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									                                                  The Books of the Bible
                            All answers in this crossword are the titles of books in the Bible.
                                Answers available on website.

        1              2                             3

                                                                             4                             5

        6                                                                7

                                                                                                 8                          9

                                             10                11                      12



             15        16                                                    17        18                            19





                       24                            25             26

                                  27                                         28

                                                                                                           29        30

                                       31            32                           33

                  34                                                                             35


        37        38              39                                                                                        40

                             41                                                        42




        46                                                                                            47

Across                                      gain the promised            20 The story of a                         God's mighty
                                            land. (6)                       beautiful Jewess                       deeds. (11)
 2 This book records                                                        chosen by the king
   the law and ritual              16 A Hebrew prophet                                                          26 A book which
                                                                            of Persia to be his
   precedents of the                  of the 6th century                                                           contains a man's
                                                                            queen; she stopped
   priesthood. (9)                    BC who was exiled                                                            pleas to God about
                                                                            a plot to massacre
                                      to Babylon in 587                                                            his afflictions and
 4 Letter written by                                                        all the Jews in
                                      BC. This book tells                                                          God's reply. (3)
   Paul to Christians                                                       Persia. (6)
                                      of the downfall of
   living in a Greek city                                                                                       27 A minor Hebrew
                                      Jerusalem and                      21 A book containing
   whilst he was in                                                                                                prophet. He had a
                                      Judah and their                       Paul's letter to a
   prison. (11)                                                                                                    troubled marriage to
                                      subsequent                            Greek disciple. It
                                                                                                                   Gomer. (5)
 6 The shortest of the                restoration. (7)                      contains advice on
   four Gospels. (4)                                                        different matters. (5)              28 This books tells the
                                   18 This book
                                                                                                                   story of a Hebrew
 8 A book that tells the              containing the letter              22 A Hebrew minor
                                                                                                                   judge who anointed
   story of a woman                   of Paul to the                        prophet. Talks
                                                                                                                   Saul as king. (6)
   who was not an                     believers living in a                 about rebuilding the
   Israelite but who                  area of Asia Minor.                   temple after the                    29 A set of two books
   married an Israelite               The central theme                     Babylonian Captivity                   which tell the story
   and who stayed with                of his letter is that                 (6)                                    of Saul and David
   her mother-in-law                  Jews and Gentiles                                                            (as well as others),
                                                                         23 This book contains
   Naomi after her                    are justified before                                                         (5)
                                                                            a second statement
   husband died. (4)                  God by faith alone,
                                                                            of Mosaic law.                      32 Letter written by
                                      not by the law. (9)
11 The story of the                                                         Moses recounts                         Paul to a ancient
   Hebrews march to                                                                                                Greek city. Tells
   what Christians             believers in ancient       attributed to               Jewish official at the
   ought to be. (9)            Phrygia (10)               Solomon. (4,2,7)            court of Artaxerxes I
                                                                                      in 444 BC became a
34 A New Testament         47 The story of the         13 A Hebrew minor
                                                                                      leader in rebuilding
   book containing an         Israelites in the           prophet. This book
                                                                                      Jerusalem after the
   letter from Paul to a      period before they          tells of a large
                                                                                      Babylonian Captivity
   man who lost his           were given a king.          locust plague. (4)
   slave when he              During this period
                                                       14 One of the Gospels
   escaped. (8)               the Israelites                                      31 This book contains
                                                          in the
                              rebelled against                                       the story of the
35 A minor Hebrew                                         New Testament;
                              God. (6)                                               greatest flood on
   prophet. This book                                     includes the
                                                                                     the earth. (7)
   gives the               Down                           Sermon on the
   prophecies                                             Mount. (7)              33 A New Testament
   foretelling the          1 This book contains                                     book describing the
                              a record of the          15 Book about a
   destruction of                                                                    development of the
                              number of Israelites        Jewish priest and
   Jerusalem (5)                                                                     early church from
                              who followed Moses          scribe sent by the
                                                                                     Christ's Ascension
37 This letter was            out of Egypt (7)            Persian king to
                                                                                     to Paul's sojourn at
   written by the                                         restore Jewish law
                            2 One of the four                                        Rome (4)
   brother of James.                                      and worship in
   (4)                        gospels written by a        Jerusalem (4)           36 A book containing
                              apostle who was a                                      lyrical poems and
39 A Hebrew minor             doctor. (4)              17 A book consisting of
                                                                                     prayers some of
   prophet. This book                                     wise sayings from
                            3 The title of this book                                 which were written
   is concerned mainly                                    various Israeli
                              means a record or                                      by David. (6)
   with the renewal of                                    sages (including
   Israel after the           narrative description       Solomon) (8)            37 One of the four
   Babylonian Captivity       of past events (10)                                    gospels. The writer
                                                       19 A Hebrew minor
   . (9)                    5 Two letters written                                    was "the disciple
                                                          prophet. The
                              by one of the most                                     whom Jesus loved".
42 A Hebrew minor                                         shortest book in the
                              important apostles                                     (4)
   prophet of the 5th                                     Bible. (7)
   century BC. The            who points to the                                   38 This prophet was
                              narrow way for           21 A disciple of Paul
   prophets name                                                                     taken into the court
                              believers to live           who became the
   means "my                                                                         of Nebuchadnezzar
                              their life. (5)             leader of the
   messenger". This                                                                  and given divine
                                                          Christian community
   book is written after    7 A Hebrew shepherd                                      protection when
                                                          at Ephesus (7)
   the Jews had               and minor prophet.                                     thrown into a den of
   returned from exile        Among Tekoa's            22 A letter written by        lions. (6)
   and is a call to           herdsmen this               Paul to the group
                                                                                  40 The most important
   change their ways.         prophet received his        who are
                                                                                     of the letters written
   (7)                        call. (4)                   descendants of
                                                                                     by Paul. It tells how
                                                          Abraham. (7)
43 An Old Testament         8 This book tells the                                    man is saved by
   book consisting of         events leading up to     24 The book about a           grace. (6)
   prophecies. The first      Christ's return. It is      prophet who is
                                                                                  41 Written by a disciple
   of the major Hebrew        revealed to John in         swallowed by a
                                                                                     of Jesus. The books
   prophets (8th              visions. (10)               large fish. (5)
                                                                                     teaches about faith
   century BC). (6)
                            9 Paul wrote two           25 An Old Testament           in action - how faith
44 A book which               letters to this early       book telling of the        can triumph over
   describes how a            Christian community         desolation of Judah        trials, how it can
   man led the                found in the region         after the destruction      discipline the
   Israelites into            of Macedonia. The           of Jerusalem in 586        tongue, how it can
   Canaan (the                letters tell that the       BC; traditionally          purify the character.
   Promised Land)             Lord Jesus is the           attributed to the          (5)
   after the death of         source of true hope,        prophet Jeremiah
   Moses (6)                  inspiration and             (12)
45 A Hebrew minor             comfort for all true     26 A book containing
   prophet of the 7th         believers. (13)             the prophecies of a
   century BC. This        10 Two letters written         prophet who lived
   book tells the story       by Paul to the              during the period
   of the fall of             believers living in a       that led into the
   Nineveh (capital of        rich, cultured city in      Babylonian exile.
   Assyria). (5)              Asia Minor. (11)            He warned of the
                                                          consequences of
46 A New Testament         12 An Old Testament            forsaking God. (8)
   book containing an         book consisting of a
   letter from Paul to        collection of love       30 An Old Testament
   the community of           poems traditionally         book telling how a

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