Native Treaties

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					Native Treaties
 Causes of the Aboriginal Treaties
Aboriginal’s Reasons:
• Declining buffalo population
  – Loss of business (pemmican and hides)
  – Loss of food
• Threat of Europeans spreading west was
• Influence of Christian missionaries to
  become more European and settle the
 Causes of the Aboriginal Treaties
Canada’s Reasons (MacDonald):
• Come to an agreement with the
  aboriginals to acknowledge Canadian
  control of land
• Did not want to fight the aboriginals (like
• Settle the land with Europeans
• Stop the aboriginal consumption of liquor
• Assimilate the aboriginals (make them
• Federal government owns the land
• Managed by the nation group
            Indian Act 1876
• Occurs after treaties 1-5
• Spells out the legal definition of “Indian”
  – Metis do not count as “Status Indians”
  – Status is based on male lineage
Eg: -if a woman married a “Status Indian”,
 they become one too.
    -if an aboriginal woman marries a non-
 aboriginal, she loses her status
             Indian Act 1876
• Allowed the federal government to
  continue control over reserve resources
• Aboriginals would be subject to the
  Criminal Code of Canada
  – Illegal to sell alcohol on reserves
• Aboriginals were required to carry ID if
  they left the reserve
             On Defining Half-breeds

Alexander Morris's Recommendations Regarding Half-Breeds, 1876 - 1880