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            THE « C » FAMILY
            Pep Bruno & Mariona Cabassa
            32 pages, full colour
            22 x 22 cm

            Every morning, my Dad makes breakfast
            while my Mum reads the newspaper
            and I get my school bag ready.
            After breakfast, we all rush off...

            « The Family C » tells the story of a family whose members love the circus,
            an interest that adds colour and fun to their lives. A modern, original and
            imaginative tale, it is enhanced by the use of expressive and cheerful
            illustrations. The mother, the father and their children are depicted as
            jugglers, acrobats, clowns, or trainers... which makes « The Family C » an
            engaging picture book not only for children, but also for adults.

                                                                                          Ilustration by Mariona Cabassa

Each morning, I go out of my house and stare at the clouds.
I dream of someday dancing amongst them. My mum says that
I had better forget that idea, since only birds can fly...                            This is what is said about those who carry.
                                                                                      They live at the bottom.
From an artistic point of view, « Dancing in the Clouds » could be described as       At the bottom of the forest, of the mountain,
a naïve picture book. It tells, through a simple text of short and descriptive        of the desert, of the river.
sentences, the story of a growing town. As time passes, new people make their
homes there, and it becomes a place where many cultures coexist peacefully.           This book is a “song of womanhood”, a poetic text, full of musicality,
                                                                                      complemented by muted illustrations, full of symbolism. The figure of the
                                                                                      woman is associated with the Four Elements –Water, Earth, Wind and Fire–
                         Vanina Starkoff                                              which represent the essence of our world, and form an unbroken chain.
                    48 pages, full colour                                             ■Themes: poetry, philosophy; the four elements of antiquity; a gift book: the
                                                                                      Day of the Working Woman (March 8th), Mother's Day (the first Sunday in
                            22 x 30 cm
                                                                                      May); gender equality, co-education.
            Finalist of the III INTERNATIONAL
       COMPOSTELA PRIZE FOR PICTURE BOOKS                                                                     THOSE WHO CARRY
                                                                                                              Cecilia Afonso Estévez
                                                                                                              36 pages, full colour
                                                                                                              14,5 x 18 cm
                                                                                                              HONOURABLE MENTION 2nd INTERNATIONAL
                                                                                                              COMPOSTELA PRIZE FOR PICTURE BOOKS

               LITTLE LAMB,                                                                                                TIME FLIES
        HAVE YOU ANY WOOL?                                                                                                 JoãoPedro Mésseder & Gémeo Luís
 Isabel Minhós Martins & Yara Kono                                                                                         36 pages, full colour
                     36 pages, full colour                                                                                 22 x 22 cm
                             22 x 22 cm                                                                                    HONOURABLE MENTION 1st INTERNATIONAL
     HONOURABLE MENTION 1st INTERNATIONAL                                                                                  COMPOSTELA PRIZE FOR PICTURE BOOKS

                                                “Little lamb, have you any wool?"     “How many months are there in a year?"
                                                                            “Why?"    “Twelve, isn't that enough?"
                                                        “To make myself a sweater,    “I'd like twelve
                                                        to keep me nice and warm.     and another one to recover."
                                                            to cover up my tummy,
                                                          and chase the cold away."   This amusing rhymed story is an invitation to reflect upon the hurried pace of
                                                                                      our daily lives. The images, elaborate paper silhouettes on a contrasting
A rhyming text for beginning readers, using the repetitive, cumulative                background, bring the tale to life: the hands of the clocks become surprising
structure of the oral tradition. A winter's tale, to battle the cold.                 new objects.
■ Highlights: illustrations of elegant simplicity, a blend of meticulous detail       ■Highlights: illustrations based on silhouette cut-outs.
and simple sketches; muted tones, chromatic contrast.                                 ■Themes: time and telling time; being punctual; a reflection on the pace of
■Themes: oral narrative, domestic animals; dialectic discussion; sharing; the         modern life.
use of primary materials to make practical objects; the seasons, the weather.
María danced. Sara wanted to draw the world. Juan could                                                               A young man was riding through the forest
hear objects speak because instead of two ears, he had ten.                                                           on a magical horse. A horse with fierce eyes,
Rodrigo made a huge net, captured the planets and made                                                                a wide back and iron hooves. There were no
them spin around inside his house. Antonia, in place of                                                               horses like this one in the whole wide world.
hair, had flowers. When Carolina was born, she thought                                                                Suddenly...
she was an apple.
                                                                                                                      This book contains 10 stories from different
“A Strange World” presents a series of childlike experiences                                                          countries and cultures around the world.
and reflects upon the lives of the tiniest among us,                                                                  Tales of kings and princesses, fantastic places
allowing grown-ups insight into the thoughts of children,                                                             and talking animals. Reading this book, you’ll
and by extension, making their world more accessible to                                                               experience humour and tenderness, fear and
adults.                                                                                                               terror. You’ll travel into deep valleys, through
■Highlights: illustrations based on painted silhouette                                                                leafy forests and across high mountains.
cut-outs, collage.                                                                                                    Exciting adventures and strange characters
■Themes: creative writing, imagination.                                                                               await.

                                                            A STRANGE WORLD                  THE WHITE BEAR KING
                                         María José Ferrada & Nicolai Troschinsky            Tim Bowley & Óscar Villán
                                                                  88 pages, full colour      112 pages, full colour
                                                                        15 x 23,5 cm         15 x 23,5 cm

Diogenes has a hobby: collecting things.
What things? All sorts of things. He finds them, gathers
them up and takes them home. The problem is that
Diogenes lives with his parents, his sister, his little
brother and his grandparents, and they all collect things.
All sorts of things.

                                                                                                                                                                         Ilustration by Nicolai Troschinsky
Diogenes is a micro-novel exempt of easy didacticism.
Composed of linked elements which meld and intrude upon
each other, it moves between absurd humour and
tenderness, eventually leading the reader to a tragic
conclusion. The illness which Diogenes suffers from, a
pathological need to accumulate objects and all manner of
rubbish, underlies this tale for readers 10 and up.

                                                        Pablo Albo & Pablo Auladell
                                                                  48 pages, full colour
                                                                        15 x 23,5 cm
                                            THE 2008 LAZARILLO PRIZE FOR LITERARY CREATION
                                                          RIGHTS SOLD IN PORTUGUESE


                                MAKAKIÑOS DÍA A DÍA is a new editorial line created to help those with special needs

                                                                                                                                                                         Ilustration by Alicia Suárez
                                develop reading skills. “Nicolas Goes Shopping” and “Nicolas Cooks without the Stove”
                                are complementary guides which encourage independence and communication skills.

                                This recipe book can be used to prepare healthy, tasty meals simply and without using the
                                stove: canapés, sandwiches and salads for a main course; fruit salad and fruit skewers;
                                coconut macaroons, chocolate truffles, lemon mousse and banana ice cream for dessert;
                                drinks like orange juice, strawberry milkshakes and melon sorbet. After listing the necessary
                                ingredients and utensils, and indicating the degree of difficulty, preparation instructions are
                                given. The text was adapted using pictograms, the communication system for people with
                                intellectual disabilities like autism and dysphasia.
                                NICOLAS COOKS WITHOUT THE STOVE
                                BATA & Alicia Suárez
                                32 pages, full colour
                                26 x 22 cm

                                                                                                                                      NICOLAS GOES SHOPPING
 Ilustration by Alicia Suárez

                                                                                                                                                  BATA & Alicia Suárez

                                                                                                                                                     36 pages, full colour
                                                                                                                                                             26 x 22 cm

                                                                               MAKAKIÑOS DÍA A DÍA is a new editorial line created to help those with special needs
                                                                               develop reading skills. “Nicolas Goes Shopping” and “Nicolas Cooks without the Stove”
                                                                               are complementary guides which encourage independence and communication skills.

                                                                               With the shopping guide, Nicolas visits establishments in order to buy food (fruit and
                                                                               vegetable market, butcher, fish market, bakery, supermarket, cafeteria), clothing (clothing
                                                                               store, shoe store), and gifts (toy store, florist, bookstore).
                                                                               Each location includes a list of products found there. The text was adapted using
                                                                               pictograms, the communication system for people with intellectual disabilities like autism
                                                                               and dysphasia.

    J. and W. Grimm & Gabriel Pacheco
    36 pages, full colour
    22 x 22 cm

    Once upon a time a man had a donkey.
    The donkey carried heavy loads to the mill for many years, but now, old and worn out,
    he no longer had the strength. So the man, to save a little money, stopped feeding him.
    The donkey, anticipating a bleak future, escapes to Bremen to become a street musician.

    A donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster are the protagonists in a tale which encourages us not
    to despair when things go badly because there is always a solution. The animals
    successfully scare away bandits encountered at a cabin in the woods, proving that there is
    strength in numbers. The simplicity of the scenes, the muted nature of the colours and the
    warmth of the textures make this book a modern classic.

7                                                                                                 Ilustration by Gabriel Pacheco

                                                                      KEMBO                                                                    MILU
                                            Carlos Pérez & Miguel Calatayud                                       Manuel Rivas & Aitana Carrasco

                                                           32 pages, full colour                                                 48 pages, full colour
                                                                   22 x 30 cm                                                         24,5 x 21,5 cm

   In the early 1930s, Kembo, a young, solitary lion, roamed as he pleased          ...Milu thought that something bad had entered her home. It
   through the jungles of Baba Kamo, in a remote corner of East Africa.             was very strange to lose songs, and a handbag, and the
                                                                                    French bread. Even her parents sometimes got lost and didn’t
   “Kembo” is the story of a very special African lion: mischievous and             come back. But at least she had Nana, the television. Milu
   impertinent, playful and peaceful, but above all, vegetarian. His harmless       spent a lot of time alone with her and she didn’t want to lose
   misadventures come to an abrupt end when an explorer captures him and            her too.
   sells him to the Medrano Circus in Paris. If not for the attentions of trapeze
   artist Nadine Chouette, Kembo's life would be little more than the anger,        Milu represents all children who live in troubled family
   blows, insults and lashes of his trainer, Jean Malin. But his trainer's wrongs   situations caused by difficulties such as alcoholism,
   will not go unpunished. A spectacular tribute to the world of the circus and     unemployment or illness. But this story also tells us that, despite
   of the cinema.                                                                   everything, there is hope for these boys and girls, thanks to the
   ■Highlights: National Prize for Illustration winner, Miguel Calatayud;           dedication of foster parents. This book is a collaborative effort,
   homage to the circus and cinema.                                                 and Kalandraka donates a portion of its sales to Meniños, a
   ■Themes: appearances, good vs. evil; wilderness vs. civilization; animal         Galician foundation working towards a better future for
   rights; world history and geography; narrative fiction.                          disadvantaged children.

                                                    Xulio Gutiérrez & Nicolás Fernández
                                                                       36 pages, full colour
                                                                               24 x 34 cm

           There are birds that build amazing nests using complicated architectural
           techniques, and mammals that dig complex subterranean homes. Some
           insects construct enormous buildings, and some spiders create elaborate
           structures for hunting. All of them are expert builders whose abilities help
           them survive.

           This book invites readers to explore the homes of animals that they rarely have
           access to, either physically or intellectually. A scientific and visual tour of
           spectacular nests and dens allows readers new insight into their inhabitants. This
           knowledge helps develop awareness of wildlife in order to better understand,
           respect and protect it.
           « Builders » showcases 12 different animals including coral, beavers and termites.

              HELL’S CAVE
              Xosé Manuel Trigo & Ramón Trigo
              104 pages, full colour
              18,5 x 25,5 cm

              A Guarda, Galicia, Spain. 1858.
              One day, Reverend Father Elijah called for Joseph. He wanted to visit Benedict, Joseph’s father, who had just returned, very
              ill, from Havana. Benedict had been a beachcomber and smuggler on the border with Portugal. And then he had disappeared.
              For a long time, Joseph knew nothing of him, until the money began to arrive. When Joseph’s mother died, Benedict
              supported his son until he could manage on his own.

              This interesting graphic novel tells of events on the southern coast of Galicia during the XIX century. Beachcombers lured ships
              aground and then attacked the crews and stole the cargo. The story, told in a strong cinematographic style, explains how the
              most powerful man in town amassed his fortune.

                                                     SO, WHAT DO YOU PREFER ?
                                                                        36 pages, full colour
                                                                               21 x 15,5 cm

    Andrew walked absent-mindedly into his grandfather’s garden,
    and wondered if he would prefer to be as tall as a tree, or as small as a blade of grass...

    This book is an open invitation for readers to travel around the world and immerse themselves in exotic locales. We simply
    need to place the tip of a finger on any point of the globe. With the help of cartoon-like illustrations, Andrew’s grandfather
    recounts his numerous experiences and anecdotes and guides us through past adventures.
Board Books

                        Moon and sun, moon and snail,
                        moon and sunflower...                             Green, green, the crocodile gets lost,
                        evocative elements and rhymes                     and climbs on top of a blue,
                        to teachchildren about poetry.                    blue trunk...learning colours is fun!

                        16 pages, full colour                             16 pages, full colour
                        16 x 16 cm                                        16 x 16 cm

                        MOON                                              CROCODILE
                        Antonio Rubio & Óscar Villán                      Antonio Rubio & Óscar Villán

 MEOW                                              PAPER BIRD                                           FIVE
 Antonio Rubio & Óscar Villán                      Antonio Rubio & Óscar Villán                         Antonio Rubio & Óscar Villán
 16 pages full colour                              16 pages full colour                                 12 pages full colour
 16 x 16 cm                                        16 x 16 cm                                           16 x 16 cm

 Meow, meow, the cat says.                         Paper Bird places the tablecloth                     One moon, two moons and a sun,
 Neigh, neigh, the horse says.                     and puts out the glasses,                            three moons, a sun and a fish...
 Cock-a-doodle-doo the rooster sings...            Paper Bird pours the water...                        In this fun-filled way,
 animals and their sounds                          a way for children to learn                          children learn numbers and objects.
 unite to sing a song for children.                that setting the table is fun.

     The collection, “From the Cradle to the Moon”, is
     especially intended for children 0-3 years old. Its main
     objective, as the author says, is “to educate the eye and
     sharpen the ear”.

     The illustrator –awarded with the First National
     Illustration Prize in 1999– proposes a natural aesthetic,
     with simple, recognizable pictures.

     Each of the five books is “a poem, full of
     simplicity and rhyme”. The pictures
     help children learn to read from
     left to right, and from top to
     bottom, and each page is like
     a poem. The text, inspired by

                                                                 Ilustration by Óscar Villán
     popular children’s songs, uses
     rhyme, repetition, and

     Each book has a different theme:
     “Five” is about numbers, “Crocodile”
     refers to colours, “Meow” talks about
     animals, “Paper Bird” is about day-to-day
     objects and “Moon” is the most poetic title.


                                                            "Little rat, little rat, how beautiful you are!
             The three little goats have to cross the       Will you marry me?" This is what
             bridge in order to get to that tasty grass.    all the animals asked her... She was the
             But there is a terrible monster in their way   most conceited rat in the town.
             and they will have to outwit him...
                                                            40 pages, full colour
             40 pages, full colour                          22 x 22 cm
             22 x 22 cm                                     RIGHTS SOLD IN BRAZILIAN

             THE THREE GOATS                                THE CONCEITED LITTLE RAT
             BATA & Federico Fernández                      BATA & Alicia Suárez

             THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT                        THE UGLY DUCKLING
             BATA & Óscar Villán                            BATA & Ana Sande
             32 pages, full colour                          40 pages, full colour
             22 x 22 cm                                     22 x 22 cm

             A little white rabbit leaves his house to      Ever since this lovely duckling was born,
             collect cabbages and returns to discover       his mother knew that he was not like the
             that a a frightening goat has occupied         others. But the future is always uncertain...
             his home.

The main objective of Makakiños is to help make reading accessible for children with developmental or communication
disorders such as celebral palsy, autism or dysphasia. BATA, an association in the north of Spain for people with
intellectual disabilities, collaborated directly in this project.

Through this collection KALANDRAKA and BATA hope to make the world of fantasy accessible to children who express
themselves in non-conventional ways by reducing communication barriers and introducing them to the exciting world
of reading.

The texts are adapted to make reading them more straightforward and figurative language is removed in order to make

                                                                                                                      Ilustration by Federico Fernández
the message clear. The illustrations are closely linked to the text in order to aid comprehension.

         THE SHY FLY’S HOUSE                 THE SEVEN KIDS
           Eva Mejuto & Sergio Mora          Sofía Rodríguez & Ana Míguez
                   40 pages, full colour     32 pages, full colour
                           22 x 22 cm        22 x 22 cm

                                             KOREA, PORTUGUESE AND BRAZILIAN

               THE THREE GOATS               THE CHICK AT THE HAZEL WOOD
                    Federico Fernández       Gabriel Pacheco
                   40 pages, full colour     32 pages, full colour
                           22 x 22 cm        22 x 22 cm


          THE REAL STORY OF                  THE UGLY DUCKLING
     LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD                  Ana Sande
                            Marc Taeger
                                             40 pages, full colour
                   40 pages, full colour     22 x 22 cm.
                           22 x 22 cm
                                             RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN AND ENGLISH FOR
                            AND ITALIAN

                     THE GRACKLE             PUSS IN BOOTS
                            Isidro Ferrer    Luis Castro Enjamio
                   40 pages, full colour     32 pages, full colour
                           22 x 22 cm        22 x 22 cm


                              THE LITTLE PEA
                              Olalla González & Marc Taeger
                              36 pages, full colour
                              22 x 22 cm

                              RIGHTS SOLD IN PORTUGUESE (Portugal)

                              THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT
                              Óscar Villán
                              40 pages, full colour
                              22 x 22 cm

                              NATIONAL ILUSTRATION AWARD 1999
                              RIGHTS SOLD IN ENGLISH, BRAZILIAN,
                              ITALIAN AND PORTUGUESE

                              THE MULBERRY
                              Óscar Villán
                              40 pages, full colour
                              22 x 22 cm

                              RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN
Ilustration by Óscar Villán
                              CLASSIC TALES
Ilustration by Miguel Tanco

                                            HANSEL & GRETEL              THE THREE BEARS
                                                      Pablo Auladell     Miguel Tanco
                                                 40 pages, full colour   40 pages, full colour
                                                         22 x 22 cm      22 x 22 cm


                        Samuel Ribeyron      Roger Olmos
                      40 pages full colour   40 pages full colour
                             22 x 22 cm.     22 x 22 cm.


                   THE TIN SOLDIER           THE CONCEITED LITTLE RAT
                          Antonio Caíña      Pablo Mestre
                      40 pages full colour   40 pages full colour
                             22 x 22 cm.     22 x 22 cm.


                            João Caetano     Elia Manero
                      40 pages full colour   32 pages full colour
                             22 x 22 cm.     22 x 22 cm.

                             AND KOREAN

                        Helle Thomassen      Alicia Suárez
                      32 pages full colour   36 pages full colour
                             22 x 22 cm.     22 x 22 cm.

                                             RIGHTS SOLD IN ENGLISH FOR KOREA


One of the most frequent questions asked by children is                young children who are beginning to explore the world.
"Why?" Children have always needed to understand the
whys and wherefores of things. Aquiles, a restless character,          Marc Taeger, who won the Daniel Gil Prize for his previous
                                                                       book, “Little Red Riding Hood ́ s Real story”, also published
continuously growing and changing: his eyes, mouth, nose,
arms, legs....                                                         by
Throughout this process, Aquiles learns about the world                KALANDRAKA.         This original work, which uses the
around him and experiences new things. An useful book for              technique of collage, is full of colour and imagination.

                                                                                                                                 AQUILES, THE LITTLE DOT
                                                                                                                                        Guia Risari & Marc Taeger
                                                                                                                                                40 pages, full colour
                                  JUST A SECOND                                                                                                         22 x 28 cm
                                  Silvio Freytes & Flavio Morais                                                  RIGHTS SOLD IN ITALIAN, KOREAN AND PORTUGUESE

                                  36 pages, full colour
                                  22 x 22 cm
                                  DANIEL GIL PUBLISHING DESIGN AWARD 2007
                                  RIGHTS SOLD IN FRENCH,

One day, in an unnamed city in the South, at an undefined hour, a
series of events occurs simultaneously, and although each event
apparently goes unnoticed, the consequences multiply. Sometimes
people don't realize that what they do or say can be seen or heard
by others.
An interesting book to explain the concepts of time and space.
With a structure similar to that of a comic book, the text has great
visual power and readers are witnesses to the action.

                                   Sobruto II was an evil king always at war                           important truth: wars cause pain for
                                   with his neighbour Afilado I, The Cruel. They spent many            both sides. The characters in this deck of cards tell a tale of
                                   years fighting. Surprisingly, despite how much the kings            history full of tenderness and humour.
                                   hated each                                                          The author compares the imaginary world of the book to the
                                   other, the son of Soburto II and the daughter of Afilado I fall     real world.
                                   madly in love.                                                      The illustrator uses the cards as a graphic device, and the
                                   In the end, the children bring peace to                             book becomes
                                   their countries.                                                     a game everyone can play.
                                   A useful book for both children and adults, it deals with an

Juan Ignacio Pérez Palomares & Josep Rodés
44 pages, full colour
21 x 25 cm
                                                                                        GREAT-GRANDFATHER’S VOYAGE
                                                                                        Marta Farias & Aitana Carrasco
                                                                                        40 pages, full colour
                                                                                        27 x 21 cm

                                 A very tender, even romantic, story. The protagonist’s great-grandfather had a small
                                 boat. But he never found the time to head off on that adventure. And then his daughter was
                                 born. As time passed, he no longer felt either youthful and courageous enough to
                                 face the journey. Finally, happily, his daughter fulfills his old dream.
 Ilustration by Rebeca Luciani

                                                                                                      DANIELA´S SMILE
                                                                                               Carmen Gil & Rebeca Luciani
                                                                                                          40 pages, full colour
                                                                                                                   27 x 21 cm

                                                           One day, Daniela went for a walk. It was a beautiful morning, the air was fresh, the sky was blue and the sun was shining.
                                                           Daniela smiled and her smile flew around until it settled on Roberta’s heart, like a hummingbird in the spring...
                                                           Daniela's smile has wings and it flies from one heart to another, providing happiness to the sad, self-esteem to the depressed
                                                           and a sense of humor to the irritable. Because her smile, like all good things, is
                                                           very contagious. This colourful book talks about the joy of living, the importance of accepting ourselves as we are and the
                                                           hope of self-improvement. Daniela’s smile travels from one animal to another, as if in a chain.

Mr. Duck is going to work, as he does
every day.
Mr. Rabbit is also going to work, as he
does every day.
They always walk past each other...

Natalia Colombo                                                                                                          A BIG DREAM
                                                                                                                         Felipe Ugalde
36 pages, full colour
20 x 20 cm                                                                                                               40 pages, full colour
1st INTERNATIONAL COMPOSTELA PRIZE                                                                                       21 x 27 cm
FOR PICTURE BOOKS 2008                                                                                                   2nd INTERNATIONAL COMPOSTELA PRIZE
RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN, IN ENGLISH (North                                                                                 FOR PICTURE BOOKS 2009
America), IN FRENCH LANGUAGE (Canada), IN                                                                                RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN LANGUAGE

ITALIAN AND PORTUGUESE                               There was once a little chap with big dreams,
                                                     eager to grow, to be big, to be someone
                                                     who wouldn’t go... unnoticed.

                                                     The winning picture book of the 2nd International Compostela Prize is a literary gem, a micro-tale which will
                                                     transport readers to the fantastic world of Mayan mythology and astronomy. Mexican author Felipe Ugalde
                                                     tells the story of a crocodile who wants to leave his mark on time and space, far beyond its own existence in
                                                     the world. The crocodile is a metaphor for the human condition and is eager to grow and leave behind some
                                                     trace of his presence. Just like the crocodile, some people are convinced they are destined to do great things,
                                                     despite not knowing exactly how to achieve them, and, as a result, they devour everything around them.

                                                                                                                                                                  Ilustration by Felipe Ugalde
Javier Sobrino & Rebeca Luciani
40 pages, full colour
20 x 29 cm
I’m Martin. I have a cat, different-coloured eyes,
and a cloud. I climb up to my cloud everyday,
morning, afternoon and night. It
doesn’t matter if I’m sleeping, at the park or in
the subway. I sometimes think that I spend too
much time there, but I’m happy on my cloud...
                                                          Txabi Arnal & Neus Bruguera
                                                          40 pages, full colour
                                                          21 x 27 cm

                                                          This is the story of a complicated search. The townspeople need to find out where all
                                                          colour has gone after a hurricane comes to town. Rich in figurative language, this
                                                          mysterious and exciting tale has a repetitive and cumulative structure. Using coloured
                                                          pencils and an interesting geometric style, the illustrator plays with colour and its
KANDINGA THE LION                                         absence — while the rest of the story is rendered in vibrant polichromed images, from
                                                          the moment the hurricane comes to town, the illustrations are in black and white.
Boniface Ofogo Nkama & Elisa Arguilé

40 pages, full colour
26,5 x 21 cm

The Bantu African tribe tells the story of Kandinga the
Lion in order to explain that cruelty and egoism bring
disgrace to those who forget to share.

Ilustration by Neus Bruguera
PICTURE BOOKS                                    The thief of voices is not a book of poems,
                                                                                                          The princess is sad. Why do things always
                                                 despite the strength of its words. This special
                                                 tale is much more than a story: it’s a chorus            happen to her?
                                                 of metaphor that moves from night to day,                She heaves a deep sigh through strawberry-
                                                 from silence to shouting.                                shaped lips...

                                                 THE THIEF OF VOICES                                      SONATINA
                                                 Rafael F. Lorenzo & Loreto Blanco                        Rubén Darío & Carmela Mayor
                                                 36 pages, full colour                                    40 pages, full colour
                                                 21 x 27 cm                                               21 x 26,5 cm

 José Morán & Carmela Mayor                      THE TREE WITH DIN-A4 LEAVES
                                                 Carles cano & Carlos Ortín
 32 pages, full colour                                                                                    NEIGHBOURS
 20 x 26 cm                                      32 pages, full colour                                    Ángeles Jiménez & Pablo Prestifilippo
                                                 21 x 26,5 cm
 "Dear Scarecrow" is a special book that                                                                  40 pages, full colour
                                                 RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN
 explores themes like solitude, friendship and                                                            20 x 29 cm
 love. It can be read on many levels, and        The tree with DIN-A4 leaves is an exquisite work
 invites young and old alike to return           for “children” between 9 and 99... the evocative         Neighbours is a poetic story of simple
 repeatedly to its exquisite, unusual beauty.    illustrations by Carlos Ortin parallel a highly poetic   sentences and parallel structures. In this tale,
                                                 text by Carles Cano. The tree with DIN-A4 leaves is      moles travel from below the earth to the sky,
                                                 a metaphor for our time and a reflection on the          searching for missing drops of salt water.
                                                 right to be different.                                   Nobody knows where they come from and
                                                 Without hesitation, this is a reference book for all     only at the end of the story do we discover
                                                 those who, like the leaves in the tale, fly at night     the real reason for the flood.
                                                 among dreams and stories.
     THE STORY OF                                                                                       IMAGINE ANIMALS
     THE RAINBOW WARRIOR                                                                                Xosé Ballesteros & Juan Vidaurre
     Rocío Martínez
                                                                                                        36 pages, full colour
     36 pages, full colour                                                                              22 x 22 cm
                                                       I´M A HORSE
     26 x 20 cm
                                                       Gonzalo Moure & Esperanza León                   Appearences can be deceiving. This book
                                                                                                        invites us to look for those invisible beings
     The Cree Indians tell of a time when men and      48 pages, full colour                            hiding among us day after day. Who
     women the world over will come together as        23 x 30 cm                                       knows?
     Rainbow Warriors in order to protect the planet                                                    Maybe some day they will remove their
                                                       This poetic story, both tender and emotional,
     and its inhabitants from pollution and                                                             masks and take off their disguises...
                                                       invites us to adopt a new perspective.
     environmental menace.
                                                       A horse, through his friendship with a little
     Two whales swim together in a cold sea, and
                                                       girl, attempts to understand human beings.
     the bigger one sings his story: "Many years
                                                       In return, the horse asks the same of us. The
     ago, when men first started building ships,
                                                       key to this work lies in thinking of the horse
     they created one to protect us..." This book
                                                       not as tool or a toy, but as a noble animal in
     talks about the origins of the Rainbow Warrior,
                                                       harmony with nature.
     the Greenpeace ship that in 1978 began to
     cross oceans in protest of and in testimony to
     the indiscriminate slaughter of whales and
     seals, toxic waste pollution, gas and oil
     development and destructive fishing practices.
     A Greenpeace certified "Friend of the Forests",
     the book is made from paper grown in
     sustainable forests.

                                                                                                                                                        Ilustration by Juan Vidaurre

  Michael Grejniec
  36 pages, full colour
  19,5 x 29 cm

  Who hasn’t dreamt of taking a bite out of the moon?
  This tale, somewhere between fable and legend, talks about
  shared dreams, generosity and solidarity. The
  giraffe, the mouse, the elephant and the lion all want a

                                                                    Ilustration by Michael Grejniec
  taste of the moon, but no matter how hard they try,
  they can’t reach it. Finally, the turtle comes up with a
  bright idea: “Maybe if we all worked together...”
     Antonio Rubio & Violeta Lopiz

                                                             Ilustration by Violeta Lopiz
     92 pages, full colour
     15 x 21,5 cm

     “Once upon a time...” This book contains the keys for
     entering the marvellous world of children’s
     traditional tales. It provides practical examples,
     narrative tricks and explains the strengths of each
     story type.

PICTURE BOOKS                                                                                 The tin-legged pirate wakes up and returns
                                                                                              to his mission with renewed energy – to
                                                                                              annoy as many people as he can. It doesn't
When the Bear loses his baby tooth, his        Joaquín is an inventive young boy who          matter if they are humans or spirits...until
friends help him find it. The Mole takes out   woke up one morning with a fabulous idea       the pirate meets a poor ghost who doesn't
his magnifying glass and everything they       that would change his life for ever. He uses   feel much like fighting at all.
seems to be different: the ants look like      materials and gifts given to him by his        A funny story for very young children,
trucks, the butterflies turn into comets and   aunt in order to make ten funny animals.       with accessible content, attractive rhymes,
the birds become planes...                                                                    and collage and ink illustrations.
                                               JOAQUIN’S ZOO
BEAR AND HIS MILK TOOTH                        Pablo Bernasconi
                                                                                              THE PIRATE WITH THE TIN LEG
Julia San Miguel & Marta Munté                                                                Xosé Manuel González & Ramón Trigo
                                               36 pages, full colour
36 pages, full colour                                                                         40 pages, full colour
                                               22 x 22 cm
22 x 22 cm                                                                                    22 x 22 cm
                                               RIGHTS SOLD IN BRAZILIAN

GIANT FOOTPRINTS                               WHO HAS SEEN THE SCISSORS?                     HILDERITA AND MAXIMILIAN
Fernando Krahn                                 Fernando Krahn                                 Fernando Krahn
36 pages, full colour                          56 pages, full colour                          40 pages, full colour
22 x 22 cm                                     22 x 22 cm                                     22 x 22 cm

A strange rustle in the snow alarms the        In an effort to preserve and update a          Fernando Krahn presents readers with a new full-
family. The Elders are worried. Where are      beloved tale, KALANDRAKA presents a new        colour edition of "Hilderita and Maximilian", first
the children? The whole neighbourhood          full-colour version of Fernando Krahn's        published in the United States in 1968.
helps the parents find them. This picture      brilliant work entitled "Who has Seen the      Krahn offers a tender story of love and family,
book illustrates how children and adults       Scissors?" Guaranteed to make readers          combined with the clean lines, the uncomplicated
react differently when faced with the          laugh, it tells a simple story with the        innocence and the intelligent humour that has
unknown.                                       intelligent humour typical of this             always characterized the Chilean illustrator. Born
                                               illustrator.                                   in 1935, Krahn is a master of visual humour.
                                                  Amelia came into the living room where        Goma Mago is a charming and eccentric
                                                  her father was sitting in his favourite       magician who appears to be a bit of a fool,
                                                  chair, reading the paper: “Daddy,” she        but who, in fact, is very clever. He wants to
                                                  said, “I’ve been thinking...”                 make children happy because that his the
     This book, dedicated to                      Her father sighed. When Amelia had been       only way he will be happy himself. With
     children who are teased because of their     thinking, it usually meant trouble. Amelia    his magic tricks, he makes dreams come
     differences, is intended to help them turn   continued, “Could we have a a dog?”           true and transports children to a place
     negatives into positives.                                                                  where anything is possible. A unusual
                                                  AMELIA WANTS A DOG                            mixture of images, shapes, and colours
     BIG EARS                                     Tim Bowley & André Neves                      results in an original picture book.
     Luisa Aguilar & André Neves
                                                  32 pages, full colour                         GOMA MAGO
     32 pages, full colour                        22 x 22 cm                                    Toño Núñez & Adrià Fruitós
     22 x 22 cm                                   RIGHTS SOLD IN FRENCH (France), IN ITALIAN,
                                                                                                40 pages, full colour
                                                                                                22 x 22 cm

     IT IS NOT EASY, LITTLE SQUIRREL              A DIFFERENT PRESENT                           GRANDPARENTS
     Elisa Ramón & Rosa Osuna                     Marta Azcona & Rosa Osuna                     Chema Heras & Rosa Osuna
     40 pages, full colour                        40 pages, full colour                         40 pages, full colour
     22 x 22 cm                                   22 x 22 cm                                    22 x 22 cm
      Young readers might be sad after reading    BRAZILIAN AND KOREAN                          RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN, BRAZILIAN,
     this daring project; after all, the little                                                 TAIWAN, PORTUGUESE AND JAPANESE
                                                  Everyone has been disappointed at some
     squirrel is very sad.                        point in their lives. Marta Azcona            In "Grandparents', Chema Heras tells the tender
     Children experience death in a unique way    approaches the topic with humour and          story of an elderly couple, Manuel and
     and they need answers.                       Rosa Osuna's delicate illustrations foster    Manuela, who accept their advancing old age
                                                  the imagination.                              calmly. Manuela is still a coquettish young girl
                                                                                                and Manuel still wants to dance with her. This
                                                                                                picture book shows us that beauty is in the eye
                                                                                                of the beholder.
                                                                                                             This book of photographic and literary beauty
                                                                                                             will appeal to all ages. The text tells the tale of
                                                                                                             a little girl, and compares the shape, size and
                                                                                                             texture of each body part with a different fruit.
                                                                                                             In contrast to these beautiful descriptions, the
                                                           Nostalgic pirates face their past and become      reader discovers an ugly insect, a spider, who
Belisario the dinosaur is a humorous tale about            noble...this touching story by Alberto            is also exploring the parts of her body. A
the arbitrary use of power. The dinosaur can               Sebastián is appropriate for early readers, and   visual and poetic approach to the human body.
only be vanquished by magic.                               is, in the end, a celebration of friendship.
                                                                                                             THE SPIDER AND ME
BELISARIO THE DINOSAUR                                     CAPTAIN CALABROTE                                 Fran Alonso & Manuel G. Vicente
Pepe Cáccamo & Carles Arbat                                Alberto Sebastián & Carles Arbat
                                                                                                             40 pages, full colour
40 pages, full colour                                      40 pages, full colour
                                                                                                             22 x 22 cm
22 x 22 cm                                                 22 x 22 cm
                                                                                                             RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN LANGUAGE

                   THE UPSIDE DOWN
ONES AND THE RIGHT SIDE UP ONES                            PACO                                              MATEO
 Paloma Valdivia                                           Paula Carballeira & Blanca Barrio                 Paula Carballeira & Pablo Otero
36 pages, full colour                                      36 pages, full colour                             40 pages, full colour
22 x 22 cm                                                 22 x 22 cm                                        22 x 22 cm
                                                           RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN AND ITALIAN
This picture book is an original narrative and artistic                                                      Mateo creates an urban world: a town, seen by
project. The author and illustrator think about the        Paco is a poetic story about nostalgia and        a boy. This book plays a game of perspectives
world upside down, a reflection of reality in a parallel   friendship. The author, Paula Carballeira, is     and has a surprising ending, showing us that
dimension. Nevertheless, people living in the North        one of the most famous story-tellers in Galicia   things are not always as they seem.
and the South have similar ways of life. Both worlds       (Spain). The illustrations, by Blanca Barrio,
live together in harmony, share customs and                give life to this adventurous mouse through
complement each other. A book to be read rightside         the use of collage.
up or upside down.
                                                       Pancho desired, as everybody does,
                                                       something beyond his reach -- a simple
                                                       checkered cloth. When he finally owns it,
     Pancho, Monosabio and Perico escape from          Pancho discovers the wealth he had lost      Kiko da Silva, both author and illustrator of
     the circus. Their long journey begins             and had been unable to appreciate. In this   this work, pushes the limits, and with great
     because they wants to be free and to return       work, Antonio Santos explores the effects    control of colour and amazing visual
     home. A tale for young children, it               of uncontrolled curiosity and how pipe       impact, introduces us to the world of art --
     explains the importance of freedom, and           dreams disappear into smoke when they        and to the artist's world.
     animal rights. Readers will be enamoured          are finally achieved.
     with its humour and vivid colour.                                                              MONCHO AND THE STAIN
                                                       PANCHO                                       Kiko Dasilva
     PANCHO’S JOURNEY                                  Antonio Santos
                                                                                                    48 pages, full colour
     Antonio Santos
                                                       40 pages, full colour                        22 x 22 cm
     48 pages, full colour                             22 x 22 cm                                   RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN BRAZILIAN AND
     22 x 22 cm                                        SECOND NATIONAL ILUSTRATION AWARD 2003       PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE

     Manolo Hidalgo
     32 pages, full colour
     22 x 22 cm

     Using only three colours, the forceful images
     of this book parallel the story in expressive
     and ingenious ways.
                                                                                                                             Ilustration by Antonio Santos

                                                     This is a story with rhyme, agile verse and a      The monster who lives in Richard's room has
  A light approach to the fears of children. The     sense of humour. Children will enjoy this tale,    one eye, two noses, three mouths, and four
  sound of the elevator, the washing machine and     not only when they catch a cold, but anytime.      arms...Young readers will learn numbers and
  even the wind can be the most terrible monsters.   Like the ghost, they will learn to treat being a   parts of the body. Parents and teachers can
                                                     little sick with levity and fun.                   talk about sibling rivalry.
  Rocío Martínez                                     THE GHOST WITH ASTHMA                              RICHARD’S MONSTER
                                                     Carmen Gil & Sarah Webster                         Julia San Miguel & Rocío Martínez
  40 pages full colour
                                                     40 pages full colour                               32 pages full colour
  22 x 22 cm
                                                     22 x 22 cm                                         22 x 22 cm

  JIM AND THE ACORNS                                 HOW SILLY ARE CHAMELEONS                           VILACENDOI’S MUSIC BAND
  Tim Bowley & Inés Vilpi                            Pablo Prestifilippo                                Xulio Gayoso
  48 pages, full colour                                                                                 48 pages full colour
                                                     40 pages, full colour
  22 x 22 cm                                                                                            21 x 22 cm
                                                     22 x 22 cm
  Especially for beginning readers, this is a tale   The main character of "How Silly are               This story is a kind of rural fable, half true,
  of short, repetitive and energetic scenes. Tim     Chameleons" explains his ingenious method          half imagined. Readers learn about life in the
  Bowley uses mnemonic rhymes to help                for exposing the dangerous chameleons              country, farm animals, and the beauty of the
  children follow the story.                         hiding in his house.                               landscape. The book also describes the
                                                                                                        difficult times, when emigration and an aging
                                                                                                        population made people afraid for the future
                                                                                                        of Vilacendoi.
     John wakes up, has breakfast, goes to           Along with the characters of Big Trouble, we
     school...the events of the day always happen    explore what it feels like to no longer be the    A book of simple language and expressive
     in the same order, but John –as well as the     centre of attention. The eldest brother comes     illustrations, suitable for pre-readers. Smiles
     young readers who travel with him– has the      to realize that his little sister has the same    await at the conclusion of this tender tale.
     power to imagine new jobs, and the ability to   problems, the same feelings and the same          WHERE DID THE MOON
     transform every moment of the day into a        answers. And he doesn't like it at all that his
     fascinating new adventure.                      little sister is so much like him.
                                                                                                       LOSE HER LAUGHTER?
                                                                                                       Miriam Sánchez & Federico Fernández
     JOHN’S JOBS                                     BIG TROUBLE
                                                                                                       40 pages, full colour
     Antonio Rubio & Rebeca Luciani                  Oli & Felix Eckardt
                                                                                                       22 x 22 cm
     40 pages, full colour                           40 pages, full colour                             NATIONAL AWARD FOR ILUSTRATION 2001
     22 x 22 cm                                      22 x 22 cm                                        RIGHTS SOLD IN ITALIAN AND BRAZILIAN

     A MYSTERY IN THE GARDEN                         A STORY TO BE TOLD                                THE OLD MAN AND THE BOY
     Lawrence Schimel & Sara Rojo                    WHILE EATING A FRIED EGG                          Avelino Hernández & Federico Delicado
     32 pages, full colour                           Pep Bruno & Mariona Cabassa                       40 pages, full colour
     22 x 22 cm                                      40 pages, full colour                             22 x 22 cm
                                                     22 x 22 cm                                        RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN
     "A Mystery in the Garden" lets readers guess
     the end of the story. This book invites both    JUNCEDA AWARD 2005                                The boy's parents ignored him. The old
     children and adults to use their imaginations   RIGHTS SOLD IN KOREAN                             man was retired and alone. A lonely boy, a
     and see the world through other eyes.                                                             lonely old man. The boy watches from
                                                     This story, narrated with liveliness, explains
                                                                                                       behind mirrors, the old man goes fishing...
                                                     the road taken by an egg as it travels from its
                                                     birth to Jim's plate. The egg passes from one
31                                                   hand to another, and its senseless end
                                                     completes the circular structure of the tale.
Books Age 8-15

                                                                                                             Baraka is a twelve year old girl who lives in the
                                                                                                             desert in a villiage of exiles with her mother, her
                                                                                                             aunts and her grandmother Bahia. The ancients
                                                                                                             keep the collective memory alive, but Baraka's
                                                                                                             grandmother has Alzheimer's, and she is losing
                                                                                                             her mind, just at the wind erases footprints in the
                                                                                                             sand. This story parallels the plight of Saharan
 Smara is the story of a boy who travels to the                                                              refugees in the camps of Tindouf and of their
 desert with his father, a journalist, where he meets                                                        expulsion from the western Sahara more than 30
 Ugago, an old woman and a powerful magician,           Agapito is not just any retired man. He listens to   years ago. Baraka inherits a precious gift from her
 who tells him the secrets of her town. A               his neighbours' problems as if they were his own     grandmother – her memories – an element which
 marvellous book of mystery and magic. Its author       – with patience, calmness and restraint. A story     connects the book from beginning to end. This
 describes it as a cure for melancholy.                 about dealing with our daily ups and downs –         book is a testament to the author's time in
                                                        with humour.                                         Tindouf an the power impression it left on her.
                                                        MR. AGAPITO, THE SAD MAN                             YOU’RE IN THE MOON
 Paula Carballeira & Carole Hénaff
                                                        Joel Franz Rosell & Federico Fernández               Carmen Montalbán & Pilar Millán
 60 pages, full colour
                                                        48 pages, full colour                                112 pages, full colour
 15 x 23,5 cm
                                                        15 x 23,5 cm                                         15 x 23,5 cm

                                                                                                                                                              Ilustration by Pilar Millán
     is a parable about power and ambition. Joel Franz         One night, after the Spanish Civil war, the police
     Rosell tells a tender and ironic tale, a reflection not   enter Pepito's house and detain his father.
     only on the nature of justice, but also on how even       With his words, the author creates an intimate,
     the insignificant can raise their voices and change       powerful text. With his pencil, the illustrator
     the course of history.                                    recreates every landscape, every emotion.

                                                               PEPITO,    THE BOY WHO LIVES ON ROOFS
     Joel Franz Rosell & Marta Torrão
                                                               Manuel Janeiro & Juán Ramón Alonso
     48 pages, full colour
                                                               88 pages, with colour
     15 x 23,5 cm
                                                               16 x 24 cm

     A PLACE IN THE FOREST                                     DREAM SOUP AND OTHER RECIPES
     Armando Quintero & Pizcueta                               José A. Ramírez Lozano & Riki Blanco
     pages full colour                                         80 pages, full colour
     15 x 23,5 cm                                              15 x 23,5 cm
                                                               This original book presents 30 absurd, hilarious
     A family of wolves invites the reader into its            recipes, where the real is mixed with the imaginary.
     universe and the wolves tell their stories with           Jose Antonio Ramirez Lozano is the author of a
     uncommon depth and simplicity. The forest                 lively, ingenious and intelligent text which will take
     becomes a stage where everything is possible. With        us with a smile to the end of this surrealistic story of
                                                               impossible images. Illustrations by Riki Blanco
     a good dose of humour, wisdom and tenderness,
                                                               highlight the humorous tale with great
     this work asks vital questions about fear, insecurity,    expressiveness.
     death, longing, desire, love...
Musical Books

                                                            He woke up again with that cold,                  When Julieta falls asleep, she dreams, and
   When Tano was born, his father planted a seed and        unpleasant sensation and promised himself         the night becomes a fascinating sea of
   told him: "This tree will be like a brother to you".     that it wouldn't happen again.                    adventures.

   THE MEMORY OF TREES                                      CATTYPETER                                        JULIETA’S DREAMS
   M. del Adalid & X. A. Neira Cruz & K. Dasilva            T. Calvo & A. Caíña & J. Santacreu                J. Vara & R. M. Mó & F. Delicado
   40 pages, full colour                                    40 pages, full colour                             48 pages, full colour
   17 x 19 cm                                               17 x 19 cm                                        17 x 19 cm

                                 A CONCERT FOR ANIMALS                                THE FABULOUS LITTLE BEAR
                                 Popular Colombian poem & R. Olmos                    F. Altube & J. A. Abad & R. Osuna
                                 40 pages, full colour                                40 pages, full colour
                                 17 x 19 cm                                           17 x 19 cm

                                 A concert for the animals of the forest.             Chispa thought that he was all grown up
                                 Each one plays an instrument and follows             and decided he didn't have to go to school
                                 the conductor's instructions. As everyone            anymore. He wanted a real job. But things
                                 knows, music tames beasts, as well as                were not so easy...

     Collection Alphabets

         The collection 'Alphabets', with books by Joan Fontcuberta, Miguel Calatayud,
         Pablo Otero and Alex Escorihuela, bring together illustrators distinguished for their
         passion for visual and poetic games.

         The letters of the alphabet become the pieces of a puzzle which each author
         reorganizes in his own particular style.

         Letters contain magic which suggests words, ideas, dreams, experiments...and the
         author, with complete creative freedom, transforms them into art, creating rhymes,
         symbols, sounds.

                                                                                                 Joan Fontcuberta
                                                                                                 68 pages, full colour
                                                                                                 16 x 16 cm

         LITERALLY                                            ABC DIARY                          THE TRIP     FROM   A TO Z IN 27   FALSE PICTURES
         Miguel Calatayud                                     Pablo Otero                        Esco & Güilmon
         68 pages, full colour                                68 pages, full colour              60 pages, full colour
         16 x 16 cm                                           16 x 16 cm                         16 x 16 cm
The J.A. Portillo Collection

                                                                    WHAT IS MY SHADOW THINKING?
                                                                    J. A. Portillo & Jordi Pla
                                                                    48 pages, full colour
                                                                    16,5 x 16,5 cm

                                                                    Our shadow is an extension ourselves: does it
                                                                    move, what does it think, what does it like? Children
                                                                    refect on their inseparable companions as they go about
                                                                    a typical day.

  ARTEFACTES                                                                                TIME MUSEUM
  J. A. Portillo & Carmen Puchol                                                            J. A. Portillo & Carmen Puchol
  32 pages, full colour                                                                     32 pages, full colour
  21 x 21 cm                                                                                22 x 22 cm
                                                                                            This work is based on a project called Percursos, organized by
  Artefactes is a book-object that surprises from the start. The text, by José
                                                                                            the Cultural Center of Belem (Portugal) and co-financed by
  Antonillo Portillo, is based on a tale that has been told to school children
                                                                                            the European Union. Here the authors repeat the concept of
  for over 18 years. Its purpose is to make books more accessible to them and
                                                                                            Artefactes, their first book, which was awarded the 2003
  to increase their listening capacity. Both text and images encourage
                                                                                            National Publishing Award in Spain. Time Museum is also
  readers to imagine their own story.
                                                                                            contained in a box, which includes a map of the locations
  Using digital photography, the images raise doubts about the story's
                                                                                            where children have hidden or buried a personal object which
  veracity. Readers wonder, "Is it true?", and then because of the
                                                                                            holds special meaning for them. The book invites children
  photographs, the reader wonders, "Is it fiction?"
                                                                                            around the world to to the same, in order, someday, to create    36
                                                                                            The World Time Museum.
 Picture Books

                                                                                                                                    Ilustration by Óscar Villán
           Mon Daporta & Óscar Villán
           14 pages, full colour
           17,5 x 22 cm

           Looking over there, I found out a very strange small animal.
           It was similar to an egg: fat on top, thin below.
           Its feet were overhead and the tail was long and slim...

           This book contains a story for very small children. It belongs to the kind of stories named “endless” tales. It’s very
           important in this case both rhyme and rhythm. The structure is based on eight syllables verses, all along the tale.
           In addition to its literary and artistic simplicity, this book will be enjoyed by children, as they’ll find out the
           playful function of reading. So, turning the pages to the end and turning round the book, the story begins again...

Collection Poetry

            UNAMUNO: Selected poems
            Unamuno & Artur Heras
            40 pages, full colour
            15 x 23,5 cm

            Miguel de Unamuno was one of the most important twentieth-century
            Spanish poets. He loved the type of literature shared by children, such
            as songs in the round and short, funny stories. Unamuno also liked to
            create his own, indecipherable language: “Dipelepe ape Papecope
            quepe vyope ape romepeperpelepe lospe moperrospe…”

            GABRIELA MISTRAL: Selected poems
            Gabriela Mistral & Paloma Valdivia
            46 pages, full colour
            15 x 23,5 cm

            This book belongs to the “Thirteen Moons” collection, and contains a
            selection of 13 poems by Gabriela Mistral, a poet firmly committed to
            culture and human rights. Gabriela Mistral believed that poetry was
            the best way of bringing children into closer contact with literature,
            through lullabies, songs in the round and everything they feel as being
            close to them.

            Beatriz Osés & Miguel Ángel Díez
            64 pages, full colour
            15 x 23,5 cm

            These 31 poems were awarded the first International Orihuela Prize for
            Children’s Poetry, considered as outstanding for their value and poetic

            quality. The jury also appreciated the richly detailed illustrations, and
            the tenderness and humour that suffuses these verses about the night,
                                                                                                            l Án

            a girl and an old tiger. A lullaby exploring an animal’s dreams and

                                                                                                    by M
 Collection Art

     Ramón Trigo
     40 pages, full colour
     26 x 26 cm

     Lusco had a load of tins of paint, a paintbrush and … a light
     bulb over his head. But he didn’t know what to do with so
     many things. One day, the light bulb turned on.
     This book provides answers to everything readers may
     wonder about the creative process. Painting is the clearest
     example of the discussion between the artist and his
     doubts, with the light bulbs as symbolic elements.

                                                                                        n Tr
                                                                                 by R

Collection Photography

                              KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN
                              Pilar Moreno
                              132 pages, full colour
                              22,5 x 22,5 cm

                              How to discover the secrets of mathematics through amazing
                              photos of nature, landscapes and daily life. The book contains 50
                              photos connected with mathematical concepts such as geometry,
                              and phenomena such as the symmetry of flowers or eclipses. The
                              aim is to encourage a love of maths, to bring society into closer
                              contact with the science, and to enhance the beauty of nature.

            by Pilar Moren
 Collection Science

      MOUTHS - Extraordinary Animals                                   BEIGN BORN - Extraordinary Animals
      Xulio Gutierrez & Nicolás Fernández                              Xulio Gutierrez & Nicolás Fernández

                                                                                                                                 Ilustration by Nicolás Fernández
      40 pages, full colour                                            40 pages, full colour
      24 x 34 cm                                                       24 x 34 cm

      Between the equator and the poles are a vast number of           This is the second part of the Extraordinary Animals
      ecosystems: from the bitter cold of the Arctic to the warm       collection, following “Mouths”. It describes how twelve
      tropics, the arid deserts and the rainforests…                   species of animals reproduce in amazing ways, and how
      Millions of animals fight for their lives according to the law   they take care of their young.
      of natural selection: “eat or be eaten”.

Funny Stories

I had to have my hair cut. It was a new experience
for me. People said that it was too long. Especially
my mother...

This is the surrealist story about a very especial boy
who keeps a lot of thing into his big head of hair:
marvellous jungles, extraordinary animals, never
seen creatures... and a few tiny intrusives.
Fortunately, the barber cut with his scissors such a
mess of locks, but not his overflowing fantasy.

Pablo Albo & Riki Blanco
40 pages, full colour

                                                                                                                                          Ilustration by Oliveiro Dumas
16 x 16 cm

                                 Instructions for waking up                                                 THE THREE LITTLE WOLVES
                                 a SLEEPING CHAIR                                                           AND THE PIG
                                 Pablo Prestifilippo                                                        Carles Cano & Oliveiro Dumas
                                 40 pages, full colour                                                      32 pages, full colour
                                 16 x 16 cm                                                                 16 x 16 cm

What is a chair? It’s a four-legged, domestic object with a back. This is    Once upon a time there were three little wolves. They were clever,
what sets it apart from other household species, such as dogs or beds.       polite, and very prim and proper. They were working as executives at a
It usually lives in schools.                                                 multinational company… their lives would have been full of happiness,
Dr. Troncoso shares his scientific knowledge with readers, and reveals       harmony and boredom but for a revolting, ill-mannered pig. A creature
the qualities of the chair as a pet. Discover his unusual instructions for   who has hated them since they were together at school…
waking up these strange, four-legged wooden creatures.                       In this rough and tumble, politically incorrect tale, the author and
                                                                             illustrator reinvent the popular story of the Three Little Pigs.


         Aitana Carrasco
         48 pages, full colour
         16,5 x 16,5 cm

         That tedious evening, I was wandering about without direction, when my feet
         stopped without notice. I looked up, and a strange coffee house that I had
         never seen there, appeared clearly in front of me. I decided to push the door
         and enter. I asked for a coffee, I think. Or maybe the coffe asked for me. After
         the last sip, I fall into the cup of coffee. Into the coffee grounds. Into the coffe

         This is an artistic and literary divetimento for curious readers. It contains a
         strange gallery of impossible images, full of symbolism and double meanings.
         The story is written with a wroship language, playing on words.

                                                                                                Ilustration by Aitana Carrasco

                     VILAVERZAS           DARING DETECTIVES
                      Miguel Robledo      Josep María Beroy
                 72 pages, full colour    64 pages, full colour
                         23 x 15 cm       23 x 15 cm

  If you want to visit Vilaverzas,        Despite still being kids, these
  you’ll have to take the bus. Tobuso     daring detectives have some
  will be your guide to this              extraordinary experiences. Two
  extraordinary, exotic place, full of    boys, a girl and a robot face up to
  funny characters. Readers will be       extreme danger in order to bring
  hard pressed to find neighbours         peace to the world.
  like those they discover in             A classic adventure series, the
  Vilaverzas: a place full of strange     author is well known for his
  vehicles, people singing while they     talent, experience and the quality
  cross the road, and a lot of truly      of his work over the last twenty
  surprising adventures.                  years.

                              THOM        FIZ
                     Andrés Meixide       Kiko Dasilva
                72 pages, full colour     68 pages, full colour
                        23 x 15 cm        23 x 15 cm

  Thom is a very unusual man,             Fiz is a naughty boy who will charm
  capable of the most ridiculous ideas.   us with his spontaneity. He’s three
  That’s why his wife (who never          years old, he’s got three hairs and
  appears into the stories) always puts   three soft spots: mucks, snots and
  everything in order after each one of   wee-wee. He has also a lot of
  his nonsense. The author inspires in    imagination. The main character of
  classical elements from the             this story guides us through his
  American comic, so the stories are      neighbourhood, his school and the
  full of double meanings, humour         park where he plays. The reader will
  and surrealism.                         find out that some elements, like the
                                          toilet, are alive!

     Ilustration by Javier Olivares

                                                                            ARCHIMBOLDO ROQUE’S FRIENDS
                                                                            Jacobo Fernández
                                                                            80 pages, full colour
                                                                            23 x 15 cm

                                                                            “On this earth there are many people, and each is their own person”. This
                                                                            is how Archimboldo Roque introduces himself, in truly philosophical
                                                                            style. Archimboldo is a white unicorn rhinoceros, a unique, unrepeatable
                                                                            animal who invites readers to discover his life and meet his long list of
                                                                            friends: more than eighty characters, all with their own quirks and

                                                                            The author, Jacobo Fernández, reveals all of his imagination. Inspired by
                                                                            daily occurrences – the people he meets, newspapers and conversations
                                                                            – he blends innocence and simplicity with important topics, making this
                                                                            book as attractive to adults as it is to children.

                                                               ASTRO                                               TITO LONGUEIRÓN
                                                         Javier Olivares                                           Pinto & Chinto
                                                    54 pages, full colour                                          72 pages, full colour
                                                            23 x 15 cm                                             23 x 15 cm

                                      The Cosmos: the last frontier.                                               Tito Longueirón is a particular
                                      Since immemorial times, humans                                               sportsmen: footballer, car racer,
                                      always raised their eyes to heaven                                           chess player... He uses all his innate
                                      and stars looking for answers. As a                                          qualities, mainly cunning, knavery
                                      good scout, Astro has always been                                            and his slight tendency to cheat.
                                      looking for questions. Astro takes                                           Tito tries to win a fishing
                                      us through the Universe, making                                              championship holding up a fish
                                      us discover its secrets.                                                     shop; he plays a chess game
                                                                                                                   exercising his neurons with an
                                                                                                                   electric machine; even he puts an
                                                                                                                   anvil into his boxing gloves.


        Carlos Portela & Sergi San Julián
        100 pages, full colour
        23 x 15 cm

        A year has passed since the oil spill. Otero is a minister in the regional
        government. He plans to present a publicity campaign to the media,
        assuring them that the coast is completely clean and that the fishing sector
        has fully recovered from the crisis. In fact, it’s just a cover-up.

        In November 2002, the oil tanker ‘Prestige’ sank close to the coast of
        Galicia, and more than 60,000 tons of fuel oil devastated one of the world’s
        most beautiful and valuable ecosystems. ‘Never Again’ was the slogan of a
        popular movement in response to this environmental catastrophe.

                                                                           Ilustration by Sergi San Julián
                                Cover ilustration by Mariona Cabassa


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