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					Josh Walter
Statement of Intent

My goal in working with this monologue is to practice a more serious role and learn about
relaying emotions in a short moonlogue. I am also attempting to get better at memorizing lines
and being able to deliver them without being too nervous. I need to practice enough that I can be
comfortable and at home with the lines, ideas, and image words. The play itself deals with
several issues and themese that I have an interest in, such as the failings of communism and
british pop/psychedelic rock in the late 60's. The character of Jan is someone I can relate to, as I
feel the same way as him about communism and have many of the albums he owns in the play
myself on vinyl records. The semi-character/theme of Syd Barrett in the play is also particularly
relevent, because I have all of his albums and have seen several documentaries about his life and

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