Now Is the TIME! For James, Wade, Bosh To Earn Their Money! by BooksRcool


									Now Is the TIME! For James, Wade, Bosh To Earn Their Money!

It is primetime people. Playoffs is where you leave your mark. Wade already has one championship.
James has zero. Bosh has never been in the playoffs. It is time to crank up the intensity like they did last
Sunday when they kicked the Boston Celtics butt, The Miami Heat keep playing like that super
aggressive. They will win the NBA title. I think it really comes down to Bosh. If he plays passive the Heat
do not have a chance. If he plays aggressive every game like last Sunday with that fire he had last Sunday
then the Heat will win the NBA championship.

You know James and Wade are always aggressive. I do not worry about them. Though wade seems to
get nicked and dinged here and there. I think Bibby was a huge pickup with all his playoff experience. He
is a very good quarterback on the floor. He is really good clutch three point shooter. Joel Anthony really
impresses me. If everybody played as hard as he does we would win every game hands down. I love his
hustle, his defense. The way he rebounds and blocks shots. Joel Anthony leaves it all on the court.

Mario Chalmers seems to get better every single game. He can hit the three pointer. Chalmers plays
decent defense and is a pretty good passer. He is young. I believe he will be a superstar one day. The
first time I saw him. He made me mad as I was routing for the University of Memphis ( i am originally
from the Memphis area) against Derrick Rose in the NCAA finals with his Kansas team. Chalmers hit a
three pointer at the buzzer to put the game in overtime. Boy i was angry at him! Now I really like the guy
now he is on my side.

I do not know if Haslem will be any help coming off his injury. Chris Miller is another important player as
he is a streaky three point shooter who seems to play okay defense. James Jones another important
person as he won the NBA three point contest this year. Jones seems to play a lot better than most on
defense. It looks like mainly the Heat have a 8 man rotation. I guess big Z could be a factor since he has
played with James a few years in Cleveland. The big three, it is time to write yourself in the history
books. You are the author of your historical memoirs. What is it going to be?

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