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					Complete the following tasks, in order, and then print your research when done

**You must put your answers in a Word document and then print it out to the NW5-

   1. Look up the definitions of the following terms and type them, not copy and paste
      them, in your Word document. This will serve as a study guide for you when we have
      a quiz over these terms on Friday! This website will assist you – but please
      remember to study these words!!!!!!
          a. Alliteration
          b. Simile
          c. Personification
          d. Metaphor
          e. Assonance
          f. Ballad
          g. Consonance
          h. Couplet
          i. Elegy
          j. Free verse
          k. Haiku
          l. Hyperbole
          m. Limerick
          n. Quatrain
          o. Sonnet
          p. Stanza
          q. Accent
   2. Using the following list of poets and choose one to research and complete the
      remaining activities for: All you have to do is click on your choice
           a.   1. Langston Hughes

                2. Robert Frost

                3. Emily Dickinson

                4. Walt Whitman

                5. E. E. Cummings
               6. William Carlos Williams
               7. Edgar Allan Poe
               8. Sylvia Plath
               9. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
               10. T. S. Eliot
               11. Gwendolyn Brooks
               12. W. H. Auden

               13. W. B. Yeats

               14. William Shakespeare

               15.   William Wordsworth
               16.   Pablo Neruda
               17.   Robert Browning
               18.   Elizabeth Bishop
               19.   Dylan Thomas
               20.   Wallace Stevens
               21.   Federico García Lorca
               22.   John Keats
               23.   Carl Sandburg
               24.   Claude McKay
               25.   John Milton
    3. After you have chosen your poet, you are
        to answer the following questions about them. If you copy and paste your answers,
        you will have to redo this assignment and I will know because the words will be just
        exactly like the website. Use your summarization skills to tell me things you learned
        and practice typing as well!
            a. Tell me where they were born and when
            b. Two facts about this person from their early life – before college
            c. Two facts about this person after they became a published poet
            d. The name of one of their most famous poems
            e. Look up one of their poems and copy and paste it to your Word document
            f. Now, with the poem, highlight two examples of figurative language or
                 examples of symbolism
            g. Tell me what you think the poem means
            h. Write the rhyming pattern – remember (abcd or ababab, or abcabc) – ask if
                 you need help!
All done Now you can print out your assignment to be turned in!

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