and
has already proved a massive hit with the boys         playing with each other as a team rather than
already going through the school, with up to half      concentrating on individual performances.
the boys in some classes having already
purchased the new shirt.                               On a positive note towards the end of the Cup
                                                       match defeat Eddie Chandler did, however,
The new PE kit, along with the rest of the new         score a magnificent consolation goal smashing
uniform, is available from the National                the ball in to the back of the net from 35 metres
Schoolwear Centre, Tolworth.                           out. Further improvements are required on the
                                                       field by all Year 8 squad players in the forth
                                                       coming matches, and hopefully this will get the
                                                       season back on track.

                                                                                         Mr Thompson

                                                       Year 9 Football

                                                       A mixed bag this month for the Year 9 football
                                                       team. Andrew Dixon replaced the unavailable
Year 7 Football Report - September/October             Sooraj Noori as captain for the game against
                                                       Epsom & Ewell and helped inspire the team to a
Over the last month the Year 7 squad had two           2-0 half team lead. Perhaps the most
tough games to contend with, Matthew Arnold at         memorable moment in a fine first half display
home in the Surrey Cup and Esher in the                came when Tevin Duhur connected onto a
Kingston League. This gave the squad time to           wonderful Jack Buffoni cross with a bullet like
have some practice sessions and to start to find       header into the top corner of the Epsom net.
a system they were comfortable playing.                Unfortunately a combination of a lack of games
                                                       and a lack of fitness contributed to the boys
The Matthew Arnold game arrived on the back            being unable to defend the lead in the second
of a convincing win against Southborough and           half. Final score: Coombe 2 Epsom 2.
the boys were in a confident mood.
Unfortunately they came up against a side that         Due to fixture congestion the boys had to play
was very well drilled, with quality players            their second game in 24 hours against a strong
                                                       Wilson’s team in the Surrey Cup. After some
flashes of brilliance the previous night the boys    Ryan Tillman (Yr7), Freddie Mitev (Yr8) and
who turned up for the game were in a positive        Mr Gander (Staff).
mood despite some key players letting us down        A recent quote overheard from a Year 11 pupil
at the last minute. Despite our enthusiasm for       saying (with regard to Table Tennis Club):’’ It’s a
the game a well organised and committed              really good way to start the weekend, I can just
Wilson’s team dumped us out of the cup with a        unwind and let rip with my topspins and chop
flattering 7-0 win. Despite the heavy defeat the     shots and I love been challenged by younger
boys continued to work hard throughout the           boys from other years.’’
game with Josh Campbell epitomising this
positive attitude. Josh Alcock’s late inclusion      All equipment is provided, the cost is free, and
was not enough to rattle the 7 goals needed to       we look forward to seeing even more boys
push the tie into extra-time.                        playing Table Tennis after school on a Friday.

                                       Mr Cullen                                        Mr Thompson

                                                     Coombe Boys’ Fantasy Football League
Year 10 Football                                     Kicks off

Mr Griffith’s team has gone through a very           After a month or so of students and staff signing
difficult early period of the season. The squad      up to the Fantasy Football League, it is now fully
has been beaten twice in the league and              underway and as this article goes to press, the
dumped out of the Surrey Cup.                        first leader board is being produced.

The heavy league defeats by Epsom and                Points are accumulated by goals scored, goal
Southborough can be explained by vital squad         assists and clean sheets. After every weekend
members being missing on the day, whereas the        the points that teams earn are added to their
away fixture to Edenham School was a simple          totals and depending how well they did they
case of bad luck.                                    move up or down the league.

In their previous league game against Esher          The competition goes on until the end of the
High, the boys showed character, commitment          Premier League season in May 2007 with other
and composure pulling off an impressive 2 – 1        smaller activities going on throughout, so it is
home win. Mr Griffith resorted to the trusty 4-4-2   very much a marathon not a sprint! So don’t
system and shocked the squad and supporters,         forget check the weekly League table and report
by moving Arun Shariff to the central defence.       that will be displayed on the PE notice board in
It paid off, Arun got the first headed goal and      the Caxton corridor, opposite the Staff Room.
man of the match award. Adamo Kizey struck
the winner with only 5 minutes remaining and
with the boys at the back, in the fine form, we
held on to a memorable victory!!!

                                      Mr Griffith

Table Tennis Club

The Friday after-school Table Tennis Club (open
to all boys) continues to grow from strength to
strength, with nearly 40 boys attending on a
regular basis.

Mr Thompson still remains undefeated in all his
matches with his main challenges coming from