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Pahang State


									Pahang State

Once upon a time, Pahang was known by various names. The Chinese authors called it
Pang-Hang, Peng-Heng, Pang-Heng, Pong-Fong, Phe-Hang, and Pang-Kang, to name
a few. In 1225, Chao Ju Kua wrote a book titled Chu-Fan-Chin, in which it was stated
that among the many states governed by San-Fo-Chi was Peng-keng – the modern
Pahang Darul Makmur as we know it today.

The ancient Arabs and the Europeans also called it in various names such as Pam,
Pan, Phang, Paan, Pao, Paon, Phaan, Paham, Fanhan, Phang and Pahagh. A
renowned historian, G. R. Tibbetts, suggested that the book written by Mas’udi in Arabic
made direct reference to Pahang. He preferred to pronounce the word Fanjab as
Fanhan, Panghang or Panhang, all of which refer to the term Pahang. There are also
others who strongly suggested that the word Pahang originated from a Siamese word,
meaning tin. The traditional Siamese used to live here and opened up a lot of tin mines
especially around the Lembing River area.

According to the ancient Malays, once upon a time in a place by the Pahang River
which was directly located opposite Kamebahang village, a huge Mahang tree fell
across the river. The legends have it that the fallen mahang tree had been the source of
the name Pahang Darul Makmur state is today. The old nickname for Pahang was
Inderapura, which made up Pahang Inderapura. Its capital was Pekan and its royal
town, which has remained until today, is Pekan. It was known as Pura before the times
of the glorious Melayu Melaka.
Pahang, which covers an area of 35,960 sq. km, is the largest state in Peninsular
Malaysia. Pahang has so much to offer the visitor that tourists, both locals and foreign,
come back again and again.

Pahang has cool green mountains, rain forests, hill resorts, tranquil fishing villages,
long stretches of sandy beaches, mysterious caves and unspoilt lakes.

With population of 1 million, the state, which lies on the East Coast, offers the finest in
beaches such as the famous Cherating Beach, Teluk Chempedak and Beserah
Beach. There are the renown hill resorts of Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands and
Fraser's Hill. If you are looking fir adventure, why not visit parks such as Kenong Rimba,
Endau-Rompin and Taman Negara (National Park).

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